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Deidera is Back! – Naruto’s S-Class Mission – Naruto Shippuden 254

If you aren’t as excited as I am, I don’t know whats going on with you. Deidara has just showed up with Kabuto while they both go to find the place where Naruto and Bee are located. They find themselves fighting Onoki, the Tsuchikage. While Naruto is told to assemble the large animals within a large cave.

During the latest Naruto Shippuden 245, Naruto is given a S-Class Mission which technically is just to distract him from finding out about the Forth Shinobi War. It’s a childish trick, but Naruto is proud that he’s doing this kind of mission since he has been given a “brainy mission” which he’s been waiting for.

As he goes to find King, a large monkey, he finds himself talking to Condor the Ninja Ostrich who helps him out translating whats going on here. He hears that there is a Koala, Penguin and Hippo who all like the same girl. The four of them fight to get the armadillo with the name of Armadiko, while she like Naruto. They all fight and Naruto puts them in their place.

Kabuto asks if Tobi can get him Yamato who is a direct descendant of the First Hokage, Hashirama Senju. If he can’t get him, he could settle with Zetsu’s body. Tobi deals with only Kabuto having half of Zetsu’s body if Kabuto brings the Nine Tails, Kurama. At this point Tobi takes Kabuto to an underground section.

He gets to spectate the Gedo Statue (Literally Meaning: Demonic Statue of the Outer Path) which is on top of a large flower, while they walk down the stairs, they see that the stem of the flower has different characters attached to them. We also see that Hashirama Senju has been locked up in the stem of the flower. He is not conscious.

What Kabuto is interested in is the large number of Zetsu clones which are below. Approximately, there are around 100,000 Zetsu clones which have been created using the Gedo Statue and the Tailed Beasts power, they were created using the roots which surrounds them.

As the Ultimate Team (5 Kage’s) receive the news about what’s going on they settle that Onoki should go to defend the island just in case they find it. At this point we see a happy Kabuto flying off on Deidara’s clay bird. When they’re up and flying Kabuto inserts a kunai with a purple/pink paper attached to it which gives Deidara more tone and brings him to life, giving him more control of himself. The only different he has is his eyes, which are black with purple pupil with dark inside.

This technique is called the Edo Tensei, in English it’s Impure World Resurrection which basically means that the person is able to control them as well as give them the ability to have a second chance. Currently Kabuto could literally bring anyone to life.

From no where Onoki comes and punches a whole on Kabuto, smiling Kabuto notices that he’s the Tsuchikage, Onoki then sees that the clay clone has solidified and the bird with Deidara join up. The whole of the Clay clone blows up which could damage Onoki real badly. Naruto Shippuden 254 ends here.

Damn! The possibilities that the Impure World Resurrection could have is incredible! He could bring back all the enemies which they had previously faced! Itachi would be the first person who I’d bring back for Sasuke’s sake. Spoiler: He comes back. Can’t wait for Naruto Shippuden 255 when Onoki fights Deidara and Kabuto.

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Uchiha Brothers – Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha

I wanted to get back to what Daily Anime Art is all about, Fan Art. This piece of amazing art  may look a little quickly done, but the detail on both characters is just fantastic. The artist, RinaCane has some amazing work, so you should check her out.

I had to post this image as it represent what is currently happening between both the Uchiha brothers, Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha. To summarize whats currently happening, Sasuke has just seen the Impure World Resurrection in work as he Itachi has been brought back to life.

Itachi’s current mission is to stop Kabuto’s Edo Tensei technique, which is another name for Impure World Resurrection. Kabuto wasn’t able to control Itachi has he controls other characters such as Madara as Itachi was able to develop a resistance against it somehow.

Currently, Sasuke is very aggressive against Itachi as he is trying to make Itachi talk for everything he as done. He is also asking for Itachi to explain what really happened when he literally had killed everyone in the village. If you’d like to read more about this chapter, click here.

Itachi and Sasuke’s Talk – Tsunade’s Will of Fire – Naruto 576

Naruto’s latest manga, Naruto 576, is fantastic as the result of last week’s guessing stops. Sasuke spots a figure above who is jumping from branch to branch, he looks very familiar to his brother, Itachi. Furthermore, Madara mocks Tsunade for being a weakling even when she’s from the Senju family.

We start this week’s chapter as Sasuke quickly opens his Sharingan to see closer who this person is. He flashes back and sees that both this character and Itachi both look very familiar.

Sasuke quickly runs after him and asks Itachi to wait, at this point Itachi has nothing more to say so he just keeps running. Sasuke questions him if he’s Itachi, and again there is no response. Sasuke then opens his Susanoo to get hold of Itachi, but at this quick moment, Itachi himself opens his and quickly dodges Sasuke’s Susanoo.

This proves to Sasuke that it is Itachi after all. Impressed Itachi says that he’s impressed by the progress Sasuke has made as he’s been able to master the Susanoo. Sasuke questions Itachi why he’s still alive, Itachi replies with Kabuto’s “Edo Tensei” technique, or Impure World Resurrection.

At this point Itachi wont be able to stop since he has “important” things to do, like defeating and stopping the Impure World Resurrection (Edo Tensei), as well as many other things which aren’t clear right now.

At this point, Sasuke tells Itachi that he has a ton of questions that he has to ask him. Sasuke shouts at Itachi to ask him if he feels guilty because of his lies to him. Sasuke then reveals that he already knows everything about Itachi as Tobi had already told him this.

Itachi tells Sasuke that he’s already told him everything. Sasuke then reveals that he can see through his genjutsu as he has his eyes. Itachi then flashes to Naruto and thinks that Sasuke can only understand Naruto’s Suffering and Determination.

Itachi then reveals that Sasuke has changed over the time he was gone, Sasuke replies with that information being wrong, but instead Itachi himself had changed Sasuke’s past and future. Sasuke then thinks of the time where all of his peers had died, and tells himself that he should have also died instead of being kept alive.

Tobi now speaks for Itachi’s side as he states that Itachi’s decided to bear the weights of his comrades on his shoulders while killing the Uchiha Clan. It was all because of the discrimination that Uchiha Clan had. Therefore the pupils do not blame him for such a decision.

Sasuke questions why he was left alive at this time. Itachi answers with such a caring comment, as Sasuke didn’t know anything about what was happening at the time. He also did not know anything about the Uchiha Clan’s foolish ideas, thus he deserved to live.

Itachi also mentions that he needed someone from the Uchiha clan to judge Itachi for his crimes that he had committed, and Sasuke was the perfect person to do so. Itachi had used the hatred within Sasuke to help him judge Itachi, but this plan had failed since Sasuke has now developed the idea that Konoha should be destroyed for their wrong doing, as well as turning Sasuke into a criminal.

Itachi had wished Sasuke to take the right path, but unfortunately, Sasuke had taken the wrong path. Itachi hoped that after his death Sasuke would turn into the correct path but the lies and efforts Itachi had placed on Sasuke’s path.

At this moment, Itachi smiles and thinks of Naruto, he says that the things he had done guide you to the wrong path, it meant that Naruto had also effected Itachi’s path has he wants to bring him back.

We move to where Madara is. He points to Tsunade who is the Medic Ninja within The Ultimate Team. He asks her if she’s the descendant of Hashirama Senju. Madara then threatens Tsunade that she’ll be the first one to die as she is the descendant of Hashirama, as well as not being able to use Mokuton, also that she’s weak and on top of that he says she’s a weak ugly Senju.

Tsunade replies that she might not be able to use Mokuton, but what she inherited from Hashirama wasn’t strength but something which continues flowing through the ages. She states that this power is her Will Of Fire!

Uchiha Madara Impure World Resurrection – Naruto 559

In the latest Naruto 559 Chapter, we finally have our self the answer of who the mysterious man is! Uchiha Madara! What a shock! Uchiha Madara’s Impure World Resurrection!

Yesterday’s question is todays answer, of who the mysterious man in the coffin set a chain reaction to who the masked man called Tobi! Many have said that this masked menace is Obito Uchiha who was Kakashi’s friend during his child years. Although we have no answer till we actually see who it is, we can still give it a guess! Comment below on who you think it is!

Naruto Chapter 559 named “At Last, The “Trump Card” …!!!” has Naruto completely smashing all White and Black Zetsu’s Forces as well as their reinforcements. We think Naruto has destroyed all of their forces but one thing on my mind now is, Where is Tobi? (Masked Guy). He could be doing anything from preparing his own forces to finding a way to win a battle.

Since now all of this action was most part of Black and White Zetsu and Orochimaru’s right hand man Kabuto Yakushi! Uchiha Madara has done nothing! But wait..? Isn’t a good thing in the long run? Well yeh! That’s because his disappearance adds an extra layer of suspense, it’s like you never know when his going to appear. This absence of his tells me his planning something Big! He wouldn’t have gone through the trouble of creating the next world war for no reason, he must have an even larger power!

We’ll have to just wait and see what’ll have on next weeks episode! Stay tuned, keep watching and reading!