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A Golden Egg – Mizukage’s Clone vs Gaara

The Golden Egg said by the Second Mizukage to Gaara! In the images above, we see the Golden Mizukage’s Clone captured by Gaara’s Sand! It slowly covering the Clone, whilst the Clone itself Expands.

Read next weeks chapter Naruto 558 to find out the verdict about what happened with Gaara!

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Mizukage’s Infinite Explosions Technique – Naruto 556

The Second Mizukage’s Infinite Explosion Technique is originally developed by Mu’s Ancestors! Mu, the Second Tsuchikage! There currently isn’t a lot information about this Technique as we only saw the starting of this Technique.

However, I presume our answers will be answered on next weeks Chapter Naruto 557! So keep watching and reading the episodes and manga chapters!