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Bleach 590 Arrancars arrive by renzolomagno

Arrancar’s Arrive! Giselle’s Shinigami Zombie’s – Bleach 590

Bleach 590 gets underway as Mayuri and Giselle with Bambietta battle it out to which Mayuri’s gadgets help him to defend against Bambietta. Mayuri calls upon his army of four Arrancar’s while Giselle summons her Zombified Shinigami army. Some of the dead Arrancar members have arrived once again after Mayuri dissects them back to life.  Continue reading

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Bleach 589 Urahara face by ironizer

Yoruichi Appears! Mayuri vs Giselle – Bleach 589

Bleach 589 sets up Ichigo, Chad and Orihime to all go to Soul Palace with the help of an energy gathered from the investigation by Yoruichi in the real world, while at the same time Mayuri appears in front of Giselle as he seems interested in finding out how she works. Yumichika and Ikkaku lead the attack against Bambietta and Giselle however every time they come closer they’re unable to do so.  Continue reading

Mayuri Licking Sword by Miryamaris

Cosplay Monday: Mayuri Kurotsuchi

Mayuri Kurotsuchi is probably one of my many favourite characters from Bleach, this is why he receives this week’s Cosplay Monday. Mayuri is one hell of a captain, with his amazing techniques and hidden talents, he could probably go up against most enemies and win. Plus his awesome Bankai of a child is just epic, I can’t say any more to how amazing Mayuri really is. All the experiments he does, plus being the Urahara’s subordinate at one point, it was truly epic. This cosplay seems to concentrate on his earlier days before he had the special head gear.  Continue reading

Urahara’s Bankai Plan! Cang Du uses Bankai – Bleach 552


Bleach 552 reveals the awesome plan which Urahara has just come up with, we see the awesome Cang Du take out Matsumoto to which Toshiro knows that they’re right at the end of their life, we also see that Urahara has indeed reached Mayuri and has showed him his plan of using pills to insert a little amount of Hollow powers into the captains to give them the ability to regain their Bankai’s back. Continue reading

Toshiro Hurt! BG9’s Form Revealed – Bleach 550


Bleach 550 explains that the Quincy’s they’re facing are more than what they seem. Toshiro faces up to Bazz-B when he gets himself hurt by just one finger, while Bazz-B also explains that he was able to offset Yamamoto’s fire! Furthermore, Mayuri’s opponent, Askin Nakk Le Vaar understands that he’s also strong. BG9 shows off that he’s not just a mere machine but in fact something that will kill Sui Feng if she doesn’t kill him first. Continue reading

Seireitei Overtaken, Battle Begins! Ichigo Ready – Bleach 547


Bleach 547 returns with a fantastic number of battles! There is a colour page by which Ichigo is fully ready to face the enemy, with his two swords he seems awesome. Seireitei disappears while the Vandenreich “Invisible Empire” appears from the shadows. Mayuri appears in a ridiculous outfit to fight the enemy in the labs, as well as for Toshiro and Hitsugaya, they’ll have to work together.

Bleach 547 begins with a few coloured pages to which Ichigo looks at both swords, he holds them and gets up, as he gets up we see a magnificent image the Stern Ritters on the left, as well as Uryu. And the Captains and Vice Captains on the right, to which Ichigo holds both swords and his body seems to be covered in a black clad, this page mentions that the Bloody Battle will begin.

Everyone was become shocked as Seireitei disappeared from their eyes and the grand Vandenreich view was scene. Everyone is unhappy about this happening. We see a number of people as well as Shinji looking towards this as the whole of Seireitei disappears right in front of their eyes.

Shunsui mentions that he expected for them to attack suddenly again all the preparation and tricks they had will have gone to waste. He didn’t expect them to ruin their advantage like this. Ukitake’s Vice Captains shout towards him, they open the door to expect Ukitake sat down in front of what seems to be a large rose like object, he could be doing something very strange here.

Hiyosu is seen freaking out, while Akon tries to get him to calm down he mentions that Seireitei has disappeared, while it’s impossible something like this cannot happen. Akon mentions that what they built is correct and the numbers are correct, Hiyosu cannot believe that it’s all disappeared. A wave of shadows appears to which everything they had such as the equipment seems to be all gone. Hiyosu asks what is going on there.

Juha Bach briefly describes that after losing the war a 1000 years ago, they had no place to go, therefore they escaped from the human world into Seireitei itself, the place they have the least security. Once there they used reishi to create space in the shadows. This is what they refer to the Vandenreich or Invisible Empire! Askin Nakk Le Vaar appears and explains that their plan was a success, plus they can find a lot of reishi in Soul Society and thus this was the source of their power.

For 1000 years, they quietly stored up power in the shadows. We see Jugram Haschwalth mentions both last and this time, they didn’t invade Seireitei using the Shakonmaku, instead they were already in the Shakonmaku. Shunsui welcomes them, then says thanks for telling him all the previous information, they got to the captain room quite quickly. Haschwalth introduced himself as the adviser of the emperor of Vandenreich, the Stern Ritter Grand Master!

Shunsui introduces himself as the Captain Commander of the Gotei 13, as well as captain of the 1st Division. He asks if he already knew if he was the Captain Commander, which Haschwalth mentions that he knew. He came there for this reason. Shunsui mentions that after waiting 1000 years, aren’t they going to enjoy the battle slowly? Jugram mentions that Juha Bach loves peace and that he prefers fights to be short, thus he mentions to instantly exterminate the whole enemy army!

At the science labs, Askin Nakk Le Vaar is asked how he got there, he just mentions if they even listened to his explanation, then mention that they only seems to be pretending to be smart. He mentions that he didn’t come from anywhere, because he was there from the start. A space out of nowhere appears to which someone mentions that they were inside the shadows, two worlds existed in the same place at the same time.

He mentions that it was irrational building a world inside the shadows, but he doesn’t dislike irrational things. We see that it’s Mayuri wearing an outfit which makes him look really bad! He mentions that from the information gathered in the last battle, he quickly understood that they came from the shadows, this is why he changed the inside of his laboratory, so that it wouldn’t have one single shadow. Mayuri mentions that in regards for them to be smart or not, they’ll have to just verify and go home.

At a battlefield we see a number of Shinigami personnel going towards one Stern Ritter, by which he uses his fire to burn them, however he notices that his fire has been frozen, we then see Toshiro and Rangiku quickly mention that it might not matter where they are, but his flames won’t do anything to him. Bazz-B looks at them as though they’re weak. Bleach 547 ends here.

It’s great to see Bleach back, and it’s finally awesome to see that the battles have already began, plus I can’t wait for Ichigo to return and show us how truly amazing and powerful he’s gotten as it seems like he’ll be able to trash anything and everything, can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 548, when the battles continue!

Nobody Knows Who I Am – Mayuri Kurotsuchi


Mayuri Kurotsuchi is probably one of my favourite characters within Bleach, due to the fact that he’s such a badass that does whatever he wants to do. He is also a very mysterious character whose meaning and understanding would probably go beyond anyone. Furthermore his Bankai of a baby makes him such an awesome irony to how a strong-willed Captain has a baby for a Bankai.

The awesome image above was done by Marzie-sama who had entered this image of Mayuri in the Anikon Russia 2013 but unfortunately didn’t win. I obviously like the image, that’s why I’m featuring it. If you like this work, I suggest you go and check out her other work.

Komamura’s Family Secrets! Mayuri’s Secret Experiment – Bleach 539

Sajin's Grandfather will crush Sajin

Bleach 539 begins a long and strenuous adventure to which the captains are training as hard as they can in order to compensate for their lost Bankai’s. Akon arrives to notice that Mayuri is doing strange experiments on something unknown. Soi Fon is training by herself while Ichigo reaches another strange thing. At the same time, Komamura tells his Grandfather that he wants to learn the secrets of his family.

Bleach 539 begins as Akon arrives with a head wound in their research centre. He asks where Mayuri is, someone mentions that he’s been in his room with Nemu ever since the Quincy attack. Akon gets a little wary of what he could be doing. He notices strange things on the ceiling and of the corner that nothing is happening. He goes towards a computer and does a few things.

The captain has been in his room for more than 24 hours but the surveillance bugs have been switched off, which has never been done before. Akon mentions that it could be because Mayuri could be doing some kind of experiment that he doesn’t want anyone else to see. In this case, he mentions that he will need to confirm.

He mentions that he’s setup a camera in his room to which he may have needed for something. He turns it on and it starts to show something. They can see their shadows, Mayuri and Nemu stand above a table in which it seems that they are dealing with a body of something, possibly a Quincy. The words Kanane, and Akon asks if they can move. Akon wonders what that is and what Mayuri is making.

At the Omaeda house, we see Mareyo Omaeda who is the second daughter in which she asks Marechiyo to play ball with her, he mentions for her to be quite and that he’s doing some work. She begins to cry when Marechiyo tells her not to cry since he’s busy, a younger brother appears in which he mentions that they can do stuff together, he can tell her a story from a book of his.

Saburo’s books are mentioned to be icky by Mareyo, Saburo laughs that she can’t even understand the deepness of his literature. Mareyo mentions that she’ll just go for a walk to get rid of Saburo. Marechiyo stares up at the sky wondering how Soi Fon didn’t let him go with her. We go to Soi Fon where she’s training on the tip of a mountain in which he uses trains her hands.

We move onto Sajin, where the older and bigger dog asks what Komamura’s business is. He gets on his knees and tells him that he’s come to inherit the family secrets from his great grandfather. His grandfather gets pissed off by what he’s just said, he laughs greatly, he then tells him not to make him laugh. He follows up this by mentioning that he was ashamed of their appearance and therefore wore the hood and armor to pretend to be a human.

And now he comes lowering his head, while asking him to teach him. Komamura mentions that he no longer wears a hood nor does he wear any armor. The world has changed in these decades and he feels that the world has changed so that their family can live among them without hiding their families.

This world is on the verge of a crisis. The grandfather quickly stops him, telling him to hold his tongue. He’s getting it wrong, the world will fall into ruin, the world’s bearer will simply change he mentions. They won’t change no matter who holds the world. All they can do is lay low. Komamura mentions that he knows that they can change that, for themselves as well as their children and grandchildren.

However the grandfather mentions that nothing will change as what ever happens to this world is none of their concerns, Komamura shouts his name when he quickly gets up! He’s told that he is telling him not to disturb their peace, if he cannot then he will have to crush him. Komamura mentions that he can do whatever he wants.

In Nimaiya’s palace, they go down a tube where Ichigo brings his Asauchi, Ichigo bangs his face on something where he gets a little hurt. Nimaiya told him not to go face first.  He starts to gets pissed off when Nimaiya shows him something, It’s a water type thing which is much needed. He mentions that the Phoenix Palace must be located at a high place for this reason.

He goes on to mention that for a Bankai to be restored, there needs to be a lot of water, this is why. He goes on to mention that Ichigo needs to prepare himself as from this point on, Ichigo will have to say goodbye to his Zanpakuto Zangetsu! Bleach 539 ends here.

A great chapter, hopefully we’ll carry on with Ichigo’s training during next week’s Bleach 540, plus seeing Komamura’s and possibly Hisagi’s Bankai in action in a few chapters after that. It’s getting better and better! Can’t wait for the awesome and amazing chapters, bring ‘em on Kubo!

The Zero Division Appears! – Bleach 516

Bleach 516 has to the one of the best reveals ever, the awesome 0 Division has appeared and it’s impossible to think that only 5 members are needed within such an important and crazy team, they being the strongest who are all more powerful than all of Soul Society and Gotei 13! We also find out more information on what happened to Ichigo’s Zanpakutou.

Bleach 516 starts somewhere where there are multiple pillars where a person tells these officers with new tags on their cloak that everyone is ready. Ichigo reaches Mayrui’s lab, he notices that his sword still isn’t fixed. Ichigo brings up that Mayuri had previously repaired his sword, Mayuri corrects him telling him that he had modified it.

In order to repair a Zanpakutou, the owner needs the Reishi and Reiatsu, which they need to merge them into their Zanpakutou, it’s simple. Ichigo starts talking when Mayuri stops him. He tells him that it only applies if the Zanpakutou was broken in its Shikai phase, but if it was a Bankai then it would be a lot different!

Mayuri reveals that a Broken Bankai can never be returned to its former state. Mayuri reveals that there are some exceptions like Komamura because his Bankai is different. Madarame’s Bankai was previously destroyed, and now it’s not even a fraction of what it used to be.

Ichigo asks about Renji’s, Mayuri states that his Bankai was destroyed by Byakuya, now since it was his Bankai, it was never repaired because of how hard it is, and thus Renji’s Bankai remains broken since their last encounter. Someone large appears, it seems that Kon has finally appeared! Ichigo asks who they are, Kon introduces himself as strong and King of New York!

Mayuri watches as Kon went from being large to small, Mayuri says that it was interesting to what just happened. Mayuri receives a message, he clicks his head and hears the message, he reveals that the Zero Division has arrived! Somewhere else, all the Captains are standing there.

Ichigo runs towards all of them, Ichigo asks Shinji who the Zero Division and where they are staying. Shinji tells him that they live with the Spirit King in the Royal Palace. Shunsui reminds Ichigo of how he arrived, the wall never used to be up, it was only up during an emergency like now.

They quickly arrive from a large pillar like object in the sky. Ichigo notices that this is a Tenchuuren (Literally Meaning Heavenly Pillar). They use it as their preferred method of Transportation by the Zero Division. Everyone from the Zero Division is inside that pillar, Ichigo asks if they aren’t cramped in that space.

Shunsui reveals that there is no soldiers in the Zero Division, also calling them all Captains wouldn’t mean a lot. Shunsui also reveals that their combined power is greater than all of the Gotei 13 all together! The 5 Amazing members finally appear! A man with glasses, a woman who looks like she’s full of regret, a large man with a large beard, a skinny man with something in his mouth. A large woman who looks cheerful! Bleach 516 ends here!

A great chapter where we finally lay out eyes on the fantastic Five great members of the Zero Division! What a great and awesome chapter! They all look fantastically powerful, but still look pretty calm! Can’t wait to see what they’ve got, can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 517!

Vandenreich to Invade Soul Society! – Bleach 489

Today’s fantastic Bleach 489 chapter features a whole load of fantastic information as well as the amazing start-ups to Ichigo and Kirge’s fight! Mayuri’s research is revealed that he’s behind a lot of the information. The Vice-Captains find out that there’s something wrong with how the people disappeared. The King of Vandenreich is ready to attack Soul Society, he gives the go to the attack!

This incredible chapter starts off as Rukia walks up and down because she’s concerned with the fact that Soul Society is literally going to be under attack. Renji tries to cool her down but can’t. Izuna Kira steps in to get something of his chest. He tells them that all the three things that have happened, Invasion of the Rebel Army, Mass Disappearance of Hollows and Missing People were all connected. But Kira suggests that the Missing People are not connected.

He asks any other Vice-Captain if anyone had visited outside of District 50, Yachiru tells them that she had gone to District 64. She says that he had seen footsteps gather in one place and then stopping. She also reveals that some of the footsteps looked naked and some had sandals.

Kira starts to put the pieces together, he says that the living standards in Rukongai had declined and that they were wearing rags and no shoes. He then stumbles upon the idea that the footsteps in district were mostly probably left by an Shinigami. Usually if they went there, someone from the Reishi Investigation Team of the Research and Development Institute would go along, but this time it didn’t happen.

Kira looks at Nemu Kutosuchi and asks what Mayuri is hiding. Nemu replies that she hasn’t given her any information about that case. Kira then reveals that his going to report this to the Yamamoto.

In Hueco Mundo, Kirge notices that Nel, a Hollow, is behind Ichigo. Nel notices that Kirge has completely beaten the Tres Bestia. Kirge mocks Ichigo as Nel grabs onto Ichigo’s shoulder since Hollow and Shinigami’s aren’t usually friends.

Kirge then reveals that he knows Ichigo Kurosaki, Ichigo isn’t surprised since there Ivan was somewhat similar to Kirge. Kirge tells Ichigo that he’s information was in the date which was given to them by their Majesty. Ichigo is referred to as the Special War Potential which must be dealt with right away.

As 3 Quincy’s go forth, Ichigo starts to take he’s sword out. But he notices that the speed that they arrive is incredibly fast, he thinks of how they had traveled, and it seems most similar to how Uryu travels, Hirenkyaku. They get their bow and arrow and quickly shoot.

Ichigo nearly escapes with some scratches, he asks if they are really Quincies, Kirge replies that Ichigo came to fight them without knowing what they are. Kirge tells Ichigo that you could have guessed but wanted to make sure that they were really Quincies. Kirge opens his sword and get’s ready to use his power. Kirge starts to tell Ichigo that he knows them very well, then he starts to say something when he fires he’s weapon, he had not finished what he said.

At the place where the King lies, a messenger receives a message form the First Iacto Arme which states that the Special War Potential, Ichigo Kurosaki has infiltrated Hueco Mundo and is currently fighting against the Captain Supervisor Kirge Opie. The King gets up and tells everyone to go to Soul Society as Ichigo Kurosaki is occupied with Kirge, giving them the perfect chance to occupy Soul Society. He tells the “Stern Ritter”  or Star Knights to get ready to go. “The Vandenreich is about to invade Soul Society”.

We move onto Soul Society where Mayuri is talking to Yamamoto, he explains that he had to mobilized members of the 12th Division and ordered to kill around 28,000 Citizens of Rukongai, this was to correct the Balance of Souls. Yamamoto asks why Mayuri didn’t ask for permission, even if they would have gotten permission to do such a thing.

Mayuri explains that when Uryu infiltrated Seireitei as a Ryoka, he had warned Yamamoto about the consequences, but he had not listened. Mayuri starts to explain that it’s no one else’s fault but Yamamoto’s since 1000 Years ago, Yamamoto had failed to kill the King of Vandenreich, when they did attack. Amazing Bleach 489 chapter ends here.

What a crazy chapter that was! I can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 490 Chapter! The Final Bleach Arc is getting fantastically good that I really can’t wait to see next week’s! The Chapter is unfolding in such an awesome way!