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We Are Quincy’s – Ichigo, Renji, Rukia, Toshiro and Gin

We Are Quincy's Bleach by ederzea

The War between the Shinigami and Quincy began long ago however has yet to end, many have already been killed including both captains and vice captains. Many more will die and thus the battle will just end in nothing more than the death of many from both sides. This image puts Ichigo, Rukia, Renji, Toshiro and Gin from the Shinigami side in clothes made by Quincy’s, they look pretty epic and I hope you think so too. Continue reading

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My Tears For You – Gin and Rangiku

My Tears For You Matsumoto Gin Bleach by animezona

On top of being a couple that I’d love to have seen happen, Gin and Matsumoto were somewhat unusual together. As Gin was a captain and worked for Aizen for most of his life, he learnt one thing to which Aizen was up to no good at all. He dedicated his life to watching over Aizen until the very end when Rangiku herself couldn’t understand why he had done so, she wanted him so badly.  Continue reading

My Beautiful Snake – Rangiku Matsumoto

Matsumoto Rangiku and a Snake by iacediaiRangiku Matsumoto is one of many amazing people within the anime of Bleach. Her character and relationship with others is key to the story. She being part of Gin’s life as well as a Vice Captain of both Toshiro and Isshin is also very important. The snake her in her can represent both love and sadness. We knew deep down that she had deeply loved Gin however was never able to reveal it due to Gin having a whole different fate from her, his death was really sad and a solid relationship between Gin and Rangiku never really existed. Continue reading

Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths

Death’s within any anime is sad, however deaths of major characters that we love and hope to see live and fight in the anime are without a doubt heart touching. Here are some of the saddest anime deaths which myself and a few friends thought you’d like to see in no particular order.

Portgas D. Ace and Edward Newgate (Whitebeard)

Whitebeard and Ace by bladagunSon the Pirate King, and one of the Four Emperors; Ace and Whitebeard. Not much of these two is seen throughout the anime but their deaths are equally devastating to any One Piece fan, as they are to the OP universe. Ace, as well as being son of the Pirate King, is also Luffy’s brother, as they exchanged cups of sake as youths in a vow of brotherhood. During the war of the best in Marineford, we see Luffy and all of Whitebeard’s crew and allied crews trying to storm through the battlefront in an effort to save Ace. Luffy, after entering the battlefield, exclaims “I’m going to save you, even if I die”, and in a cruel twist of fate, Luffy fully exhausts his body but continues to fight, and succeeds in rescuing Ace, but Ace ends up sacrificing his life in order to save Luffy from Akainu during the escape. Whitebeard’s death was equally touching, since throughout the entire war, you see Whitebeard facing a storm of different attacks; gunshots, sword stabs, cannon ball fires and also Akainu’s lava fists, but still stands strong, and in his final moments, he dies standing tall. Continue reading

Top 10 Greatest Bleach Moments

Bleach___Be_Drunk_by_RedPig31Bleach is a fantastic anime and manga, and there are literally a ton of different moments which we would all consider to be the best of the best. However I’ve brought together 10 great moments in Bleach’s anime series which I hope you’ll agree with when it comes to being the greatest Bleach moments. This is not a countdown of the best ones, in fact it’s just a compilation of the best moments.  [Drunk Bleach Characters: RedPig31]

ichigo_vs_grimmjow___collab_by_tremblaxx_arts-d5roe1jIchigo versus Grimmjow: Their fight blew everyone away, the intensity and awesomeness of the overall battle was great and I’m sure you’ll agree that it had to be one of the best fights and moments within Bleach. After Grimmjow saw Ichigo’s abilities, he wanted to see how strong he really was, he even involved Orihime which only pushed Ichigo to become even more stronger. We didn’t see the death of Grimmjow which could only mean one thing. [Image: Tremblax and Akira-12]

ichigo_vs_aizen_by_tremblaxx-d4tsaseIchigo versus Aizen: The battle between Ichigo and Aizen was spectacular, the battle scene was no longer there after what Ichigo and Aizen did to their surroundings. Ichigo’s tremendous strength and force was nothing short of amazing, it proved to be something that even Aizen couldn’t comprehend. Even after trying to see how Ichigo’s increased his power, he could only mention that he’s only surpassed him for a moment. In sense it seems to be true as after the battle was over, Ichigo unfortunately lost all of his Shinigami power, he learnt from Aizen that people like him will go through a lot of trouble for a small thing. After unleashing and showing Aizen his Final Getsuga Tensho, he was unable to counter attack, Urahara had sealed his fate after imprisoning him. [Image: Tremblax]

ichigo_vs_ulquiorra_by_forsakenlight77-d32bdyaIchigo’s Hollow Transformation and Fight Against Ulquiorra: Ichigo with his Hollow Mask could not have been compared with Ulquiorra due to his Segunda Etapa. He keeps on trying to fight but is quickly killed, his heart is shot by a close range cero right to his chest making a circular hole which see’s nothing but darkness. After Orihime’s struggle and panic, Ichigo hears and let’s go, he quickly enters his Hollow Transformed State which has only been seen once. Ulquiorra is surprised and tries to fight it, unfortunately he also notices how at power a human is when it’s transformed into a Hollow. He admits defeat and dies peacefully. This was one of many great fights within Bleach! [Image: forsakenlight77]

HOLLOW_ICHIGO_by_totmoartsstudio2Ichigo meets his Inner Hollow (Hollow Ichigo): During Ichigo and Zaraki’s battle, we saw another great fight between those, however this was the first time Ichigo met Zangetsu as well as his Inner Hollow, Hollow Ichigo is what we call him, he is truly opposite of Ichigo. He is pale and has white skin as seen in the image. We saw Ichigo go up against Hollow Ichigo, it was Ichigo’s turn to gain back his broken sword and rebuild it so he could fight Zaraki, he had to plead them in order to obtain their power as well as their help to defeat Zaraki, we he was able to, with a number of different injuries to both parties of course. The first time was really awesome, after that their encounters only got better! [Image: totmoartsstudio2]

Vizards_Revenge_by_ZanmatoSanVizards Entrance to Aizen’s War: The Vizards are awesome, they consist of awesome characters such as Shinji and Kensei. Although they were once banned, they’re back in Soul Society to take back their seats. I love them, they were epic, and their entrance to Aizen’s war was awesome, it was epic to see that they’re going to fight finally, especially with their full power including their awesome Hollow Masks. [Image: ZanmatoSan]

urahara_vs_aizen_by_minatosama207-d4s6rhwAizen against Urahara, Isshin and Yoruichi: This moment was definitely a shocker, the fact that all three of them came together to fight against a common foe showed that what Aizen was doing was definitely something that was troublesome. We saw Urahara, Yoruichi and Isshin fight against Aizen in sync which showed that they had previously seen each other fight, or that they are very skilled and are able to fight in such consistency that it pushed Aizen back! Which they were able to do until Aizen came back with force. It was an awesome spectacle to see them fight against Aizen with a serious face. They are truly amazing. [Image: MinatoSama207]

bleach_ichigo_vs__byakuya_by_ruymond-d4lpd57Ichigo Obtains Bankai and Battles Byakuya: Ichigo was finally able to show how awesome his Bankai looks like, we even got to see Byakuya’s amazing Bankai during this fight, he wasn’t even able to comprehend how Ichigo’s small Sword can be his Bankai until he fought it. We saw their awesome battle and thus it had to be one of the top ten moments! I bet you’ll agree too. [Image: Ruymond]

BLEACH IchiRuki - Ray of Light by Amy-corE-d466kxzIchigo Regains his Shinigami Powers: Although many fans left Bleach before the Fullbring arc, they missed out on a lot of awesome goodness from Ichigo as well as what we can describe as Ichigo’s different powers. He’s gone from Shinigami to Hollow powers to now Fullbring. After losing it, he was struck by Rukia from behind, this in turn restoring his Shinigami powers, from this point on, he went crazy and tried to take out Ginjo as well as the others who hurt his friends and family. He was lied to and made him train as hard as he could in turn, he’s be able to obtain this Fullbring which only got stolen by Ginjo. After he regained his Shinigami power, he suddenly his ability to fight which we saw when he killed Ginjo with his own strength. He’s now gone to a better place. [Image: Amy-corE]

ichigo_bankai__475__by_miichaneko-d4hrjpzIchigo’s New Bankai and New Look: During the Fullbring Arc, there were a lot of new surprised, ones which made me excited! I looked upon a brand new and awesome Ichigo which finally had a new Bankai look, it was one which had also integrated his Fullbring powers as well as some other awesome improvements. I thought it was awesome, this is why he’s second Bankai look had to be in the top 10 greatest moments. [Image: miiChaneko]

This_Can__t_Be_Farewell_by_touchedvenusGin’s Death and Rangiku’s Emotions: After Gin’s attempt at stopping Aizen, we knew that it was truly too late, we knew something important was coming, even Aizen didn’t see his attack. He went down with just one hit and it was the end of him, we saw Rangiku quickly appear, it was truly an emotional moment, as well as honored to be a great one here. Gin was awesome, and if he is truly dead, this moment has to be one of the top 10 moments! [Image: TouchedVenus]

That took a while to write and think about the greatest moments, hopefully you’ll agree with these awesome moments, if there are any that I missed, and those which you think should have gone instead of any of the ones placed above, you should definitely tell me what you think, just comment and tell me! Remember that these are only based on the anime, not the manga. Many other epic moments have happened in the manga.

Isshin meets Masaki! Aizen’s Hollow Explodes and Urahara Appears – Bleach 533

bleach_533__aizen_by_ar_ua-d615gme bleach_chapter_533_isshin_kurosaki___coloured_by_acetrainerkayden-d614dv0 urahara_bleach_533_by_millochibi-d619bxe katagiri__colored__bleach_533__by_beyondyourmemory-d61e05eMasaki introduces herself Urahara notices Masaki Ryuken Masaki is alright Black Hollow Explodes Aizen is happy about the resultsBleach 533 epic showdown between Isshin, Masaki, the Black Hollow and Aizen’s crew ends with the Black Hollow exploding into the skies with such a massive force. Aizen tells Kaname that their experiments are just beginning, Isshin lies about his report as he doesn’t mention a Quincy. At the end Urahara bumps into Masaki, knowing that there is something going on there, he possibly notices the large explosion.

Bleach 533 begins as Gin, Kaname, Aizen and even Isshin notice the fantastic attack in which Masaki delivered to the Black Hollow. It’s mask breaks and the fragments burst into a million pieces, out of nowhere, the Hollow changes quickly, a large beam of light appears from its body as though its going to explode whilst Masaki is right within it’s explosion range.

Isshin quickly drops towards her in an attempt to help her so it doesn’t explode in front of her, a large explosion occurs right in front of their eyes, at this point, Masaki seems to be protected by Isshin while Aizen and the others watch on. Masaki notices Isshin on the floor, she asks if he’s okay, he mentions that he’s fine he also mentions that he just got saved by a girl.

Masaki mentions that he was the one who saved her, if he wasn’t there to shield her, she would have be wounded, he mentions that he wants to call it even, she mentions for him to not move as she’s going to heal him. Masaki is asked how she defeated and who she really is. She thinks of a way to answers, she knows that the Shinigami’s and Quincies haven’t been on good terms.

She quickly bursts out mentioning that she’s Masaki’s, a Quincy! Isshin is shocked at this fact, he has a serious glint on his eyes, he then changes his face expression, mentioning that it’s the first time he’s actually met one. He then goes onto mention that he feels kinda special to be able to see a real one.

Masaki thinks what is wrong with him, is this how Shinigami’s really are, she wonders if they’re all like this, she hopes they are, if they are like this, Ryuken and his aunt would react different towards them. Ryuken and Katagiri watch on, he mentions that it’s all right now, there seems to be no issue with her telling Katagiri this.

At Aizen’s labs, Kaname mentions that everything is going wrong, it blew up thus meaning that it reached the final stages of the transformation, and because of that Quincy, it was all a failure. Aizen goes on to mention that everything is not gone wrong, when things stray off the original goal, sometimes it’s because they’re surpassing it.

He mentions that what happened was obviously not predicted. A hollow created from a dead shinigami actually chose a Quincy to fight, a being opposite to it. Aizen asks them if they don’t want to see what is head of this research. Isshin faces Yamamoto telling them about his report, he doesn’t mention anything regarding to Masaki or the Quincy.

Yamamoto mentions that what happened was kept to a minimum thus he will overlook his violation, he thanks Yamamoto for this. Mayuri mentions that he believes that it was still bad for him not to obtain the body of the mysterious hollow. Yamamoto asks if he isn’t leaving anything else out which could be useful information, he tells him that there is nothing else.

Masaki in class thinks about how Isshin is doing, if he’s going to return to Soul Society properly or if something else happens to him. She mentions that she should have asked for her name, at the same time, Isshin thinks about her, mentioning that some Quincies are still alive, she saved him, she was also brave to mention that she was a Quincy in front of him, he thinks if she should ask her more questions. He thinks that he should meet her so ask her more questions.

Masaki leaves to go home, her friends mentions that she and Ryuken live in the same house, Masaki mentions that their cousins and there is nothing between them. Plus he’s not her type thus, one of her friends mentions that even if they’re cousins, he’d still make her horny. Masaki mentions that it’s dirty and thus tells her friend to scold her.

A person get closer and closer to her, he gets closer and closer to which she gets a strange feeling, she looks down and it seem like she’s hit someone in front of her. She says sorry, the man looks back and mentions that it’s okay. He keeps on walking and so does Masaki and her friends. Masaki walks on with her friends while this man, Urahara appears and looks back! He knows that there is something going on! Bleach 533 ends here.

What a fantastic chapter, Bleach is definitely getting better and better! Urahara’s appearance is definitely mischievous, and Ryuken’s attitude towards his future wife could have been more caring. Aizen’s plans are also making more and more sense. Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 534 when this awesome story continues!

Masaki destroys Black Hollow! Aizen Inspects – Bleach 532

bleach_532_by_tempestdh-d60geq9 bleach_532___coloring___kurosaki_masaki____deohvi__by_deohvi-d60epuz bleach_532__aizen_by_ar_ua-d60k0rn bleach__masaki_kurosaki_spoiler_by_sideburn004-d60axsl bleach_532___masaki_pum___by_hikarinogiri-d60hl03Masaki destroys Black Hollow Aizen speaks of Urahara Masaki notices fight Isshin notices Masaki Masaki welcomes Black HollowBleach 532 shows us an incredible ending to the Black Hollow, Aizen watches on while Isshin suspect-fully knows that there is a traitor among him who stabbed him. Masaki appears, she stops the Black Hollow from firing a Cero at Isshin, she invites him to attack her, however I think she uses her Blut Vene which stops it from cutting her arm off, she then uses a one hand mini Quincy Bow and Arrow to annihilate him, blowing his head sky-high.

Bleach 532 begins as Aizen admires Urahara’s work, he describes his cloak which isolates the persons reiatsu almost completely. Also by kneading some kido into it, the body can blend into the air which renders them almost invisible. Aizen mentions that it’s a wonderful parting gift which he left.

Isshin falls from the skies onto a building noticing that the attack he received just now was now from a hollow, but in fact a zanpakuto.  He quickly deduces that it was a Shinigami, and that they must be hiding in the background, he calls them out asking who they are and where they are hiding.

Gin notices that he’s already realized that it wasn’t a Hollow that hit him. Aizen mentions that he’s going, Aizen mentions that his Bankai is a burden on his body, therefore he won’t be able to use it with such a wound, furthermore, if a captain rank is able to defeat the Hollow with just a Shikai, then it means that the sample is a failure in the first place.

Kaname mentions that it’s not a sample, therefore they should call it white. He’s completely different from all the types of Hollow they’ve created so far, it’s their first one which is based on the soul of a shinigami. Aizen mentions that he’s right, and apologizes to him.

Aizen mentions that calling it white even thought it’s completely surrounded by a clad of black armor, because of its whiteness is a complete irony to him. The Black Hollow attack Isshin which triggers the wound to get worse, it also tries to attack from the side, which Isshin blocks and suspends it with his feet. He mentions to himself that the wound can’t be fixed with his reiatsu, they won’t be able to use his Bankai.

The Black Hollow pushes Isshin back which launches him into the sky. The hollow follows, Isshin then gets some of his own blood into his hand and gets into his mouth, he is then able to create a very large fire space which burns the Black Hollows left hand. Isshin keeps on fighting, when Masaki watches what’s going on, after the large fire ball, she notices that the Black Hollows hand has  fallen right beside her.

Isshin compliments the Black Hollow on being able to fight good with just one arm, he attacks Isshin and keeps on pushing him back, he gets so closer to which allows him to perform a Cero, out of nowhere appears a very quick Quincy arrow which interferes with the Hollow Cero.

Isshin notices the person who sent it, he asks who she is. Aizen also notices that a Quincy has just arrived, Kaname mentions that this is not going with their plan, he mentions that he should eliminate her, Aizen stops him and wants them to see what happens next. Out of nowhere the Black Hollow runs towards her, Isshin begs the Black Hollow to wait.

Masaki keeps on sending more and more Arrows, the Black Hollow moves around missing all of them, Masaki notices that its very quick, he can’t seem to aim at him. She then tries another tactic, she raises her hand, she calls out for him, Isshin notices that she’s being an idiot, Aizen watches on, the Black Hollow reaches her and quickly bites her arm with all it’s force.

We notice that the Black Hollow’s bite is nothing more than a slight injury, it seems like she will be fine, however it also seems that Masaki cannot feel the injury put upon her, it could be to a multiple number of things, for example her Blut Vene. She raises her other air and points her the Black Hollows head, she creates a small bow to which she mentions that she’s got him. She releases the bow and the Hollows head is no longer in existence, it seems that she’s been able to destroy its soul! Bleach 532 ends here.

What an epic chapter, Isshin has been saved and Masaki’s Quincy abilities are ones which cannot be compared to as she’s obviously know what she’s doing, she’s obviously very powerful! Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 533 when we carry on with this past telling!

The Black Hollow! Aizen’s Appearance – Bleach 531

bleach_531_coloring___the_black_hollow____deohvi__by_deohvi-d5zhfot bleach_531___engetsu__by_hikarinogiri-d5zilvh bleach_531_by_i_azu-d5zn5lz bleach_531_masaki_coloring_by_acetrainerkayden-d5zkr7v bleach_manga_chapter__531_panel_colour_by_yurusen-d5zg5irBlack Hollow screams Isshin's Engetsu Burn Shikai Black Hollow turns around Isshin vs Black Hollow Black Hollow

Bleach 531 hints at the awesome past with Isshin going head to head with the Black Hollow which has appeared. Masaki and Ryuken get ready to go to help who ever there is at that point. We notice at the last possible moment that Aizen with Gin and Kaname have arrived, they attack Isshin from the back, he’s put down until Aizen could face the Black Hollow.

Bleach 531 begins with Isshin and the Hollow facing each other. Isshin tries to identify it but is unable to, thus gives it a name describing by its looks, The Black Hollow. It scarily looks at Isshin and opens it awesome mouth to produce the scary Hollow noise, similar to that of Ichigo when he fought Ulquiorra. IT screams out of nowhere, seemingly it seems like there could be a person inside this hollow.

Isshin deduces that it’s completely black, and its Hollow hole seems to be closed, however its reiatsu is definitely of a Hollow. It goes after Isshin, at such speed, fortunately Isshin was able to quickly draw his sword out in time. Aizen watches from his computer screen as Isshin fights.

He asks why he’s even there, Kaname mentions that he didn’t report where he was going, Gin mentions that he didn’t go through with a permit. He adds that this is going to be trouble. Aizen adds that it’s fine, it’s supposedly an unexpected harvest. He thus wants to see it closer, thus he asks them if there’s a way of going to them.

Masaki notices a reiatsu, it seems like it’s getting closer and closer, a Hollow and another one. She quickly runs out of her room and tries to go out side when Ryuken notices her going, he asks her where she’s headed too. He then mentions that there is no need to ask as he’s also noticed that there are Shinigami outside he mentions that they should only go out after they’ve died. Even if something happens, Katagiri and the others can sort things out.

Ryuken tells her that she should be more aware of her position, he asks her if she understands what she’s doing, she should care more about herself, thus their Reinbluetigen Quincy blood shouldn’t go to waste so easily. Masaki quickly shouts to Ryuken that she has her own reasons.

Isshin’s keeps on being pushed back, attack after attack, it seems like Isshin can’t do much,  except defend himself. He tries to deduce what it is, mentioning that its physical appearance is still somehow that of a hollow, but it feels as though he’s fighting an Shinigami.

He’s called out by another Shinigami, she asks what he’s doing there, currently Karakura town is under the jurisdiction of the 13th division. He notices that what’s quickly going on, the Hollow quickly passes Isshin and quickly goes to attack the woman, she’s quickly told to run but somehow the Hollow creates a Cero and it seems like it completely destroyed her.

Masaki looks at Ryuken, she quickly runs knowing that she can still help, Masaki tells Ryuken that the before action he thinks about his aunt, the Quincy, the future and many other things, she admires thins, but she’s not him. To Masaki, caring about herself means that she’s going to do everything in her power every day to help.

If today shes unable to do something because of some custom and they die, tomorrow she won’t be able to forgive herself. Ryuken looks her, he contacts Katagiri, calling her out and telling her to get the Reishi armor ready. It seems like he’s also going to help.

Isshin notices that what just happened could have been a Cero, he also notices that what he’s fighting isn’t a hollow, as it’s got features related to menos. He attacks from behind, and still it blocks. He asks the monster, there is no chance for such a monster to exist without Soul Society knowing, someone must be sheltering him, who’s pulling the strings he asks.

The Hollow doesn’t answer, he doesn’t care if can talk or not, he’s going to slash him anyway. Isshin activates his Shikai, mentioning Burn, Engetsu! A fiery circular thing appears surrounding Isshin, however as Isshin goes to attack, we notice that he’s already been attacked from someone else. He falls and we notice Aizen’s sword out. Bleach 531 ends here!

What a fantastic change in the story, Aizen seems to be getting his hands dirty, and it seems like Ryuken and Masaki may do some real damage later on, it could also mean that they will notice Aizen, Gin and Kaname and tells Isshin after he wakes up, can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 532 when the incredible manga continues.

Captain Isshin Shiba! Zaraki’s Stolen Zanpakuto – Bleach 529

matsumoto_529_by_pinkgirl123-d5xb40r bleach_529___matsumoto_and_ishin_by_hikarinogiri-d5x729l the_former_10th_division_by_xxcookie_freakxx-d5xeb6n bleach_529___isshin_by_the103orjagrat-d5x99wf bleach____matsumoto_rangiku_by_minatosama207-d5x5ss6Captain Isshin Shiba 10th Division Aizen during his plan to look for Shinji's Vizards Rangiku Matsumoto Vice Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya 10th Division Third Seat Captain Isshin Shiba FaceBleach 529 just keeps on getting more and more interesting, we get an explanation to by Ichigo was unable to get an Asauchi, at the same time Renji knew that something like this was going to happen. Isshin keeps on explaining about his past, we finally find out Isshin’s full name, Isshin Shiba! Making it clear why Ichigo and Kaien look so alike. Isshin was th 10th Division Captain with Matsumoto and Toshiro at Vice Captain and 3rd Seat. He goes on a mission which most likely will take him to a place he doesn’t want to go, we also notice Aizen in the back planning it all before it failed.

Bleach 529 begins as Nimaiya asks Renji why he didn’t say anything, he thought that he would have gotten the least bit angry and not allow him, it seems like Renji has realized, that no matter how hard you try, its useless. Nimaiya Ouetsu mentions that he knows the exact position of all the Asauchi that he’s built so far.

He explains that all Shinigami are given an Asauchi, with hard training, they can make that Asauchi their own, that’s the origin and the basics of all the relationship between Shinigami and Zanpakuto, it’s absolute, all soldiers and captains go through the same processes. Even those of the Zero Division.

And even the one Zaraki stole from a corpse, he did this while the Asauchi had not fully gotten compatible with the soldier. Zaraki stole it from them and made it his own. He knows all of them, ever since the beginning of Soul Society, not even one Shinigami was able to awaken their Zanpakuto without one of his Asauchi.

Nimaiya knew that this method to get his Zanpakuto would have not worked for Ichigo, he also knew that Renji knew this too, however Ichigo didn’t know this, that’s why he has to find out who he really is, he has to find out where his soul resides and follow it from where. Isshin keeps on explaining the past of himself. We move onto the past where Rangiku Matsumoto is looking for her captain, she find him, she asks for a train to which she throws at a tree.

It hits the captain and he falls down, it seems like Isshin had stopped it right before it hit his face, Rangiku kicks the tray at his face, it presses so hard to his face that it nearly breaks his nose. Matsumoto isn’t happy with his attitude, she wants to take him back to force him to do his work. It’s revealed that Isshin’s second name is Shiba! Isshin Shiba, is the 10th Division Captain at that time.

Isshin hands the tray back and blames the crack on Rangiku. Matsumoto mentions that he may be a branched, but he’s head of the Shiba Family, so he needs to behave with honor, otherwise it will affect the honor of the main household too. Isshin mentions that she always uses the family card as her excuse.

They both scream at each other when Isshin calls Rangiku’s name, he says that because of the time she spend looking for him, her boobs look all shiny, he calls them nice! Rangiku gets pissed off and beats him up. They reach back at their base, where Toshiro stands as the 3rd seat of the 10th Division, it seems that he’s done all the work!

Isshin’s impressed, he lifts Toshiro up with his hands as though he’s a little boy, he then mentions that he’s worthy of being the next captain. Rangiku is shocked that he would say something like this, she mentions that she should be the captain, however Isshin tells her that she’ll would destroy the whole division, Toshiro also mentions that he’s Bankai Training is going well.

Toshiro reports in a problem to Isshin, he mentions that Narukishi is an average sized city, two months ago, the Shinigami in charge died accidentally, they received last month’s report and the cause is still unknown, last month two other people had died says Toshiro.

Out of nowhere, Isshin jumps out and goes to this place to investigate, he leaves everything to them, he goes alone when he tells them that he’ll be back in two days, Rangiku thinks she can go after her when he uses his speed to move out. Toshiro tells her that they mustn’t follow as it’s duty, the captain knows that it’s dangerous, that’s why he’s going alone, Toshiro then goes on to mention that at their power levels, they would only be in his way.

It a secret base somewhere, a man comes on, this man appears to asks if they got anything yet, Gin and Kaname say that they haven’t found anything. Kaname goes on to say that they were able to equip hollows with the targets hollowfication, he mentions that it’s too virulent thus won’t work on normal souls or the souls of division members.

This man reveals himself as being Aizen Sosuke! He mentions that it’s fine, they’ll soon be able to learn the whereabouts of Shinji Hirako’s gang of Vizards, they can lure them out and carry their experiments on, Gin and Kaname are asked to be patient. He tells them that everything will go according to their plan, this was before Ichigo was ever born,  and after Shinji and the others turned and obtained a mask. Bleach 529 ends here.

What a fantastic chapter, it’s all starting to be explained, plus it’s all being shown, from the very start of it all! It’s great to see Isshin being cleared up to be from the Shiba Clan, but this time it might be the end of his captaincy once he goes to the real world to meet Masaki Kurosaki! Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 530 when the story telling continues!

Please Stay – Gin and Matsumoto

bleach__please_stay____by_omega131-d5tdm8lRangiku Matsumoto and Gin Ichimaru have been seen to have some kind of spark in which determines that both of them were once in lust and continue on to love each other. However the disappearance of Ichimaru could prove that he may still be alive somewhere and Rangiku knows very well where he is. Could Matsumoto and Gin still have their relationship while we think he’s dead but really alive?

Gin’s death for that matter seems to be very suspicious to myself and many others. He was seen by many to die while looking upon Ichigo’s eyes in a way he never had seen, Ichigo’s eyes previously showed his weakness but now shows his tremendous power. He closed his eyes and it was possibly the end of Gin, but could there be a possibility that he was somehow still saved while we saw Ichigo going up against Aizen?

The incredible artwork above was done by none other than Omega131 who’s done a fantastic job of drawing this image. So I suggest you check her work out since she’s got a lot of different fan art!