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Menma Road to Ninja Hinata Love by Zerocchin

Cosplay Monday: Menma and Hinata

Menma and Hinata are part of an alternative universe created by Obito or Tobi during his time when he wanted Naruto to suffer. Naruto had traveled to an alternative universe where he met Menma and Hinata who were, at that time, in a relationship.  Continue reading

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Kirito vs Sinon

Ready For Payback – Sword Art Online II 7 (Thoughts)

Sword Art Online II episode 7 has aired and it’s a build up to the next few fights, we see Sinon gets angry due to the fact that Kirito is pissing her off. We also see Kirito and his past surface as he mentions that he had killed three different individuals belonging to Laughing Coffin. The Bullet of Bullets begins.  Continue reading

Mavis Vermillion 13 Years Old

Mavis Meets Yuriy! Game of Truths – Fairy Tail Zero 2

Fairy Tail Zero 2 see’s the first meeting of Mavis and Yuriy as they bet their knowledge on the Game of Truths, as Yuriy investigates for the Tenrou Jade! Mavis and Zeira still live on the island all by themselves trying to clean up everything that had previously happened. Continue reading

Natsu lands on Atlas Flame

Natsu and Atlas Flames! Rogue’s Future – Fairy Tail 195

Fairy Tail 195 see’s the arrival of Natsu onto the Fire Giant known as Atlas Flames to which Natsu without question begins to engulf the delicious hellfire which he provides giving him strength we’ve never seen before. We also discuss the fact that humanity is losing against the dragons and are unable to do a single thing as Future Rogue is the cause of this, Ultear mentions that if the current Rogue is killed, such a future would not exist.  Continue reading

Log Horizon Poster

New Anime’s Arriving Autumn 2014

If you’re an anime fan, you’d know that new anime’s are always appearing, some being awesome while others not suited to your taste, this Autumn we will have some really awesome new anime’s and thus this post covers new anime’s coming this Autumn 2014. With the return of the second season of Log Horizon, there are some really good anime’s appearing such as the adaption for Fate/Stay Night. Read ahead to see them.  Continue reading

Team 7 Together

Sasuke and Hokage’s Arrive! Team 7 Together – Naruto Shippuden 372

Naruto Shippuden 372 see’s the arrival of Sasuke and the Four Hokage’s; Hashirama, Tobirama, Hiruzen and Minato onto the battlefield while Sasuke declares his candidacy to become Hokage. While the Hokage’s seal the Ten Tails in place we see Team 7 back together as Sakura promises that she’s now strong and worthy to stand beside Naruto and Sasuke to fight also. Continue reading

A Funny Summary of Bleach’s Final Arc

Bleach Final Arc Funny SummaryBleach and its final arc, “Thousand Year Blood War” has come a long way, its start with the invasion and declaration of the war to the point where we currently set our eyes on the latest battle including Giselle, it even includes Kubo Tite too. This summary is both funny and pretty accurate when it shows the reactions beside it. Please view it in its max size by clicking it.  Continue reading

Gajeel kisses Levy by IITheYahikoDarkII

Gajeel vs Torafusa! Levy’s Kiss – Fairy Tail 396

Fairy Tail 396 see’s the great battle between Gajeel vs Torafusa while at the same time Fairy Tail are under trouble when Levy aids Gajeel in kissing and giving him the precious air he desperately requires.  Torafusa is able to move quickly against Natsu and the others as they’ve already passed out from the poisonous waters that covers them.  Continue reading

Kirito and Sinon

Kirito vs Sinon – Sword Art Online II 6 (Thoughts)

Sword Art Online II episode 6 aired and it’s terrific, Kirito deduces that man that was with him is Death Gun, while at the same time Kirito faces his opponents and then Sinon to which she is defeated by his skills. Death Gun seems to have confirmed that the person named Kirito is in fact from Sword Art Online just like himself. Continue reading