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Ground Breaking Rasengan Naruto Uzumaki by Cola-san

Groundbreaking Rasengan – Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto is definitely strong, one of his more powerful techniques is his Rasengan which he uses to pierce through multiple enemies and win because of this technique. He learned and developed it with the help of Jiraiya and Kakashi at a very young age, however now he’s been mixing and matching all other kinds of techniques that it seems that his Rasengan is compatible with almost anything.

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Naruto Protects Sakura Cosplay by Paz-Cosplay

Cosplay Monday: Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno

Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno might end up together as a couple, since Naruto has liked her for a very long time now however it’s not clear if she likes him back. This brilliant cosplay puts them in Kimono’s and shows their true colours as they both enjoy their companies and show their love for each other.

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The start of Naruto

History of Naruto and Final Countdown to New Project

Naruto has been around for a very long time, even longer compared to some of the fans, the official Naruto website posted up a final countdown of the manga and to a brand new huge project. The Naruto Manga ends on the 10th of November with a big bang to see what happens between Naruto and Sasuke. Continue reading

Erza Sexy Bunny Outfit

Erza’s Pride in Fairy Tail! Moulin Rouge – Fairy Tail 203

Fairy Tail 203 tells the story of Moulin Rouge, or as we know her Bisca Connell when she first came to Magnolia, she used the Fairy Tail name when she encountered Erza who taught her a lesson or two. The episode is surrounded by the relationship of Erza and Bisca and how it relates to billiards.  Continue reading

Erza's Determination

Erza defeats Kyouka! Face Activates – Fairy Tail 404

Fairy Tail 404 see’s the activation of the Face weapon as Kyouka aids in speeding up the process to a point that she is able to die smiling. While Erza also tries her absolute best to defeat Kyouka before she can do anything, however Face activates just as she goes all out.  Continue reading

Naruto the Movie The Last

“The Last” Naruto Movie Previews Character Visuals and Plot Teaser

As we get closer to “The Last” Naruto the Movie, we’re starting to get previews and plot teasers, we’re also digging deep into the character detail that’s going into each character now. This years 46th issue of Weekly Shonen reveals some key visual for Naruto, Kakashi, Sai, Hinata, Sakura, Shikamaru and Sasuke. We’re seeing Hinata here for the first time.

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Naruto and Minato's Kurama Form

The Divine Tree! Infinite Tsukuyomi – Naruto Shippuden 381

Naruto Shippuden 381 shows the beginning of the Infinite Tsukuyomi technique as Obito plants it to grow it, while Naruto tries to once again attack however nearly die’s after nearly getting his life sapped out. Madara also tells Hashirama the past about the Divine Tree when Kaguya Otsutsuki stole the fruit it made to help in a war when Hagoromo Otsutsuki had to stop the Ten Tails.  Continue reading

Oetsu Nimaiya Zanpakuto

Royal Guards Arrive! Cage of Life – Bleach 600

Bleach 600 shows the potential of all Royal Guards in one place as all the Quincy’s are captured within the Cage of Life created by Kirio Hikifune, while Ichibei Hyosube hid the Royal Palace and created a fake surrounding for them. Senjumaru still live after the technique used by Ichibei to fake her death. Continue reading

Susanoo and Kurama Fight

Naruto vs Sasuke! Understand Each Other – Naruto 695

Naruto 695 sees Naruto and Sasuke battling each other with all their strength as we have 5 more chapters left. They use their Susanoo and Kurama Mode to enable and fight each other, they also go on ahead and release their Bijuu Dama and Chidori just like before allowing them to become one and understand each other. We’ll see more talking again.  Continue reading