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New Hollow Ichigo Form! Hollow Ichigo Appears Again! Bleach 337

This Hollow Ichigo form seems very familiar to the other hollow Ichigo forms, But since Ichigo has only regained his Shinigami powers, and not his Hollow powers, this new Hollow Ichigo is different! Even if Urahara mentioned Ichigo wont be able to regain his Hollow Powers, I suddenly knew that this was impossible because Ichigo will always be able to regain his famous Hollow Powers, it’s what keeps the story interesting!

When Hollow Ichigo was first let loose was when he was training with the Vizards. But this time, he’s at Soul Society! This could be a problem! Last time, there was a training ground with a protective shield around Hollow Ichigo and the Vizards. But this time there is nothing more than just walls to stop Hollow Ichigo! As the Last image shows, this will be “To Be Continued”, and I’m sure exited to watch next weeks episode. Don’t forget to read the manga too ;) Very interesting story brewing there too!


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