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The Lost Substitute Shinigami Begins with Xcution – Bleach 343

A fantastic start to Season 16 with “3rd Year High School Student! Dressed Up, and a New Chapter Begins!”. Season 16, named “The Lost Substitute Shinigami” is all about Xcution and Fullbring! If you don’t know what they are im going to briefly mention what they are.

Ichigo Kurosaki: 17 Years Old, Hair Color: Orange, Eye Color: Brown, Occupation: High School Student. This entrance reminded me of the first ever episode of Bleach which also began with this style of introducing the main character by using a few captions.

So today’s episode started a little slow with Ichigo waking up. Then the new Opening began with a brand new song! To me it goes amazingly well with the animation, even better than the One Piece or Naruto Opening.

After the opening, Ichigo went to his high school and began a normal school day by meeting up with his friends and doing nothing but chilling in his class. During his class, Ichigo notices Ishida going to kill a rampaging Hollow.

During the end of the day, Ichigo notices a man with a bag being chased by another man (Kugo Ginjo) with black leather jacket. Ichigo helps out the mysterious man in leather jacket by punching the thief across the face. Ginjo asks if Ichigo wants to get some Ramen, but Ichigo denies the request.

The next day a troop of people come to the rescue of the thief by invading school grounds looking for Ichigo Kurosaki. Ichigo hiding behind a building while Ishida confronted them, and guessing Ishida’s powers, he trashed them in just a few punches.

Okay so that’s it with the High School related talk. Now lets talk about the “Welcome to the Xcution” This group consists of a total of 5 people + 2 Ex-members. They are: Kugo Ginjo, Giriko Kutsuzawa, Riruka Dokugamine, Jackie Tristan, Yukio, Shukuro Tsukishima and Moe Shishigawara. These members are able to use something called Fullbring! This Fullbring gives the user powers such as, Yukio ability is to control, create and destroy pocket dimensions and able to change whats in them only by using his game controller.

These images below belong to Tite Kubo who created Bleach. This weeks episode I think was a pretty good beginning to this Arc! Since I’m a keen Bleach Manga Reader this arc will be amazing! For all of those who left Bleach after Aizen’s capture, you guys have to return!

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Kugo Ginjo’s Actual Anime Face!

The Image above is the actual image of Kugo Ginjo’s Face which will be featured in next weeks episode! Bleach 343. This is when “The Lost Substitute Shinigami” Arc will begin!

This Anime face is quite similar to his Manga face as well as other Fan Arts! But there is nothing like the original Ginjo Face!

You guy’s would have to wait for next weeks episode, Bleach 343, to watch “The Lost Substitute Shinigami” Arc embark into new adventures. I, Myself, Cant wait for it to begin! I’ve been reading the manga for a while now and the story is amazing!

Ichigo Kurosaki Loses his Shinigami Powers – Bleach 342

A Great and Sad time for all of us as this Filler/Arc ends and  Ichigo Loses his Shinigami Powers after using the Final Tenshou(Tensa) Zangetsu on Aizen!

In this weeks episode, we see Ichigo slowly lose his Shinigami powers after taking the temporary pill which would store his powers during Bleach 341! He fought 2 Hollows which both were very hard to kill on his own. On the second he released his Final Getsuga Tensho upon a large hollow which pulverized it completely!

So after waking up he goes outside to have some fresh air, he feels no spiritual pressure except from Rukia herself, he says “Even Rukia’s presence is gradually fading…”. After this they both share a couple of touching words and Rukia fades away.

This Arc/Filler has finished! Next week’s episode (Bleach 343) will feature “The Lost Substitute Shinigami” Arc! It will include new characters, new powers and even more awesomeness! For those who left after Aizen’s Capture, you HAVE to get back to Bleach!