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Fairy Tail 380 Mirajane by designerenan

Tartarus’ Demon King! Hell’s Core – Fairy Tail 380

Fairy Tail 380 goes ahead to release Sayla’s limiter where by she instantly becomes a lot quicker and much more stronger than previously to allow her to fight Mirajane, we also get a peek at END, which is a book, whereby the Demon King, Marde Guille takes care of it. Ezel and Franmalth also try to revive themselves however the flasks which held them were quickly destroyed by Mirajane in an effort to stop them coming back.  Continue reading

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Hiruzen reminded of Kagami from Shisui

Shisui’s Death! Coup D’etat – Naruto Shippuden 358

Naruto Shippuden 358 shows what had really happened when Danzo had forced himself into taking Shisui’s eye for himself as well as what the Uchiha Clan did during Kurama’s attack that led them to actually building a Coup D’etat. Itachi struggles to find a way to which he can be both Uchiha and a part of the village, he will have to make hard decisions.  Continue reading

Nozarashi Bleach 576 by ayce104

Zaraki’s Nozarashi! Double Imagination – Bleach 576

Bleach 576 finally reveals Zaraki’s Zanpakuto name to be Nozarashi, an awesome name for a deadly blade, on top of this we see Zaraki face not only one but two Gremmy’s as the original has dreamt up a second Gremmy for Zaraki to play with. Zaraki is absolutely loving his situation and he’s giggling with every sentence, he even gets really happy after being faced with an upcoming fiery meteorite, he is confident that he’d destroy it.  Continue reading

Naruto 672 Naruto is Back header by pollo1567

Naruto Saves Guy! Night Guy – Naruto 672

Naruto 672 shows Guy’s most powerful technique, Night Guy, whereby he takes a large chunk out of Madara’s body to which it proves to again be useless as it’s his last attack and his life diminishes. Both Naruto and Sasuke quickly get up with their respective symbol on their hand of the sun and moon, where by Naruto uses his sun in order to quickly help Guy survive his impending doom as well as finally show up so he can face Madara head on!  Continue reading

Goku and Vegeta fighting Hyper Dragonball Z

Fan Made “Hyper Dragonball Z” Demo Game Trailer

Dragon Ball fans should be happy today as a fantastic piece of fan made video game was posted online titled “Hyper Dragonball Z”, to which a fantastic game is shown.  It’s based on a 90′s styled arcade game whereby popular Dragon Ball characters fight each other in this immense and wonderful game. Check out the impressive demo trailer down below.  Continue reading

White and Shadow Rogue and Sting by Kuru-rin

Cosplay Monday: Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney

Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney highly deserve this week’s Cosplay Monday from the latest Fairy Tail 176 episode, we saw the disappearance of Lector as he tried to convince Jiemma that Rogue and Sting are still very powerful. A loss such as this deserves a fantastic cosplay such as this one.  Continue reading

A Smile Can Fix Your Day – Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto A Smile Can Fix Your Day by DanielaUzumaki

A wonderful fan art image of Naruto Uzumaki as he smiles after some hard work during his training. This image and its name is very inspirational as it shows that anyone with any kind of problem deserves to smile, to which that a simple and wonderful smile can lead to a great number of amazing things such confidence and being inspired to be a better person.  Continue reading

Humans involved in battle Dragon Slayers Born

Human Acnologia! Dragon Graveyard – Fairy Tail 176

Fairy Tail 176 is finally upon as, as I say that we learn a great deal whereby Acnologia, the Dragon Kind, is revealed to have started out as a human who killed and bathed in dragon’s blood. Gajeel shows everyone the Dragon Graveyard whereby Wendy uses her Milky Way to call upon Zirconis who tells them about the Dragons and how they disappeared. We also see Lector getting killed by Jiemma, the Guild Master, leading Sting to critically injure Jiemma.  Continue reading

Lucy Angry by designerrenan

Franmalth Defeated! Release The Light – Fairy Tail 379

Fairy Tail 379 shows Tartarus’ realization that Face has been stopped by Fairy Tail in which they panic and quickly begin to lose the fight, however Minerva challenges Erza and Franmalth loses when Lucy realises that he’s a Spirit himself. Hades appears for a brief moment to warn Natsu that Tartarus’ plan is not Face but in fact something much bigger, thus they’re told to release The Light.  Continue reading

Kakashi and Itachi

Itachi Joins ANBU! The Darkness – Naruto Shippuden 357

Naruto Shippuden 357 shows how a young Itachi goes through his early life by joining the ANBU by the Hokage and uses the intel he gains to deliver it all back to the Uchiha Coup D’etat. Danzo also asks of Itachi to give him information of the Uchiha and what they’re planning. Guy also realises the darkness one must have in order to join the ANBU, he begs Hiruzen to release Kakashi out of his duties.  Continue reading