Izanami Activated! Kabuto Trapped – Naruto Shippuden 337

Naruto Shippuden 337 locks Kabuto in an infinite loop by which Kabuto keeps on repeating the exact things over and over, it seems like Kabuto will never escape this never-ending loop of the Izanami. Both Itachi and Sasuke stay calm while Kabuto gets angrier at the fact that he’s unable to understand whats going on, he thinks it’s a genjutsu but fails to understand Itachi’s words, which are mostly his ways out if he admits.  Continue reading Izanami Activated! Kabuto Trapped – Naruto Shippuden 337

Kabuto’s First Memories! Izanami – Naruto Shippuden 335

Naruto Shippuden 335 begins the lost lasting story of Kabuto, as we begin we find that he’s first memories are those when he gets to know his adopted mother Nono Yakushi, from the moment she gave her the name to when she was fully adopted. We also find out that Kabuto tries to become an even better Orochimaru, surpassing Snakes and becoming a Dragon. Itachi also mentions that he’s about to activate his technique Izanami to which he’ll use on Kabuto. Continue reading Kabuto’s First Memories! Izanami – Naruto Shippuden 335

The Older Brother – Itachi Uchiha

Uchiha Itachi by Demiora Itachi Uchiha, personally one of the greatest Uchiha’s. In his brothers, Sasuke, eyes he seems like one who abandoned the village as well as killing their own family. However after learning from Tobi, he opened his own eyes as well as had even more questions to Itachi’s decisions which after the latest Naruto episode, we’ll see a lot more about their relationship as brother fighting together to defeat Kabuto. I know it’s going to be an epic fight, which you’ll just have to wait and see.  Continue reading The Older Brother – Itachi Uchiha

Kabuto’s Dragon Mode – Naruto Shippuden 334

Kabuto's Dragon Mode ActivatedNaruto Shippuden 334 shows Kabuto’s potential as he gets underway on attacking both Sasuke and Itachi, from then on he mentions that his abilities that have increased dramatically to which he’s going to take both brothers out. He also mentions that he’s been to meet the White Snake Sage, however Sasuke and Itachi use an old technique to trap and attack Kabuto which seems to have worked. Meanwhile it seems that Kabuto may have already fallen for Itachi’s technique. Continue reading Kabuto’s Dragon Mode – Naruto Shippuden 334

Madara vs Kage’s! Sasuke Meets Itachi – Naruto Shippuden 332

Hashirama's face on MadaraNaruto Shippuden 332 shows the truth to why Madara has Hashirama’s abilities, in fact it’s due to him having Hashirama’s face as well as cells giving him the ability to use his jutsu’s. The Kage’s keep on fighting Madara Uchiha only to keep getting pushed down more and more. Sasuke somehow meets Itachi during his way to the battlefield, from this he tells Itachi that what he did was wrong, and that he should have been killed. Itachi tells Sasuke he needs to stop Kabuto and the Edo Tensei. Continue reading Madara vs Kage’s! Sasuke Meets Itachi – Naruto Shippuden 332

Sasuke Goes To War! Orochimaru’s Plans – Naruto Shippuden 331

Sasuke likes his new eyes
Naruto Shippuden 331 sheds some light on what happened with Sasuke and the others, after they got captured Suigetsu and Jugo got free and head to Orochimaru’s secret hideout to find that behind a large wall there are plans from Orochimaru to change the balance of the war! Sasuke walks to until Zetsu’s appear, he quickly enables his Susanoo and obliterates them with his Amaterasu. From then on we see Itachi trying to go somewhere. Continue reading Sasuke Goes To War! Orochimaru’s Plans – Naruto Shippuden 331

Sasuke to the Battlefield! Hokage’s Ready To Fight – Naruto 627

a_bit_of_hope___uchiha_and_senju__manga_627_by_jayto91-d61jwon joining_the_battlefield___naruto_627_by_itashio94-d61ezbc naruto_shippuden_627___of_course_i_will_come_to__by_espadazero-d6199s5 naruto_627_hashirama_by_ksop-d618e53 naruto_manga_627__by_matrksinw-d618n53Sasuke to go to battlefield Hashirama Tobirama to go battlefield Minato and Hiruzen to go battlefield Sasuke to choose his decision Sasuke remembers the speech from ItachiNaruto 627 doesn’t leave us hanging as it properly illustrates what will be the most exciting thing to happen in Naruto. Sasuke finally chooses what he’s going to do, which is to leave with Hashirama’s story and decide to join the fight, he won’t let his brother’s or village’s efforts go to waste. Orochimaru also gives the Hokage’s full control to which they’ll go to help defeat Madara.

Naruto 533 begins with Sasuke repeating Hashirama’s meaning of what a Shinobi is, Hashirama’s goal was to build the village but Madara found another way, to which he can erase the shinobi world. Sasuke tells him that it’s the Infinite Tsukuyomi which will use his Genjutsu to which he will be able to control what ever he likes after getting everyone’s control.

What Itachi, Madara’s brother and Hashirama tried to protect will turn into nothing, everyone notices Sasuke’s just said. Itachi was the one who inherited his will despite never having heard about it from him. He endured far more than he did and died a proud shinobi of the leaf. It’s ironic that in the end, the one shinobi that understood Hashirama was a Uchiha.

Tobirama also goes on to mention that it wasn’t just his brother, there were some subordinates which he had which were there to protect the village, for example Kagami Uchiha. Sasuke asks if he didn’t hate the Uchiha. Tobirama mentions that this is not completely true, he simple thought that they should be careful of clans that pose a danger to the village, the Uchiha were this.

It’s true that they were very devoted, there were also many just like his brother which surpassed the boundaries of their clan for their village. Hashirama thought that the village would break the boundaries of this, but it wasn’t that simple, Hashirama was too soft, his role as the Second Hokage was toe mediate between them while protecting and reinforcing the village.

Hiruzen mentions that Kagami’s son, Shisui Uchiha was also a friend of Itachi, he was the same which inherited the will. However, Hiruzen blames himself for letting Danzo’s darkness take care of a part of the village. Sasuke mentions that he had killed Danzo for his revenge, he declared that he was also just protecting the village. Hiruzen mentions that all he did was make mistakes.

Minato steps in to tell him that it’s not his fault, he did a great job, he died when Kurama attacked, he also had high hopes for Minato, however after he died this fell short. Orochimaru mentions that he left Orochimaru out in order to choose Minato. Suigetsu asks if Orochimaru’s sulking, he mentions that yeah since they’re in front of the third. Minato mentions that if he had lived, he would have stopped the Uchiha force.

Orochimaru asks Sasuke what he’s going to do, will he be destroying the village or do something else. Sasuke remembers the last words from Itachi, at the end he chooses to go to the battlefield, he won’t let the village and his brother’s efforts go to waste. Hashirama agrees then tells Tobirama to prepare to fly outside.

Tobirama mentions that they’re still bound, Orochimaru is asked what he’ll do, he prepares to follow Sasuke and at this point, he’ll give them their control back. Suigetsu mentions that he’s surrounded by idiots, he needs a way to escape. They get outside, Hashirama likes what he sees, Suigetsu goes for the run when Karin appears, she detected Sasuke’s chakra and followed.

Orochimaru asks if Sasuke’s still her soft spot, she gives Sasuke a hug, Suigetsu judges and mentions that their forces will definitely surprise Madara. Hiruzen asks why he is cooperating with Sasuke, while he was inside Kabuto he realized that when he was copied it was a bad choice from him. He’s just interested in Sasuke’s different path, unlike Kabuto, Sasuke didn’t try to imitate him, thus he’s interested.

The Hokage’s get up and go to their faces, Minato mentions that he can finally meet Naruto, this time he will be able to make up for everything he wasn’t able to do as a father, he’ll also bring him a big present. Hiruzen mentions that it’s his big fight in a while, he’ll have to stay focused. Tobirama mentions that this time he’ll definitely crush him. Hashirama mentions that he’s excited to meet his long time friend.

Every era has its battles, but this will be the last war, mentions Hashirama when Hiruzen and Minato land on their faces. He also shouts for them to quickly go after Hashirama and Tobirama land on their faces. The strongest soldiers have finally arrived and ready! Naruto 627 ends here.

What a fantastic chapter, they’re finally ready to go to the battlefield, however it’s most likely that it will take a few more chapters until they finally reach the amazing battlefield. It’s also most likely that they’ll reach there while Naruto and the others are at the end of their lives. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 628 when we see more awesomeness!

Temperature of Hatred – Sasuke Uchiha

sasuke___temperature_of_hatred_by_kivi1230-d60pq6hSasuke’s absolute hate has gone past normal, it’s on a level to which he has the ability to tear down the walls of any village and infiltrate to destroy it. There is one person who can stop him, that being Naruto. Sasuke thought process from the very start has been flawed, his mission to get his revenge on his brother, Itachi, drove him to many dark places, even to Tobi who promised to Itachi that he will bring no harm to him.

This absolutely amazing image of Sasuke Uchiha shows how art can truly be at it’s finest! The artist, kivi1230 who drew such a fantastic piece of fan art has done a magnificent job of creating the hatred Sasuke had during his battle with Danzo. This feature is also a small present towards the author as their late present.

Brothers Faith – Sasuke and Itachi

brothers_faith_by_satokochaaan-d5ugybcSasuke and Itachi from the Uchiha Clan have gone through quite a lot in order to find what their callings are. Itachi, as mentioned by Hiruzen to Sasuke, he was ordered to eliminate his whole clan in order to prevent a war between the Leaf and Uchiha Clan! Sasuke confirms this in the latest manga. He may also genuinely want to destroy and make the Leaf pay for this cruel fate for his brother Itachi!

The incredible image above was drawn by SatokoChaaan who dedicates it to her fiancée for his birthday. He asked her for an awesome image with Itachi, Sasuke and Hinata, as seen in the above image. She’s done a great job of putting it all together  even with the Susanoo, notice that the hands have 6 fingers and 1 thumb. So if you like this work from her, I suggest you check her other fan art!

Nagato’s Farewell – Itachi’s Quest to Stop Edo Tensei – Naruto Shippuden 299

Itachi's Susanoo Itachi looks awesome Naruto's stupid moment Bijuu Dama Yasaka Beads Planetary Devestation by Nagato Bee shot to the head Killer Bee also captured by Nagato Nagato absorbs Naruto's Rasengan Jiraiya and Nagato look at Naruto Nagato stopped by Totsuka Blade Nagato looks up to the sky's Planetary Devestation Destroyed Rasen ShurikenNaruto Shippuden 299 brings another fantastic episode as well as an end and a beginning to their quest. Itachi is fully able to neutralize Nagato as well as seal him, Naruto is also told by Itachi that with great power comes great responsibility. We find out that Itachi’s mission is to bring Kabuto down as well as stop the Edo Tensei. Kabuto gets ready to bring out his trump card to show us someone that will definitely be ruthless in the war!

Naruto Shippuden 299 continues from last week’s episode as Naruto’s been captured and trying to escape. Nagato who’s fully under the Edo Tensei has captured Naruto and is trying to pull out Naruto’s Soul, he notices that he’s not seen this jutsu before. He counts that Nagato has many jutsu. Then uses his Rasengan, to which Nagato absorbs, he notices that he’s previously confirmed that he can absorb.

Nagato enables his Jigokudo which Naruto remembers as being his revive jutsu. Kabuto finds out that he can take out Naruto’s soul, hide his body and bring him to life later on with his control, all this without Tobi finding out. Nagato keeps on pulling while Naruto keeps on pulling also. He keeps on losing power at this point.

Bee keeps on getting closer to them when he’s above them, the animals notices him, and as he gets to attacking rage, Nagato captured and stops him without moving. He uses his body to stop him, Nagato’s arm changes into a gun type machine which gets closer to his face, it charges and gets closer to attacking. At this point, Itachi’s Susanoo appears and it cuts off Nagato’s arms. We notice that the animals eyes has been damaged by shuriken. Naruto and Bee are held by the Susanoo.

Naruto and Bee thank Itachi. Nagato gets up while his arms repair. Kabuto thinks of another plan to which he can use. He thinks about the justu which makes a small planet. When Nagato’s arm is repaired, he enables his Planetary Devastation Jutsu which destroys the ground and makes a small black whole type object which sucks a lot of the ground.

Naruto mentions that it’s a jutsu which cannot be gone against as they would die instantly. Itachi tells Naruto if it’s such a deadly jutsu, why didn’t it kill Naruto. He has one of those stupid Naruto moments. Bee laughs, Itachi tells them that to every jutsu there is always a negative aspect. He quickly comes up that they need to shoot at the middle point to destroy it.

Itachi quickly enables his Susanoo and uses his Yasaka Beads, Bee uses his Bijuu Dama and Naruto launches his Rasen Shuriken. It creates a large explosion to which destroys a lot of the landscape. Although Nagato is far enough to not get too damaged. Once the smoke disappears, we quickly notices that Nagato stands, at one point, he’s quickly attacked by Itachi’s Susanoo!

It bring Nagato back, the smoke clears and he’s able to see them. He says that he’s sorry for doing all this. Itachi notices that he’s back, he tells him that it’s the Totsuka Blade. We go to a past moment when Orochimaru appeared, and was attacked and sealed away, however he escaped during Sasuke and Itachi’s fight. The sword is helpful when sealing away things.

Nagato looks at Naruto telling him that he’s the third and final novel of the collection, the first being Jiraiya, the second being Nagato himself, who was a failure and the third being Naruto when he’ll be able to finish the books with such a spectacle! He also mentions that he’ll return to Jiraiya’s side to watch how Naruto’s life plays out.

Naruto notices Jiraiya and Nagato being him who seems to be smiling at Naruto. Naruto gives him a thumb up, at this point, he’s being sucked in to which he says farewell. Kabuto notices that Itachi was able to defeat him without doing much, he played it out very well and tricked him. He mentions that it’s the perfect time to being out his special reserve!

Itachi tells Bee and Naruto that he leaves Tobi to them while he’ll take care of Kabuto and his Edo Tensei, he’s got an idea to stopping the Edo Tensei. Naruto tells him that he’ll stop him, he makes a clone when his Chakra Mode fails, Itachi goes on to tell him that he’s strong but he must notice that if he doesn’t trust other, he’ll end up just like Tobi, he needs to trust others like he’s done with others. He’s shown his power to get approval from his friends, but he also needs to trust them. Naruto remembers all the close friends he’s got in the village.

Itachi burns the crow telling Naruto that he doesn’t want anybody else to use his eyes because its way to powerful! Bee also tells Naruto that Bee asked him to take care of Naruto. as Itachi nearly departs, he tells Bee to take care of Naruto when he leaves. Naruto quickly goes into his Chakra Mode and is quickly ready to go when Naruto Shippuden 299 ends here!

A great episode but the ending was a little dragged on, although can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 300, titled “The Mizukage, the Giant Clam, and the Mirage”, episode when we see the Kage’s go on an all out war on the others, they even go as far as to attack and bring out their Summoning, Onoki, Naruto and Gaara are having a hard time attacking them!