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Naruto and Minato Connect! Kurama’s Chakra – Naruto 643


Naruto 643 surely gets makes me happy as Naruto and Minato have finally first bump, this time they were able to share thoughts as well as the Kurama in which they have within them. Naruto’s Kurama talks and asks Minato’s Kurama for chakra. Obito traps Madara and Hashirama in a barrier with everyone in it, he wants to blow them up using a Bijuu Dama which is going to be created by Obito himself.

Naruto 643 begins as Minato talks to his Kurama within his inner world. Kurama asks if he really intends for his own son to take care of the mess in which they’re in. Kurama mentions that if he fears that he will join his body with the other half in Naruto and cause carnage. Kurama understands that Minato is scared of this, and hopes for him not to regret it.

Kurama mentions that Kushina’s dead wasn’t his fault, Naruto becoming Jinchuuriki wasn’t his fault, plus there is no need for him to harm himself for turning the world into such a state. Naruto causes large amounts of damage on Obito to which Obito realises that he has a weakness. Naruto mentions that Senjutsu techniques are effective.

Senjutsu techniques are rooted in usage of Natural energy, he also notices that the power of the Ten Tails was based on Natural energy itself. Only natural energy can defeat Natura energy mentions Sasuke. Naruto mentions that he’ll use his other technique in order to deal with him. Tobirama mentions that he was able to cooperate with his Hiraishin technique, it feels like him and his brother Hashirama.

Obito’s two spikes begin to glow, although Naruto’s Rasengan was effective, Obito was quick to recover. Tobirama notices that if he keeps on attacking from behind, Obito will most likely attack him. Obito mentions that it’s time for him to prepare for Project Tsuki No Me. He calls forth the ground and brings out a leaf like thing from the ground. He mentions that this world no longer has any value remaining in it, for him the world died a long time ago.

The leaf like things begin to form large Bijuu Dama from its mouth. There are four of them which are pointed circular, most likely to attack everything around them. Its mentioned that even if they try and cover themselves, they’re likely to be too late. Shikamaru asks him what they should do, he needs to think.

Tobirama mentions that they cannot do much here, as they’ll be able to teleport only two away from there. And after that there will only be two of them left. Hashirama asks Madara to wait as Obito is going mad. Madara replies mentioning that they’re both nothing but dead bodies and there is nothing to worry about.

Hashirama mentions for them not to lose hope, all they need to do is change the trajectory of those Bijuu Dama, Hashirama mentions. Possibly push them towards the sea. Obito hears this and launches a total of 6 rods by which he creates a hexagonal barrier. Hashirama realises that he’ll trap them so they won’t be able to divert the bombs. Obito begins by forming a type of cocoon to help him with the blast.

Tobirama mentions that they’re only hope is to teleport them outside the barrier, Minato mentions that he isn’t able to make any markings so will only be able to teleport one person. Minato mentions that there is another way. Obito mentions that they won’t be able to do as they like, especially that tree is about to launch 4 Bijuu Damas. Naruto mentions that he can think of another way, he asks to bump fists with him.

Naruto’s Kurama talks to Minato’s Kurama asking how he is, then asks for part of his chakra. Minato’s Kurama mentions that he feels weird asking himself for chakra. Naruto is told by Obito that Minato wasn’t able to do anything, he wasn’t able to accomplish anything, he wasn’t even able to save Kushina. He asks what tomorrow is, he mentions that it’s the anniversary of Rin and Kushina’s deaths.

Naruto raises his head and mentions tomorrow is also his birthday, he mentions that he should listen, the world that he lives in will not be coming to an end because he still exists in it. Naruto shouts for them to quickly go, Minato admires how their child, Naruto, has grown up both Mature and Strong! The most powerful father and son duo join forces to attack. Naruto 643 ends here.

An awesome chapter, and it’s awesome to know that both Kurama’s are still alive and well, as well as kicking. This should definitely be an awesome sight to see since both father and son are fighting together, lets see what they can do during next week’s awesome Naruto 644, should definitely be a chapter to read. Ps, the images scanned were very low quality, once MangaStream releases their version, I shall replace them.

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Naruto Attacks Obito! Minato’s Kurama Appears – Naruto 642


Naruto 642 breaks through Obito’s defences as it seems that Naruto has found a way by which they can penetrate Obito. We see Obito survive Naruto and Sasuke’s attack. Tobirama mentions that Minato’s limbs are not returning, this could be due to Obito’s technique, therefore they need to be careful to how they deal with Obito. Naruto tells Obito not to talk about his father like that as he’s a Hokage and he’s not, the Kurama inside Minato hears this and changes his mind about something.

Naruto 642 begins with the balls in which Obito has floating away from Minato and the others, Tobirama mentions that they got him before the balls could protect him, and thus would have felt that attack. However the balls appear and seem to be helping Obito from this attack, he rises up and Tobirama notices that it had no affect.

He also mentions for them to avoid those black balls when launching an attack, he doesn’t take any damage if those balls keep helping him offensively and defensively. Naruto mentions that he’s even more powerful that how he pictured a perfect version of himself to be. Minato mentions that he’s gotten himself on a transcendent power. Tobirama mentions that somethings wrong as Minato’s hand is not regenerating.

Obito mentions that he has attained the powers of the Shinobi Ancestors, their common sense and logic no longer apply to him. Tobirama breaks a sweat mentioning that he’s got some kind of power. Minato asks what he’s rambling about. Tobirama mentions that they cannot sustain any more damage, it’s as though their Edo Tensei bodies are mortal. He’s most likely using Dark and Light jutsu.

Naruto asks Sasuke that they need to crank it up a few notches, he asks if he can do this. Sasuke is insulted that he asks this. Naruto goes to upgrade his current mode from Kurama’s Mode to a level in which he can use Bijuu on him. His clad appearance disappears, Tobirama asks for him not to make anything worse, he also mentions like father like son as they’re both mentally challenged.

Kurama is asked if he can give Naruto more power, he mentions that he needs to wait a little longer, he also mentions that by using his normal body he can maximize his mode. Gama appears and launches a Water Candy Cannon, which is quickly blocked by Obito. Tobirama notices the frog, Naruto asks why he did that all of a sudden, the summoning time is about to run out, he also wanted to leave a small gift for him. Naruto gives him the message to go rest.

Naruto notices that the attack on Obito was not fully gone, meaning that it was a somewhat affective attack. Tobirama also notices this, Minato begins by mentioning that wasn’t his dream to become Hokage, what led him to do such things. Naruto shuts his eyes and begins preparing. Obito mentions that they’re past to point of talking, when it came to life changing events he was always a step behind.  He mentions that he’s glad that Minato became Hokage, it made his dreams die quicker.

Minato remembers the moment he faced Tobi for the first time, that if he knew, he could have stopped him, Kushina would still be alive and Naruto would have no Tailed beast inside of him. If he had noticed, the world would have been a whole different place. Obito mentions that despite being his partner, he failed to notice his pupil, he brings shame in front of his own living son. A Hokage is small compared to what he’s become.

Tobirama mentions that a brain actually exists inside of Naruto’s head, looks like he’s noticed. Naruto appears with a Rasengan on his hand, he mentions that someone who never became Hokage has no right making fun of one who has. Minato, Sasuke, Obito and Tobirama all notice. Tobirama places his hand on Naruto’s back and quickly transports him.

Naruto appears behind Obito and pushes down the incredible Rasengan he’s got on Obito’s body, it seems to be effective at this moment as it’s digging into Obito’s body, Sasuke and Minato both notice. Tobirama mentions that Ninjutsu doesn’t work but Senjutsu is still effective. The attack from Gama and how it didn’t erase is proof. Naruto hits Obito with force that it pushes him down to the ground.

Minato notices how much Naruto has really grown up, he notices that Naruto has even learnt Jiraiya’s Senjutsu technique! We go to Minato’s inner world in which a deep voice speaks mentioning that it was certainly a touching speech Minato’s son gave to him, enough to make him move this side of him. Kurama appears, under no constraints behind Minato, this half of him has also been awesome! When will Naruto’s Kurama become whole? Naruto 642 ends here.

What an awesome chapter, certainly one that will make a lot of people happy as they’ve finally witnessed Minato’s Kurama still alive and well, this should certainly be a great sight. Next week’s Naruto 643 will certainly be one to read, Naruto and the others have finally gotten a way to attack Obito, they can use this to their advantage.