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Natsu and Atlas Flames vs Future Rogue and Mother Glare

Ultear’s Last Ages! Gray is Alive – Fairy Tail 197

Fairy Tail 197 shows the despair in which Ultear is in to which she decides to user her Last Age’s Magic to turn back time for a mere one minute, to which it aids in bringing back Gray from the death as well as giving everyone a fighting chance. Everyone is down and has no where to go, however the 1 minute they saw into the future has allowed them to overcome the tactics from the Dragons and attack back.  Continue reading

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Fairy Ghoul – Gajeel and Levy

Fairy Ghoul Gajeel and Levy by awskitee

Fairy Tail and Tokyo Ghoul go hand in hand in this image as Gajeel, being a Ghoul, is with Levy who seems to be an innocent human. Gajeel and Levy from the anime Fairy Tail are seen to be a couple in both the anime and in this image. In this image, Gajeel is a ghoul with the power as shown while he has Levy’s eyes covered. Begin a Ghoul must be hard for him to show his love to her.  Continue reading

Gajeel cries by mansour-s

Gajeel’s Steel Dragon Sword! Torafusa Defeated – Fairy Tail 397

Fairy Tail 397 shows the real power to live when Gajeel unleashes his Steel Dragon Sword which is a mix of his Iron and Carbon from the water, he uses it to defeat Torafusa in just one strike! Gajeel also remembers the moment he talked to one of the council members when he got arrested and was on trial. Levy helps Gajeel out when he needs air.  Continue reading

Gray Killed by Beam

Gray’s Death! Fairy Tail’s Demise – Fairy Tail 196

Fairy Tail 196 brings an end to Gray’s Life as he is killed by the mini-monsters spawned in by Mother Glare, Fairy Tail begins to lose its grips on the whole situation when most of the members are hurt badly that they aren’t able to move. Gray’s Death in general creates a dimension where Fairy Tail members can finally die, it being protagonists or just normal members. Continue reading

Mavis Vermillion 13 Years Old

Mavis Meets Yuriy! Game of Truths – Fairy Tail Zero 2

Fairy Tail Zero 2 see’s the first meeting of Mavis and Yuriy as they bet their knowledge on the Game of Truths, as Yuriy investigates for the Tenrou Jade! Mavis and Zeira still live on the island all by themselves trying to clean up everything that had previously happened. Continue reading

Natsu lands on Atlas Flame

Natsu and Atlas Flames! Rogue’s Future – Fairy Tail 195

Fairy Tail 195 see’s the arrival of Natsu onto the Fire Giant known as Atlas Flames to which Natsu without question begins to engulf the delicious hellfire which he provides giving him strength we’ve never seen before. We also discuss the fact that humanity is losing against the dragons and are unable to do a single thing as Future Rogue is the cause of this, Ultear mentions that if the current Rogue is killed, such a future would not exist.  Continue reading

Gajeel kisses Levy by IITheYahikoDarkII

Gajeel vs Torafusa! Levy’s Kiss – Fairy Tail 396

Fairy Tail 396 see’s the great battle between Gajeel vs Torafusa while at the same time Fairy Tail are under trouble when Levy aids Gajeel in kissing and giving him the precious air he desperately requires.  Torafusa is able to move quickly against Natsu and the others as they’ve already passed out from the poisonous waters that covers them.  Continue reading

Jellal helps Erza

Dragon Slayers Fight Dragons! Zirconis’ Magic – Fairy Tail 194

Fairy Tail 194 see’s the Dragon Slayers fight against the 7 Dragons from the past, we also get to see the magic which Zirconis possesses as it enables him to remove all the clothes which the humans wear and thus enables him to eat them. We also see an tired and wounded Erza nearly die just before Jellal shows up to help her, when Millianna appears. Continue reading

Aquarius and Lucy Cosplay by Ginkirii

Cosplay Monday: Aquarius and Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy Heartfilia and her celestial spirit Aquarius have had quite the past, they have been together for a very long time now and as a present from her own mother, Lucy was given Aquarius when she was young. As the cosplay shows, both have a funny story together, Aquarius doesn’t always get along with Lucy but she does her job to help her out.  Continue reading

Natsu vs Rogue

7 Dragon Slayers vs 7 Dragons – Fairy Tail 193

Fairy Tail 193 (Season 2 Episode 18) see’s humanity and Dragons slayers fight back against Future Rogue and the 7 dragons as Natsu pumps everyone’s hopes up to fight and stay alive. All guilds have combined their strength in order to stop against the dragon they’re facing, however it’s too much for them, thus even the prisoner Cobra is called out to battle against the dragons.  Continue reading