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Ultear older

Ultear’s Goodbye! Doranbolt’s Memory Wipe – Fairy Tail 200

Fairy Tail 200 is a slow episode featuring the departure of Ultear from the show as she is now much older, she leaves Jellal and Meredy a very sad message and see’s Gray at one point too. Jellal and Meredy also find out that Doranbolt has successfully been able to memory wipe everyone’s memory’s about the Dragons incident.  Continue reading

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Mavis on an adventure

Mavis On Adventure! Tenrou Jade Stolen – Fairy Tail Zero 3

Fairy Tail Zero 3 battles Yuriy as Mavis seems to have thought over him in a way he never imagined, plus it seems that Warrod and Precht have gone ahead to find the Tenrou Jade missing. Mavis asks if she can accompany them in seeing the world as well as find the Tenrou Island, to bring back.  Continue reading

Natsu is King

The Grand Ball! Mage’s Invited To Palace – Fairy Tail 199

Fairy Tail 199 sees the mages have a little fun as they’re invited to the Palace for the first time for the Grand Ball to celebrate the defeat and savior of the Palace and Fiore. Everyone dresses up and has fun both conversing as well as eating the food available. Everyone even tries to get Yukino into their guilds. Continue reading

Igneel appears by claudiadragneel

Igneel Appears From Natsu! Acnologia vs Igneel – Fairy Tail 400

Fairy Tail 400 shows the arrival of Igneel, to which he’s always been inside Natsu when he appears, he mentions that he will deal with Acnologia while he battles END. The 400th chapters see’s the arrival of the awesome Igneel as he’s summoned from inside of Natsu. Natsu cry’s as he see’s his own father for the first time in a long time. Continue reading

Megara and Hercules – Mirajane and Laxus

Mirajane and Laxus in Hercules by Sunhee2244

Within Fairy Tail we see many members of the guild to be in a group and maybe even couple, from which Laxus and Mirajane seem to be a good match as seen in the above picture. We see Megara in the form of Mirajane and Hercules as Laxus to which he seems to have come to her rescue. Continue reading

Acnologia arrives fairy tail 399 by bejitsu

Acnologia Approaches! Igneel’s Move – Fairy Tail 399

Fairy Tail 399 shows Acnologia approaching where everyone can hear it’s roar, Igneel is seen to have noticed and seen to think about making a move and appearing. Natsu and everyone else, including Mard Geer notice the arrival and approach of Acnologia, unknowing to what it’s intentions are they can do nothing. Continue reading

Armorless Erza Cosplay

Cosplay Monday: Armorless Erza Scarlet

Erza Scarlet is one of the strongest characters within Fairy Tail, she has the ability and drive to demolish any and all enemies who step in her way to keep Fairy Tail safe. All her armors add to what she is, however this Cosplay adds nothing except light weight and agility as she is able to jump and swiftly move closer to kicking any enemies butt. Continue reading

Lucy and Natsu

Eclipse Gate Destroyed! Dragon Invasion Ends – Fairy Tail 198

Fairy Tail 198 gets underway to see the end of the arc as the Eclipse Gate is destroyed by a falling dragon,  all the dragons as well as the Future Lucy and Future Rogue all disappear from that time line. The Dragon Invasion ends as they all go back to their own timeline from which they came from. Continue reading

Fairy Tail 398 I will stop face Erza by designerennan

Gray defeats Tempesta! Erza vs Kyouka – Fairy Tail 398

Fairy Tail 398 see’s the arrival of Gray when he saves Gajeel and defeats Tempesta using his Demon Slayer magic to freeze him up while Erza faces Kyouka who has absorbed Sayla’s Soul. Gajeel is truly flabbergasted by the actions of Gray as he takes him out in just a few hits, without even using his true powers.  Continue reading

Once Upon A Time – Fairy Tail

Once Upon A Time Fairy Tail by Takyya

Fairy Tail is a fantastic story indeed, with the great adventures from all of the character, we are definitely following something amazing. We see this within the image above a great story being told by Levi surrounded by Natsu, Erza, Laxus, Mirajane, and others listening to the story. Continue reading