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Don’t Steal My Prey! – Grimmjow and Bazz-B

Bleach Don't Steal my Prey Bazz B and Grimmjow by Sideburn004

From the latest Bleach 584, we learnt that Bazz-B has his own will to which he’d like to kill and take the price coming from Ichigo’s Head. However he’s quickly followed by other Quincy Stern Ritter members as well as the existing girls currently fighting Ichigo. From the looks of it, Ichigo could fight them however he will be pushed to some limit fighting and defeating them all. On top of which it would be awesome to see these two fight against each other! Continue reading Don’t Steal My Prey! – Grimmjow and Bazz-B

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Let’s Do This – Ichigo and Grimmjow

Lets do this Ichigo and Grimmjow by KhalilxpiratesIchigo and Grimmjow’s fight was epic, it truly was, as Ichigo wanted to protect Orihime as well as defeat Grimmjow he went to the edge of his life and power to striking Grimmjow down right at the end of their battle. If the person in Hueco Mundo with Urahara, Orihime and Chad, is Grimmjow then we’ll definitely see him fight, possibly on Ichigo’s side against the Quincy’s.  Continue reading Let’s Do This – Ichigo and Grimmjow

Working Together – Ichigo and Grimmjow

bleach__ichigo_kurosaki_and_grimmjow_jaggerjack_by_ice_anbu-d6hjlxlThis is truly a sight that will be great to see, both Grimmjow and Ichigo working together to defeat the great evil which faces them. Ichigo has transformed himself into a very powerful shinigami that even most captains cannot compare to, however the Quincy’s are strong and Ichigo doesn’t have the power to take them all at once. That’s why Grimmjow, who has not died, is the perfect person to be his partner in the battles ahead.

The awesome scene and art above was creatively drawn by the one and only ice-anBu. He has a number of creative artwork especially from the anime Bleach. I guess he likes the anime as much as I do. Furthermore, If you see new things here, I’d highly suggest reading the manga from Bleach 480 onwards.

Strawberry in the Dark – Ichigo Kurosaki

strawberry_in_the_dark_by_allmanette-d6dlndlI’ve found this awesome silhouette image of the Strawberry himself, Ichigo Kurosaki. The cruel and awesome attitude which Ichigo has on his face seems like the one he will take to war during the latest Thousand Year Blood War Arc. He seems to be the one to fight against the King of the Quincy’s, Juha Bach as well as Uryu Ishida and Jugram Hashwalth.

The artist Allmanette, has also created three other ones with similar silhouette styled Bleach related characters which are pretty awesome, shown below. If you  like the work you see, I’m sure you’ll like her other work which covers both photography to pencil and paper drawings of Bleach fan art.

I See You – Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

bleach__i_see_you_spoiler_by_sideburn004-d6bsgb7An incredible image of Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez which was inspired by Bleach 544 for various reason. The first being that while we see a man standing on the background, the first thoughts on our heads could be no one else but Grimmjow himself. He was presumed defeated by Ichigo but never killed, therefore he could be the only person in Hueco Mundo there to join Urahara’s side.

The crazy cool image above was done by Sideburn004. If you like the work and effort they’ve put above, I definitely suggest you go and check out their other awesome work. So were you able to find the unique thing about this image yet? If you have, be sure to comment.

Top 10 Greatest Bleach Moments

Bleach___Be_Drunk_by_RedPig31Bleach is a fantastic anime and manga, and there are literally a ton of different moments which we would all consider to be the best of the best. However I’ve brought together 10 great moments in Bleach’s anime series which I hope you’ll agree with when it comes to being the greatest Bleach moments. This is not a countdown of the best ones, in fact it’s just a compilation of the best moments.  [Drunk Bleach Characters: RedPig31]

ichigo_vs_grimmjow___collab_by_tremblaxx_arts-d5roe1jIchigo versus Grimmjow: Their fight blew everyone away, the intensity and awesomeness of the overall battle was great and I’m sure you’ll agree that it had to be one of the best fights and moments within Bleach. After Grimmjow saw Ichigo’s abilities, he wanted to see how strong he really was, he even involved Orihime which only pushed Ichigo to become even more stronger. We didn’t see the death of Grimmjow which could only mean one thing. [Image: Tremblax and Akira-12]

ichigo_vs_aizen_by_tremblaxx-d4tsaseIchigo versus Aizen: The battle between Ichigo and Aizen was spectacular, the battle scene was no longer there after what Ichigo and Aizen did to their surroundings. Ichigo’s tremendous strength and force was nothing short of amazing, it proved to be something that even Aizen couldn’t comprehend. Even after trying to see how Ichigo’s increased his power, he could only mention that he’s only surpassed him for a moment. In sense it seems to be true as after the battle was over, Ichigo unfortunately lost all of his Shinigami power, he learnt from Aizen that people like him will go through a lot of trouble for a small thing. After unleashing and showing Aizen his Final Getsuga Tensho, he was unable to counter attack, Urahara had sealed his fate after imprisoning him. [Image: Tremblax]

ichigo_vs_ulquiorra_by_forsakenlight77-d32bdyaIchigo’s Hollow Transformation and Fight Against Ulquiorra: Ichigo with his Hollow Mask could not have been compared with Ulquiorra due to his Segunda Etapa. He keeps on trying to fight but is quickly killed, his heart is shot by a close range cero right to his chest making a circular hole which see’s nothing but darkness. After Orihime’s struggle and panic, Ichigo hears and let’s go, he quickly enters his Hollow Transformed State which has only been seen once. Ulquiorra is surprised and tries to fight it, unfortunately he also notices how at power a human is when it’s transformed into a Hollow. He admits defeat and dies peacefully. This was one of many great fights within Bleach! [Image: forsakenlight77]

HOLLOW_ICHIGO_by_totmoartsstudio2Ichigo meets his Inner Hollow (Hollow Ichigo): During Ichigo and Zaraki’s battle, we saw another great fight between those, however this was the first time Ichigo met Zangetsu as well as his Inner Hollow, Hollow Ichigo is what we call him, he is truly opposite of Ichigo. He is pale and has white skin as seen in the image. We saw Ichigo go up against Hollow Ichigo, it was Ichigo’s turn to gain back his broken sword and rebuild it so he could fight Zaraki, he had to plead them in order to obtain their power as well as their help to defeat Zaraki, we he was able to, with a number of different injuries to both parties of course. The first time was really awesome, after that their encounters only got better! [Image: totmoartsstudio2]

Vizards_Revenge_by_ZanmatoSanVizards Entrance to Aizen’s War: The Vizards are awesome, they consist of awesome characters such as Shinji and Kensei. Although they were once banned, they’re back in Soul Society to take back their seats. I love them, they were epic, and their entrance to Aizen’s war was awesome, it was epic to see that they’re going to fight finally, especially with their full power including their awesome Hollow Masks. [Image: ZanmatoSan]

urahara_vs_aizen_by_minatosama207-d4s6rhwAizen against Urahara, Isshin and Yoruichi: This moment was definitely a shocker, the fact that all three of them came together to fight against a common foe showed that what Aizen was doing was definitely something that was troublesome. We saw Urahara, Yoruichi and Isshin fight against Aizen in sync which showed that they had previously seen each other fight, or that they are very skilled and are able to fight in such consistency that it pushed Aizen back! Which they were able to do until Aizen came back with force. It was an awesome spectacle to see them fight against Aizen with a serious face. They are truly amazing. [Image: MinatoSama207]

bleach_ichigo_vs__byakuya_by_ruymond-d4lpd57Ichigo Obtains Bankai and Battles Byakuya: Ichigo was finally able to show how awesome his Bankai looks like, we even got to see Byakuya’s amazing Bankai during this fight, he wasn’t even able to comprehend how Ichigo’s small Sword can be his Bankai until he fought it. We saw their awesome battle and thus it had to be one of the top ten moments! I bet you’ll agree too. [Image: Ruymond]

BLEACH IchiRuki - Ray of Light by Amy-corE-d466kxzIchigo Regains his Shinigami Powers: Although many fans left Bleach before the Fullbring arc, they missed out on a lot of awesome goodness from Ichigo as well as what we can describe as Ichigo’s different powers. He’s gone from Shinigami to Hollow powers to now Fullbring. After losing it, he was struck by Rukia from behind, this in turn restoring his Shinigami powers, from this point on, he went crazy and tried to take out Ginjo as well as the others who hurt his friends and family. He was lied to and made him train as hard as he could in turn, he’s be able to obtain this Fullbring which only got stolen by Ginjo. After he regained his Shinigami power, he suddenly his ability to fight which we saw when he killed Ginjo with his own strength. He’s now gone to a better place. [Image: Amy-corE]

ichigo_bankai__475__by_miichaneko-d4hrjpzIchigo’s New Bankai and New Look: During the Fullbring Arc, there were a lot of new surprised, ones which made me excited! I looked upon a brand new and awesome Ichigo which finally had a new Bankai look, it was one which had also integrated his Fullbring powers as well as some other awesome improvements. I thought it was awesome, this is why he’s second Bankai look had to be in the top 10 greatest moments. [Image: miiChaneko]

This_Can__t_Be_Farewell_by_touchedvenusGin’s Death and Rangiku’s Emotions: After Gin’s attempt at stopping Aizen, we knew that it was truly too late, we knew something important was coming, even Aizen didn’t see his attack. He went down with just one hit and it was the end of him, we saw Rangiku quickly appear, it was truly an emotional moment, as well as honored to be a great one here. Gin was awesome, and if he is truly dead, this moment has to be one of the top 10 moments! [Image: TouchedVenus]

That took a while to write and think about the greatest moments, hopefully you’ll agree with these awesome moments, if there are any that I missed, and those which you think should have gone instead of any of the ones placed above, you should definitely tell me what you think, just comment and tell me! Remember that these are only based on the anime, not the manga. Many other epic moments have happened in the manga.

The King Is Dead – Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

le_roi_est_mort_by_dejavidetc-d60a84xWe know Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez as one of the greatest character alive, he’s a very strong and ruthless character who has the mindset to only win when it comes to fights. A characteristics which possibly led him to his premature death. However, after learning about his past, he only wanted to survive, that’s why he lived for so long but only thought to be dead, or is he?

The fantastic image above was drawn by Dejavidetc, they’ve created such an awesome and great artwork that you deserve to see it on here. Furthermore they’ve got a number of great fan art which you surely deserve to see. Hopefully you’ll go and follow them.

The King – Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

the_king_by_firii-d5qh96nGrimmjow Jaegerjaquez, an epic character whose actions have gotten him a huge number of fans! The suppose defeat by Ichigo was legit, but was the death of him even a possibility? Could is be that in one of the latest chapters, we saw him with Urahara, Orihime and Chad? Is the King still alive and looking for revenge from Ichigo?

His disappearance from the series was a big clue, he was first defeated and received a bunch of slashes from Ichigo, then he was replaced by Nnoitra as his opponent, after this we had no other evidence if he was dead or alive. All we knew was that he was either missing and alive, or dead and gone. His possible appearance could have proven that he was missing and alive, now if correct he seems to be even stronger.

The image above was drawn by Firii who did a fantastic job on it. If you like her style and her taste in character drawn, then I suggest you go and check her other work out!

Long Time No See – Grimmjow & Ichigo

long_time_no_see___grimmichi_by_agenttexas-d5njx7cA lot of fans have been hyped up for the recent news that Grimmjow has been seen in one of the latest Bleach Chapters, at the same time, Ichigo talks to Urahara about how Ichigo has to choose his own path, he can either fight on a head with the Shinigami’s or run and escape all the pressure people put on him. On top of this, will Grimmjow and Ichigo once again fight or will they finally make peace and leave the past behind?

When Grimmjow first appeared, it seemed that Grimmjow wanted to really talk to Ichigo, possibly to swear at Ichigo as well as well as to call him a bastard. He could have also asked Ichigo for another match, possibly Grimmjow could have won this one? I’ll have to admit that the above image has multiple meaning, the translation I’m going with in regards to the image is that both of them are like animals who want to rip the throat of each other to take the win. Who do you think would win now? Will it still be Ichigo or would Grimmjow win after his long wait?

The fantastic image was drawn by the fantastic AgentTexas, go and check her out as she’s got a heap load of amazing fan art image of a large number of different anime’s and manga’s!

Ichigo at Palace – Fullbringer’s are Back – Is it Grimmjow?? – Bleach 518

Bleach 518 begins to show some fantastic and epic hints in which we’re definitely going to see in the future, and it’s all under Ichigo’s nose! We witness that there is a mysterious man with Urahara who gets angry hearing Ichigo’s voice, looks like Grimmjow to me!? We also witness that Ganju has joined the Fullbringer’s with Ginjo, Tsukishima and Giriko. Ichigo finally arrives at the Palace!

Bleach 518 starts off as Urahara notices that the communication is working, he tells Ichigo that it’s been a long time, and that he knew that Ichigo would be worried. Urahara reveals that he’s reaction is a bit disappointing. Mayuri asks Kon what exactly he’s doing, Kon replies that he has no idea. Mayuri jokes around telling his subordinates to get him.

Urahara tells Ichigo and Mayuri that there is no need to worry because they’re fine, Mayuri asks Urahara how this works, because it’s using Kon’s eyes to communicate. Urahara tells Mayuri that Kon’s eyes are switches, it can act as communicators. Out of nowhere, Orihime appears, she notices Ichigo and says hey, she’s happy that he’s wounded by also safe.

Ichigo’s glad that Orihime’s doing fine, she then gets Chad to come forward. Chad says hello, and he’s glad that Ichigo’s safe. Ichigo tells him that he shouldn’t be worried about him, he was in fact worried about them. Urahara tells Ichigo that he wanted to contact them a little earlier but he was in restrains so he couldn’t get in contact.

Out of nowhere, a man says what are you doing here. Ichigo quickly recognizes that voice, the man also recognizes Ichigo’s voice and quickly gets angry, calling Ichigo a bastard as he approaches the camera. Urahara tells both Orihime and Chad to take this man out of there because Ichigo isn’t there, Ichigo asks Urahara what he’s doing with this man.

Urahara calls out Ichigo’s name, asking if what he had to do was to save Hueco Mundo, then there is no point because everything seems fine. Urahara tells Ichigo to do what is best for himself, he tells him to think on his own and decide what’s best for him. Urahara tells Ichigo not to worry about this person, he was able to make a nice contract with him. Urahara then ends the communication.

Chad asks Urahara if it was okay to say and give Ichigo the opportunity to think for himself,  this could cause him to run away from this fight. Urahara stops Chad there, he tells him that he shouldn’t say things which he isn’t even thinking about. Ichigo will do what he wants from the bottom of his heart. It’s likely that Ichigo will protect everyone till the end.

Both Orihime and Chad have been close to Ichigo for longer than Urahara, for sure they’d have to know what’s better for him, plus the only one who knows Ichigo the best is himself. Ichigo calls the bald guy, Oshe, Ichigo asks if there is a way to get his Tensa Zangetsu fixed in the palace.

He reveals that in the Palace there is a super reijutsu that can reforge the sword into one similar to the original. Ichigo quickly requests for them to quickly take him! They arrive at Kukaku Shiba’s places, it mentions that it’s the palace of her, but it really isn’t. Ichigo quickly gets into Kukaku’s nerves. He asks why they’ve arrived there, she gets annoyed that he didn’t even introduce himself.

She mentions that she’s not going to launch it for them, Oshe tells Ichigo that the Tenchuuren doesn’t have function to go back to Reioukyuu on its own. In the palace there is a super reijutsu that can only be found there, thus there isn’t one in Seireitei. Ichigo asks where Ganju is, she tells him that he became a huge rock and turned into stone, she uses him to hold the banners.

They set it up and quickly launch it. A man appears, it seems like it’s Ganju, he asks if she’s okay with them leaving, she says that it’s fine because during the next attack it will be the end of Soul Society itself. They must let him got, even if it means that uncle is sad. Ganju tells Kukaku to go back to the Training Halls, she must help with the training.

Three other people appear, Kukaku tells Ganju to put some spirit into it, in the next fight he’ll have to fight the Quincy’s even if he cries and wails. Ganju agrees as he walks with three well-known members! It’s Kugo Ginjo, Giriko Kutsuzawa and Shukuro Tsukishima. Ichigo quickly flies when he reaches the beautiful palace with large pillars and numerous floating lands. Bleach 518 ends here!

Wow, can’t believe we got so much in just one fantastic chapter! The return of the awesome Ginjo and Tsukishima and plus we’re one step closer to finding out that it’s actually Grimmjow who’s saved Urahara! Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 519 epic chapter!