Ichigo’s Distress over Tsukishima – Bleach 358

Within the latest Bleach episode, Ichigo had gone completely crazy after he successfully released his Fullbring Form. Ichigo becomes very stressed after seeing that both his friends and his family are caught under Tsukishima technique.

We start the episode with Tsukishima first visiting Ichigo’s house and act as thought he is their far cousin. As Ichigo enters the living room, he quickly notices that Tsukishima is sitting down on the sofa, the feeling changes quickly from a calm to a dark time as Tsukishima has gotten within the Kurosaki family.

As both Ichigo’s sisters talk to Tsukishima in a normal manner, Ichigo quickly becomes enraged and runs up to Tsukishima and pushes him while holding his shirt to ask him what he’s doing there. Both sisters becomes surprised and try to hold Ichigo back.

The door bell rings and Karin is told to go open the door, at this point his school friends come by which just leads Ichigo to go absolute terror freezing him in one spot, as well as asking himself what is truly happening here. As Ichigo’s friends come by, he spots that they are also both within the control of Tsukishima.

Tsukishima threatens Ichigo by calling Orihime and Chad to prove that they are also within Tsukishima’s control. At this point, Ichigo punches him right in the chin sending Tsukishima back and breaking the window glass. This makes his friends and sisters uneasy as they don’t understand what is currently happening.

Ichigo’s friends quickly make Ichigo apologies but at the heat of the moment, Ichigo is unable to take the pressure making him get out of the room. As he runs out of the room, he notices that Ikumi Unagiya finds him running everywhere. Furthermore, Ikumi takes Ichigo to the shop to rest and talk about the problem. Ikumi tries to help Ichigo by showing that she cares about him and that he should just calm down and open to her, while the door bell rings.

At this moment, he notices that at the door is Tsukishima who is looking for Ichigo. Out of panic, Ichigo once again runs, but at this moment Ginjo pops out of know where within the same situation as Ichigo. The Xcution crew are all under Tsukishima control and all of them have a clear goal, which has currently not been told. At this point, the episode ends at another high.

That was a fantastic episode with both good and bad things happening. Terrifying Tsukishima tries to scare the hell out of Ichigo by inserting himself into the memories of his friends and family. I can no longer wait for the Bleach 359 as that’s going to be another epic episode.

Ichigo’s Full Fullbring Form – Bleach 358

After a long training scheme, Ichigo has finally reached his Full Fullbring Form. Ichigo has been training with the Xcution group for a long time now, and after some hard determination, Ichigo has reached at the end of his road with his Fullbring abilities.

As Ichigo builds his stamina to help him to cope with his Fullbring abilities. Fullbring is performed using your flesh and blood. To fully control it, you need a crazy amount of stamina.

As seen in the above images, Ichigo’s Fullbring seems to be very unique, it was a unique bone feel to it. The white colored bone type covering covers Ichigo’s face, and whole body from shoulders to feet. From the bits where it is not covered, Ichigo’s skin has turned dark.

We can see that Ichigo has also gained a smaller sword then Zangetsu’s sword. The sword itself has the same color scheme to his Fullbring form, which is with a dark to light color. This time there is actually a grip for Ichigo to hold to. The guard of the sword itself resembles the Substitute Shinigami Badge, as the badge itself has turned into the guard.

Ichigo’s abilities has now dramatically increased such that it has surpassed his old Shikai powers. Ichigo is now able to move from Hollows very quickly, as well as slicing them using only a small amount of power.

Friends with Shukuro Tsukishima – Bleach 357

Bleach 357 is one crazy episode. Starting off with Ichigo training to perfect his Fullbring, while both Inoue and Chad go to school to have a normal day.

We start of with Orihime and Chad walking to school, they both talk about what Tsukishima’s Fullbring ability is. Both of them have been cut by his blade, but had no effect until this episode. His abilities start to appear within Orihime as her most fond memory of herself and her brother come back, but with a dark figure which has a face looking like Tsukishima’s.

As they arrive at school, they are greeted by Tatsuki and Keigo. Both Chad and Orihime notice that their friends have had contact with someone possessing strong Spiritual Pressure.

When they both go to the Hospital to see how Ishida is doing, they notice that he has escaped from the hospital. As he could have finally remembered who had cut him in the first place.

As they go to the Miyashita High School, they notice that Moe Shishigawara is not there and had to run as the other school kids were running after them. They came to a stop below a railway, at this time Orihime started to see different things which meant that Tsukishima’s powers were taking effect.

Orihime started to see how when she was little, Tsukishima came to help her out or when they went with Tsukishima to Soul Society to get Rukia back. She being confused had an effect as they weren’t able to kill him.

Angry Chad, opens his Fullbring and starts out with a massive explosive attack. Both Chad and Tsukishima start to fight on top of a building while Orihime helps her using her powers.

When Chad is close enough, he opens his Brazo Izquierdo Del Diablo, which really does take an effect on Tsukishima as he is now really injured, even if his quick. Chad shouts for Orihime to attack, at this moment Tsukishima gets Orihime under his attack and her vision of her brother changes to Tsukishima.

Out of panic, Chad attacks and is quickly taken under Tsukishima’s special ability also. This meant that both of them are now under his full control. Both unconscious on the pavement, at this moment, Bleach 357 ends!

Well that was an amazing episode. Really can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 358 episode when Ichigo is really to open his Fullbring. This is when the real panic is going to kick in for Ichigo. All his family and friends will turn on him and make him go crazy.