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Fairy Tail wait for Orders

Fairy Tactician! Eclipse 2 Plan – Fairy Tail 178

Fairy Tail 178 shows Mavis’ true colours as she is revealed to be a great tactician while she was still alive, she predicts and calculates what the fights are going turn out to be, we also learn that after Natsu helps Lucy’s escape, they falls into the Hell Prison. We find out who the princess is and who the person is who put them in the prison, this being Hisui E. Fiore.  Continue reading

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Young Mirajane Fairy Tail 381 Header by SeireiArt

Elfman Arrives! Mirajane vs Sayla – Fairy Tail 381

Fairy Tail 382 sees the arrival and help of Elfman when Mirajane needs his help the most, she tries her best to take control of Sayla using her Take Over but she is unable to. Elfman arrives in style to smash Sayla to the ground whereby Mirajane’s past is also shown is perfectly tied into how she feels at the moment.  Continue reading

Natsu replaced by Juvia

Final Grand Magic Battle! Eclipse Plan – Fairy Tail 177

Fairy Tail 177 is back with an exciting battle whereby all of the main six guilds are through and ready to battle it out to see who, after Lector’s disappearance, Sabertooth seems very disturbed. Fairy Tail also find out the real plan about Eclipse where they’d like to travel back 400 years in order to defeat Zeref before he becomes immortal. Lucy gets captured in the process to which Natsu gets involved and wants to save her. Continue reading

Fairy Tail 380 Mirajane by designerenan

Tartarus’ Demon King! Hell’s Core – Fairy Tail 380

Fairy Tail 380 goes ahead to release Sayla’s limiter where by she instantly becomes a lot quicker and much more stronger than previously to allow her to fight Mirajane, we also get a peek at END, which is a book, whereby the Demon King, Marde Guille takes care of it. Ezel and Franmalth also try to revive themselves however the flasks which held them were quickly destroyed by Mirajane in an effort to stop them coming back.  Continue reading

White and Shadow Rogue and Sting by Kuru-rin

Cosplay Monday: Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney

Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney highly deserve this week’s Cosplay Monday from the latest Fairy Tail 176 episode, we saw the disappearance of Lector as he tried to convince Jiemma that Rogue and Sting are still very powerful. A loss such as this deserves a fantastic cosplay such as this one.  Continue reading

Humans involved in battle Dragon Slayers Born

Human Acnologia! Dragon Graveyard – Fairy Tail 176

Fairy Tail 176 is finally upon as, as I say that we learn a great deal whereby Acnologia, the Dragon Kind, is revealed to have started out as a human who killed and bathed in dragon’s blood. Gajeel shows everyone the Dragon Graveyard whereby Wendy uses her Milky Way to call upon Zirconis who tells them about the Dragons and how they disappeared. We also see Lector getting killed by Jiemma, the Guild Master, leading Sting to critically injure Jiemma.  Continue reading

Lucy Angry by designerrenan

Franmalth Defeated! Release The Light – Fairy Tail 379

Fairy Tail 379 shows Tartarus’ realization that Face has been stopped by Fairy Tail in which they panic and quickly begin to lose the fight, however Minerva challenges Erza and Franmalth loses when Lucy realises that he’s a Spirit himself. Hades appears for a brief moment to warn Natsu that Tartarus’ plan is not Face but in fact something much bigger, thus they’re told to release The Light.  Continue reading

Mavis Vermilion in Fairy Tail Zero Header

Hiro Mashima to release monthly “Fairy Tail Zero” Manga

Hiro Mashima, the creator of Fairy Tail, has recently announced that he’s planning on releasing a brand new series called “Fairy Tail Zero”. The monthly manga series follows the secret origins of the Fairy Tail Guild and how it all began. We follow Mavis Vermillion as the main protagonist of the story. Mashima himself knows that he will be working on two different work series, the weekly and the just announced monthly.  Continue reading

Gildarts Clive Cosplay by Elffi

Cosplay Monday: Gildarts Clive

Gildarts Clive gets this week’s awesome Cosplay Monday as he being a Fairy Tail Mage he’s not the conventional person. He supports the guild by actually exploring the world in which they live in, he goes from village to village doing his own deed. Being one of the most powerful Mage’s around he definitely deserves the spot of this week’s Cosplay Monday.  Continue reading

Fairy Tail 378 Wendy I'm sorry by Stingcunha

Face Explodes! Doranbolt Saves Wendy – Fairy Tail 378

Fairy Tail 378 a great chapter by which Wendy and Carla begin to talk as though they’re at the end of their lives, they mention that stopping Face will cause a large explosion to which they won’t escape. However when the agree upon doing such a thing and stopping the countdown and Face, they are quickly saved by Doranbolt who quickly flashes in and out saving both of them.  Continue reading