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Friends with Shukuro Tsukishima – Bleach 357

Bleach 357 is one crazy episode. Starting off with Ichigo training to perfect his Fullbring, while both Inoue and Chad go to school to have a normal day.

We start of with Orihime and Chad walking to school, they both talk about what Tsukishima’s Fullbring ability is. Both of them have been cut by his blade, but had no effect until this episode. His abilities start to appear within Orihime as her most fond memory of herself and her brother come back, but with a dark figure which has a face looking like Tsukishima’s.

As they arrive at school, they are greeted by Tatsuki and Keigo. Both Chad and Orihime notice that their friends have had contact with someone possessing strong Spiritual Pressure.

When they both go to the Hospital to see how Ishida is doing, they notice that he has escaped from the hospital. As he could have finally remembered who had cut him in the first place.

As they go to the Miyashita High School, they notice that Moe Shishigawara is not there and had to run as the other school kids were running after them. They came to a stop below a railway, at this time Orihime started to see different things which meant that Tsukishima’s powers were taking effect.

Orihime started to see how when she was little, Tsukishima came to help her out or when they went with Tsukishima to Soul Society to get Rukia back. She being confused had an effect as they weren’t able to kill him.

Angry Chad, opens his Fullbring and starts out with a massive explosive attack. Both Chad and Tsukishima start to fight on top of a building while Orihime helps her using her powers.

When Chad is close enough, he opens his Brazo Izquierdo Del Diablo, which really does take an effect on Tsukishima as he is now really injured, even if his quick. Chad shouts for Orihime to attack, at this moment Tsukishima gets Orihime under his attack and her vision of her brother changes to Tsukishima.

Out of panic, Chad attacks and is quickly taken under Tsukishima’s special ability also. This meant that both of them are now under his full control. Both unconscious on the pavement, at this moment, Bleach 357 ends!

Well that was an amazing episode. Really can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 358 episode when Ichigo is really to open his Fullbring. This is when the real panic is going to kick in for Ichigo. All his family and friends will turn on him and make him go crazy.

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Welcome to Xcution – Ichigo’s Full Fullbring Form – Bleach 356

Bleach 356 is probably one of the best episodes a Bleach fan could watch. Ichigo continues his battle with Ginjo while Orihime comes to heal him. Ichigo looses his vision and develops a different kind of vision helping him to see where Ginjo is.

This episode starts out by when Orihime comes to heal Ichigo at his time of need. As she tries to help and heal Ichigo, Ginjo attacks to keep the pressure on for Ichigo allowing him to  quickly develop his Fullbring. As he goes to attack, Orihime opens up her Shitenkoshun which when hit it diffuses the impact of an attack by exploding the moment it’s hit. And at the same time, it automatically responds with a reactive attack of its own, “A Detonation Shield” says Ginjo.

When Ichigo becomes ready, both Ichigo and Ginjo begin the battle. As before Ichigo is once again is determined to quickly gain his powers. When Ichigo hasn’t got his head in the game, Ginjo forces Ichigo to fight harder when Ginjo cuts the space where his eyes were.

This angering Ichigo as Orihime has been stopped and caged by Yukio to help him. Ichigo starts to babble and asks if Ginjo is truly on Ichigo’s side and if his purposes are just to help Ichigo. Ichigo starts to attack randomly as he’s now partially blind.

Ginjo stabs Ichigo and within moments, Ginjo starts to say that he will kill Orihime and Chad, and lastly kill Ichigo too. This sends Ichigo into a wild anger streak, makes Ichigo see Ginjo in his Spiritual Pressure.

After this Ichigo’s current Fullbring form explodes and a sort of glowing white Fullbring appears coming out from Ichigo. As angry Ichigo targets Ginjo for his doings, Ginjo blocks the attack only using his hands and pushes it down. This has been done because the soul squeezed into the item when it’s released all at once. Without another person being there, the wielder’s body cannot withstand the force.

Ginjo had to be there to initiate the anger within Ichigo so his Fullbring Form could be completed. As we saw, Ichigo has completed his Fullbring Form completely. Ginjo congratulates Ichigo in his achievement and says “Welcome to Xcution”.

What a fantastic episode that was. Specially when Ginjo beat the life out of Ichigo until he released his final form. Hopefully Bleach 357 will be better, as something even better is coming to the story. You guys wont see where it came from.

Ichigo’s Fullbring Stages

During Ichigo’s training with the Xcution Crew, Ichigo obtains this form of Fullbring on his first training session. This is when he is fighting Mr. Pork, a doll which was manipulated by Riruka’s Fullbring Powers.

Ichigo develops this circular attack technique during his first training session, he beats Mr. Pork with this technique the first time. But during his second training session, he would need to better this technique and release a more powerful attack, as this time, both plush dolls Mr. Pork and Mr. Chicken are even more powerful due to the fact that they have both evolved. What he does, is he realizes that he needs to charge up the technique and then quickly releases. This technique is able to kill both animals.

Ichigo’s Fullbring goes a little out of control during the middle of his fight with Jackie Tristan. This happened because Ichigo, as always, pushed himself to hard to carry out his Fullbring as soon as possible. As his power becomes unstable, Jackie pressures Ichigo to stop the fight, but he insists on carry on fighting.

When Tsukishima slices Riruka’s Dollhouse Box in two, both Ichigo and Jackie Tristan spew out from it. Jackie Injured while Ichigo has a new form. Chad suggests it looks like the garment soul reapers have to wear, which it does. But it suggests that Ichigo’s Power is wearable. This form evolved as his reiatsu has covered his whole body, therefore meaning that his power is like his Bankai, when a part is cut off, that part of the power is therefore lost or is used.

This is Ichigo’s Final Fullbring Form. Ichigo gains his full form during his training with Ginjo Kugo himself. The tactic Ginjo uses, is that he pressures Ichigo by cutting and hurting him. When Ichigo’s eyes are covered with blood due to Ginjo cutting around Ichigo eyes, this gives Ichigo the power to see reiatsu instead of his normal vision. Ginjo kicks and stabs Ichigo just to get him open his Fullbring. At that instant, Ichigo transforms into his full Fullbring form as well as stabbing Ginjo for what he did to Ichigo.

Spoiler: Ichigo’s Fullbring is then stolen by Kugo Ginjo, as the plan for the Xcution was to steal his power and distribute between themselves, helping them to get even stronger. All that work Ichigo did went to waste, however it was beneficial for the Soul Society because they were on the look out for Kugo Ginjo. Long Story Short: Kugo Ginjo is the bad guy.

Ichigo vs. Tsukishima – Bleach 353

What an interesting episode Bleach 353 has been. Ichigo finally meets the person who stabbed Uryu Ishida (Or it is? ;) ). Ginjo defends Ichigo from Tsukishima’s harm and the Xcution HQ gets a hole. Like they didn’t any light in there.

If you guys didn’t watch last week’s episode, read about the fight between Jackie Tristan and Ichigo Kurosaki here.

Today’s episode first starts with Riruka’s Dollhouse being cut while Jackie and Ichigo bring thrown out. We see Jackie nearly being killed due to the overwhelming power Ichigo has. She becomes unconscious because she’s ran out of reiatsu.

As Chad looks at Ichigo’s new look, he notices that it looks a lot like a Shihakusho (A Garment a Soul Reaper is required to wear). He first presumes that his Soul Reaper powers have returned, but then questions himself and says it’s a Clad-Type Fullbring. For Ichigo, wearing his power is his true form.

Tsukishima then strikes Ichigo with his sword to test, how well Ichigo can defend himself. Ichigo asks who he is and Tsukishima replies “I’m Shukuro Tsukishima”. As soon as he says this, Chad jumps up and tries to smash Tsukishima, instead he smashes a hole in the Xcution HQ wall.

Outside, Ichigo hears Chad and Ginjo talking about how Orihime was attacked by Tsukishima. Ichigo then realizes that his friends were so concerned about him. At this point Ichigo goes on an all out attack on Tsukishima to kill him for attacking Orihime and Uryu.

Ginjo has been very shocked at Ichigo progression of getting his Fullbring, since he’s going at a very quick pace. When we saw Ichigo used his Bringer Light during Jackie Tristan’s fight, he used it again here. Ginjo gets very shocked here also. As always Ichigo keeps attacking, both using the Bringer Light on the concrete as well as the air to catapult himself to where Tsukishima is. As he does this, Tsukishima attacks him and Ichigo’s Fullbring disappears from his left arm. This is similar to his Bankai, his reiatsu corresponds to his wear-able cloths.

As Tsukishima goes for the crucial blow, Ginjo steps in to save Ichigo. For those who are unaware of Tsukishima’s Fullbring and what effects it has on objects and people, I’ll explain. Well, Tsukishima can insert his “presence” into the pasts of whatever he cuts with his sword such as, people or objects, and appears to gain knowledge of the memories that have been altered. To those affected by this power, it doesn’t matter whether they trust him or not. To them, Tsukishima was always a part of their past. From somewhere in their lives, as family, a friend or lover, he is deeply entrenched into their personal lives, even to the point of usurping other’s roles in history. If Tsukishima cuts the same person twice, they will return to normal.

This might come to a surprise to most of you, but Ginjo was cut once before by Tsukishima, and when Tsukishima strikes Ginjo this time, the presence of Tsukishima on Ginjo is wiped clean. From this point on, the attitude Ginjo has on Ichigo changes. From what he says “Now shut up and go to sleep.” to when Ginjo elbows Ichigo right in the neck.

From this point on, Ginjo has probably got his memories back and thus knows what’s going on. And the fight between Tsukishima and Ginjo was also somewhat fake as they both weren’t giving it all, all when Ginjo released his Fullbring powers from his sword which smashed and toppled a building.

As they both fight, Ichigo attacks Tsukishima from the back. Attack after attack, Tsukishima and Chad both notice that Ichigo’s attack has changed, to a little from like Ginjo’s. As they both fight, Ichigo’s pressure increases dramatically and his reiatsu goes from his black reiatsu to his old black and red reiatsu. Tsukishima’s hand gets burned in the process. “Your power is now much closer to the power you once possessed.” This said by Tsukishima, hints that Tsukishima has been looking at Ichigo for a long time now.

As Ichigo goes for an attack, Yukio steps in with his Fullbring “Invaders Must Die” to lock up Ichigo as this fight progresses. As Ginjo mentioned, Ichigo should stop fighting with his current incomplete Fullbring, and should finish it before he is killed.

What a fantastic episode that was. Plus the number of words that I’ve written is blowing my mind. I guess, amazing episodes deserve a cool 750+ word blog post. I’m sure next week’s Bleach 354 episode will be incredible!

Tsukishima arrives at Xcution HQ – Bleach 352

Bleach 352 had fights (look here), discussions and introductions. During Ichigo’s training with Jackie Tristan, Tsukishima suddenly appears by surprise.

Ichigo had recently just learned about how to use his own Fullbring. Tsukishima had just appeared during the chat about Orihime being attacked with Ginjo and Chad. Chad pressured Ginjo into telling him what Tsukishima’s Fullbring is.

Ginjo tells him that Tsukishima has no Fullbring ability except that his sword is able to cut anything he wishes. I also noticed that Ginjo is trying to convince Chad that Tsukishima wasn’t the one who stabbed Orihime Inoue.

At this moment, Tsukishima enter by cutting the door in half using his sword. As he comes in, Tsukishima tells Yukio to stop playing games and read books, Giriko to stop drinking and notices that Jackie and Riruka are now missing. He also notices the box, belonging to Riruka’s Dollhouse Fullbring, that Ichigo is definitely training within it.

He cuts the box open and sees Ichigo’s Fullbring Form, the last moments he had within the episode were that he was very curious to how much his Fullbring powers have grown.

Well, that was certainly interesting! It’s unbelievable, next week’s Bleach 353 episode will have Kugo Ginjo fighting Tsukishima. Hopefully that will be amazing!

Jackie Tristan’s Fullbring Releases – Bleach 351

Jackie Tristan’s Fullbring has been released! Within Bleach 351, Ichigo evolves his Fullbring powers to an extent that he has to fight the woman with Dirty Boots.

As shown above, Jackie Tristan’s Fullbring, called Dirty Boots,  can be activated when both of her shoes rub together to create friction. When activated, her boots extend further up to her legs, she gains an armor on her shoulders and on her forearms, a scarf is generated around her neck, and a dark-colored hat appears on her head with a cloth hanging in front of the right side of her face.

The strength of Dirty Boots would increases when they become dirtier, regardless of whether it is from mud, blood, or any other substance which would make them dirtier. With them, Jackie is able to use very strong physical attacks to create tremors on the ground upon striking the opponent, object of even the ground. Jackie is able to move at speeds unlike any other human.

This fight between Ichigo and Jackie has just started, and on next week’s Bleach 352, I predict it will conclude! Hopefully it will be an impressive fights!

Ichigo continues to explore his Fullbring! – Bleach 351

In today’s Bleach 351, Ichigo develops a new current Fullbring to display six points on his combat pass instead of 4. This episode also builds up tension between Ichigo and Jackie Tristan’s Fight.

This episode starts out with Jackie Tristan waking up in her bed having the same old dream, of her family dying right in front of her. Quickly its diverted to Ichigo as he arrives at the Xcution HQ. It’s the next say from the last Bleach 350 episode, and Ichigo is all well  and ready to get back to training.

Riruka pops back into the room with a birdcage, now with two animals instead of just one before. Mr. Pork and Mr. Chicken, all ready to fight. The fight starts out, Ichigo pulls one of his moves when he sends a circular, but unfortunately misses Mr. Pork.

After a while, Ichigo thinks of a way to suppress and spend more time on collecting his power into that attack. We can see that Ichigo’s Combat Pass now turns from four to six points. He quickly sends it to both Mr. Pork and Mr. Chicken, they are then brutally injured and die.

This breaks the cage in which Riruka has put them in. Ginjo is more than shocked that Ichigo was able to break the surrounding of the cage, as well as just started to improve his Fullbring, Ichigo is able to do such an extraordinary thing.

At a later time with Sado, he notices that he is being followed by someone. They guess that it was the same person that Uryu was cut by in addition to the person that cut Orihime too. With Sado speculating the right things, such as that Tsukishima’s power is to alter people’s memory, Sado is in to be the next target by Tsukishima’s Book of the End Fullbring.

Today’s episode was fantastic! It showed more about Ichigo’s Fullbring. In next week’s Bleach 352 episode, I predict Tsukishima will be introduced to the Xcution Crew.

The Truth about Shukuro Tsukishima – Bleach 350

In today’s Bleach 350, quite a lot of information had been told by Kugo Ginjo, for instant, he told that Tsukishima was the leader of the Xcution at the beginning.

Xcution came together for a shared purpose and worked together to erase their Fullbring powers. Tsukishima discovered a way to transfer their Fullbring powers to a Substitute Soul Reaper. After the Substitute Shinigami Soul Reaper accepted the powers of several of our group members. Tsukishima suddenly had a change of heart. He killed both the Substitute Soul Reaper and the members of our group who gave him their powers, and disappeared from the Xcution.

He’s aim is to prevent the current Xcution Leader Kugo Ginjo and all other members. His aim would be to make contact with Ichigo Kurosaki, a Substitute Soul Reaper. He attacked Uryu Ishida and made contact with Orihime Inoue, and tried to attract your attention by using a different, and more violent means than the current Xcution did.

Spoiler: What had been explained above was from Bleach 350, after a few episodes, you’ll find out that this technically wasn’t correct and there’s a larger story to all this.

Don’t forget to watch next week’s Bleach 351 episode! It’s going to be amazing!

Orihime attacked by Tsukishima – Bleach 350

In today’s Bleach 350,Tsukishima meets and attacks Orihime. He plants something within Orihime to which the Anime only viewers still don’t know.

As from last week, we saw that Tsukishima went to see Orihime and was told that he is not there to harm her, yet. Read about last weeks episode here.

Today’s episode, from the images above, we can see that Orihime is stabbed by Tsukishima’s Fullbring sword. Although she was not cut or stabbed or even bleed. She was mentally in shock when Ichigo and Sado arrived. For an instant she wondered how she could be cut while not  being injured.

Another hint at what Tsukishima’s power is when Orihime mentions to Ichigo and Sado, that Tsukishima was a ‘friend’ even when she got stabbed by him. Orihime could have said anything, but to mention ‘friend’ was a little weird.

When Orihime was on the phone with Sado after the incident, she mentions to Sado, “I’m positive I was cut, but when I came to, there was no wound”. She also says, “When you and Kurosaki came, for a split second, I thought that person as a ‘friend’.”.

Tsukishima’s Fullbring is yet unknown to the only anime watchers, but we can get a sense of the type of Fullbring he posses. “It felt like I thought about the past and suddenly I remembered who he was.”. I think that quote above said by Orihime, could be the biggest clue to Tsukishima Fullbring. Also forgot to mention he’s fullbring name is ‘Book of the End’.

So today’s episode revealed a lot of information about Tsukishima’s Character. Don’t forget to read tomorrow’s Bleach 475 with Ichigo’s New Bankai Look, as well as watching next week’s Bleach 351.

Orihime meets Tsukishima, “The one who attacked Ishida was me” – Bleach 349

Tsukishima introduced himself to Orihime as the bad guy. Moe Shishigawara finds out how beautiful Orihime is.

Today’s episode, we see Orihime being told that Tsukishima, this mysterious skillful ex Xcution leader, to be person who tried to fataly injure Uryu Ishida. Moe, the guy with the mo-hock, finds Orihime very attractive, which results him in not being able to fight Orhime, only until he mentions Uryu’s name, Orihime gets serious enough for both to fight.

Only until to find out that Tsukishima, silently and swiftly pop by to pay Orihime a visit. “Tsukishima introduces himself to Orihime, but Shishigawara interrupts their conversation, insisting that he will be able to take care of Orihime for him and tries to fight her. Tsukishima tells him to go home, but Shishigawara refuses. Tsukishima closes his book and reminds Shishigawara that he told him that he didn’t need to do anything, and asks why he is still there. Shishigawara tells him that he wants to be useful to him. Tsukishima then casually remarks that he lost his page and takes out his bookmark, turning it into a sword. He asks Shishigawara if he minds taking responsibility for his lost page. Upon seeing the sword, Orihime asks him if it is a Zanpakutō. Tsukishima replies that it is not; it is actually his Fullbring, Book of the End.” source: bleach.wikia.com

What a great episode that was! Cannot wait for the next Bleach 350! Keep reading in addition watching episodes.