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Tsukishima arrives at Xcution HQ – Bleach 352

Bleach 352 had fights (look here), discussions and introductions. During Ichigo’s training with Jackie Tristan, Tsukishima suddenly appears by surprise.

Ichigo had recently just learned about how to use his own Fullbring. Tsukishima had just appeared during the chat about Orihime being attacked with Ginjo and Chad. Chad pressured Ginjo into telling him what Tsukishima’s Fullbring is.

Ginjo tells him that Tsukishima has no Fullbring ability except that his sword is able to cut anything he wishes. I also noticed that Ginjo is trying to convince Chad that Tsukishima wasn’t the one who stabbed Orihime Inoue.

At this moment, Tsukishima enter by cutting the door in half using his sword. As he comes in, Tsukishima tells Yukio to stop playing games and read books, Giriko to stop drinking and notices that Jackie and Riruka are now missing. He also notices the box, belonging to Riruka’s Dollhouse Fullbring, that Ichigo is definitely training within it.

He cuts the box open and sees Ichigo’s Fullbring Form, the last moments he had within the episode were that he was very curious to how much his Fullbring powers have grown.

Well, that was certainly interesting! It’s unbelievable, next week’s Bleach 353 episode will have Kugo Ginjo fighting Tsukishima. Hopefully that will be amazing!

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Ichigo’s Fullbring Form – Bleach 352

During today’s Bleach 352, Ichigo again opens up his Fullbring powers to a brand new form! Even if today’s episode seemed a little repetitive, the episode overall was amazing.

If you forget what went on during last weeks episode, Ichigo explored his Fullbring, by actually thinking of a way to defeat the plush, he made sure he charged his Fullbring Combat Pass to so he could fire a powerful shot to defeat both the animals. Read more about it here.

So today’s episode started off with Ichigo and Jackie both fighting. Jackie Tristan slowly opened up to Ichigo, she started by introducing herself to Ichigo. As they fight, Jackie notices that Ichigo is only able to fire a couple of shots from his Combat Pass. She notices that Ichigo is only able to fire around 3 shots, to which the Combat Pass looses power and Ichigo has to power up again.

As Ichigo keeps dodging and getting hit, it seems as though it’s a routine for him. We’ve seen enough episodes to say that Ichigo is learning about Jackie Tristan’s Fullbring, moves and how to push her buttons. After the same routine, Jackie Tristan gets mad because Ichigo was not doing anything.

She says “You’re Mortal!, you can die” at this moment, she has a flash back of her past in which her powers were useless to what happened to her family. As Ichigo uses the same techniques, She becomes tired and attacks Ichigo. Fortunately Ichigo has learned enough about using his speed and is able to quickly dodge and appear behind Jackie Tristan and kick her.

The kicks name is called “Bringer Light”, the flickering of the bringer light after moving at high speed using Fullbring is an indication of the user’s next high-speed jump. It’s a sign that he’s beginning to master Fullbring.

As they keep fighting, Ichigo notices that his Combat Pass and Fullbring became very unstable as the reiatsu itself was moving all over the place. In no time, Ichigo’s right arm was covered with the reiatsu itself and was forced to stop the training by Jackie.

However as Ichigo tries to push himself to progress, as he always does this even when training with the Vizards, we see that when Tsukishima cuts the box in half, a large amount of reiatsu pushed out. A brand new form of Ichigo appears, this time it’s Ichigo’s Fullbring Form. Seeing as Ichigo has a wearable form for his Fullbring, within a short time, I’m sure Ichigo will once again upgrade to a new form. (hint to the non-manga readers)

Okay, that was a pretty sick episode. Even if there were section which repeated the videos a few times, I got a sense of what the episode was trying to tell me. Bleach certainly will get better during next week’s Bleach 353 episode.

Jackie Tristan’s Fullbring Releases – Bleach 351

Jackie Tristan’s Fullbring has been released! Within Bleach 351, Ichigo evolves his Fullbring powers to an extent that he has to fight the woman with Dirty Boots.

As shown above, Jackie Tristan’s Fullbring, called Dirty Boots,  can be activated when both of her shoes rub together to create friction. When activated, her boots extend further up to her legs, she gains an armor on her shoulders and on her forearms, a scarf is generated around her neck, and a dark-colored hat appears on her head with a cloth hanging in front of the right side of her face.

The strength of Dirty Boots would increases when they become dirtier, regardless of whether it is from mud, blood, or any other substance which would make them dirtier. With them, Jackie is able to use very strong physical attacks to create tremors on the ground upon striking the opponent, object of even the ground. Jackie is able to move at speeds unlike any other human.

This fight between Ichigo and Jackie has just started, and on next week’s Bleach 352, I predict it will conclude! Hopefully it will be an impressive fights!

Ichigo continues to explore his Fullbring! – Bleach 351

In today’s Bleach 351, Ichigo develops a new current Fullbring to display six points on his combat pass instead of 4. This episode also builds up tension between Ichigo and Jackie Tristan’s Fight.

This episode starts out with Jackie Tristan waking up in her bed having the same old dream, of her family dying right in front of her. Quickly its diverted to Ichigo as he arrives at the Xcution HQ. It’s the next say from the last Bleach 350 episode, and Ichigo is all well  and ready to get back to training.

Riruka pops back into the room with a birdcage, now with two animals instead of just one before. Mr. Pork and Mr. Chicken, all ready to fight. The fight starts out, Ichigo pulls one of his moves when he sends a circular, but unfortunately misses Mr. Pork.

After a while, Ichigo thinks of a way to suppress and spend more time on collecting his power into that attack. We can see that Ichigo’s Combat Pass now turns from four to six points. He quickly sends it to both Mr. Pork and Mr. Chicken, they are then brutally injured and die.

This breaks the cage in which Riruka has put them in. Ginjo is more than shocked that Ichigo was able to break the surrounding of the cage, as well as just started to improve his Fullbring, Ichigo is able to do such an extraordinary thing.

At a later time with Sado, he notices that he is being followed by someone. They guess that it was the same person that Uryu was cut by in addition to the person that cut Orihime too. With Sado speculating the right things, such as that Tsukishima’s power is to alter people’s memory, Sado is in to be the next target by Tsukishima’s Book of the End Fullbring.

Today’s episode was fantastic! It showed more about Ichigo’s Fullbring. In next week’s Bleach 352 episode, I predict Tsukishima will be introduced to the Xcution Crew.