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Catchup for Bleach 480

We’ve waited almost 3 weeks now and its nearly time for Bleach 480 to be released. This post will combine most important things from the earlier chapters which you may have forgotten from the three-week wait. I have terribly missed Bleach Manga as it was absent but something that had fed that hole was Naruto Manga, some crazy things have happened there.

So if you’ve read Bleach manga, you would have remembered that Ichigo’s Fullbring had been stolen by Kugo Ginjo himself. This power was then shared out within the Xcution crew. They all had transformed into their Fullbring Form. At this point, Ichigo was stabbed by Rukia with a special sword which had a storage of captain level spiritual pressure from Zaraki, Byakuya, Renji, Rukia and more.

Ichigo was stabbed right in the heart, which meant all the powers had now transferred to him. This meant that Ichigo had instantaneously gained his Shinigami powers back. This time he had looked insanely powerful. The battle began between Ichigo and Ginjo. It all went down as both Ginjo and Ichigo had opened their Bankai.

Renji’s opponent was Jackie Tristan, she lost but still lives. Yukio faced Toshiro and lost, he still lives. Zaraki had a quick match against Giriko, he had died. Tsukishima faced Byakuya, they had an interesting match, he still lives. Moe who faced Madarame lost but still lives. Riruka challenged Rukia, she still lives and still has her Fullbring abilities. And lastly Ginjo faced Ichigo, they both had a fantastic fight, Ginjo died happy while Ichigo lived.

Tsukishima was very angry with his death as he was Ginjo’s apprentice, he looked up to Ginjo. Tsukishima tried to stab Ichigo was Riruka came in the middle to remind Tsukishima that Ginjo had died happy as it was Ichigo who gave him happiness. Injured Riruka was taken back to Urahara’s to recover until she escaped.

Ichigo quickly went to Soul Society to get Ginjo’s body back so he could have a proper burial. As seen in the image above, Ichigo meets most of the captains with the addition of Shinji, Kensei and Rose (Rojuro Otoribashi) as possible new captains. Ichigo confronts Yamamoto to ask his permission for his body to return to the real world.

After all that, you’ve finally caught up from just a few chapters back. Ichigo has really gained some balls to actually go up to Yamamoto to ask him this. Furthermore the episode will release on the 8th February, and once it’s released I’ll be telling you guys all about it. If I’ve missed anything important from this please do tell me by commenting on this post.

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Soi Fon’s New Look – Bleach 479

During the latest Bleach 479 manga chapter, Soi Fon’s (Sui-Feng) appearance had somewhat changed. Her New Look seemed to be a proper development from her older look.

Currently he fringe still exists, but her hair isn’t as short as before, the sides of her hair don’t go spike to the left and right. On the left and right of her fringe, it seems to go inwards towards her cheeks. Hopefully you all like the change in her looks.

Goodbye Ginjo – Bleach 479

As we conclude this part of the arc. Ginjo was certainly a great bad guy. Starting out as a good guy and turning bad in the middle of the chapter. In my opinion Ginjo was probably one of the best evil characters in Bleach with Aizen and Jin Kariya.

Bleach 479 starts out when Urahara goes into Riruka’s room to find her missing. Urahara had already predicted that she would leave sometime without mentioning where she’s going.

As seen in the images above, she is standing on top of a railing thinking about what she’s going to do next. At this moment she thanks Ginjo for inviting her into Xcution. Thank’s Chad for believing is them. Thanks Orihime for crying for her. Thanks Ichigo for bringing her peace.

Shinji’s New Look – Bleach 479

After a long 17 Months, Ichigo trains with the Xcution to regain his powers to helps his friends and family. He regains his powers but in the form of his Fullbring powers which is then stolen by Ginjo. Ichigo kills Ginjo as he was betrayed by Xcution.

When Ichigo regains his Shinigami powers, he notices that Shinji’s power was used to help restore his own. Around a 100 years ago, Shinji was once the captain of the Fifth Division, he was then betrayed by Aizen and accidentally part of an experiment where he developed a Hollow Mask. This meant that he had to go to the Material World to hide. Shinji and the others created Vizards (Visored) which where ex Shinigami’s who have Hollow Masks.

Shinji’s material world form looks quite similar to his new look as he is still wearing a tie and the hair cut is very similar. His current hair cut has a slanted fringe, like Kensei’s New Look, Shinji’s New Look is also better since they are all back at the Soul Society. Shinji is wearing the usual Shinigami garment which all captains must wear.

Kensei’s New Look – Bleach 479

After the 17 Months skip in Bleach Anime. Most characters have a new look, here is Kensei’s New Look.

Around 100 years ago, Kensei Muguruma used to be a captain when it went all wrong and he had developed a Hollow Mask since Aizen was testing if Shinigami’s were able to survive and use the Hollow powers. Kensei and the other Vizards were saved by Urahara Kisuke as he took them to the material world to save their lives.

Kensei looks quite similar to his last form. As shown in the image above, his hair is now spiked up, he no longer wears a vest, but in fact wears the Shinigami garment. His arms and muscles look larger. It’s not too clear from the image but I think he still wears gloves to support his zanpakuto. If you guys find any changes post them below!

Ichigo appears in Soul Society – Bleach 479

Finally Bleach 479 manga released! After a long wait due to the Christmas Holidays, Bleach 479 is here and translated. Titled “Goodbye to Our Xcution” is probably the start of another amazing arc which could explain about the past of Ichigo and his family.

We start of with Captain Ukitake in his house while a report comes in. “Kurosaki Ichigo is in good health. He was victorious against Ginjo Kugo in the Material World!”, this repeated once more so Ukitake could hear it properly. Ukitake replies with “What a relief” as if he knew Ichigo was going to win.

As Ichigo calmly returns to Soul Society, he sees Renji. Renji furiously asks why Ichigo is there all of a sudden. We quickly move where all the captains are being told that Ichigo is currently present within Soul Society. All being surprised that he’s there.

As Ichigo reaches the place where Captain Yamamoto is located, he sees that all other Captains are currently present there waiting for him. “Wow. Everyone came out to greet me, Huh?”, they all seem a little angry and surprised that Ichigo is there.

As a fantastic return, Kensei, returns to the Soul Society as a Captain. Kensei was part of the Vizards (Visored). Ichigo asks “You became a captain?” Kensei replies to “Shut Up. I said come in! You didn’t come here to chat, did you?”. Yamamoto comes by and compliments Ichigo for his hard work.

Ichigo quickly gets to the point and says “I came to take back the corpse of Ginjo that Renji brought here, and bury it in the Material World.” All the Captains are shocked at what Ichigo has said. At this point, someone really special comes by, Shinji Hirako comes wearing a full captain garment. He could be now be a Captain just like Kensei.

“That guy was fucking around with your family. You can forgive someone like that?”. Ichigo quickly replying with “This isn’t a matter of forgiveness. My family and friends are back to normal. I’m Alive. And he is a mere Shinigami Representative.” Says Ichigo.

This part of the chapter ends here. Ichigo very serious about his request and Captain Yamamoto acting as if his understanding. Sadly Bleach 480 will be releasing in three weeks time, on the 8th February. Fortunately, this chapter has hyped the story up a lot. Since I love the Vizard characters, there come back is an absolute treat, Tite Kubo has listened to out praise.

Jackie Tristan’s Loneliness – Bleach 478

Within the latest Bleach 478 chapter, we see Jackie Tristan grieving over what she’s going to do to in the future. She’s lost both her Fullbring powers Dirty Boots and her friends within the Xcution.

During the pocket dimension fight with Renji, she was said to be dead but that was in fact a lie since we can see her alive and walking in this chapter.

We Yukio and Jackie meet in this chapter, they both start out quite surprised since they have both lost their Fullbring. Yukio states that Jackie was the only one who actually hated their Fullbring abilities. After losing her powers she feels a little jealous since Giriko was the only one who died with his Fullbring.

She feels unhappy because of the fact that their abilities were the only thing linking the members of Xcution together, and now since they have all lost their abilities, they don’t need to be a part of a team. Jackie grief comes because she may not like her abilities, but the Xcution members are probably the closest thing she’s has to a family.

As Yukio starts to walk, she requests for both of them to stay together for a while since she is afraid of being alone. Yukio replies to “Give me three years”. Yukio also states that they can come and work for him as he will make the company 3 times as large.

“You’re all a bunch of misfits who can’t survive without my money anyway.” says Yukio. Jackie surprised agrees with Yukio’s decision and says “we’ll be waiting”. She mention We for a reason, she tells herself that she will rejoin with other members for a happy ever after, which may or may not happen. It’s truly an emotional journey for Jackie Tristan.

That part of the chapter was a great start, maybe it says what will happen to the members of the Xcution. Bleach 479 will be an amazing chapter! Can’t wait!

Tsukishima griefs over Ginjo’s Death – Bleach 478

Another late entry to last weeks Bleach Manga. Bleach 478 has a calm and more of an emotional feel to it. All members of Xcution except for Giriko Kutsuzawa and Kugo Ginjo, have survived. But do not have Fullbring powers.

During Bleach 477, Ginjo had died by the hands of Ichigo which brought Tsukishima to kill Ichigo because Tsukishima saw Ginjo as his master and savior. Read about it here.

During today’s late release of Bleach 478, Tsukishima griefs over the death of Ginjo. “Why Did You Die?!” cries Tsukishima. Tsukishima looked up to Ginjo as a leader and as a master due to the fact that he was saved some time ago. “You thought me how to use my abilities, your thought me how to fight! But why didn’t your teach me what to do if you ever died?!”

After receiving several blows from Byakuya’s Senbonzakura, Tsukishima’s spits out a lot of blood as he pushes himself to an answer. At this moment, he notices Shishigawara standing in front of him. As he notices Shishigawara, he simply smiles and figures something out.

Now we cut off to where Riruka is being cared for, Ichigo, Rukia and Orihime are all with her. As Orihime mentions that no one else was found, Riruka quickly jumps to “What about Tsukishima?”, unknowingly Orihime doesn’t know who that is due to the fact that Tsukishima’s powers have reversed. At this moment, Riruka realizes that she’s now alone with no other friend from her Xcution group. She cry’s realizing this.

Since Tsukishima is now unable to walk, Shishigawara helps Tsukishima by giving him a piggy-back. Shishigawara compliments Tsukishima on not dying, “I thought about it a lot but i couldn’t do it. Tsukishima you’re still the strongest!” says Shishigawara. All these compliments suggests that he really does look up to Tsukishima with his heart, therefore doing anything for Tsukishima.

After listening to what Shishigawara had to said, Tsukishima finally realizes that he and Ginjo have a similar relationship to what Shishigawara and Tsukishima have. He thanks Shishigawara for all his help. Shishigawara laughs it off and says that they are bro’s.Tsukishima realizes that he was never alone because Shishigawara was always there with him.

What a great chapter that was! Great upsetting ending to what is Bleach 478! The last chapter for the year, and now we come into 2012 with a brand new story! Hopefully Tite Kubo has a great story a head starting with Bleach 479!