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Mayuri vs Giselle Gewelle

Yoruichi Appears! Mayuri vs Giselle – Bleach 589

Bleach 589 sets up Ichigo, Chad and Orihime to all go to Soul Palace with the help of an energy gathered from the investigation by Yoruichi in the real world, while at the same time Mayuri appears in front of Giselle as he seems interested in finding out how she works. Yumichika and Ikkaku lead the attack against Bambietta and Giselle however every time they come closer they’re unable to do so.  Continue reading

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Sasuke helps Sakura

Sasuke’s Sharingan Ability! Obito and Sakura – Naruto 685

Naruto 685 reveals Sasuke’s Sharingan abilities and how can use it, to which he has the ability to replace transport himself from one point another, replacing the subject he has chosen to transport to. As this goes on, Kaguya has been tricked, to which she goes on to fight the hundreds of Naruto clones while at the same time Obito and Sakura use up all of their chakra to obtain contact with Sasuke and save him.  Continue reading

Bleach Character Evolution

Bleach Character Evolution in Drawn Style

Tite Kubo, the creator of Bleach has created numerous fantastic characters to play a great part within the world of Bleach. From the moment it began in 2001, to now, all Bleach character have changed in their own unique way, both in personality and in the way they look. Some grew hair while others changed their look completely. This image shows us some of the main protagonists and how they’ve changed throughout this time.  Continue reading

Tobirama Senju Cosplay by knockkukocmyk

Cosplay Monday: Tobirama Senju

Tobirama Senju, the second Hokage and brother to one of the strongest Shinobi’s alive, truly someone to fear as their power is greater than most. Being Hashirama’s little brother, we quickly know that he’s always been looked down by him when it comes to leadership, on top of which Hashirama has always looked after him no matter what.  Continue reading

Sinon takes out Machine gun guy

Sinon The Sniper – Sword Art Online II 2 (Thoughts)

Sword Art Online II episode 2 aired, titled Ice Sniper, goes through the incredible story of Sinon or Asada Shino where they try and ambush other players however they are surprised to see a cloaked man with a mini gun, that’s when they face trouble. Sinon’s abilities are tested as they’re branded as the best sniper in the game.  Continue reading

Natsu cries at Lucy's death

Future Rogue Cheney! Eclipse Portal – Fairy Tail 190

Fairy Tail 190 (Season 2 Episode 15) reveals the fact that Lucy wasn’t the only one who traveled back in time, Rogue from 7 years in the future also traveled back. While Future Rogue confronts his target to kill, which is Lucy, Future Lucy gets in the way as a shadow-dagger heads towards Lucy. In Future Lucy’s dying moments, it’s revealed that she didn’t close the Eclipse Gate. Natsu gets really mad and is quickly ready to torch Rogue.  Continue reading

Fairy Tail 392 Gray My Family by Natsuki-oniichan

Gray defeats Silver! Wendy’s Plan – Fairy Tail 392

Fairy Tail 392 shows the sorrow ending to which Gray knew that Silver was not Deliora, this reveals the questions to what he’s doing there and why he did all this, he was defeated using a new technique Gray just revealed. While all this is going on, we get to see Wendy make a plan to return to Warren to which they plan on using his abilities to contact other guilds to help them in their challenge with these Face weapons.  Continue reading

Uchiha and Senju alliance

The Uchiha and Senju Alliance! Hashirama and Madara – Naruto Shippuden 368

Naruto Shippuden 368 gets underway showing both Hashirama and Madara to go through a harsh time whereby their brothers and family die to which even more hatred is born. On top of which Hashirama is clearly the strongest, to which he allows for a Uchiha and Senju Alliance to form to which it will go on to form the Leaf Village. Exciting times for them.  Continue reading

Bleach 588 Giselle is shocked by animezona

Kirinji Defends King’s Palace! Zombie Bambietta – Bleach 588

Bleach 588 see’s Giselle turning the late Bambietta Basterbine into what she calls a zombie, her eyes appear to look dead as she is being controlled, while at the same time, the first to arrive Kirinji uses his attacks on Yhwach, Jugram and Uryu to defend the King’s Palace. We also see a little banter whereby Giselle jokes with Ikkaku for them to cut her and feel her true power.  Continue reading

Naruto 684 Naruto in Trouble by eternajehuty

Naruto’s Clones! Plan To Save Sasuke – Naruto 684

Naruto 684 gets underway to which Naruto pops out hundreds of his clones allowing him to use them to bash onto Kaguya all at once, this in turn allows for Obito to use Kaguya’s exit to allow him to transport himself to a different dimension. This in turn allows for them to trick Kaguya into thinking that she killed Naruto however it seemed that she hadn’t. The plan to save Sasuke has begun.  Continue reading