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Repaying The Celestial Spirits! – Fairy Tail 204

Fairy Tail 204 seems like a stupid filler episode to me, Yukino, Lucy, Natsu and the others go into a hill to find themselves repaying the celestial spirits that had helped them to close the Eclipse Gate. We see some laughs here and there with the celestial spirits, however mostly it was a poor episode that I really didn’t like. Continue reading Repaying The Celestial Spirits! – Fairy Tail 204

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Face Explodes! Doranbolt Saves Wendy – Fairy Tail 378

Fairy Tail 378 a great chapter by which Wendy and Carla begin to talk as though they’re at the end of their lives, they mention that stopping Face will cause a large explosion to which they won’t escape. However when the agree upon doing such a thing and stopping the countdown and Face, they are quickly saved by Doranbolt who quickly flashes in and out saving both of them.  Continue reading Face Explodes! Doranbolt Saves Wendy – Fairy Tail 378

Wendy defeats Ezel! Countdown to Face – Fairy Tail 377

Fairy Tail 377 begins as Wendy uses her newly found ability of Dragon Force to go hell on Earth as well as kicking Ezel’s ass all over the place. She also uses her power to destroy the Face statue or weapon there however the count down keeps on going, the Cube in which Natsu and others are on vibrates even more after detecting this. What will happen to them now?  Continue reading Wendy defeats Ezel! Countdown to Face – Fairy Tail 377

Jackal Defeated, Natsu Wins! Afro Happy – Fairy Tail 362

Fairy Tail 362 shows how powerful Fairy Tail really is, from how underestimated they’ve really been by the demons and Tartarus. It’s impressive how Jackal’s transformation was stopped and neutralised within just a few moments. Unfortunately, the village was not harmed and still stays. They haven’t learnt much after Jackal had exploded. Continue reading Jackal Defeated, Natsu Wins! Afro Happy – Fairy Tail 362

Gray Defeats Doriarte! Hell Gate’s Opened – Fairy Tail 350


Fairy Tail 350 reveals a dark truth, while Doriarte fights, he gets bigger and stronger to a point that he screams out and turns everyone into their younger form, this includes Minerva and the thieves. Gray realises that he can use a deeper power within the Ice to defeat Doriarte which we see him, however after that a monster appears and eats Doriarte after he explains that they’ve opened the Gates to Hell!

Fairy Tail 350 begins as Gray realises that he’s fighting a demon, something from the book of Zeref. Gray keeps getting pushed around, Doriarte screams out and concerts everyone to their smaller form, including Gray, Natsu, Erza, Minerva Lucy, Flare, Wendy and the thieves. It even changes Happy and Carla’s forms. They aren’t able to fly from where they are.

Gray gets ready and attack using his ice magic, it doesn’t seem to work, he even goes for its legs and still nothing. Gray keeps being pushed and beaten around. Gray realises that from a single blow he’s able to do so much damage. Plus he’s magic power keeps increasing, Doriarte gets close up and goes for a punch, Gray doesn’t know what else to do.

Gray forces himself to think, he notices that he’s about to get punched when Happy and Carla quickly help him. Carla mentions that they aren’t able to fly very high. Gray quickly notices that Doriarte is somehow scared of the ice. Gray realises that the little him couldn’t do a lot of damage, however the bushes did hurt him, he would clearly be able to crush them, however the frozen bushes seem to be special.

He clearly knows that the ice is special in the village, Gray works out that if he’s hit using the Ice in the village, Doriarte is going to get hurt. Gray is once again hurt form a punch. Gray thinks of a way to which he can use the ice, he quickly builds his courage. He realises that he can use his Ice Magic powers as they’re similar to the Deliora, he holds the ice shouts for the ice to use his body as a vessel to go through him!

The magic ice power goes into his hand and launches from the other, this attack pushes Doriarte back to which it seems like he’s defeated. Everyone seems to have return to their normal forms again. He returns to his normal form. Gray notices that the ice has a very unsettling feeling to it. Doriarte speaks mentioning that he’s the one who’s opened the Hell’s Gate, it can’t be undone, when he goes to say his words, a creature with a large eye appears, it seems the flying bird from before has changed too, he engulfs Doriarte! Fairy Tail 350 ends here.

An interesting chapter after all, from all the ups and downs this chapter has given us, it seems that the story is developing into something larger than we think. What could this ice be, who is Natsu running towards and finally where is the eternal flame, we’ll find out during next week’s Fairy Tail 351, titled “Eternal Fire”.

The Black Cat – Pantherlily

pantherlily_by_chrispydee-d60cey6Gajeel’s favorite cat from Edolas, Pantherlily or Lily, arrives in style within the awesome image above. He sports he’s famous sword which can both increase and decrease in size depending on his preference. The near-real looks from the image above makes his look like a total bad ass! He also has the fantastic action pose which makes his case even better.

The artist has done justice to his favorite Fairy Tail character, they have fantastically created an amazing piece of art, all credits go to ChrispyDee. You should definitely go and check out their awesome work, they’ve got a ton load of other amazing fan art.

Fairy Tail Finishes Sky Labyrinth – Fairy Tail 156

Fairy Tail 156 continues with the Arc as the Fairy Tail team go on a head with the Sky Labyrinth, unfortunately Wendy is nowhere to be found, so Elfman takes her place in the competition, they turn out to be the last team to approach the Goal, even if they’ve gone through, they came last. Wendy is found unconscious near the King’s palace.

Fairy Tail 156 starts as the Sky Labyrinth opens for business, Erza stops them to tell them that Wendy is not there, Elfman steps in and tells them that he’ll be the change in which they need, he carries all of them towards the Sky Labyrinth. They keep on going when Erza tells Lisanna and  Happy to go and look for Wendy and Carla.

Every other guild also run towards the entrance of the Sky Labyrinth. Once they reach inside, they notice that everyone is in a maze fashion, there are parts which twist in such ways making it hard to understand where they need to go at times. Erza proposes that they should head East, Lucy brings out her Celestial Spirit, but Erza dismisses it by just mentioning that she’s got a compass.

They head east, at each point they face problems, the Pumpkin explains why Natsu is not getting motion sickness, he explains that the Sky Labyrinth has been coated in a specific magic allowing all players who are afraid of height or get motion sickness to not be affected.

They find themselves in a room which spirals to the end, they are afraid of it but just keep going through it. At the end of the door, Natsu nearly falls off. Erza proposes that it would be useful for them to take notes so they don’t get lost, this allows them to map the place properly.

Lisanna and Happy relay the message about Wendy to Romeo and Nab. Erza and Natsu hear voice from another members of another Guild, they reveal themselves as the members of Twilight Ogre, they remember that they were the members who were bullying Fairy Tail before Natsu and the others showed up. They get ready to fight, so does Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail, including Natsu, Gray and Elfman kick their ass, they all fall towards the ground. The Sky Labyrinth starts to move around, the pieces and such start to move in different locations, a lot of people start to fall off, Natsu and Lucy also fall off, when Elfman saves them. Gray and Erza are okay hanging onto the objects around them. The Sky Labyrinth stops moving, lots of people fall down.

Erza finds notes of where the goal might be at. They will use this to help them to go to the right places instead of wasting time in going the wrong way. Members of Fairy Tail start to kick more ass, they also start to collect more notes from which it helps them to piece together what they’ve got. The Sky Labyrinth starts to move again, this time it doesn’t do much damage.

Fairy Tail are still looking for Wendy and Carla, Happy and Lisanna go toward the castle in which they think she might be there. Lucy spreads out the notes they collected but it seems that they’re going to take their time in accomplishing and finding the Goal, the compass doesn’t work, Lucy takes out her Celestial Spirit, Pyxis to get help with finding where East is, Lucy asks for its help.

They start going towards the place, they are nearly there. The Labyrinth changes again and they all fall down towards the stream of water, they run towards getting to the rock bridge, everything in that place is fake, they keep on going.

Lisanna and Happy reach the castle, they explain their situation to the guards asking to go in, they are let in, they go towards the court-yard, Happy and Lisanna split up, they must keep on talking to Warren to get their message across.

Fairy Tail reach the Goal for the elimination stage, they are all proud of themselves for reaching it, they find out they shouldn’t be laughing because they’re in eight place. The Pumpkin reveals that it’s finished, and the Guilds will be told at the opening ceremony.

Happy find Wendy’s bag in the courtyard. The creature which could have attacked Wendy looks towards Lisanna and Happy, after some moment, they’re found, seems as though both Wendy and Carla are out of any energy. They don’t know what had happened to them either. Fairy Tail 156 ends here.

A cool challenge for Natsu and the others, it’s was tough for them, plus since they reached 8th place, they are in last, place, it would be awesome to know who the other 7 teams are, although it seems clear that Blue Pegasus and Lamia Scales are there, as well as Sabertooth. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 157, titled “New Guild!”, when the opening ceremony starts and we find out who the others are.

The Dragon King, Acnologia – Fairy Tail 301

Fairy Tail 301 opens up some fantastic information to us. We learn that the dragon Acnologia was once a human being who bathed himself in dragon blood who became a dragon after some time. We also learn that some of the Dragon’s aren’t as bad we think, this dragon also explains that Dragon’s used to own everything around 400 years ago.

Fairy Tail 301 starts out Wendy starts to make a magic circle around her where she can use her Milky Way spell to call upon a dragon. Once done, she tells everyone to stand back. She chants her words which will call the wandering souls of dragons. She enables the spell and calls outs Milky Way.

She goes around looking for the soul, the bones start to crumble, she says that she’s searching for the souls of the dragons which are lingering around this place, it’s very old and small. She finds it quickly enables it. Wendy goes into a concentrating mode where she can keep the dragon there.

At this point, a dragon appears from no where. Everyone standing there is shocked at this revelation. The dragon makes a large roar where it can scare the hell out of Natsu and the others. After the scare, it unexpectedly starts to laugh. It tells them that he loves seeing the faces of human chickening out.

He introduces himself as Zealconis or the Emerald Dragon. He notices that there needs to be a Sky Dragon somewhere to be able to awaken him there. He notices that Wendy is sitting down concentrating. He calls her a lil’ cutie dragon slayer. Natsu tells him to quickly get away from her.

Zealconis threatens to goggle her up right there. He then tells Natsu that he’s kidding, he reveals that he cannot do anything to a physical body while he’s a spirit. Carla, Happy and Lily asks them what had happened to them as well as their past there.

Zealconis explains that around 400 years, the Dragons were the king of the world. Freely soaring through the skies, dominating the lands, crossing the seas. They had led quite the prosperous lives. Everything in the world belonged to the dragons.

He explains that a fool of a dragon appeared and protested against their rules. He spouted nonsensical things like creating a world where dragons live in harmony with humans. At this point a civil war broke out between those that supported and those that opposed him. The battles between the dragons had already scarred and ripped apart several lands.

This was when the Pro-Human side put their foolish plan into action, they gave the humans magic to slay dragons as well as enter the war. It made significant change. The victory of the Pro-Human side would have been inevitable if it wasn’t for one small miscalculation.

They had notices that they had given the Dragon Slayers too much power and those who wished for peace with human were also slain by their hands. Among them was a man who bathed in the blood of dragons. The man slayed many dragons and continues to bathe in their blood.

This was until the mans skin itself became scales, his teeth into fangs and his form itself became that of a dragon. Zealconis goes on to explain that the dragon’s in the cave were all slayed by that one man. He was both Human and Dragon. It was the war that gave birth to the king of dragons, and the Dragon Festivals.

The King’s name was Acnologia! They are all shocked at this fact, they can’t believe it. Most of the dragons there were killed by Acnologia, and this was over 400 Years ago. At this point, Zealconis disappears while Natsu wants to keep on asking more questions. Wendy can no longer connect to a dragon.

At this point Arcadios shows up, he tells them that it’s impossible for them to become dragons. Natsu and the others notice that they don’t know this person. He tells them that he heard their conversation, he asks if they’ve hear about Zeref’s book of Dark Magic. He tells them that Zeref could have made that Dragon Slayer into Acnologia.

He then tells them that getting rid of Zeref, the root of all this is the first step to defeating Acnologia. At this point, Yukino Aguria stands by his side, everyone notices this, Carla quickly notices that the white knight she saw from her premonitions has come in front of her. Fairy Tail 301 ends here.

We now know a little more about the past of the dragons and we can all try and link a few things together  Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 302, titled “The Eclipse Plan”. It’s possible that it’s going to be good, can’t wait for it!

Carla’s Premonition of Lucy – What will happen to Lucy? – Fairy Tail

You may have seen the image above from Carla’s (Charles) premonition as she notices that something horrific has happened to her. Personally I think that the image above is somewhat connected to the Eclipse Plan which Arcadios has planned for the past 7 years. The image above was drawn by Fawsyl, check his work out!

Arcadios’s Eclipse Plan hasn’t fully been explained, but since it seems as though the plan will involve Lucy, it’s likely that it’s something to do with the Celestial Spirits. A few weeks back, Yukino Agria offered 2 Golden Keys to Lucy making it a full 12 Keys. She goes to explain that after reaching this many Golden Keys, something special will occur which will allow her to control something. It’s possible that Arcadios can use this power to gain what ever he wants.

My questions to you is, What do you think of Carla’s premonition, and what it means for her and Lucy? Plus do you think what I wrote above is likely to occur?

Fairy Tail: Priestess of the Phoenix Main Characters and Story

The Upcoming Fairy Tail Movie, Priestess of the Phoenix is the first of the probably many movies from the mind of Hiro Mashima. The movie is currently in production and will premier on the 18 August 2012.

Fairy Tail, a Wizard Guild that solves various requests, with “Magic and Fighting Spirit” as their daily life. One day, a request flew in with “I want the leader of the bandit group that’s eating the nest in a certain harbor town, Geese, to be apprehended” inscribed. Natsu and them, who are looking forward to the big reward, set out to the place of request in high spirits.

However, because of a mistake Lucy made, they let Geese to escape right in front of their eyes. With the request failed, Lucy, who was depressed by herself, met a mysterious girl named Eclair and a strange bird named Momon on her way home. Eclair somehow lost her memory, and the only thing she remembers is that she must deliver the “Phoenix Stone” in her possession to somewhere. Eclair, who hates magic, and the secrets hidden in the Phoenix Stone… with this meeting as the start, this time, a brand new enemy, and a sinister plot will confront Natsu and he’s friends!