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Naruto Gaiden Spinff Manga Ends Next Week

The Naruto Gaiden manga ends next week, it's been revealed in this week's Shonen Jump magazine that the manga (Naruto: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring) will end in next issue on the 6th of July, giving a total of 10 Naruto Gaiden Chapters. On top of this, the final chapter will also include a center colour page.


Brandish Squad! Edicts of Space – Fairy Tail 442

Fairy Tail 442 see's the introduction of Brandish who is one of the Spriggan Twelve, along with Miron Hollow who kidnaps Lucy and Erza while knowingly take out Mest as he investigates. Natsu and Gray are the only ones left when Brandish, with her massive magic level, appear. They're shocked unable to do anything.


DanMachi Review

DanMachi, an anime about an adventurer called Bell Cranel who becomes the unlikeliest of heroes within the city of Orario. The city posses a huge labyrinth in the underground which attracts a number of other adventurers. Dreams and desires become something achievable as Bell and his tiny Goddess Hestia begin their adventure. So let's begin the DanMachi review.


Jellal vs Oracion Seis! Silver and Gray – Fairy Tail 239

Fairy Tail 239 see's a connection between Silver and Gray as Natsu realises that they have very similar smells, on top of which Jellal and the Oracion Seis crew face off when Jellal powers up to trade better against them. Brain is changing into something more demonic. All while Elfman is being controlled by Seilah in order to blow up the whole guild.

Featured Anime Art

Water Dragon Bullet Technique – Zabuza Momochi

Zabuza Momochi, a swordsman whose abilities can rival those of a professional, and as one of the Seven Swordsman of the Mist, he has some powers which can defeat and kick some serious ass. One of his abilities is the Water Dragon Bullet Technique which looks and sounds amazing, and pretty strong at the same time. Here's a fan art which I believe that you'll enjoy.


Yhwach’s Other Half! Joining Stern Ritter – Bleach 632

Bleach 632 carry's on the friendship between Jugram and Bazz as they train for the five years they've been together, through sheer hard work, the Stern Ritter program goes through as Yhwach also looks for a right hand. Bazz thinks that he shall be this right hand, but Jugram is seen in front of Yhwach, and quickly made his right hand man.


Sarada Fights! Shin’s Treachery – Naruto Gaiden 9

Naruto Gaiden 9 builds upon the trust placed on Sarada that her trust and love for Sakura will flourish even if she's not her mother, Sarada goes on to fight kicking all kinds of Shin ass. On top of which Shin clones go ahead and stab the original Shin in order to get rid of him whilst revealing the sheer number of Shin's available in that place.


Boruto: Naruto the Movie Full Trailer Reveals Enemy

The official Boruto: Naruto the Movie began streaming the full trailer for the movie revealing the enemy named Momoshiko. Boruto and his new team mates, Sarada (who shows her Sharingan) and Mitsuki as part of a three-man cell with Sasuke Uchiha being their teacher. The new enemy, Momoshiki, is also revealed who launches a surprise attack on the Hidden Leaf village.


Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Review

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works anime ended with a blast, so I guess it's time to go ahead and review this series. Unlimited Blade Works is a popular route in the Fate/Stay Night franchise which focuses on an age-old ritual called the Holy Grail, it grants any wish from it's possessor. Seven masters are given seven heroic spirits chosen by the Grail.