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10 Couples Likely To End Up Together – Naruto, Bleach and Fairy Tail

Which couples do you think are most likely to end up together within Naruto, Bleach and Fairy Tail? There are endless possibilities, therefore here are my thoughts on who I think will end up together as a couple. If you think differently, please comment and tell me which other couples should end up together.

naruto and hinata by unhaiNaruto and Hinata, possibly the most obvious couple within Naruto. From the very start, a shy girl likes an outstanding boy who doesn’t even know she’s alive. We start with both of these because it’s possibly the fan favourite and I’m sure that you’ll agree that they’re a good couple. Even in the latest manga’s Neji gives him his blessing that he should be Hinata since she’s always thinking about him. Hinata, in class, outside class and everywhere else has always been looking for Naruto, and when he’s around her voice changes into something that explains that she lives him. So what do you think? They should obviously be together right? [Image: unhai]

Sasuke_e_Sakura_by_DenebFlareSasuke and Sakura, yes, it’s has to be mentioned, even though it’s one of those relationships where it’s never going to happen, there is still a chance which I personally think will happen right at the end. That is after they’re either killed or something bad happens, nevertheless, I think it might happen. [Image: DenebFlare]

Shikamaru_and_Temari_by_sharingandevilShikamaru and Temari, not the biggest couple on the anime but one that is most likely to happen. I’m guessing that it’s not far from the now and that after the war, it’s most likely to be one that will happen. The war is most likely to bring a lot of couples together such as Shikamaru and Temari due to the fact that death will make them realize that life is short and that they should spend it with the person they most love. [Image: sharingandevil]

Ino_x_Sai_Kiss_by_GlaySai and Ino, I know what you’re thinking! What!! Since Shikamaru has already been snatched up, there are a few left such as Choji, Shiba and Kiba. However, Sai to Ino seems something which is most likely to happen, over the anime and manga, she’s obviously had somewhat bad interactions with the others, except when Sai showed up. She quickly asked who the new guy is in a more of a flirtatious way. Sai not having a lot of feelings didn’t pick up on it and thus didn’t make a move. Therefore I believe that as Sai learns more about feelings he will also learn to love Ino, therefore I believe that they are most likely to end up together. Yes, that makes no sense, but it’s just how I feel. [Image: Glay]

ichigo_and_orihime_by_girlunknown-d2xwktpIchigo and Orihime, another easily guessable couple from Bleach. Personally, I feel that Ichigo and Orihime will always be more of a likeliness over Ichigo and Rukia. Orihime has even confessed over Ichigo while he’s sleeping during the Arrancar Arc. She said her goodbyes, at the same time she confesses her strong and deep love for Ichigo. Furthermore, Ichigo’s always been there for her, when times are bad he’s always been there to save her with all his strength. [Image: girlUnknown]

Bleach renji rukia by washu-mRenji and Rukia, since Rukia and Ichigo can’t happen, the next best thing is for her to get with Renji. They’ve been friends from the very start, when she was still a child. She was also taken up by the Ulquiorra family which helped her. Renji and her are perfect. They know everything about each other and know their best thing and faults. So what do you think about them? [Image: Washu-M]

Bleach_OTP3__SPOILER_V2__Final_by_DakotaAngieUrahara and Yoruichi, they’ve spent so much time in the Human World that something would have had to happen. Especially since they’ve been alone for such a long time. They are one of those couples where you’d expect them to be together but there is no sign of them doing anything. Both are effectively spy life so you’d expect them to be able to hide that they’re together. [Image: CarnivorousCaribou]

fairy_tail__natsu_and_lisanna_by_odysseix-d46slc3Natsu and Lisanna, I guess you weren’t expecting this were you? I prefer Natsu not being with Lucy at the end. I like the story which was built when Natsu and Lisanna were together when they were young, thus I’d like them to be together. I’m okay with Natsu messing about with Lucy as he wishes and I know that Lucy may have some feelings for him but, no! [Image: Odysseix]

gray_x_juvia_by_misslimetiger-d5mc9pxGray and Juvia, are possibly the best couple within Fairy Tail. They met in a battlefield when Juvia instantly fell in love with Gray. After joining Fairy Tail, she chased him down. I’m certain that Juvia and Gray are most likely to happen, ever since they have similar powers, as well as fighting together against others such as Lyon, who also liked Juvia. Juvia loves Gray, does Gray love her back? [Image: MissLimeTiger]

erza_and_jellal_by_quantia13-d5d8hbsJellal and Erza, a couple which seems to be forbidden by both people involved. One belonging to the light while the other was born in the dark. Erza from her young age started having feelings for Jellal, he also had a few until he completely changed into something both did not saw coming. He became a dictator and made everyone work, even Erza. It was as though all his feelings were wiped. They cannot be together now, but what about the future? [Image: Quantia13]

So who’s been you’re favourite couple so far? Do you agree with what I’ve said? If yes, please tell me. If you hate the combinations and can’t stand what I’ve said. Please do tell me using the comment section below! Hopefully you’ll have a few opinions of the combinations of couples above.

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Natsu’s Plan! Wendy and Mirajane vs Zirconis – Fairy Tail 331


Fairy Tail 331 shows a naked Lucy flying everywhere, pure fan service. She’s thrown after Zirconis gets pissed off, she rightly lands on Natsu and they land on the ground where Natsu gets very touchy in her naked presence. After Lucy mentions that she was nearly eaten, Natsu comes up with a plan, I personally think that he’ll get himself eaten and attack from the inside out.

Fairy Tail 331 begins Zirconis mentioning that Wendy’s magic will not get him, Lucy screams asking for some cloths when Zirconis himself handles Lucy. Zirconis appears to tell Wendy if she can attack him before he kills Lucy. Wendy begins her Arms X Vernier when she says she will, Mirajane also gets ready.

Zirconis shouts pushing all of them back, he then flies up telling them that they can’t even fly up with him,  Zirconis opens his mouth and also opens up his hand staring at Lucy as she struggles naked. Mirajane appears and attacks Zirconis chin, unfortunately it doesn’t do much damage, however Wendy appears and does her Sky Dragon’s Roar which gets him in a pretty big attack.

It pisses up Zirconis which makes him throw Lucy away, fortunately Happy is going to chase after her to catch him. Mirajane and Wendy are both flying in order to stay in the sky with Zirconis. Natsu and Future Rogue keep on going, however Natsu isn’t able to keep his grip upon Future Rogue’s attacks. He also mentions that he’s a lot more stronger then he was during the Grand Magic Games.

Natsu hears his name being called out, he looks back and notices Lucy flying right at him, she hits him pushes to push him off the dragon, they land on a large broken bell they begin to roll down, at each point, Natsu gets even closer to Lucy, bodies rubbing even when Lucy’s fully naked. Natsu seems to be taking it all in.

They stop rolling, they get out, he mentions that the legend of the naked flying people is true, Lucy tells him to stop looking, when Natsu quickly mentions that he doesn’t have a choice and holds Lucy’s boobs! She slaps him one, telling him to cover his eyes. Lucy covers herself, she also mentions that it was a dragon who did that. Happy asks if Natsu was able to do anything, she says that he’s a lot more stronger.

Lucy mentions that there are many dragons around, she was almost eaten, Natsu looks upon her when she says it, he realizes something, and mentions that he’s got an idea, when Lucy’s cloth which she’s covering herself with falls down once more. He finally knows a way to which he can beat them.

Erza seems to be getting pushed around, she seems to be fully separated from everyone else, when an attack comes out of nowhere, Jellal appears and it seems that he’s protecting her, he asks if she needs a hand, she says sorry and gets up. At this point, Millianna watches this, Jellal notices her and her eyes tells it all as she’s fully pissed off because of what he previously did.

Happy takes Natsu to do his plan, Lucy tells them to wait when they’ve already gone, they don’t have time to waste with her. Virgo tells her that she should have no spent time looking for cloths, she gets pissed off at Virgo when she disappears, she notices her journal lying on a pile of trash, she opens it and notices that it’s not her but her future self, the one who died. Fairy Tail 331 ends here.

A great chapter, I think I know what Natsu’s plan is, It’s for him to get engulfed by the dragon when he will get pissed off and starts busting all the internal parts of the dragon, this will be something spectacular if he can do this, can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 332, titled “Fire Bird” when we could see the fight between Laxus and his opponent, the fire covered dragon.

This Isn’t What it Looks Like – Jellal and Erza

this_isnt_what_it_looks_like___by_futuretabs-d63vc6eJellal and Erza are at it again, both flirting and messing about during the latest Fairy Tail OVA 5. They’ve been a semi couple for a while, no one except we know that Erza and Jellal have a thing, yes a thing going on. We also know that they both love each other, but also understand that they cannot be together for obvious reasons.

The amazing artwork of Erza and Jellal was done by the one and only Futuretabs who seems to be the a pretty big Fairy Tail fan, she was also featured previously for her work yesterday within their present for Hiro Mashima’s birthday. She deserves a tip of the hat from me, therefore you should definitely check her out.

Lay Down Your Weapon – Jellal and Erza


Erza has forever been in love with Jellal, it all began the moment she was within the Tower of Heaven in which she began to get feelings for him. This all changed when he turned and betrayed everyone, however Erza knew something was wrong and knew that she could still save him. It was a hard hit on him when he was captured, nevertheless he said sorry and the moment they nearly got back together had occurred.

Jellal had nearly kissed Erza during the point when Ultear was opening Natsu and the others Second Origin. They nearly touched lips, however Jellal’s brain stepped in to tell him that it wouldn’t be a good thing, she’s pure while he’s already done a number of bad things, therefore it could never work. The fantastic artwork above was done by RizaLa, she’s got a number of other great artwork which you should definitely check.

My Dreams – Erza Scarlet


Erza Scarlet has been one of the strongest woman within Fairy Tail, even surpassing other protagonists such as Gray and Lucy. She could be counted as one of the Saints as her S-Class servers her with the same advantages as Laxus, who’s just defeated the fifth strongest Saint, Jura. Even if she seems strong, Erza has a soft spot for a lot of things, one being Jellal.

It’s somewhat clear that she obviously wants him, but Jellal’s past mistakes puts him on a peddle-stool making it hard for him to go through with it all, even if he knows she loves him, he just backs off after realizing how much pain and suffering he’s put her through. Nevertheless  the question here is, will Erza ever get her dream to ever come true? Will a red-head ever get with a blue haired boy?

The awesome image above was drawn by the one and only Alisian, she’s done a fantastic job of creating such a wonderful image that she deserves praise for it. So definitely check her work out!

The Kiss – Jellal and Erza

After the long-awaited kiss from both Jellal and Erza went bad even after all the build up, this artist created such an awesome image to commemorate the fact that Jellal had refused to kiss her, while in this image it shows the right opposite, they both kiss in the wonderful night it was by the sea.

The fantastic image above was drawn by the awesome 95Tifany, she believes that this is what should have happened instead of how it ended between both Jellal and Erza.

Erza meets Jellal Again – Second Origin – Fairy Tail 154

Fairy Tail 154 brings some hope to Fairy Tail’s demise with the training. We notice that Jellal, Ultear and Meredy have all approached Fairy Tail to ask for help. Ultear helps them by giving them what’s called a Second Origin. We also have a brilliant moment between Jellal and Erza where they nearly kiss!

Fairy Tail 154 continues from last week’s episode as they all realize that they haven’t got time in order for them to actually do any real training and get their strength up. They all sulk on the beach because of this terrible coming. Erza and Natsu all get powered up all of a sudden saying that they should use the time they currently have to gain more power.

In Lamia Scale, the Master, Oba Babasama, is worry that they always come in second, they really want to come first to show that they’re the strongest guild. She says that this time both Lyon and Jura will take part in the event so they can win!

At Blue Pegasus, they find out that Jura will be taking part, said by Master Bob, Ichiya proposes that they use their secret weapon within the games, the reason is that they’re going to a very hard battle for all of them. At Sabertooth, Sting and Rogue find out that Natsu and the others are going to take part, both of them are interested.

At Raven Tail, where Master Ivan exists, they say that he’s been waiting 7 years in order to get his revenge on him. He really wants to get revenge on the Fairy Tail Guild, even his ready to get back to the Games.

While Erza is talking, a bird lies on her head with a message, they all read out the message mentioning for them to come up to the forest near the broken suspension bridge on the hill. They all suspect for it to be a trap but she mentions that it’ll be a good thing.

They reach the broken suspension bridge but find out that it’s magically being fixed, as though the time of the bridge is being reversed. Natsu is pushed to check if the bridge is safe to go to or not, Natsu quickly gets motion sickness but safely approaches the other side with ease.

They all cross and each another point where they notice 3 people. These three people unveil themselves as Jellal, Ultear and Meredy! Erza and the others are shocked at this point. Jellal asks if Erza knows about his escape, Meredy and Ultear had broke him out of prison even if he didn’t intend to. Juvia notices Meredy’s new brought smile!

Gray mentions that they are no longer enemies of Fairy Tail and that they intend to now fight sins and do good instead of bad. They explain that they have created a guild in order for them no neutral and independent guild, they explain that they try and battle dark guilds as well as Zeref. They are called the Crime Sorciere.

Ultear asks for a favor from Fairy Tail, they explain that every year there is a strange magical force within the stadium and that it could be related to that of Zeref, they want to investigate and find out whats happening and causing this.

Erza agrees to whats Jellal wants to do because if there is a problem at the stadium then it could be a problem to Fairy Tail also. Ultear says that by helping them, she wants to give them something in advance, she mentions something to them that will help them.

She explains that her Time Ark magic has the ability to raise their level of their abilities. She tells them that a mage usually has a contained of magic in which they can use in order to show their powers, as well as fight others. Her magic will be able to open up another magical container so they can absorb the Eternanos from the air.

She explains that the second power is refered to Latent ability, Second Origin, this will allow them to use the second containing, or Second Origin so they can use both their powers, this would be similar to doubling their powers or powering up a needed times. Natsu and the others agree to it.

Ultear does the Second Origin on Natsu, he’s literally in unimaginable pain at this point, he can’t go any longer but he keeps on going, Lucy and Gray wonder how painful this is, they all are imagining how painful it will be for them since Natsu is a lot stronger than them.

Jellal and Erza are talking by the beach while the sun goes down. Erza asks if his memories are back. He says yes and that he’s he can remember everything, he’s very sorry for everything he did, especially to Erza and Simon. He doesn’t know what he’s currently doing and what he’s doing by creating his own independent guild.

Erza gets pissed at this point that he hasn’t yet realized what he’s currently doing. He created his guild in order to repay for the sins he did, but he doesn’t know what he’s currently doing, he says that he should just die when Erza steps in and slaps him.

Erza tells him that he’s an coward for talking like that, plus living like he is currently shows that he’s strong. She says that he’s not the old or bad Jellal, plus that he’s really changed and that she can notice it. She raises him when they accidentally trip and roll down the hill, as they do, they knock and bump into mysterious plants which launch sparks of light into the above night.

They both fall down when Jellal is on top of Jellal, they both look into each others eyes when the whole mood changes from a dark night to one which is full of magic and light! The sparks of light enhance the mood as they both recognize that they have something which needs to be sorted between each other.

They look into each others eyes when Erza starts to cry, she covers her eyes with her hair, she tells Jellal that she thought that she would never she him again. At this point, she holds Jellal’s face. Jellal rubs the tears from Erza’s faces and slowly but surely start to get closer and closer to each other. They are an inch apart when they’re ready to flow their love to each other.

They get so close that it’s a moment of no going back, but a reaction from Jellal makes him and Erza realize how they feel for each other, they both love each other to the point that they can give up their lives. Jellal pushes Erza away just as they go to kiss, he ruins the moment and tells her that he can’t because he’s got a fiancée.

Erza is shocked at this and quickly tells Jellal that she didn’t want to do anything, she says that good for him because seven years have passed, she asks if she’s dear to him, Jellal says that she is, Erza then tells him that he should live for her sake.

We move onto when the members of Fairy Tail are getting their Second Origin, they are all screaming to the top of their lungs because of the amount of pain that they are in. Erza stands outside to thank Meredy, Jellal and Ultear. Jellal says that they’re leaving and that they’ll meet again very soon.

Meredy and Ultear asks why Jellal told Erza that he had a fiancée, he tells them that they cannot love someone who is in the light, they cannot bring someone who is in the right path away from it because it’ll likely to ruin their life. As agreed by all of them, they cannot do such a thing. Erza also realizes that Jellal was lying about a fiancée, she agrees that it’s better like this for them. Fairy Tail 154 ends here.

Wow, that was certainly a long post and also a good episode, it’s a good thing that Natsu and the others are able to use and get their Second Origin, they’ll be able to certainly use it when they fight someone powerful such as Sting and Rogue. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 155, titled “Crocus, the Blooming Capital”, when Natsu and the others may meet members of Sabertooth, especially Rogue and Sting!

Jellal and Erza – Fairy Tail