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Family Fun Gaara and Kankuro by Nekomatalee

Cosplay Monday: Gaara and Kankuro

Gaara and Kankuro are both brothers, and from the very beginning they have been together from the chunin exams and the moments they fought against Naruto and others. Being brothers they’ve been through a lot, especially as Gaara is now the Kazekage. These cosplay images are pretty awesome, as they both joke around, they still fight as one.  Continue reading

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Stop This War – Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki Stop by Linnyxito

Throughout the battle against Obito and Madara, as well as the other enemies on the battlefield, one emotion we never got to see from Naruto was desperation. He saw many of his comrades die however his emotions never faltered as if he did, his own power would have never been what it is now. His courage to defeat the enemy has always been high. Naruto will fight to defeat the enemy and show everyone his candidacy for Hokage!  Continue reading

Gray Killed by Beam

Gray’s Death! Fairy Tail’s Demise – Fairy Tail 196

Fairy Tail 196 brings an end to Gray’s Life as he is killed by the mini-monsters spawned in by Mother Glare, Fairy Tail begins to lose its grips on the whole situation when most of the members are hurt badly that they aren’t able to move. Gray’s Death in general creates a dimension where Fairy Tail members can finally die, it being protagonists or just normal members. Continue reading

Flower and Ice – Rukia and Byakuya Kuchiki

Flower and Ice Byakuya and Rukia by Drimr

Rukia and Byakuya Kuchiki may not be blood related but they have something more than that, they’re powerful and amazing as one which puts them on another level. Rukia thinks of Byakuya as a bigger brother while Byakuya to Rukia as her little sister that he never had. It has been a really sad past for both of them, especially when Hisana had left her when she was young.  Continue reading

Naruto Sasuke Sakura summon Frog Snake Slug

Team 7 Summoning! Sakura’s Strength – Naruto Shippuden 373

Naruto Shippuden 373 begins as we learn about Sakura’s past as she’s always stood behind the backs of Sasuke and Naruto, however now she enables her power and is able to it to her fullest potential. Team 7, as well as the other teams get together and fight against the spawned minions created by the Ten Tails in which they try and get rid of some however bigger and bigger minions appears, to which Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura all summon their animals to help.  Continue reading

Toshiro's Face Bleach 593 by Gray-Dous

Mayuri’s Medical Drugs! Toshiro vs Mayuri – Bleach 593

Bleach 593 gets exciting as Mayuri’s drugs that he somehow gave to Toshiro has affected him in a way that every time he kills Mayuri, he will return to a point of where Mayuri repeats himself about his drugs. Mayuri gave him a drug to go back to his past memory somehow to which whenever Mayuri is killed he goes back, it’s as though if doesn’t kill him he can live on.  Continue reading

Naruto Sasuke Sakura Kaguya Sealed by designerrenan

Naruto and Sasuke Seal Kaguya?! Kakashi’s Susanoo – Naruto 689

Naruto 689 shows the possible end of Kaguya as Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura all get close enough while Naruto and Sasuke plant their hands to begin the sealing processes. We also see Kakashi use Obito’s abilities to use the alternative dimension to pass through things as he uses it to hurt Kaguya by nearly cutting her arm.  Continue reading

I Love You – Zaraki Kenpachi and Retsu Yachiru Unohana

Zaraki Kenpachi and Retsu Yachiru Unohana in love by Panda Capuccino

Zaraki Kenpachi and Retsu “Yachiru” Unohana wouldn’t usually be a couple in many people’s eyes, however this image puts one and one together to create a lovely couple out of both. The picture is a little saucy and it may not be to everyone taste, however Love transcends all barriers so just accept the fact that Zaraki and Unohana would be a serious power couple.  Continue reading

Menma Road to Ninja Hinata Love by Zerocchin

Cosplay Monday: Menma and Hinata

Menma and Hinata are part of an alternative universe created by Obito or Tobi during his time when he wanted Naruto to suffer. Naruto had traveled to an alternative universe where he met Menma and Hinata who were, at that time, in a relationship.  Continue reading

Kirito vs Sinon

Ready For Payback – Sword Art Online II 7 (Thoughts)

Sword Art Online II episode 7 has aired and it’s a build up to the next few fights, we see Sinon gets angry due to the fact that Kirito is pissing her off. We also see Kirito and his past surface as he mentions that he had killed three different individuals belonging to Laughing Coffin. The Bullet of Bullets begins.  Continue reading