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It’s Not Raining Anymore – Gray and Juvia

It's Not Raining Anymore by black2sun2

Gray and Juvia have been together for a large time now, from which we know that Juvia has a crush on him for all that time. As the image shows we can see that the rain which Juvia was consumed by, all her hate and violence come from it, however as Gray got into her life, she began to understand everything, especially love and compassion towards things. Continue reading

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Natsu vs Rogue

Eclipse Gate Opens! Natsu vs Future Rogue – Fairy Tail 191

Fairy Tail 191 (season 2 episode 16) enhances on who Future Rogue really is, to which his theory of Lucy closing the gate may in fact be true, as the Eclipse Gate Opens her will changes and she is possessed by something to which it leads her to close the gate. Natsu and Future Rogue battle it out to which it’s revealed that he has also defeated Future Sting and has absorbed his abilities too.  Continue reading

Mavis keeps feelings in her heart

Fairies In Your Heart – Fairy Tail Zero 1

Fairy Tail Zero 1 follows the story of Mavis Vermillion as we discover what happened before Fairy Tail itself as we see how Fairy Tail as a guild was built and made to what it is now. This is a monthly issue so it will get released monthly, not weekly. We follow Mavis’ journey within a Guild in Tenrou Island to which she gets bullied, however one day a fight breaks out and she’s the only remaining person there. Until a few people others arrive.  Continue reading

Silver and Gray Father and Son

Silver’s Corpse! Father and Son – Fairy Tail 393

Fairy Tail 393 reveals who and what Silver is, to which Keith, the necromancer, has brought back Silver from the dead and thus is nothing but a dead corpse. While at the same time he tells Juvia that she must defeat Keith. We also learn the name of Gray’s mother to be Maki who also died during the attack from Deliora in his village.  Continue reading

Natsu cries at Lucy's death

Future Rogue Cheney! Eclipse Portal – Fairy Tail 190

Fairy Tail 190 (Season 2 Episode 15) reveals the fact that Lucy wasn’t the only one who traveled back in time, Rogue from 7 years in the future also traveled back. While Future Rogue confronts his target to kill, which is Lucy, Future Lucy gets in the way as a shadow-dagger heads towards Lucy. In Future Lucy’s dying moments, it’s revealed that she didn’t close the Eclipse Gate. Natsu gets really mad and is quickly ready to torch Rogue.  Continue reading

Fairy Tail 392 Gray My Family by Natsuki-oniichan

Gray defeats Silver! Wendy’s Plan – Fairy Tail 392

Fairy Tail 392 shows the sorrow ending to which Gray knew that Silver was not Deliora, this reveals the questions to what he’s doing there and why he did all this, he was defeated using a new technique Gray just revealed. While all this is going on, we get to see Wendy make a plan to return to Warren to which they plan on using his abilities to contact other guilds to help them in their challenge with these Face weapons.  Continue reading

Gray Juvia Erza Gajeel and Laxus stand strong

Fairy Tail Wins Magic Games! Eclipse Ready – Fairy Tail 189

Fairy Tail 189 (Season 2 Episode 14) has a lot of emotions and feelings dependent on them to which they are most likely to make you happy or even tear you up as Fairy Tail wins with all Five members standing while Lector and Sting reunite with the help of Millianna. On top of which Hisui gets the Eclipse ready to which it will be opened very soon.  Continue reading

Gray looks upon you by designerrenan

Gray vs Silver! Deliora’s Terror – Fairy Tail 391

Fairy tail 391 continues with Gray vs Silver (Deliora) as Silver seems to be trumping Gray at every corner, as well as using his father’s body to throw Gray off, Gray is unable to do anything as Silver can use his counter magic and absorb the attack. The story continues on as the young boy, Gray, seems to also remember his father telling him that he needs to go full-out when attacking. Continue reading

Laxus and Jura's eyes

Laxus vs Jura! Gajeel defeats Rogue – Fairy Tail 188

Fairy Tail 188 (Season 2 Episode 13) gets even better as the battle between Jura and Laxus finally begins, while Gajeel’s Iron Shadow Dragon Mode quickly overwhelms Rogue/Shadow as their battle also finishes. While this continues we see that Erza is taking a beating from Minerva, on top of which Arcadios realises that Hisui has been lying to him.  Continue reading

Silver is Deliora by belucen

Silver is Deliora! Destined To Fight – Fairy Tail 390

Fairy Tail 390 reveals the great Silver Fullbuster to be the Deliora in Gray’s father body while he gets angry while they’re destined to fight! While this goes on we see others go ahead and fight their respective enemies. Mard Geer goes on ahead to fight Sting and Rogue realizing while Humans are so ignorant. While Erza and Minerva go to try and disable the Face Weapons.  Continue reading