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Yhwach vs Ichibei Hyosube! Nimaiya Defeated – Bleach 604

Bleach 604 see’s Lille Barro shoot Nimaiya down as his attacks pierces through anything put forward by Kirinji and Hikifune, on top of which Yhwach quickly goes to face Ichibei Hyosube so stands in his way. Nimaiya isn’t dead but he’s definitely injured, we’ll see if Kirinji can heal him up, on top of which Yhwach seems to have got rid of his less useful Stern Ritter. Continue reading Yhwach vs Ichibei Hyosube! Nimaiya Defeated – Bleach 604

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Nimaiya Targets Yhwach! Askin Defeated – Bleach 602

Bleach 602 intensifies as Askin Nakk Le Vaar’s technique is shown when Nimaiya defeats him only using his own ability and help from Kirinji. Nimaiya Oetsu targets Yhwach and he’s the next man on the list for him to battle, Yhwach gets ready to battle up next. Askin dies without even doing a lot of damage. Continue reading Nimaiya Targets Yhwach! Askin Defeated – Bleach 602

Yhwach faces Senjumaru! Ichigo shoots to Royal Palace – Bleach 597

Bleach 597 shows the arrival of Yhwach, Jugram and Ishida as they’re all unhurt from Kirinji’s attacks on them, Senjumaru appears and attacks Yhwach to notice that he’s unhurt. We also see Liltotto and Pepe begin their fight as she is pissed off that he took control of her friend. Ichigo also begins to shoot off to the Royal King’s Palace to battle Yhwach, Jugram and Ishida.  Continue reading Yhwach faces Senjumaru! Ichigo shoots to Royal Palace – Bleach 597

Kirinji Defends King’s Palace! Zombie Bambietta – Bleach 588

Bleach 588 see’s Giselle turning the late Bambietta Basterbine into what she calls a zombie, her eyes appear to look dead as she is being controlled, while at the same time, the first to arrive Kirinji uses his attacks on Yhwach, Jugram and Uryu to defend the King’s Palace. We also see a little banter whereby Giselle jokes with Ikkaku for them to cut her and feel her true power.  Continue reading Kirinji Defends King’s Palace! Zombie Bambietta – Bleach 588

Ichigo Goes To War! Bambietta’s Vollstandig – Bleach 555


Bleach 555, a number which is always great to see. Ichigo gets all ready after all his training. We see his new, calm and confident form to which his larger blade goes behind him while the smaller on his right leg. After finding out the Invasion began three hours ago, he runs out and quickly goes there. Bambietta’s Vollstandig enables and quickly strikes Shinji, to which it seems like he got quite the hit. Her subordinate’s Vollstandig also gets activated. When will Ichigo arrive, it should be soon! 

Continue reading Ichigo Goes To War! Bambietta’s Vollstandig – Bleach 555

Yachiru “Kenpachi” Unohana! – Shunsui Kyoraku is Captain Commander – Bleach 520

first_kenpachi___unohana_yachiru_by_aleks_gold-d5oacku bleach_520_p02_by_butchersonic-d5oekws bleach_520___in_flight_by_toroi_san-d5nzpwcUnohana is first Kenpachi! The Strongest Shinigami Shunsui to teach Zaraki Kenpachi Renji is back Kazuo and Kazuhiro Kirinji Tenjiro smacks IchigoBleach 520, possibly another great chapter to blow me away this week. We find out a great deal, Ichigo himself is damn important to the Soul King, we also find out that Shunsui is the next in line to replace Yamamoto as the Captain Commander. We also find out that Shunsui wants to teach Zaraki Kenpachi the art of war, possibly so he could gain his Shikai and Bankai!! Unohana is also refereed as the first Kenpachi in today’s chapter!!!

Bleach 520 begins with Nanao knocking at Shunsui’s door, she comes into his room while he’s reading a piece of paper, she starts to speak when Shunsui says her name. He then states that this could be the last time they’ll meet. In the piece of paper, it mentions that “Kyouraku Jirou Souzousa Shunsui” is the person to next be appointed as the Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13 and the captain of the 1st Division, he says that he’s sorry.

At Kirinji’s castle, Ichigo is counting up from 0 to 100 while he put himself down in the water for as long as he can. At the 93rd second, he jumps out kicking one of Kirinji’s helpers in the face. Kirinji calls Ichigo an idiot for not being able to do it, Kirinji asks if when he was a kid, if his parents told him to stay in the water for 100 seconds. Ichigo replies saying what kind of parents would do such a thing to their parents.

Kirinji asks Kazuo and Kazuhiro to hold him down again, at this point, Ichigo keeps on fighting both of them. Kirinji says for them to wait, Kirinji then smacks Ichigo on the face. Kirinji realizes that Ichigo’s been healed. If he wasn’t he’d already been dead with the shot to the face.

Kirinji tells Ichigo that he’s done all he could do there, there is nothing more he could do but go to the next palace. From nowhere, Renji appears, he states that he’s coming too. Kirinji quickly smacks him one in the stomach, a large wave of water flies off, fortunately Renji didn’t go away flying, Kirinji also figures out that Renji’s hand is trembling after the shot to the stomach.

Kirinji states that if he can resist his punch that he’s fine. Both Renji and Ichigo get ready, Kazuo and Kazuhiro gets ready and launch both of them away to the next palace. Kirinji states that this could have been hard on Kazuo and Kazuhiro, they are told to take of their cloths as they’re started to degrade away. Both their bodies are starting to produce a large number of scars.

If they weren’t wearing those special protective cloths made with super spiritual thread, they would have rot and explode because of the super recovery water. It’s incredible that Renji and Ichigo could stay naked in the Skeleton Hell and Blood Pond Hell, the two describe them as amazing. Kirinji’s expectations have been exceed, especially by Ichigo.

We notice Kirinji’s hand as it’s bruised, the moment he was hit by Kirinji’s punch, Ichigo automatically stroke back and left a crack in his hand. Kirinji used to be called the Flash-Step Tenjirou because of his step, but he doesn’t think he’s gotten dull. Kirinji thinks Ichigo’s got skills and can see why The Soul King has been attracted by him.

Shunsui is at the 46th Chamber to ask if he can have 2 Vice Captains, he mentions that Okikiba will be in charge of practical business and Nanao will follow him, they know how to do their jobs. Shunsui quickly mentions that every captain has the right to appoint and dismiss any of their vice captains, he uses this to his point to get Nanao to come with him.

Shunsui mentions his first job as a Captain-Commander, it is to teach Zaraki Kenpachi the art of killing! Basically for him to learn to obtain his Shikai and Bankai! Shunsui mentions that Byakuya and the others went to the Reiokyu, and Zaraki’s powers are extremely important, the way he currently is no good for them.

Some of them mention no, if Zaraki becomes too powerful, they won’t be able to stop his revolt. He mentions that even Yamamoto tried to teach Zaraki the art of killing but it was stopped just after one day. Shunsui mentions that they cannot go through another invasion like it did, they have to train Zaraki on how to kill properly, they shut up after Shunsui mentions that even they cannot protect themselves.

Shunsui seems to have gained their consent. Shunsui brings an important person forward to  help. He mentions that he’ll leave Zaraki to Captain Unohana, he dismisses this name and just called her First Kenpachi! Yachiru Unohana! By Kenpachi, it’s said that they are the strongest of Shinigami’s! Bleach 520 ends here!

What a damn great chapter! Bleach is getting even more epic, who ever suspected that Unohana was ever the First Kenpachi? And that Kirinji, a Zero Division Member would get hurt himself after just one punch from Ichigo! Bleach is exploding my mind! Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 521! It’s going to be awesome!

The Soul King Awakens – Bleach 519

dat_peach_on_bleach_519_by_nanfe-d5n8eu6 bleach_519____bath_time_by_takyya-d5nbjtu bleach_519_king_of_souls_by_toroi_san-d5n7fxeThe Soul King Awakens Quincies are more wicked Tenjirou Kirinji Floating Islands for the Zero Division members Orihime and Rukia Hot Hot HeatBleach 519 reveals a whole lot more to how the Reiokyu works. We discover that the King’s Key is embedded within the Zero Division members bones, Ichigo is first told to go with Kirinji Tenjiro who tells Ichigo about how his healing pool works, and how he’s going to fix Rukia, Renji and Byakuya.

Bleach 519 begins as Ichigo is brought within Reiokyu. Osho tells Ichigo that he should feel proud because no simple Shinigami could come here, Osho then rephrase saying that he shouldn’t call Ichigo a simple Shinigami. Ichigo realizes that Aizen had done so much just to enter the Reiokyu.

Ichigo asks Osho if he doesn’t need a King’s Key to enter, and when did he use it to enter. Osho shows him his arm, he explains that the King’s Key is created with the power of the King of Souls, he uses it on the bones of who is part of the Zero Division, ultimately there are two ways to enter the Reiokyu, one is to let someone pass and the other is to come together with the Zero Division.

Aizen was trying to create a King’s Key, this meaning that he was trying to create them with his own reijutsu, he wanted to create the key, defeat the king and basically become God himself. Senjumaru Shutara tells Ichigo that Aizen is the personification of Evil, however the Quincies are even more wicked.

Ichigo is told to stand on a object, he’s told not to move or else he’ll die. Before something happens, one of the Zero Division members try to take Ichigo somewhere, out of nowhere Ichigo halts everything, he asks that he should get an explanation of where he’s going and if he’s going to meed the Soul King. One of the members speaks telling Ichigo that he can’t just meet the Soul King.

Kirio Hikifune slaps his comrade, telling him to explain properly. She explains that Reiokyu can be used to describe everything in this whole area, but to be exact, Ichigo is currently at the Reiokyu Omotesando, which is the entrance to the actual palace. Looking towards the sky, there is a cocoon like building, that is where the Soul King resides.

The floating things which look like trays are Zero Division Quarters, they are basically the castles of each of the members, within a tray lies a small city for each of the members, they are all entrusted with one of them. Firstly, Ichigo will be going to Kirinden (Literally Meaning Kirin Palace).

Ichigo arrives and goes to the Kirinden, there is a large hot spring,Ichigo quickly gets pissed on why he’s idling in a hot spring, Kirinji tells Ichigo that what he’s bathing in is a Hot-Spring Cure, something comes out of the water, it’s reveals that it’s Byakuya’s head, Kirinji quickly pushes it down telling him that it shouldn’t be floating.

Kirinji then pulls out Renji, he’s holding him like a red turnip, Rukia also floats but all we can see is her butt shape on top of the water. Kirinji explains that by keeping them underwater, their wounded reiatsu is getting squeezed out together with their blood, Kirinji then shows Ichigo the Blood Pond Hell Red Hot Spring.

That Blood Pond is where Byakuya will go when he’s completely empty, he throws Byakuya while saying this. Ichigo tells Kirinji that he’s risking his life by just throwing him. Kirinji explains that his blood is sucked away and is replenished in the Blood Pond Hell. By repeating this a few times, the rotten blood and reiatsu are completely sucked out and substituted with this hot spring water, this is his Healing Technique!

Kirinji asks Ichigo is he was Urahara’s disciple, Ichigo denies this. Kirinji somehow knows about Urahara and Yoruichi’s play ground, he asks if he ever used their hot spring to heal his wounds. That was something Urahara created after analyzing the water in his hot spring water. Kirinji tells Ichigo to shut up and stays in the water, he will heal and become a lot healthier than he was ever before. We find out that Kirinji Tenjiro is Sentouki (Demon of the Hot Water Spring).

We move to another place, in the cocoon within one of the windows, we see a mysterious man asking someone else if they’re awake, it’s really dark in that place. We see a man like form surrounded by a cocoon like object, he’s fronted by opening sheets, he’s finally described as the Soul King (King of Souls). The description mentions that he’s just awakened from his long sleep! Bleach 519 ends here!

What a great chapter, everything is moving at a fantastic pace, it’s all going amazingly great and we’ve finally seen the epic and fantastic Soul King! It’s going to be awesome seeing his full form. He doesn’t seem like a normal man, possibly some think which is in a whole new level. Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 520!!