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Ichigo at Palace – Fullbringer’s are Back – Is it Grimmjow?? – Bleach 518

Bleach 518 begins to show some fantastic and epic hints in which we’re definitely going to see in the future, and it’s all under Ichigo’s nose! We witness that there is a mysterious man with Urahara who gets angry hearing Ichigo’s voice, looks like Grimmjow to me!? We also witness that Ganju has joined the Fullbringer’s with Ginjo, Tsukishima and Giriko. Ichigo finally arrives at the Palace!

Bleach 518 starts off as Urahara notices that the communication is working, he tells Ichigo that it’s been a long time, and that he knew that Ichigo would be worried. Urahara reveals that he’s reaction is a bit disappointing. Mayuri asks Kon what exactly he’s doing, Kon replies that he has no idea. Mayuri jokes around telling his subordinates to get him.

Urahara tells Ichigo and Mayuri that there is no need to worry because they’re fine, Mayuri asks Urahara how this works, because it’s using Kon’s eyes to communicate. Urahara tells Mayuri that Kon’s eyes are switches, it can act as communicators. Out of nowhere, Orihime appears, she notices Ichigo and says hey, she’s happy that he’s wounded by also safe.

Ichigo’s glad that Orihime’s doing fine, she then gets Chad to come forward. Chad says hello, and he’s glad that Ichigo’s safe. Ichigo tells him that he shouldn’t be worried about him, he was in fact worried about them. Urahara tells Ichigo that he wanted to contact them a little earlier but he was in restrains so he couldn’t get in contact.

Out of nowhere, a man says what are you doing here. Ichigo quickly recognizes that voice, the man also recognizes Ichigo’s voice and quickly gets angry, calling Ichigo a bastard as he approaches the camera. Urahara tells both Orihime and Chad to take this man out of there because Ichigo isn’t there, Ichigo asks Urahara what he’s doing with this man.

Urahara calls out Ichigo’s name, asking if what he had to do was to save Hueco Mundo, then there is no point because everything seems fine. Urahara tells Ichigo to do what is best for himself, he tells him to think on his own and decide what’s best for him. Urahara tells Ichigo not to worry about this person, he was able to make a nice contract with him. Urahara then ends the communication.

Chad asks Urahara if it was okay to say and give Ichigo the opportunity to think for himself,  this could cause him to run away from this fight. Urahara stops Chad there, he tells him that he shouldn’t say things which he isn’t even thinking about. Ichigo will do what he wants from the bottom of his heart. It’s likely that Ichigo will protect everyone till the end.

Both Orihime and Chad have been close to Ichigo for longer than Urahara, for sure they’d have to know what’s better for him, plus the only one who knows Ichigo the best is himself. Ichigo calls the bald guy, Oshe, Ichigo asks if there is a way to get his Tensa Zangetsu fixed in the palace.

He reveals that in the Palace there is a super reijutsu that can reforge the sword into one similar to the original. Ichigo quickly requests for them to quickly take him! They arrive at Kukaku Shiba’s places, it mentions that it’s the palace of her, but it really isn’t. Ichigo quickly gets into Kukaku’s nerves. He asks why they’ve arrived there, she gets annoyed that he didn’t even introduce himself.

She mentions that she’s not going to launch it for them, Oshe tells Ichigo that the Tenchuuren doesn’t have function to go back to Reioukyuu on its own. In the palace there is a super reijutsu that can only be found there, thus there isn’t one in Seireitei. Ichigo asks where Ganju is, she tells him that he became a huge rock and turned into stone, she uses him to hold the banners.

They set it up and quickly launch it. A man appears, it seems like it’s Ganju, he asks if she’s okay with them leaving, she says that it’s fine because during the next attack it will be the end of Soul Society itself. They must let him got, even if it means that uncle is sad. Ganju tells Kukaku to go back to the Training Halls, she must help with the training.

Three other people appear, Kukaku tells Ganju to put some spirit into it, in the next fight he’ll have to fight the Quincy’s even if he cries and wails. Ganju agrees as he walks with three well-known members! It’s Kugo Ginjo, Giriko Kutsuzawa and Shukuro Tsukishima. Ichigo quickly flies when he reaches the beautiful palace with large pillars and numerous floating lands. Bleach 518 ends here!

Wow, can’t believe we got so much in just one fantastic chapter! The return of the awesome Ginjo and Tsukishima and plus we’re one step closer to finding out that it’s actually Grimmjow who’s saved Urahara! Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 519 epic chapter!

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Zaraki Kenpachi vs Giriko Kutsuzawa – Bleach 362

During today’s Bleach 362, we saw the fantastic fight between Zaraki and Giriko! Two unlikely characters go head to head in probably the shortest match ever. We saw that Ichigo learns about the First Substitute Shinigami here.

At the time where The Soul Reapers and Xcution members were getting divided, the Zaraki had mentioned that Tsukishima seems to be a lot more powerful than his current opponent Giriko.

Giriko questions Zaraki about this unusual request to change partners with Byakuya which wasn’t fulfilled. Giriko then sees that Zaraki is one hard guy who’s power comes raw within him with the ability to always go full force during his fights.

Here Zaraki saw that Giriko had turned into a large green monster after he had turned a dial on the left of his chest. This increase his highest and weight, he also mentions the simpler the contract with the Gods of Times, the more powerful he is manifested into, therefore since he has only increased his muscle strength he should be pretty powerful.

At this moment, after getting bored at what Giriko had said, Zaraki swiftly slashes Giriko right in the middle on his body within a few seconds. We still don’t know if Zaraki has learned the name of his Sword, but it’d be pretty amazing if he did.

Furthermore we also only see a hint of Zaraki’s sword, so there is no telling if he’s obtained the name. This battle was very short, but it just goes to show how powerful all the Shinigami’s have gotten over the last 17 Months. Also I’m hoping we’ll see some amazing fights in next week’s Bleach 363.

Ichigo’s Fullbring Activates – Bleach 348

Ichigo’s Fullbring Finally Activates, and all he had to do is remember all he’s done in the past. Ichigo is also up against a plush within Riruka Dokugamine’s “Favorite” Dollhouse.

Ichigo activates his Fullbring after the 15 minute time limit which was placed by Giriko Kutsuzawa. This time limit was mainly for the plush doll, after the 15 minute limit, the plush turns into a dangerous looking mutation of a plush called Crazy Beast Mode. This also means that the person inside the plush has also died and wont be able to come back.

Riruka’s fullbring “Dollhouse” means she is able to turn anyone into a miniature size, such as Ichigo in this case, and put them into her Dollhouse. Riruka describes Fullbring as “Fullbring is the power of love”, then “It’s the ability to draw out maximum power from something a person loves” e.g. “A guy like Ginjo, who only loves his pendant, turns that into a weapon to fight with”. “Dollhouse” is the ability for things that Riruka’s given permission to move in and out of my favorite objects! This can only be done when the person has the love heart attached to them, this is the pass to enter.

Chad helps Ichigo to activate he’s power by hinting him when he has an attachment to something e.g. Chad’s Skin, Jackie Tristan’s Dirty Boots or Yukio’s Games, they are able to activate their powers this way.

Giriko Kutsuzawa Fullbring “Time Tells No Lies” is able to set a timer or timers upon things and beings to which they are attached. These timers are linked to certain conditions that only Giriko himself can set. When the time period are established, even Giriko himself cannot deactivate his Fullbring. If someone is brought out from the area when the Fullbring is activated, the person, object and area will perish in the Flames of Time.

At the end of the episode, Ichigo activates he’s Fullbring, although he’s Fullbring has never been named, and I’m guessing it wont. Ichigo’s Fullbring is a dark inside with red outline, exactly like he’s Getsuga Tensho.

So, today’s episode was great, but im sure that next week’s Bleach 349 will be epic! Don’t forget to keep reading as well as watching the episodes. This is just getting started!

How Xcution Members got Fullbring Powers – Rukia’s Death? – Bleach 471

In this weeks Bleach 471 Chapter, we see Rukia being told how some of the members of Xcution were able to find they had extraordinary powers called the Fullbring while they were very young.

So how do the members of Xcution get this Fullbring Power? “Fullbring is a special ability which certain Humans are born with, where they can manipulate the “soul” of matter for a variety of effects. Fullbringers each have a parent who was attacked by a Hollow before they were born. Traces of the Hollows’ powers remained in their mothers’ bodies, which were then passed onto them when they were born. Thus, the powers resemble those of Hollows more than they resemble those of Shinigami’s.” source: bleach.wikia.com

Riruka Dokugamine discovered her fullbring when she was 5 years old, by the time she was 7 years old, she fell in love with someone, “Naturally, I hid that Person Away.”, she was able to hide him in her Treasure Chest. Riruka thought “Hide away all things you want from everyone else and they become yours”. How ever with this boy she had kept away from everyone didn’t become hers. “Locking that person away in my treasure box has its effects”, “I could see that person’s eyes steadily grow more and more frightened, After a while, i couldn’t stand looking at those eyes anymore and let him go.” This could suggest that Riruka’s Fullbring Dollhouse is flawed not for objects but for real living things.

Giriko Kutsuzawa obtained his fullbring by the “Good Luck Watch”. It has been passed down through their generations. Its been said that the Kutsuzawa family has never been in any types of war, fires which meant that none of his grandfather were touched by the blaze. The “Good Luck Watch” real power is to be able to “kill someone without touching them”. Unfortunately, Giriko tried this technique on his wife, but mistakenly Giriko lost his right eye. He describes his power as “This ability of mine… I knew… It isn’t a prayer to God, It’s a Contract with God.”

Jackie Tristan gained her fullbring when her Dad stole brand new “Shiny Boots”. She used to always clean it. However when her Brother’s Blood stained the boots during the death of her family, her ability was awakened shortly after this.

Yukio’s fullbring was activated at a young age when his family sent him to his room because his actions didn’t comply with their hopes. This left Yukio alone his room with nothing else to do except to play with his games. Since he didn’t like his parents, he was able to create virtual parents, with his already activated Fullbring, which he talked to. His parents were disappointed with Yukio, that they asked him to talk in front of his parents like that.

Riruka goes on to say such things as they are “Scrap of Meat” while Rukia Plush doesn’t really care about what she’s talking about. At that instant, Rukia unleashes First Dance White Moon nearly missing Riruka’s body. Rukia then warns Riruka once more, if she doesn’t not settle down, her second White Moon will not miss her.

As the above images show, Rukia is now been separated from the Plush. However she has been captured by one of Riruka’s Technique which is yet unknown. Riruka says “Sorry ’bout this. It’s just… I didn’t want to be finished by that power.” As the power activates, it seems that this could be the end of Rukia. Rukia may die here by the hands Riruka. Comment and tell me what you guys might happen next chapter!

Dont forget to read Bleach 472, named “What is Byakuya’s Plan Against Tsukishima”.

The Lost Substitute Shinigami begins Tomorrow!

As I mentioned in some of the latest posts, ‘The Lost Substitute Shinigami’ Arc will sometime tomorrow (11/10/11) and be subbed on most sites!

The Lost Substitute Shinigami Arc is a new start to Bleach after Aizen’s plans failed. This Arc features new characters such as Kugo GinjoGiriko KutsuzawaRiruka DokugamineJackie TristanYukioShukuro Tsukishima and Moe Shishigawara!

[Spoiler] This new plot brings Ichigo to hope as he is able to gain a new type of power called Fullbringer. This power gives Ichigo a New Look and new power. Although it may seem the Xcution group are helping Ichigo. Kugo Ginjo and the Xcution are there to actually kill and steal Ichigo’s power.

This Arc is named ‘The Lost Substitute Shinigami’ because of Kugo Ginjo! Ginjo was the first Substitute Shinigami a long time ago before Ichigo was given the Substitute Shinigami badge.

If you are one of those people who left after Aizen’s capture! I must mention that Bleach Anime has gotten a lot better, the manga is getting a lot more awesome every chapter and the episode is guaranteed to give your goose bumps!

So keep an eye on the latest episodes tomorrow! Be one of the first people to watch it! If you’re one of the Manga fans! Be sure to follow that too!


Xcution Fullbring Powers – Bleach 463

Xcution Group’s Fullbring, their fullbring powers looks amazing! From Left to Right, Jackie Tristan, Riruka Dokigamine, Yukio, Giriko Kutsuzawa, they all have amazing powers:

Jackie Tristan: Dirty Boots

Riruka Dokigamine: Dollhouse

Yukio: Invaders Must Die

Giriko Kutsuzawa: Time Tells No Lies

Last week I predicted that Riruka would be injured in this chapter, but that didn’t work out. I guess my evaluation was a little flawed. although, it seems that in this Chapter she seems a little upset.

Giriko Kutsuzawa Fullbring Release! – Bleach 463

Giriko Kutsuazwa cut by Zaraki KempachiGiriko Kutsuzawa here releases his Fullbring Powers! The First image shows Giriko releasing his Fullbring to a number 3! This could suggest his Levels! As in he has gone up to Level 3, making him a bigger guy for an instant till Zaraki Kenpachi obliterates him with his sword! Click here to see that!

All Xcution Members Fullbring! – Bleach 462 COLOURED

These images show the Fullbring of all (or most) of the Xcution Club! This includes Kugo GinjoGiriko KutsuzawaRiruka DokugamineJackie Tristan and Yukio!

Although you may have noticed I said “or most”, my reason for this suggestion would be; as we look at Riruka Dokugamine in both of the images above! We can see that she has not transformed into her Fullbring, but in fact she is bending down as if she’s been cut! If you’ve read the manga, you would have noticed that there is a blood like pattern on the manga page 18! And Riruka’s posture may suggest she’s been injured by Ginjo on purpose!

Yukio’s appearance hasn’t fully changed, although we can spot that his arms have a Fullbring pattern like, which suggest his Fullbring has something more practical and could suggest his game a part of that Fullbring. Yukio’s Fullbring: Invaders Must Die

However, with Jackie Tristan we can spot that her Fullbring: Dirty Boots have come into action. We’ve seen this Fullbring at Ichigo’s training, so there’s not explanation here.

With Giriko Kutsuzawa, his calm attitude and quite personality seems to blow up in this manga chapter! His Fullbring: Time Tells No Lies, tells us that his appearance and those floating objects around his body are a part of some time manipulator, although it’s just a guess! His new clothing seems to suggest he’s one that  sits by and does nothing while other people, or in this case the objects around him do something!

Giriko Kutsuzawa Xcution


Bleach Xcution Wallpaper

The members of the group, currently composed of Kūgo Ginjō, Giriko Kutsuzawa, Riruka Dokugamine, Yukio, and Jackie Tristan.