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Giselle Shocked by Seireiart

Mayuri puppets Kensei and Rojuro! Giselle Defeated – Bleach 596

Bleach 596 see’s the arrival of Rojuro and Kensei to help Byakuya defeat Pepe, while Mayuri arrives to explain that they’re dead and now his puppets, including Rangiku and Toshiro. Mayuri also shows up Giselle as she is quickly defeated after finding out that Mayuri has the ability to take her puppets away from her, to which she is stabbed and killed. Continue reading

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Ice In Your Eyes by Nanfe

Ice In Your Eyes – Toshiro Hitsugaya


Toshiro Hitsugaya has been recently taken over as a zombie by the Quincy named Giselle, she has taken control over him and every action he takes. It seems bleak for him as he’s most likely to be dead in a zombified state, unless Mayuri can do something about it, he will most likely not coming back.  Continue reading

Toshiro's Face Bleach 593 by Gray-Dous

Mayuri’s Medical Drugs! Toshiro vs Mayuri – Bleach 593

Bleach 593 gets exciting as Mayuri’s drugs that he somehow gave to Toshiro has affected him in a way that every time he kills Mayuri, he will return to a point of where Mayuri repeats himself about his drugs. Mayuri gave him a drug to go back to his past memory somehow to which whenever Mayuri is killed he goes back, it’s as though if doesn’t kill him he can live on.  Continue reading

Toshiro vs Yumichika Bleach 592 by ar-ua

Mayuri vs Toshiro! Ikkaku and Yumichika Defeated – Bleach 592

Bleach 592 shows the start of Mayuri Kurotsuchi vs Toshiro Hitsugaya as they’re both ready to battle each other after Ikkaku, Yumichika and even Charlotte are all cut down. Giselle seems to like that Zombie Toshiro Hitsugaya is very strong and capable of striking down his opponents with just one swipe of his sword.  Continue reading

Zombie Toshiro Hitsugaya by ar-ua

Zombie Toshiro Hitsugaya! Arrancar’s Fight Zombie Shinigami – Bleach 591

Bleach 591 shows Giselle’s trump card to be Toshiro Hitsugaya as he’s also been zombified, the Arrancar members have a little argument but get back on track to fight the numerous numbers of Zombie Shinigami’s. Mayuri knows that Giselle having Toshiro as one of his zombies will most likely be bad as he will definitely cause mayhem for them. Continue reading

Bleach 590 Arrancars arrive by renzolomagno

Arrancar’s Arrive! Giselle’s Shinigami Zombie’s – Bleach 590

Bleach 590 gets underway as Mayuri and Giselle with Bambietta battle it out to which Mayuri’s gadgets help him to defend against Bambietta. Mayuri calls upon his army of four Arrancar’s while Giselle summons her Zombified Shinigami army. Some of the dead Arrancar members have arrived once again after Mayuri dissects them back to life.  Continue reading

Bleach 589 Urahara face by ironizer

Yoruichi Appears! Mayuri vs Giselle – Bleach 589

Bleach 589 sets up Ichigo, Chad and Orihime to all go to Soul Palace with the help of an energy gathered from the investigation by Yoruichi in the real world, while at the same time Mayuri appears in front of Giselle as he seems interested in finding out how she works. Yumichika and Ikkaku lead the attack against Bambietta and Giselle however every time they come closer they’re unable to do so.  Continue reading

Mayuri Licking Sword by Miryamaris

Cosplay Monday: Mayuri Kurotsuchi

Mayuri Kurotsuchi is probably one of my many favourite characters from Bleach, this is why he receives this week’s Cosplay Monday. Mayuri is one hell of a captain, with his amazing techniques and hidden talents, he could probably go up against most enemies and win. Plus his awesome Bankai of a child is just epic, I can’t say any more to how amazing Mayuri really is. All the experiments he does, plus being the Urahara’s subordinate at one point, it was truly epic. This cosplay seems to concentrate on his earlier days before he had the special head gear.  Continue reading

Urahara’s Bankai Plan! Cang Du uses Bankai – Bleach 552


Bleach 552 reveals the awesome plan which Urahara has just come up with, we see the awesome Cang Du take out Matsumoto to which Toshiro knows that they’re right at the end of their life, we also see that Urahara has indeed reached Mayuri and has showed him his plan of using pills to insert a little amount of Hollow powers into the captains to give them the ability to regain their Bankai’s back. Continue reading

Toshiro Hurt! BG9’s Form Revealed – Bleach 550


Bleach 550 explains that the Quincy’s they’re facing are more than what they seem. Toshiro faces up to Bazz-B when he gets himself hurt by just one finger, while Bazz-B also explains that he was able to offset Yamamoto’s fire! Furthermore, Mayuri’s opponent, Askin Nakk Le Vaar understands that he’s also strong. BG9 shows off that he’s not just a mere machine but in fact something that will kill Sui Feng if she doesn’t kill him first. Continue reading