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Rukia’s Bankai! Yachiru and Isane vs Gwenhael – Bleach 570

Bleach 570 shows the magnificent and beautiful Bankai of Rukia. Although beautiful, it’s a very dangerous Bankai to which Byakuya warns her if she doesn’t use it correctly everything around her could be destroyed including herself. Both Rukia and Byakuya head towards to fight and kill more Quincy’s. Isane and Yachiru are both trying to heal the injured captains but a Quincy, Gwenhael,  appears out of nowhere to which he has the ability to vanish from sight and their consciousness.  Continue reading Rukia’s Bankai! Yachiru and Isane vs Gwenhael – Bleach 570

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Rukia’s White Mist Sentence Bankai! As Nodt Dead – Bleach 569

Bleach 569 reveals Rukia’s Bankai! Her White Mist Sentence Bankai (or Hakka No Togame) is spectacularly massive! Before this, Byakuya enters and distracts As Nodt as he’s the one who wanted to fight him first. Byakuya tells Rukia that she is now strong and formidable, thus he lets her handle As Nodt who has transformed out of his skin and into a larger beast.  Continue reading Rukia’s White Mist Sentence Bankai! As Nodt Dead – Bleach 569

As Nodt’s Vollstandig! Byakuya Appears – Bleach 568

Bleach 568 shows Byakuya right at the end. While As Nodt breaks free, while Rukia cools down, he uses his Vollstandig to quickly enable his fear, which seems to have covered Rukia in tremendous shock as she is unable to move. As Nodt tells her that currently she has no hope to do anything, after all she has done, his fear is truly superior. Byakuya quickly cuts into what he sees to be a large circular dome and enters when As Nodt notices him.  Continue reading As Nodt’s Vollstandig! Byakuya Appears – Bleach 568

Rukia’s Fear! As Nodt Defeated? – Bleach 567

Bleach 567 gets underway to find that Rukia has not only temporarily frozen her own body to a point that As Nodt’s fear cannot affect her. This allowing her to unleash her Shikai and going crazy, As Nodt is unable to understand how his fear cannot reach her. Rukia unleashes her awesome power to the point of Absolute Zero allowing her to absolutely freeze As Nodt within mere seconds.  Continue reading Rukia’s Fear! As Nodt Defeated? – Bleach 567

Rukia vs As Nodt! NaNaNa observes Renji – Bleach 566

Bleach 566 shows a little of Renji and Rukia’s plan to head out towards the castle and defeat Juha Bach (Yhwach). However at this point they’re faced with more enemies as Rukia fights the man who nearly killed Byakuya, As Nodt. While Renji sleeps all night, he’s silently watched by NaNaNa, he mentions that he will die, only meaning that they’ll fight. Isane helps out the injured captains in a secret place.  Continue reading Rukia vs As Nodt! NaNaNa observes Renji – Bleach 566

A Cherry Blossom Has Fallen – Byakuya Kuchiki

A recent tragedy has occurred to one of the greatest characters within Bleach. Byakuya Kuchiki is in the brink of death, he’s last hope would for someone to come and possibly help him, but as Soul Society lies in crumble, his time could be up and thus these could be he’s last moments.

He was brought to this point by the one and only As Nodt, a Stern Ritter who was easily defeated by Yamamoto’s Zanka No Tachi Bankai. After Byakuya released his Bankai, As Nodt didn’t waste time in stealing it away from Byakuya, after a few moments, both Renji and Byakuya were both shot down by the Stern Ritter. Ichigo had arrived to see how Byakuya is, he had admitted defeat to death and was prepared to give his life for the sake of Rukia and Renji being alive.

A great moment in which had to be drawn by the fantastic Zetsuai89, she’s done a fantastic job on the art work that she deserves for you to go and check out her other pieces of art!

Byakuya’s Fear Awakens – As Nodt uses Senbonzakura – Bleach 501

Bleach 501 continues with its epic fight between Byakuya vs As Nodt. A powerful captain versus an incredibly powerful Stern Ritter. Ichigo is still stuck in the cage even after trying to cut it with he’s sword but fails. Byakuya notices that he’s very tired and doesn’t know whats going on. Renji is told to stay back to see what kind of technique he uses. Byakuya’s Fear is questioned and used against him.

Bleach 501 starts of with Ichigo still trapped within the cage tired as he tries to break out using his power but fails at each point. He starts by telling himself that not even his Getsuga Tenshou doesn’t work against the cage! He notices that on the phone Akon is still there while Urahara’s call has been disconnected.

Ichigo starts to panic because of the inability to do nothing from him. He’s all tied up and he can’t do anything! He starts to get tired quickly and is starting to use quite a lot of power. Back in Soul Society we see Byakuya Kuchiki is still fighting with his full force, except that he’s Bankai has been stolen from him.

Byakuya tells Renji to stay back because there is no point in attacking an enemy whose power they still have no knowledge about. He tells Renji to watch his fight and understand what his ability is. Renji asks if he’s going to be fighting after he knows his power. Byakuya tells him that he doesn’t have the intelligence in being able to lure As Nodt into showing his powers.

Byakuya notices that his limbs and such are starting to halt and stop as if they are tired or something. He notices that As Nodt has some kind of thorns surrounding him, would they be containing some kind of poison or something similar. As Nodt asks Byakuya if he’s noticed yet.

He tells him that you may have thought it was poison, but its not. As Nodt tells him that it’s something that he may have lost a long time ago, he reminds him that he had become a captain and then became really strong. He had the power to completely overpower his enemies, so he forgot about it a long time ago. He reveals that this feeling is nothing other than pure Fear!

Renji is shocked that Byakuya would actually be in fear. As Nodt tells him that he’s a good captain, plus he resisted very well. An average Shinigami would’ve started screaming in fear and go mad at the first strike of his arrows. They would have died and their heart unable to resist the shock. Therefore anything would instantly turn into fear.

As Nodt tells Byakuya that even if he moves towards him, something deadly may happen. Even if it’s a small amount of movement, something suspicious is likely to occur, and thus he will start to not think straight. He tells Byakuya that he’s currently resisting this with only his willpower, it’s very surprising to As Nodt.

The fear has already captured Byakuya’s heart. Byakuya’s notices the fear and tells him that there is no fights without fear. He has overcome it every time he fights, which are usually on the verge of his death by the opponent. He has never repressed his fear, he’s always acknowledge his fear and gained strength from it. He pictures Rukia happy, within a few moments he starts to notice that her face starts to degrade and starts to dissolve in a fearful way!

Byakuya is hit once more and this time it’s a critical hit to his torso. As Nodt tells him that he’s not currently moving and that most experienced fighters tend to believe that Fear can be overcome, plus Fear with a reason is gentle, this is what As Nodt says. Anyone can stop it with experience and willpower, if you know the reason and source of fear, you can stop it. But sometimes Real Fear doesn’t have a reason, because it’s not a feeling, it’s an instinct. It has no reason and no limits.

Byakuya imagines himself as thought a horde of bugs are crawling up his body. He cannot escape his own instinct and this is now caught within As Nodt technique. They are all crawling up above his body to his face. Byakuya uses his will power quickly to escape the dream. He does this and tries to slice As Nodt, but fails as As Nodt has backed away.

As Nodt quickly takes out the metal circular plate which holds Byakuya’s Bankai, it seems as though he’s going to be using it. Rukia who is somewhere else see’s one of Byakuya’s flowers pass by her head. It’s hard to explain what has happened but it seems that As Nodt has attacked Byakuya with his attack and Byakuya starts to fall as his Bankai circulates the sky. Bleach 501 ends here!

That was a crazy episode! Even if we still don’t know who killed Kirge Opie, it seems that next week we will get back to Hueco Mundo and see who killed him! Plus as Urahara disconnected his call he may have been attacked or just had to talk to them privately. Still it was an awesome chapter! Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 502 chapter! It’s going to be fantastic!

Call Ichigo Kurosaki – Shunsui Fights Quincy – Bleach 497

Bleach 497 explodes into action as Soul Society is quickly being destroyed by the Quincies. The Quincies have already gained their Bankai and now they play with them. Renji becomes under pressure to release his Bankai but is stopped by Byakuya. Shunsui starts a fight with one of the Sternritter, he receives a quick injury to the eye as the Quincies are lightning fast. Mayuri calls the other Captains Idiot for not listening to him.

Bleach 497 starts as the Sternritter facing Captains have quickly obtained their Bankai’s! Soi Fong is in shock as her Bankai has been taken away from her. Matsumoto stands still as she doesn’t know what to do or even know what’s just happened here. Toshiro, Renji and Komamura are surprised at what had just happened. Komamura realizes that they’ve stolen their Bankai’s. Toshiro can’t feel anything coming from his sword. He asks for his sword to say something but Hyorinmaru doesn’t respond!

Toshiro yells at Matsumoto to quickly use the Tenteikura. This informs all the other captains that they should not use their Bankai’s when fighting with the Quincies as they are likely to just steal it. Matsumoto does this and all the other captains find out! Unohana finds out that the 10th, 2nd, 6th and 7th Division Captains have had their Bankai’s lost!

Mayuri runs in to tell them that he had warn them to wait until Mayuri had finished his analysis, he then calls them idiots because they had not listened to him with such a serious case. Yamamoto steps in front of Mayuri, it’s as thought he’s all ready to go and fight with the Quincies.

During Shunsui’s fight with a Sternritter, he tells him that he is thankful, as Mayuri usually gets to a conclusion with a day or so as long as he has enough information, but as he didn’t have enough information about this stolen bankai’s and Quincy situation it’s going to be hard for them to be able to explain their abilities. Shunsui tells the Sternritter that they are not the enemies that can be beaten by a Bankai, sooner or later someone had to be sacrificed.

The Sternritter quickly approaches Shunsui and goes for a shot in the face, Shunsui moves his head and lifts his feet to push him back as well as get a hit. He does this but just after a few moments, the Quincy moves at lightning fast speed to behind Shunsui after saying “Grimaniel”. Shunsui turns his face and the Sternritter quickly shoots one of his arrows right at Shunsui’s Eye!

The Sternritter seems to have absorbed some Reishi from Soul Society, he now has wing like structure behind him. Shunsui tells him that he may act cool, but he’s nervous too because these Quincies can pull anything out. Shunsui with a smile tells the Quincy that he’s in a bad situation as he can only see with one eye.

Somewhere else, Yuki and Shino see Kajoumaru being slaughtered by one of the Quincies. The Vandenreich Leader stands behind him, the Quincy asks what he should do  because this team looks like they already lost the will to fight. The Vandenreich Leader tells him that if he things they’ll be happier alive then leave them free, if they deserve to die then he should kill them. The Quincy agrees.

Angered Renji see’s what happened to Byakuya, his Bankai has just been lost. Renji Impatiently tries to bring out his Bankai but is stopped by Byakuya as they may also take his Bankai from him! Byakuya explains that they will take his Bankai if he doesn’t be careful! Renji shouts at Byakuya asking him for a way to defeat him because he’s just too powerful!

At the Research HQ, Akon is seriously worried about the Shinigami’s as there is literally an exponential number of Shinigami’s being killed at this moment. Akon asks one of the members there to link him to Ichigo Kurosaki. The member tells Akon that the Captain will not permit of this. Akon tells the member that he will take responsibility for what is currently happening here. Bleach 497 ends here!

What an incredible chapter! The way Bleach is turning out is incredible! The war is astonishing! The number of Shinigami’s dying is just incredible! Akon is worried so he calls for the help of Ichigo as he’s Bankai cannot be stolen! Bleach 498 is going to incredible! Hopefully we’ll continue with the fight of Kirge vs Ichigo next week!

Stolen Bankai’s – Fear Upon Soul Society – Bleach 496

A fantastic Bleach 496 Chapter begins as Toshiro, Byakuya, Komamura and Soi Fong reach out to the enemy to fight them with their Bankai’s! Byakuya states that this is the only way for them to fight the Sternritter because they seem really powerful! The Captains learn that the Sternritter have the ability to seal their Bankai, but find out that their Bankai’s are actually being stolen from them!

We Kajoumaru Hidetomo face up to one of the unnamed Sternritter. Kajoumaru tells the Sternritter to stop because he wont let him go any further than this. The Sternritter tells him that if he fears him, then he doesn’t care if he runs away, but for the Shinigami’s the Sternritter has no point in warning them of when they’ll be attacked because he absolutely hates all Shinigami. Kajoumaru tells the Quincy to not the 13th Squad because they’re going to stop him.

The Quincy tells Kajoumaru that he’s full of fear and that he has no control of what’s going to happen because the current situation is a life and death situation. As the Quincy speaks, Kajoumaru trembles in fear as he starts to sweat and becomes even more consumed by his fear. Out of nowhere, he lifts his sword and tries to attack the Quincy, he goes from the front and fails as the Quincy has already cut him without even moving or lifting a sword or hand.

Renji notices what Byakuya has said, he tells Byakuya that he wasn’t going to show any mercy because of what had happened in their courts. Byakuya mentions that there unjustful bastards has killed Sasakibe in front of Yamamoto. As Nodt steps forward, Byakuya tells him not too move because then Byakuya could get him with his blades. Renji mentions that it’s impossible to cut him.

Byakuya’s blades surround As Nodt and tells him that it’s not true. As Nodt notices in shock that he’s hand is bleeding, Renji is also surprised that Byakuya was able to cut him. The second Quincy member which is there warns As Nodt to what he’s doing because Byakuya clearly broke their Blood Coat. Byakuya tells this second member not to move because after some moments he falls down into the ground. Byakuya has made it so any movement would make the ground break and the person would fall.

Byakuya tells Renji that this is a 2 versus 1 match, Byakuya’s Senbonzakura retracts and becomes a sword once more. He tells him, if his Bankai were to be sealed away by the Quincy, Renji would use his Bankai in order to help him. Renji is surprised by the request because this is what Vice-Captain Sasakibe has said. Renji agrees and tells Byakuya that he should use his something else. This something else isn’t mentioned because Byakuya quickly tells Renji that the only way to defeat them is with their Bankai’s.

Komamura tells Testuzaemon Iba the same thing. Toshiro tells Rangiku Matsumoto the same thing because they want to find a way to break that seal which they have gotten. Soi Fong tells Marechiyo Omaeda the same thing. They all enable their Bankai’s. Byakuya with his Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, Komamura with his Kokujyou Tengen Myou’ Ou’. Soi Fong with her Jaku Hou Raikou Ben and Toshiro with his Dai Guren Hyourimaru! All the Quincies take out a circular object.

It seems as though it has activated as it’s pulling all the Captain’s Bankai’s away! Byakuya notices that As Nodt has sucked his Byakuya within that circular object! He notices that what has happened is not a Sealing Technique! As Nodt does a very scary yet wicked smile. Byakuya notices that their Bankai’s have been Stolen!! Bleach 496 ends here!

What an awesome finding! It’s crazy how powerful these Quincies are compared to what Uryu is! The captains are currently hopeless because their precious Bankai’s have been taken from them! It’ll be interesting to see what’ll happen during next week’s Bleach 497, and what the Captains are likely to do to even get close to defeating these Sternritter!

Cut The Quincies Down – Shinigami vs Quincy – Bleach 495

The War in Soul Society Continues with Bleach 495 Chapter titled “Bleeding Guitar Blues”. Rojuro Otoribashi is told about all the details including the one about Kira’s Reiatsu disappearing. He goes out to the battlefield to find himself an opponent. All the other Captains and Vice Captains also join in to fight the Quincies. Renji appears to battle a Sternritter, only to find out how powerful they are. Byakuya tells him to fight with all he’s got because the Quincies have come to kill every and each one of them!

Bleach 495 starts with Rojuro Otoribashi finding out that the Sternritter have defeated a large number of officers and Shinigami’s already! Tokakushi, Gori and Katakura as well as Vice Captain Kira’s Reiatsu has also disappeared! Rojuro goes on out to find a Quincy which will act as his opponent. He quickly finds one somewhere near him who heard him. The Quincy asks if someone had died, Rojuro replies to him that he would not tell him.

He reveals that where the reiatsu disappeared seemed to be Bazubi’s place, if he’s not dead, the moron screwed up. This Quincy’s name is NaNaNa Najahkoop! Rojuro asks him what he thinks friends are for, he tells him that he has no heart because Kira inspires Rojuro just like when Melodies flood into his head like tears. IF Kira dies, his Flying V would be sad too. NaNaNa tells him that he doesn’t understand a thing about the heart.

NaNaNa reveals to him that he doesn’t give a crap about the Flying V, and that Rojuro is going to be dead by the hands of NaNaNa in the next 5 Minutes! Rojuro tells him that he doesn’t know how powerful the heart is, as his Guitar is crying too because Kira may have died in these next few minutes. Rojuro warns NaNaNa that he’s not going to be leaving here alive!

At another point in Soul Society, another Quincy is attacking Shinigami’s as though they are just flies on a wall waiting to be attacked. The Quincy is Sternritter “F” As Nodt. The Shinigami’s attack are doing nothing as the needles which the Quincy posses can kill them immediately! At this point, some of the Shinigami’s start to retreat because they have no hope, someone else tells them to stand their ground no matter what!

Their duty is not to protect their own lives but to protect the Seireitei! The Quincy approaches this man and from nowhere a large sword hits the ground just in front of the man. The Shinigami looks up and notices Vice Captain Renji Abarai looking at him. Renji tells the man to stay away as he’ll handle this.

Somewhere else, another Sternritter “E” Bambietta Basterbine is going on a rampage with a smile on her face. She is stopped by the hands Sajin Komamura. He tells her that there’s even a little girl like her as a warrior of the Sternritter? She responds with the same thing but adding little puppy as Komamura. She then describes Soul Society really shorthanded as they would need such people as their captain.

At other places, Shuhei Hisagi faces a large Sternritter, Shunsui Kyoraku faces another Sternritter which has glasses and Soi Fon faces a third Sternritter who has a mask on. Jushiro Ukitake faces another Sternritter who has wild scruffy half. Toshiro Hitsugaya also faces a Sternritter who seems to wear a mask.

During Renji’s fight, he notices that his opponent, As Nodt is able to defend himself only using his hands because his attacks are doing nothing on him. He thinks about this and asks himself if this is only his ability or of all Quincies? Renji notices when he’s hit, a small mark is left on him, he decides to pick up the speed on his attacks to see what happens next.

Out of nowhere, another Quincy appears form above to take Renji on. Fortunately Renji was able to move away at the attack and the Quincy hits the ground. This Quincy is very quick. A man’s voice appears in the back, he tells him that there is no need to analyze him because there is no need to show mercy. The Quincies are showing no mercy, so the Shinigami’s should also show mercy! Byakuya appears and tells Renji to cut them down with his full powers! Bleach 495 ends here with an awesome beginning to their fight!

Wow, what an awesome chapter, these introduction to fights and how the Quincies are judging the Captains is wrong because NaNaNa is going to get his ass beat by Rojuro! Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 496 when the war continues with all of them! Hopefully we’ll get to see the fight between Ichigo and Kirge continue! These fights are starting to get more and more epic!