Natsu defeats Brain – Lucy is Saved – Fairy Tail 150

Fairy Tail 150 sees the end of the arc as we finally see the epic fight between Brain and Natsu end. The Infinity Castle has also been taken over by Lucy. She’s completely molded herself with it. Cobra, whose name is Erik, finds Kinana with Cuberos, he’s been taken in by the Council!

Fairy tail 150 starts out while Lucy is crying by herself. She is helped by Michelle who is always watching over her. At this point everyone is trying their hardest but can’t seem to cut all of the chains down. Although they keep on going.

Natsu and Brain are still going at it. They keep on fighting, Klodoa faces both Romeo and Elfman. Natsu tells them to try their best. Somewhere else we see that Cobra notices Kinana near him watching. Brain tells Natsu that his flames will never burn him, no matter what.

Brain enables his Genesis Zero which creates soul like things which suck Natsu into the world of the darkness where he’s going to be trapped forever. At this moment, Lucy remember memories of her past, Michelle tells Lucy that she had so much fun, Lucy is reminded that she was in fact a doll, and that after her mother’s death, Lucy had completely changed.

She had stopped talking to Michelle altogether. We now see that Jude is covering up all the things he’s had. He tells the doll of Michelle that Lucy has changed and that he doesn’t know how to talk to Lucy anymore. He then asks for the doll to become Lucy’s little sister.

Michelle also tells the story when Brain had arrived and gave her life. She had to use Jude in order to get him to give her the Clock Hand, she felt very bad about it. They both had a lot of fun working together. He kept on working all his life.

Till the day in his death-bed, Jude tells Michelle to take back the Clock Part and find Lucy to give it to her. Jude also tells Michelle that he hopes that she can become her little sister, it was as though he knew that she was Michelle. She notices this and cries after the comment.

Lucy starts hearing the voices of Erza, Gray, Wendy and the others. While Natsu is trapped, he says that he’s going to try his best to get out and help her. Lucy gets more courage’s and tries to help everyone. At this point Natsu gets all fired up, Lucy starts molding herself with the clock, sh is controlling it herself.

Natsu bursts out of the Darkness and punches Brain right in the face. Brain also gets ready and they keep on going head to head. Klodoa escapes from the place. Natsu and Brain keep on punching and using their own power to defeat each other.

Brain starts by powering up. Natsu is also getting ready by stretching his arm. They meet in the contact. Levy and the others find out that there is some other evidence to saving Lucy. Natsu starts to crack Brain’s body, from his arms to his face, his body starts to decay. Natsu keeps on hitting him.

Natsu finally defeats Brain! He realizes that his philosophy was wrong. Everyone finds out that Lucy has completely bonded herself with the Infinity Castle. She won’t be able to change back when Warren tells them that there is a way. Levy and Jean-Luc tell them that the only way now is to remake the bio-links once again.

Lucy agrees and will do anything to get back as she’s part of Fairy Tail she’ll do anything to save people as well as get back. She starts doing it when she receives some help from Michelle. A bright lights goes up to the skies and scatters.

Kinana and Cobra are talking, he notices that Cuberos could be inside her, or that she is Cuberos but doesn’t realizes it. She asks for her name, he says Erik. Lahar and Doranbolt arrive, they are there to arrest Cobra. Kinana starts reacting to the situation, her arms turn all purple.

Cobra hears Doranbolt and Lahar’s thoughts and agrees, he doesn’t want to fight anymore. He denies knowing Kinana because she could get into trouble if she was known to know Cobra. As he walks away, Kinana realizes that it was in fact Erik who had called her, he considers her as a friend.

Natsu wakes up on top of the Kanaloa, they are travelling to find where Lucy is. Natsu’s nose quickly picks up Lucy’s scent and he quickly runs as fast as he can when he jumps to catch Lucy! He somewhat fails as she falls on top of him. They are all fine now. She repairs the picture and keeps Michelle close to her, she also finishes her book. Fairy Tail 150 ends here.

That was certainly a very touching episode, it was also awesome to see that this filler arc has finally finished. I can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 151, titled “Sabertooth”, episode where we finally carry on with normal manga arcs. We find out who the current most powerful guild is, which is currently Sabertooth.

Real Nightmare – Fairy Tail 145

Fairy Tail 145 continues with the Chaos as it’s finally explained what will happen when the chaos descends. Natsu and the Jiggle Butt Gang are captured and put into the cell, they work together to get out. Lucy has also been captured and is being used by Brain to activate the Infinity Clock.

Fairy Tail 145 starts off with Natsu waking up in a cage where he tries to get out by bashing into the cage but doesn’t work because it just stops all magic. He finds himself with the Jiggle Butt Gang, as Natsu tries to use a more powerful technique they stop him and try to reason with him by coming up with a plan.

Natsu asks why they’re doing in the same cell as him, they tell him that they were captured by the guards and put into the cell, but before that they heard something very important, they heard Cardinal Rapowant discuss that the Archbishop has gone mad and that they should do nothing but suppress this as no one should find out.

Some moments later Natsu tells them that he needs to go and save Lucy because she’s in trouble, also he’s prepared to do anything to go and save her. But before that they need to break out, they all gather and come up with a plan that surely going to work.

At the Fairy Tail HQ Elfman returns and tells every one of what has occurred. He also reveals that Michelle Lobster was a fake and that they were all tricked into such a thing. Cana says that her cards didn’t for tell about Brain and also didn’t get the pairing right. Wendy quickly tells everyone to concentrate on bringing Natsu and Lucy back.

Some men appear, Happy recognizes them being someone from the boat they traveled in before. He reveals that he needs to talk to Lucy as soon as possible. They say that she’s been captured by Oracion Seis. Nevertheless, they start to talk and tell them that he’s Jean-Luc Neville, the great-grandson of Will Neville.

He reveals that the clock hand was first discovered in some ruins. and somehow got into the hands off Jude. He found Jude and told him what the clock hand is and what it could cause. After Jean-Luc helped him to seal it and put it in a very important place. After Jude’s death he had to set up so that Lucy would get the Clock Hand.

Erza asks how dangerous the Infinity Clock is, he replies that when the powerful magic activates there will be endless nightmare, Real Nightmare. He reveals that it controls the sense of time that humans posses. It doesn’t change or affect time in any way but only affects humans senses.

A person’s memories and consciousness are actually an accumulation of all of his or her experiences up to now, this powerful magic enables and disturbs the senses and the person would lose all sense they have, which translates into chaos descending.

Jean-Luc asks them to take the job of stopping the chaos to descend and stop the Infinity Clock from ever starting up. Fairy Tail accept and are ready to stop it as well as retrieve Natsu and Lucy.

Back at the Infinity Clock, Klodoa, Brain II and Imitatia have gathered to activate the infinity clock. Lucy starts talking to Imitatia calling her Michelle. Imitatia gets angry and tells her not to call her that because that not her real name.

Jean-Luc tells them that to stop the Infinity Clock from starting up, Celestial Spirit Wizards were utilizing a biological link, when this link is broken the Celestial Spirit Mage’s are cursed with 100 years of sleep. When the Anti-Link breaks that biological link the body becomes extremely slow and all the reaction are maintained at a very slow rate.

Lucy starts to tell Brain and Imitatia that it was hard enough to go to sleep for 7 years, sleeping for 100 years would just kill the person because it would mean that the person would be in an endless torment. Lucy continues on telling that they were still believed in.

Imitatia and Lucy still have a bit of a relationship which they share as Lucy and Michelle. After Imitatia gets pissed she jut stops chatting and tells Brain to activate the Infinity Clock already.

Back at the Fairy Tail HQ, Jean-Luc gives Erza a type of hammer which  she can master and use it to smash things. They also tell the Fairy Tail members that they will keep researching until they find some more useful information they can use. Cana calls for reinforcement.

At the council, Lahar sees some recorded footage where he sees Cardinal Rapowant who is the person that was the person who was talking to the members of the Oracion Seis, he could have also helped them escape from that place.

At the cage, The Jiggle Butt Gang try to get their butts on fire by shaking their ass on the wall. The reinforcement arrives, it seems that reinforcement seems to be Ichiya. They all leave when there is a large noise and crash in the aircraft. Mirajane and Elfman go for a look when Racer appears and hurts both of them.

Elfman is easily defeated while Mirajane turns into her Satan Soul and takes on Racer out. Elfman is told by Mirajane not to follow because she’s going to take on Racer for the time being. Gray tells Ichiya to turn around but he refuses, Elfman also says to keep going on.

While Mirajane fights in her Satan Soul she tries to block and attack but misses, then Racer speeds up and attacks her right in the torso. Mirajane then transforms into her most powerful form Demon Halphas and start fighting Racer.

Members of Fairy Tail also find out that Kinana has also escaped from her bed. We catch up to her when she tells herself that she can hear someone talking, this person is calling her. This could be Cobra calling for her.

We go to the cage where The Jiggle Butt Gang is trying to light up their asses. They do so, Natsu calls for some help, the help arrives and the cage is temporarily opened. Natsu quickly bunches these people. More guards are coming when the Jiggle Butt Gang use Gas-Butt Triple Ecstasy.

While they run away they notice that Coco has also been captured, she asks for Natsu to help her. Cardinal Rapowant finds out that Natsu has escaped, he says that he’s already too late. Lucy also seems to gone from this world as there is no life in her eyes. Fairy Tail 145 ends here.

That was a pretty cool episode. Natsu has escaped and the chaos has nearly started. Hopefully we’ll see a few more fights during next week’s episode. Can’t wait till next week’s Fairy Tail 146, titled “Spiral of Time”, when Mirajane and Racer keep on fighting, also other crazy things occur.

Key of the Starry Heavens Book – Fairy Tail 132

The latest Fairy Tail 132 Episode has a lot of fun as well as a couple of serious moments. Everyone starts off pissed because they’ve lost the Clock hand, but it all picks back up because they all go back to Lucy’s large house to find some clues. They find a few unexpected things. One is another exceed from the Legion Corps.

At the Fairy Tail Headquarters, they find themselves stuck because Lucy blames herself for being weak and loosing the Clock hand. Natsu promises her that he will find and bring it to her. Michelle says sorry because she wasn’t able to help her at the time of need.

A elderly man is running from something, he notices that he clock hand is in front of him, it’s as though it’s trying to tell him something. Time is etched and then chaos descends. Everything starts to darken and an eye appears. Somewhere else, Carla notices this feeling.

At the headquarters, they talk about it more and share more information about what had just currently happened. Natsu doesn’t get it because he can’t concentrate on what’s happening. They talk about how crazy the crusade is and how it is connected to the Legion. They converse and try to work out what their goal is by gaining the clock hand.

At another church, the Council Soldiers and Lahar stand waiting for something to happen at the church because they are looking for the person who is causing the churches to be destroyed. A large monster clown like person appears and enables his jackpot. It appears to be a lightning strike which literally causes the whole church.

Lahar and the others notice this, they try to go and save the man but can’t. He appears and attacks the soldiers. He uses pans to do so but doesn’t really work. He then cranks his stick and lightening come up. He electrifies himself and fails. He does it again to get a Oni Flash. Then disappears.

Gildarts is told to go out and investigate and find out what’s happening. He asks Cana if she wants to go with him. She denies and tells him to go quicker. Makarov asks why she doesn’t treat him properly. She tells him that it because without it, he looks more determined.

The Archbishop of Zentopia tells everything that he’s had another dream which has the same things in them. Although he doesn’t understand what they mean because it has no meaning to them. He tells everyone that he has his duties and should get to them.

Natsu, Lucy and the others reach at her Father’s mansion. Here they go to the house to find some clues to help them determine what it all means. They find a couple of interesting things. For example, Lucy finds her family picture just before her mother died. Lucy decides that when she had the money, she’ll buy the house.

At her fathers study room, Michelle. finds an interesting book which is titled “To My Daughter”. She asks one of her Celestial Spirits, Old Master Crux, to help her find out what it is but he comes up with nothing. Because the papers on the book are both blank and have no meaning to them.

He notices that the name of the book could become kind of riddle, it could be an anagram. Everyone else is helping with the anagram when Natsu join them. He wants to help but he just sneezes, jumbling the words. Carla notices the word Myth being randomly placed.

Two more words are placed and found. Making Duo Great Myth. Lucy notices that there are two books referred to as The Two Great Myths. The first is the “Life of the Clockwork” and the second is the “Key of the Starry Heavens”, both written by the same author, Will Neville.

Carla notices something really weird about the picture on the front. As she looks deeper, the girl on the front starts to turn around and her face is seen better. She turns around, her face is grey with large eyes, her face seems to look very dull, as thought it has no soul to it. Carla is shocked.

The dark is broken and an exceed is seen. He introduces himself as Samuel from the Legion. He tells them that he had predicted for them to come here. Erza, Gray and Natsu all attack but all of it is blocked and sent back to them, this starting to destroy the building. Another man introduces himself as Spearhead of the Legion, Dan Straight. He tells everything that his Magic Shield “Ricochet” helped him reflect the attacks.

Natsu attacks and everything is reflected back. Samuel tells Dan to get the girl with the book. Natsu and Gray plus Wendy are told to help Lucy escape with the book. Dan sees Lucy as being beautiful as she has the perfect body.

Dan and Erza fight but Erza looses the battle. Dan tells her that she’s not as good looking as Lucy. Samuel stops Lucy and the others. Natsu attacks but is stopped by Dan. Gray and Wendy try to attack but Erza and the books fall on them due to the large weight.

Happy goes outside to help Natsu but notices that he’s turned small. Happy squashes Natsu with his foot. He then notices what had happened to him. Samuel tells him Dan’s sword is able to change the size of anything it touches. Lucy throws the book upwards so Happy and Tiny Natsu can fly off with it.

Samuel sees through the trick and lifts Michelle’s dress to find the book. Dan stands watching. The book that Lucy had given Happy a Tiny Natsu was the Rabbit and Turtle Book. Samuel absorbs all the information in the book to memorize it all. Wendy, Gray and Erza all attack but the attack fails as it’s all repelled. Samuel leaves the book and gets away. Fairy Tail 132 ends.

That was a pretty intense episode with a lot of things going on. Hopefully the book will give Natsu and Lucy some clues. As well as turning Natsu into his proper size it’ll be tricky for him if he doesn’t. Cant’ wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 133 when Natsu will probably stay his current size. They will all go on a adventure. Titled “Travelling Companions”.

Lucy Heartfilia’s 7 Year Gap – Fairy Tail 124

The Latest Fairy Tail 124 is filled with many emotional moments. Most of the members that were sealed away for 7 years, now find out what has happened in that long time. Lucy has probably been the person which has the 7 Year Gap had effected most as she finds out that her Father, Jude Heartfilia, has passed away just 3 weeks before their arrival.

We start this emotional journey as Natsu wonders at how Romeo has grown up in the last 7 years, he has been able to master many types of Fire Magic. He is able to produce Cold Flames, Purple Sticky Flames and Smelling Yellow Flames. Natsu wonders where he’s seen these types of fire magic before, Romeo reveals that he’s been secretly going to Totomaru’s Magic classes.

Erza finds out that Alzack Connell and Bisca Connell have gotten married around 6 years ago, after the disappearance of the Tenrou Team. Shocked Erza congratulates them while strangling Max Alors. They then reveal that they have one daughter. Reedus Jonah shows Wendy a picture of herself but 7 years older. Wendy looks at the picture with shock due to the fact, even after 7 years, her chest wont grow any larger.

At this point, Lamia Scales walks into to see how they are doing. Max Alors tells everyone that they and Blue Pegasus had helped in the search for Tenroujima. After some moments, Lyon finds Juvia Lockser standing there, he goes up to her and says “Is this what they call love at first sight?”, Juvia unable to do anything comes up with some stupendous idea that everyone is connected due to the fact that they all like each other.

Lucy reveals that, for them only about a week has passed, but for everyone it’s been 7 years. She starts to go home to find the land lady waiting for her and her 5,880,000 Jewels for the rent on her room. She gets kicked outside to think about how everything has changed for her. She thinks that she should go and find her father.

She goes on a journey with Natsu and Happy to Love and Lucky Guild to find that her father has passed away just a month ago. Only 3 weeks before her arrival. She says that she wasn’t ready to hear something like this, that’s why she seems to be so sad. She sits in the park to find that the landlady has tracked her down and took her back to her apartment.

At the Twilight Orge Guild, Erza, Mirajane and Makarov have gone there to ask to get their rent to be slowed down since they currently have no money. At a surprisingly  turn, Makarov, Erza and Mirajane have had to transform into their own fighting stance to scare the members of the Twilight Orge to relax on the payment.

Lucy notices that her room has stayed clean from the time she had left it. She notices that there are 7 present’s on the table with one on her bed with a letter. She finds out that her father, Jude, has been sending her present’s for her Birthday. He also knew that she was alive even though she was missing with her friends. He talks a little about his work, but mostly that he loves her, as well as being his pride of joy.

Lucy starts to cry and notices that her father had done so much, as well as paying the rent  for her. Natsu comes to Lucy’s house as he found a job. She, out of happiness comes out to do the job, as she wants to carry on with her life knowing that her father had always loved her no matter what. The episode ends here.

What a great episode. Specially knowing how much Lucy’s father loves her. Next week’s Fairy Tail 125 episode will definitely reveal a lot more from the past, as well as doing a job for some well needed money for paying their rent.