Elfman defeats Bacchus – Project Eclipse – Fairy Tail 162

Elfman Wins Elfman vs Bacchus Bacchus against Lizardman Elfman's new Satan Soul Bacchus Hands are jurt Bacchus's Palm Shots Elfman Bacchus hits Elfman Bacchus Natsu smashes face Bacchus wants Mirajane and LisannaFairy Tail 162 shows us why the power of determination can really pay out at the end, and that some members are sometimes even better than Erza, as Elfman is seen to defeat Bacchus by just a inch. We also notice that Wendy, Carla and even Porlyusica get kidnapped. Arcadios seems to have been developing something called the Project Eclipse which needs Celestial Spirits to work.

Fairy Tail 162 begins with the fight from Toby and Blacksnake, we notice that Toby seems to be going all out, they seem to have made a deal to which when Toby wins, Blacksnake’s needs to tell him his real name, if Blacksnake wins, Toby will need to tell his secret. We notice after the fights that Blacksnake winds.

Toby on the ground. Blacksnake’s asks for him to tell his secret. Toby starts to tell him that he’s been missing his socks for the past 3 months and can’t seem to find it. Everyone is shocked that, that is his secret. Blacksnake’s tells him that his sock has been around his neck for a long time now. He’s so happy that he’s found it.

It seems like Blacksnake wants to help him up, but in fact just swipes the sock and rips it right in front of Toby. Everyone notices this and he starts to cry. Fairy Tail notices that it’s just the true nature of Raven Tail. The next match begins, between Bacchus against Elfman!

Elfman and Bacchus face each other. Bacchus proposes that they should also make a bet. Bacchus gets in Elfman’s nerves by saying that if he wins, he can have both Lisanna and Mirajane to have fun with. At this point, Elfman gets pissed off and gets straight with it, not doing anything else but starting the match.

Elfman doesn’t even get through the bet, he just gets straight to it. Natsu wakes up seeing that Wendy, Carla and Porlyusica are all missing, he smells something fishy and notices that some people have taken all three of them. At this point, Natsu runs towards them, smashing each and everyone one of them down!

We go back to the match where Bacchus is taking Elfman down, even he can’t seem to get a hit on Bacchus. Even with all the speed and effort he puts in, it seems that he can’t do much. Bacchus just keeps on beating him down after all the attacks Elfman keeps on bringing.

Erza explains that his magic is based on his palms, Cleaving Hook Palm is powerful. She goes on to explains that he had trained hard, and even learnt and polished his techniques. But once he learnt his Drunken style, he was literally unstoppable as his technique then become random and impossible to detect. The bad thing at this point is that he’s not even had an ounce to drink and he’s already beating Elfman.

Elfman loses his Take Over and it seems as though Elfman could lose the match at this point. Elfman tries his best to get up, which he eventually does, he then mentions that he’ll accept the bet that if he wins, the name for his guild, for the remainder of the Grand Magic, is going to be called Quatro Puppy!

He agrees and at this point, Bacchus finally takes a drink, everyone knows whats coming next, which is naturally the Drunken Cleaving Hook Palm. Bacchus quickly gets ready and runs towards Elfman when he also Beast Souls right on time.

We quickly notice that Bacchus’ hands are clearly hurt and on top of this, Elfman has transformed into his Lizardman! At this point, we notice that Elfman could have a good chance now. Everyone from Fairy Tail are shocked that he had such a beast soul.

Elfman dares Bacchus to go up against him, body against his arms. Bacchus gets ready and starts attacking as much as he can, everyone keeps hoping that something won’t go wrong. Elfman keeps on standing, Bacchus also keeps on going, it’s just up to time until we know who can win.

They both kneel down, both nearly at the end of their limit. Bacchus seems like he’s won as he looks up while Elfman looking down while he kneels. Bacchus says Elfman’s name as though he wants to acknowledge him. Bacchus gets up as though he’s won, but after a while he falls down!

Everyone is shocked at how Elfman has won, and how close this match really was! Fairy Tail has finally won their first 10 Points! Wendy is also back and she seems to be back to normal. Natsu and the others put the bad guys and seems like Raven Tail was all behind it. They also figure out that they were all after Lucy.

Arcadios speaks with the man saying that they had gotten the wrong person after all and that their plan Project Eclipse has not yet finished, all they need is a Celestial Spirit. It seems like Arcadios could be planning something. However at this point, everyone celebrates the victory. Fairy Tail 162 ends here.

A great battle and amazing 10 points as Fairy Tail finally beat a strong opponent. Plus it’s nice to know that Evergreen has feelings for Elfman. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 163, titled “Mirajane versus Jenny!”, when Mirajane goes up against the Jenny Realight in who’s more sexy contest!

Bacchus wins Chariot – Black Snake vs Toby – Fairy Tail 161

Bacchus in Fairy Tail Bacchus takes first place Sting Gajeel Natsu all get motion sickness Bacchus destroys chariot Bacchus meets Erza Sting Gajeel and Natsu fail while in Chariot Yuka speeds a headFairy Tail 161 begins with another day with their first challenge of Chariot. Natsu, Gajeel and even Sting put themselves forward for the challenge, unfortunately the Dragon Slayers  couldn’t do much because of their motion sickness. We then see a lot of Bacchus as he visits Erza, as well as wins the Chariot challenge gaining 10 points for his team.

Fairy Tail 161 begins with Cana drinking as much as she fancies. Everyone is also somehow celebrating at the fact that they will do better the next day. Natsu is up for tomorrow, even Gajeel wants to partake in the next days challenge. Levy notices that Gray and Lucy aren’t there. Juvia thinks of a romantic moment between both Lucy and Gray, when they appear telling Juvia that she’s got a lively imagination.

Makarov puts his drink telling all the brats that they’ll have to do better from yesterday and beat everyone in the next day. We’re at the kingdom where Arcadios is talking to the King, he requests for a match between the shape shifter from Fairy Tail and Bacchus. Natsu just beat Max from a game they were just playing.

We notice a man come in to ask Cana if she wants to have a drinking match. Everyone tells the man that it’s a bad choice that he’s making because she can drink the most from Fairy Tail. After the drinking match, we see that Bacchus has completely won, he takes Cana’s bra as his price. Wakaba and Macao confront him when he dodges one of their attacks.

Using his drunk style, he face slams both Wakaba and Macao, this is the point where Erza shows up. Bacchus quickly notices Erza, he says hello, Erza just tells him that his mouth stinks of all the drinking. Erza mentions that Bacchus isn’t participating in the Grand Magic Games, however at this point. Bacchus corrects her telling her that because of War Cry, he had to step in as the reserve member. He leaves at this point.

Porlyusica asks Carla what she saw from her premonition, Carla mentions that they were fragments which included a white knight, large magic circle, a broken castle and inside it was Lucy. The next begins with the challenge, Chariot! It runs from a long distance away, challengers must run through the Chariot to the goal, the ones who fall are disqualified.

We notice that Natsu, Gajeel and even Sting are the bottom three, while other members are way above them. This is caused by their Motion sickness, it seems like even Third Generation Dragon Slayers have this. They all keep on going as quickly as they can.

Black Snake, Ichiya, Yuka, Risley and Bacchus are all going strong. Yuka tries his tricks but Ichiya and Risley counter attack them. At this point, Bacchus notices that everyone else is trying hard to win. So he gives it more effort and just destroys all the chariot around him pushing everyone back. He then runs as fast as he can which gets him to the finish line first, even passing Black Snake.

Next is Black Snake, then Risley, Yuka and then Ichiya. At the back, Gajeel, Sting and Natsu are still going. At this point, Sting asks why they’re trying so hard at this point, while before they didn’t care about anything, they just went in their own pace. Natsu replies with a fantastically emotional speech which makes everyone cry.

He mentions that he’s doing all this for all his family and friends in Fairy Tail. They’ve been waiting for such a long time, keeping Fairy Tail alive, as they wait for them to return, they’ve been very sad but always had hope that they would be back, so all their efforts now are for them!

Fairy Tail team A finally get their first points, Gajeel also get their second point. Everyone around them start to reconsider that Fairy Tail are very powerful as well as care for each other. Sting mentions that he doesn’t care about any of them. Everyone notices that Sabertooth have been made second.

Lucy is watching over Natsu in the sick bay, she asks if he’s okay, Porlyusica mentions that he’s only got motion sickness, she then asks about Wendy, Porlyusica replies with that she’s been coming along well and is getting better and better. Lucy leaves the sick bay, Porlyusica asks Carla if she’s not going to say anything.

The battle part starts with Black Snake and Toby. The match starts, Toby goes for the hit but keep missing, we then find out that Black Snake can use and mimic all kinds of magic which allows him to copy, he uses and mimics Max’s allowing him to attack Toby. They keep on fighting until Fairy Tail 161 ends.

A great chapter in which an emotional speech from Natsu was seen, plus a great match between two great members have started, hopefully we get to see other members fight. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 162, titled “Elfman vs Bacchus”, when we see Elfman go up against Bacchus, now that’s going to be a great match!

Fairy Tail vs Sabertooth Begins! – Fairy Tail 293

Fairy Tail 293 explains why the fight between Fairy Tail vs Sabertooth is going to be one which is seriously going to be amazing! We see the fight between Blue Pegasus vs Quatro Puppy, Blue Pegasus winning with a surprise guest. Mermaid Heel vs Lamia Scale, both draw, until the match between Fairy Tail vs Sabertooth is finally going to start.

We start Fairy Tail 293 as the Tag Battle within the 4th Day starts off. We start the first Tag battle with  Blue Pegasus’s Ichiya and the person in the rabbit costume vs Quatro Puppy’s Bacchus and Rocker. Rocker tells Bacchus that they need to do this wildly because their opponents are very tough.

Ichiya tells the bunny that it’s the time that he takes his mask off to show his real identity. As he goes to take it off, everyone starts to get excited, once the bunny takes off the mask, everyone is shocked to see double as Ichiya’s double appears, it seems that the Nichiya from Extalia has appeared.

Both of them start their attack by using their Double Ikemen Attack, at this point Erza faints as she two people who she hates most. Ichiya tells Nichiya that it’s fantastic too see himself because it must be a real destiny for him. After no warning, Bacchus quickly attacks and Nichiya quickly goes down. It seems that Nichiya has gone down for good.

Bacchus tells Ichiya to step messing around because they’ve got nothing to hold back anymore as they do not want to lose this match. Rocker attacks Ichiya, then right after Bacchus attacks with his Drunken Hanging Palm Moon Down. Ichiya sees Nichiya down, both Bacchus and Rocker go for their final attack when Ichiya regrets asking Nichiya to join him as he’s currently down.

Ichiya gets really pissed and starts to transform into a large size of himself telling them that this beautiful perfume is his Hohoemi, he says with a smile. After no delay Ichiya quickly smashes both of them into the air, thus they both lose the match. The Winner is Blue Pegasus.

The next match starts with Lamia Scale’s Lyon and Yuka vs Mermaid Heel’s Kagura and Millianna. The match is not shown but it ends in a drawn after the 30 minutes of playing. Yuka notices that Kagura has never gotten serious at any point she fights. Millianna asks her if she’s okay, Kagura replies with a yeah and tells Millianna that Lyon has some potential.

The next match is about to start, the arena is heated as they do not want to miss this amazing battle. The emblems of both Fairy Tail and Sabertooth go up. The guild known as the strongest sever years ago will battle against the one that currently claims that title. Both teams walk into the field.

Fairy Tail’s Natsu and Gajeel vs Sabertooth’s Sting and Rogue will have a one to one match. All four of them are dragon slayers. One said to be powerful than the other. Both First, Second and even Third Generations of Dragon Slayers. All their magic was made to be used to kill the dragons.

Sting tells Natsu that he’s been waiting for this. Somewhere else within a world filled with lava. We see someone say Vice Logia, Skyadrum. A dragon appears to say that it was a dragon slayer that this person had created. He tells them to watch what they are made off.  The dragon speaks to keep watching if these Humans can exceed dragons, or could it just be empty dreams. The time for us to take action is drawing close, the dragon king festival will soon be upon us says this dragon, seems it looks like Igneel.

All four of them face each other as the time has finally come for the battle to start. The battle to protect their pride and protect their bonds with their fists has finally arrived. Who will Win? The Fairy or the Tiger! Four Dragons have now been released onto the battlefield! Fairy Tail 293 ends here!

What a fantastic build up to such a fantastic fight! I seriously can’t wait for the amazing fight between these two fantastic guilds! This will determine what actually happens and who the most powerful dragon slayer is! Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 294, titled Battle of the Dragon Slayers”.

Elfman wins Bacchus – Eclipse Plan Activated – Fairy Tail 278

Today’s Fairy Tail 278 has an very amazing twist which is fantastic! We saw the beginning of the Elfman vs Bacchus fight start last week, that comes to an end this week as Elfman somehow wins over the strong Bacchus. Natsu also spots some soldiers running away with Wendy, Carla and Porlyusica. Natsu speeds ahead to beat them up, he gets them back.

We start Fairy Tail 278 with Natsu sniffing as well as running rapidly to find that a few soldiers have kidnapped Wendy, Carla and Porlyusica and are quickly running on a head. The four soldiers suspect, since Natsu nearly failed in the chariot race, he wouldn’t be able to run, but here, as he’s friends are being taken away from him, he literally shouts for them to hold up but they don’t.

One of the kidnappers tells the others to leave it to him, but within seconds he’s put down by Natsu as though he was nothing. they keep running while Natsu is literally right behind them. Natsu catch up up to them with force and the other three remaining soldiers literally wet their pants as they get smashed by Natsu.

During the Elfman vs Bacchus fight, Elfman seems to be taking a beating since Bacchus hasn’t even been touched once which just tires him out. At east moment, Elfman seems to be using a different Beast Soul to connect a hit. Currently he used the Beast Soul Wildtiger which completely misses. He notices that Bacchus is a user which uses his hands only.

Erza, having fought him once before, starts to explain the type of mage user he is. She mentions that he’s a user which focuses his magical energy on the palm of his hands. Furthermore, the secret of his strength is the mastery of martial arts which allows him to use his magic to it’s fullest potential. It’s called Hanging-Chop Fist, it uses a special stance which enables him to use his palm strikes. He’s now able to use Drunken Hanging-Chop Fist which enables him to completely use his moves in a random manner disallowing the opponent to match or defend the moves. She also mentions that he’s not even used Drunken Hanging-Chop Fist as he’s not even touched he’s alcohol yet.

At a hanging moment, Elfman seems as though he’s finished as he’s unable to get up. But as he thinks of he’s sisters he obtains the power to get back up. He tells Bacchus that, if he wins the name of Bacchus’s Guild will be changed to Quatro Puppy for the rest of the games. Bacchus accepts and drinks he’s alcohol.

As they both get ready to fight, Elfman speaks Beast Soul while Bacchus just goes for the attack. Elfman transforms and Bacchus notices he’s arms, they are all hurt and bruised due to he’s hands being the object which hit the Beast Soul Lizardman. Elfman challenges  Bacchus to hit him to see which one will last longer, this will determine the winner.

They both go head to head in a impressive fight. They both seem very tired at the end, they both crouch down to catch their breath, for a second it seemed as though Bacchus had won as he quickly stands up in victory, but after such a long strength draining match, Bacchus falls calling Elfman a man right at the end.

Fairy Tail gains 10 points giving them 12 points altogether. We return to Natsu at the top of the stadium, Wendy and the other are now safe, the criminals are captured and speak out telling them that they were ordered by the Raven Tail guys. Wendy analysis what they said and find out that they were not the target. But in fact Lucy since she was the key to some big plan.

Arcadios is talking to one of the soldiers about their plan as it went wrong due to the fact that they literally got the wrong people. Since this plan was such a failure, they move onto their plan B. The fact that this issue was put onto Raven Tail was a lie since Fairy Tail and them are rivals. Plan B is nicknamed ” Eclipse Plan” which could be to do something with bringing stellar spirit mage into their hands. The chapter ends here.

Wow! That was a spectacular chapter! Specially within a 28 page special, with lots of other information to dig out from it. Next week’s Fairy Tail 279 will be called “The Gateway Hidden in Darkness”, again another awesome 28 page chapter. Can’t wait for the next awesome fight as well as for more of the story to unfold.

Toby Horhorta vs Kurohebi – Fairy Tail 277

After the amazing chariot event in the previous chapter. Bleach 277 features a short battle from Toby Horhorta and Kurohebi, they both have a short battle as Kurohebi quickly achieves the win with just a few moves. After this point, a second battle for the second day is chosen for between Elfman and Bacchus. Within these few moments, Natsu senses a dangerous power lurking within the battle ground as he’s getting ready to go out.

We start the chapter with both Wendy and Natsu taking a rest. Natsu had previously taken part in the chariot event which he came 6th and received two points. They had gained finally gotten some points to which they can do something about to get to the top. Lucy is there to make sure that they are both okay due to they straining themselves before.

Wendy is then asked if what she had dreamt was something that would come to life or if she just thought that it would just be a bad dream. We return to the battle field where the battle portion of the second day has begun with Kurohebi (Black Snake) from Raven Tail vs Lumia Scale’s Toby Horhorta.

Lucy arrives a little late as she sees if the battle has started. She notices that Flare Corona  is looking right at Lucy, without even cleaning herself up. She is covered in bruises. Another member of Raven Tail then warns her not to do such a thing as she was secretly helped by him during her match. She cry’s and says she’s sorry as she’s being overwhelmed by him.

The match starts and Toby goes on a quick offence as he uses he’s Super Paralyzing Claws and Mega Mega Jelly Fish. Kurohebi goes back and quickly disappears using he’s Mimicry Magic. He appears behind him and uses he’s Sand Rebellion magic. They both call each other strong since they survived their own moves. Toby asks if they could deal on something, if Toby wins Kurohebi has to reveal his name and the opposite if Kurohebi wins.

Kurohebi keeps on dodging all the moves that Toby throws at him. At a point, he disappears right from his eyes into a speck of dust, and within a few moments Kurohebi wins this match earning him some points. Toby reveals that he isn’t wearing socks on his left leg due to the fact that he can’t find his sock.

Kurohebi walks to Toby, as thought he seems that he’s going to help him get up in a supportive manner, but he’s hand reaches further and snaps the thread that holds the socks near his neck. He rips the sock into shreds while Toby cries. The members of Raven laugh as other people stand in silence.

The second match starts with Quatro Cerberus’s Bacchus enters the stadium for the second match against someone from Fairy Tail A’s team. The King appears somewhere hidden to watch the match. He had stated before that he wants the next match to be against “that one that transforms”.

Elfman’s name is shouted out. The King is disappointed as he didn’t get the match he wanted to see. Bacchus states that if he wins, he wants to get both he’s little sisters for one night. Angry Elfman starts to walk forward to tear Bacchus apart. Natsu wakes up as he smells a scent of someone he doesn’t know. The chapter ends with a cliff hanger.

Fight after Fight is amazing! I can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 278, 27 page chapter. Also information about the movie adaptions will be appeared. Can’t wait to see the fight between Elfman vs Bacchus.