Madara Escapes Edo Tensei Release! – Naruto Shippuden 340

Naruto Shippuden 340 see’s as Madara, a beast shinobi, escaping the will of others and making and owning his own Edo Tensei. As the Edo Tensei has just been released, Madara’s force and will bring his Edo Tensei body to him and re-attaches to which he’s able to defeat the release of Edo Tensei. He then releases this to which he’s now able to control this ability, the one risk being if there is someone who knows the release, they are able to escape such death. All Edo Tensei souls fly away, Dan comes to aid Tsunade. Tobi begins his plan to take over everything using the Gedo Mazo. Continue reading Madara Escapes Edo Tensei Release! – Naruto Shippuden 340

Kabuto’s Dragon Mode – Naruto Shippuden 334

Kabuto's Dragon Mode ActivatedNaruto Shippuden 334 shows Kabuto’s potential as he gets underway on attacking both Sasuke and Itachi, from then on he mentions that his abilities that have increased dramatically to which he’s going to take both brothers out. He also mentions that he’s been to meet the White Snake Sage, however Sasuke and Itachi use an old technique to trap and attack Kabuto which seems to have worked. Meanwhile it seems that Kabuto may have already fallen for Itachi’s technique. Continue reading Kabuto’s Dragon Mode – Naruto Shippuden 334

5 Kage’s vs Madara! Itachi and Sasuke vs Kabuto – Naruto Shippuden 333

Kabuto gets ready to fight

Naruto Shippuden 333 hypes the fight between Sasuke and Itachi vs Kabuto. As explained by Itachi, all jutsu’s have a weakness, furthermore we see Tsunade show that she is indeed powerful enough to face Madara, she goes as far as to enable her Healing Abilities, even after taking a critical hit she quickly gets back up and show her abilities which are used without even weaving hand jutsu’s. Continue reading 5 Kage’s vs Madara! Itachi and Sasuke vs Kabuto – Naruto Shippuden 333

Madara vs Kage’s! Sasuke Meets Itachi – Naruto Shippuden 332

Hashirama's face on MadaraNaruto Shippuden 332 shows the truth to why Madara has Hashirama’s abilities, in fact it’s due to him having Hashirama’s face as well as cells giving him the ability to use his jutsu’s. The Kage’s keep on fighting Madara Uchiha only to keep getting pushed down more and more. Sasuke somehow meets Itachi during his way to the battlefield, from this he tells Itachi that what he did was wrong, and that he should have been killed. Itachi tells Sasuke he needs to stop Kabuto and the Edo Tensei. Continue reading Madara vs Kage’s! Sasuke Meets Itachi – Naruto Shippuden 332

Five Kage’s Assembled! Naruto Finds Tobi – Naruto Shippuden 323

Five Kage's Assembled

Naruto Shippuden 323 get even better as the awesome Five Kage’s have assembled in one place and ready to go on against the awesome and powerful Madara! They also tell Naruto that this is no longer his fight, it’s in fact a fight for the future which will decide the the peace between everyone. As Naruto’s clone disappears, the real Naruto keeps on going until he reaches Tobi, who’s currently with other Jinchuuriki’s.

Naruto Shippuden 323 begins as Madara begins with his attack using his newfound power of his wood style to which it goes for an attack against Naruto and the others. Naruto doesn’t seem to have enough chakra left. Kurama speaks to Naruto telling him that he will lend him some power, because he doesn’t want to give Madara any of it. Naruto is shocked that he wants to do this.

Naruto runs of forward and begins by creating a large number of shadow clones and giant Rasengan’s which he uses in order to get rid of all of the wood, Madara se’s that Naruto is definitely special. Naruto has used all of his power and chakra which Kurama gave him. Onoki tells him that it’s enough and that he’s going to go on from now, as he’s got a worthy opponent to fight.

Gaara goes to help Naruto, Madara would like to try more jutsu’s but it seems that Onoki cannot fight. We go into the past in which Mu and Onoki are talking to Madara about an agreement they made with Hashirama which he didn’t agree with. Onoki talks about how war is an endless cycle, however Madara mentions that this is just life. Onoki mentions that pain helps for them to learn about what truly matters.

He also mentions that this war is different, before it was against each other, but now they’re fighting a greater evil and coming together and heading towards Peace. Madara would like to put everyone in his jutsu. Onoki nearly falls when Gaara helps him mentioning that he’ll help him also.

Back at the HQ, Mabui is told that she needs to use her Ethereal Transmission, however Mabui mentions that people cannot go through, only the previous has been able to go through. Tsunade mentions that she will use her chakra stored in her forehead. The flying Raijin will be used on someone else. Raikage also agrees to go and asks for two people transmission.

Naruto fails against his fight against Black Zetsu however Chojuro is able to attack flawlessly. He takes Black Zetsu down, Genma is told to use his flying Raijin jutsu, plus the real Madara is alive. Mabui uses her transmission technique. Mei is going to be transported when Tsunade gets to the battlefield. Chojuro tells Mei that she needs to take Madara down.

Tsunade and Raikage get there, they stop Madara and Mu’s attack. Furthermore, Mei arrives there too. The Five Kage’s have finally assembled, they all look epic and ready to go! Madara is happy that he gets more people to use his techniques on. Tsunade helps Gaara and Onoki while Raikage and Mei begins their battle against Madara. He uses his Susanoo to counterattack Mei’s lava and Raikage’s lightning strikes.

A few others are going after Mu. Tsunade is asked by Naruto that she can also heal him, she mentions that he’s no longer a part of this fight. The current battle is not to protect him but in fact for the future and it’s peace. Madara is impressed by Raikage and Mei. Madara begins his destruction, he attacks but Gaara’s sand and Onoki’s rock helps with the defence.

Onoki asks for everyone to listen to him while Gaara fights with him to distract while Onoki makes a plan. Everyone hears the plan and agrees, Mei is told to use her mist to stop Madara’s vision, Mu shows up while Raikage has Onoki on his back, he makes his speed quicker by making him lighter. Raikage appears and uses his weighted jutsu and makes Raikage’s jutsu even powerful.

Onoki explains to Naruto that at the start he didn’t care about anyone except his village, however fighting with everyone, he now knows that he wants to make peace with everyone, and to also defeat this great evil. He asks Naruto for the Kage’s to defeat Madara while he goes to defeat the other evil which is Tobi. They all tell him that they’ll win for sure! Naruto disappears. Real Naruto understands and quickly finds Masked Tobi to which he head butts! Naruto Shippuden 323 ends here.

A great episode and it’s just going awesome, Madara will now show his true power and what it truly means to be strong, and why he’s the second strongest shinobi ever. This will definitely be something in which the Kage’s will experience hard. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 324, titled “The Unbreakable Mask and The Shattered Bubble”, when Naruto and Tobi fight it out, also the Jinchuuriki’s will also fight Naruto and Bee.

Sasuke goes to Orochimaru – Madara’s Edo Tensei Stays – Naruto 592

Naruto 592 fantastically starts with  Sasuke remembering everything he can about his Uchiha Clan as well as the Leaf Village trying to remember who he is because he’s been consumed by what he wants to do so badly. Madara states that he no longer has anything to do with the Kage’s and will now go to Naruto to fight with him, he now has complete control of his Edo Tensei. Naruto and Killer Bee keep on fighting. Sasuke discovers that he needs to go to Orochimaru to get help from him with a specific subject, possibly to defeat Madara Uchiha.

Naruto 592 starts as Sasuke remembers everything he can from his past, he questions himself at each stage. He remembers his clan and village but asks himself what they are because he’s knowledge about them have never been fulfilled. He remembers the Kage’s and his comrades, then asks himself what  a Shinobi is. He then asks himself what he is as he has no idea at this point.

The roof above the cave collapses, both Suigetsu and Juugo meet Sasuke at this point. Madara tells the Kage’s that after fighting against Madara, that he is no the type of person to be held by such a jutsu. Madara tells them that anyone who sees the Complete Susanoo (Stabilized Susanoo Final Form), that person would have died. He tells them that it would be disgraceful to pull it out a second time after withdrawing it once.

He tells the Kage’s that his enjoyment has been ruined, and thus he must go and see Kurama. Onoki quickly remembers that he had told Naruto that he would safely go because they will take care of this Madara. Onoki quickly fly’s, Mei Terumi tells him that it’s not an opponent that they can beat because of his extreme power, Onoki tells her that they must stop him at any cost. Madara tells them that it’s unlikely to happen.

At Naruto and Tobi’s fight, Kakashi and Guy are destroying the Demonic Statue little by little. Both Naruto and Killer Bee punch the Demonic Statue’s chin, thus he falls down. Naruto mocks Tobi by telling him that he looks worn out, even if Naruto can’t see through his mask he can imagine that he’s worn out, Naruto then tells him to take his mask off to prove that he’s not tired. Kakashi tells him not to provoke when Guy just cheers Naruto on.

Tobi does a hand seal, the Demonic Statue starts to raise itself when it opens it’s mouth to reveal the Kohaku no Johei. The statue then closes its mouth. Tobi then activates this intense Jutsu to say that the promised times have arrived. It’s as though something massive that was sealed within the Kohaku no Johei will come back.

Suigetsu and Juugo talk to Sasuke. Juugo finds out that Anko is still alive and thus he takes her for her safe keeping. Sasuke asks both of them what they’ve still got left with him. Suigetsu tells him that he’s found something cool within Orochimaru’s hideout which he should check out. Juugo states that even if Sasuke and Itachi stopped the Edo Tensei, Madara Uchiha’s Edo Tensei still remains. Sasuke is shocked by this.

Sasuke remembers and old moment when Itachi tells him that he’s got something to do. Sasuke is given the scroll found by Suigetsu. As Sasuke looks at it, he realizes that he’s found something unbelievable, he states that this scroll is it, as though it has an special function. Sasuke realizes that he’s needs to go and meet something, he calls this someone a person who knows everything.

He tells Suigetsu and Juugo that this person is Orochimaru! They are flabbergasted by this and ask him if his still alive after you killed him. He tells him that he’s a tough one which wouldn’t just vanish as easily as he did. He also tells that he’s willing to meet that piece of shit in order to ask him something very important. The clan, the village, he’s going to go and meet the one who knows everything! Sasuke is already to leave. Naruto 592 ends here!

Naruto 592, damn, that was one crazy chapter! Sasuke finally realizes what he needs to do, and it seems as though the fight between Sasuke vs Madara may be coming true after all! Plus the fight between Naruto vs Tobi is getting even more intense! Seriously can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 593, as the journey continues with these Shinobi’s!

Edo Tensei Release – Perfect Susanoo Form Stabilized – Naruto 589

A very destructive Naruto 589 Chapter with Madara enabling his Perfect Susanoo Form as well as stabilizing it to a whole new form impressive form! He reveals to the Kage’s that they have no chance of doing a thing! Itachi gets Kabuto in his Sharingan and chants the words to release Edo Tensei! He does this while Sasuke tells him that he won’t stop until he has made sure that the village has paid for their doings! Edo Tensei starts to be released in different places, everyone gets their consciousness back.

A very impressive Naruto 589 Chapter! We begin as Madara stabilizes his Susanoo to look completely different. He now has a full face with long nose, also has protection as well as a sword, looks like a human in its current form. Tsunade looks and admires at how big it is. She also mentions that there’s a huge difference between the Kage’s and Madara. She wonders if her grandfather, Hashirama Senju, really fought against Madara because currently he seems unbelievable!

Madara tells them that it’s a good thing that Hashirama currently not there because the maps and would have to be redrawn because the fight they would have would change the face of the Earth. He gets his sword out swiftly swipes it on the ground which literally creates a large ripple to which breaks everything in its way, all the rocks and even mountains in its way are sliced in half!

Onoki tells Madara that with this much power, why was he going so easy on him when he was still young some time ago, Madara tells Onoki that because he was still a child, he could not have fought seriously in that case. The Kage’s are currently very afraid of this, Onoki steps in to tell the other Kage’s that they can’t to lose here because it would be too great of a loss.

Madara reveals to them that one slash of the sword possesses the power to break all creation, only the Bijuu’s have such power, and Madara is able to compare to them with such a great amount of power. He tells the Kage’s that their paths will be smashed into pieces because they have no hope!

In the cave, Itachi, Sasuke and Kabuto are in there. Itachi gets the signs, Rat, Ox, Monkey, Tiger, Dragon and Boar. As Kabuto does the hand signs, Sasuke tells Itachi that there is nothing he can do to change the outcome of this. He carries on to tell Itachi that he had followed him here because he wanted to confirm the things that Tobi and Danzo had told him were true or not.

When Sasuke is with Itachi, he can remember the past, all the feelings from his childhood come rushing in to him about his much loved brother, Itachi. The more he spends his time with Itachi, the more hatred towards Konoha builds because of what they had done to him in the past. Sasuke understand what Itachi wants him to do, but Sasuke won’t budge because as he is his little brother, Sasuke won’t stop no matter what. As Itachi wants to protect the village, Sasuke is out to destroy the village. Sasuke tells Itachi Good Bye right at the last second, before the Edo Tensei is completely released.

As it’s released, everywhere else, everyone is being affected as they can notice the change within them. Kankuro and Deidara talk as Deidara promises to explode with his art but after some time he’s no longer believed, he notices the change and it seems as though somethings going to blow up. Mu also regains consciousness as he notices the mess he’s made here. Dan also notices that he’s changing. Light from the body goes up towards the heavens as though their souls are going.

Naruto also notices that the Jinchuuriki’s are also changing and lights are shining upwards. Naruto thanks Itachi because he’s the person who had done this. As Itachi’s body starts to degrade, Itachi tells Sasuke that he can still make it. Naruto 589 ends as the lights begin to ascend from the battlefield!

The start of the end of the battle has begun! And Naruto is still fighting Tobi! There is no more distractions for Naruto and the others as all the Edo Tensei users are going back thus Kabuto, Tobi and Zetsu are possibly all alone during this fight. We’ll have to wait and see what happens during the next Naruto 590 Chapter as Naruto will be on break next week, Naruto will continue his fight with Tobi. And Madara’s Perfect Form will stop when Edo Tensei stopping reaches him!

Susanoo Perfect Form – 5 Kage’s Fight On – Naruto 588

Naruto 588 shows us the end of the battle between Itachi vs Kabuto. Itachi finally get’s Kabuto in his Sharingan after releasing Izanami. The 5 Kage’s keep on battling against the notorious Madara Uchiha. Madara has cloned himself 25 times to show each Kage how 1 vs 5 feels like. The 5 Kage’s have no plan on how they should defeat the clones and get too Madara because they are getting heavily bombarded by the clones. Madara Uchiha releases his Susanoo Perform Form!

We start Naruto 588 with Itachi and Sasuke chatting while Kabuto is under the Izanami technique. Itachi takes off Kabuto’s glasses, he tells Itachi that by doing that, he will end the Edo Tensei as well as all the souls under it. Sasuke tells Itachi that he’ll also disappear. Itachi tells him, as a member of the Konohagakure, he will be able to protect his homeland. Plus, he has no more attachments to this world.

Sasuke once more shouts to Itachi to tell him why he’s doing that even after all they have done to him. Sasuke tells Itachi, even if he forgives them, Sasuke won’t do such a thing. Sasuke carries to telling Itachi that he’s got attachments on this world, which is Sasuke, because of the way he made him. Itachi thinks of Naruto, he tells Sasuke that he’s no longer the person who can change him.

This is why he needs to stop the Edo Tensei, it’s because it’s the least he can do to keep everything from going bad, he left in Naruto’s hand for this sake. Itachi lifts Kabuto’s eyelids, he then asks Kabuto to teach him the seal capable of stopping the Edo Tensei. Everything vibrates, it may seem as though it worked, but personally I think Kabuto had placed some kind of seal.

At the ground where the 5 Kage’s fight. They are all getting beaten up by the clones which Madara Uchiha had created. Gaara tries to help the Mei as she’s getting beaten up, but as he tries to keep his guard up, the clones smash him from the top. He’s unable to defend. Mei Terumi tells Gaara they’re too stong. Gaara replies, at this rate they may die. Tsunade is going on an all out bashing match with the clones, Raikage tells her that she’s using up too much Chakra the way she’s going and that she should calm down.

Tsunade falls for using too much chakra, Raikage gets distracted by this and is captured by one of the clones and it’s Susanoo. The clone enables it’s Mangekyou Sharingan and Raikage’s captured by it. As the clones go for the attack, Onoki appears and uses a defensive jutsu to capture Raikage in the rock hand. Onoki releases the Mangekyou Sharingan. The Real Madara, watching from far away, notices that Onoki is more powerful than first thought because he used a defensive weighted stone and even saved Raikage.

Onoki get’s the Kage’s spirit up by telling them that this is a matter of life and death, and that it’s very important. They should be able to deal with this because they are the people who their village chose as their Kage’s. They also need to make sure that their final words don’t ruin their reputation. Gaara tells them that Naruto had left this battle against Madara against them. Mei tells them that they took this battle away from Naruto, and that they have to win no matter what! They entrusted the titles of the 5 Kage to them, they can’t let the village’s down!

They finally make a plan, Onoki points his arms at the Susanoo clones. He and Tsunade are joining up chakra to allow them to create a massive Jinton Genkai Hakuri No Jutsu! He creates this an Madara tries to escape this, but he’s not able to absorb all the Jinton. A large dragon like beast comes up and captures Madara with sand and lava like substances. Sand with water makes it harder, with lava and heat with electric water bullets. Onoki tells Madara that, this is the full power of the 5 Kage’s!

Madara agree’s but he doesn’t intend to go down so easily. Madara then goes on ahead to show them the real full strength of Uchiha Madara. 5 Kage’s of not, they will soon realize just how futile everything will be. Madara Uchiha releases his Susanoo Perfect Form!! Which is larger than anything you’ve seen before! The ultimate evil descends!! Naruto 588 ends here!!!

That was one EPIC chapter!! I’m damn hyped about the Susanoo Perfect Form that it’s literally impossible to tell you how awesome this is with just words! Next week’s Naruto 589 is going to be one of the best chapters! Hopefully the Kage’s will realize how powerful Madara Uchiha is and possibly will get a beating! As they have no chance of winning, the only possible chance they have is Itachi ending the Edo Tensei in time. Hopefully they do it in time before any of the Kage’s die!

Kabuto faces Sasuke and Itachi – Naruto 578

Naruto manga is seriously starting to tickle my taste buds! Naruto 578 is absolutely amazing! It states that there are 3 fights going on simultaneously, The first is Naruto, Bee, Kakashi and Guy vs The Masked Man (Tobi). The second is the Kage’s vs Madara Uchiha, and finally Itachi and Sasuke vs Kabuto. I thought that the fights were just getting started during Naruto’s fights, but this is absolutely amazing! Kage’s vs Madara and Sasuke plus Itachi vs Kabuto brings a whole new level to what a actual Shinobi war means.

Sasuke enters the chamber in which his brother and Kabuto are located in. He defeats the crows which had been summoned by Itachi to confuse and stop him following him. Sasuke then notices that he sees a character which looks a lot like Orochimaru, when he hears his voice, he notices that it’s actually Kabuto.

Sasuke asks why he’s there in the first place, Kabuto tells him that its a little complex so he’ll make it simpler for them to understand. Itachi insists on him explaining to give him more time to defeat the Impure World Resurrection (Edo Tensei).

We return to Kage’s battle, where Tsunade has tried to smash the thing holding her in place as she is stuck. Shocked Madara quickly reacts by pulling the rope to get back what ever Tsunade was hanging on. Tsunade is then pushed outwards which then she hits the wall.

She wakes up to find out that her injury has been healed, Madara mentions that the restoring technique requires no hand seal, it is the same ability that Hashirama has possessed. As Madara is distracted with Tsunade, Onoki sends a Jinto Genkai Karuki No Jutsu which is absorbed by the Rinnegan which Madara posses.

Madara then mentions that since it’s 5 vs 1 on the Kage’s side, he should even things out a little. At this point he creates 25 Tajuu Mokuton Bunshin No Jutsu which literally means Multiple Wood Clone. 5 of each clone go to each Kage to make it fair, 5 vs 1.

At the other fight, Kabuto is trying to control Sasuke into killing Itachi as he says “Itachi is currently a nuisance for both of us”. Here to tries to get Sasuke to fight Itachi instead of himself as they both had the same power and the same master.

Sasuke then mentions that he wants to talk to Itachi, not kill him. Kabuto faces Sasuke with a question; he asks whose side he’s on. Sasuke’s answer is revealed when he throws shuriken’s at Kabuto when it’s suddenly stopped by Itachi. Sasuke warns Itachi that he’s an enemy since he’s the same as Orochimaru.

Itachi promises that they will have to talk later on, in exchange for both of them defeating him first, without killing him. Itachi tells Sasuke that he must not kill Kabuto has he’s the one who performed the Edo Tensei, or else the Jutsu will continue forever.

Itachi states that he will use his Tsukuyomi to understand how to stop it, then while he’s under the effect of the Tsukuyomi, he will control Kabuto and stop the Edo Tensei. Kabuto then mocks Itachi on how perfectly his plan will go. He then said that the there is no single weakness nor a risk to the jutsu.

Itachi states a fact, that any jutsu has a weakness, he then reveals that the Edo Tensei’s weak point and risk is Itachi. Kabuto says that this is going to be interesting since brothers fight together to fight evil. The chapter ends here.

Incredible episode! If you guys didn’t find that amazing, I’m not sure you read it correctly because these 3 fights will be epic! Also it’s great that both Itachi and Sasuke will fight together to destroy any remnants of Orochimaru’s powers. Can’t wait for Naruto 579 when we’ll continue with 1 of the 3 amazing fights!