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Fairy Tail To Get 2nd Anime Movie

This week's Kodansha's Weekly Shonen Magazine recently announced that there would be a second Fairy Tail movie coming soon, it has been green-lit. The magazine also unveiled image boards with art that Mashima also drew for the film. The upcoming issue also releases two chapters in a week, being the fourth one in a row.

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From Zero to Hero – Naruto Uzumaki

We've seen Naruto from the very start, he was seen as nothing but a monster who could erupt at any moment, as he grew and became stronger, he showed his true nature and how he wanted to show everyone what he's got, especially those in the village. He fought and fought and became stronger, even as far as to kick some serious ass of a number of different villains. Here are just some forms of his from child to becoming a Hokage.