Fairy Tail Anime Returns in April 2014

Fairy Tail to return in april

Fairy Tail Anime Returning In AprilHiro Mashima brings some great news as the Fairy Tail Anime will be returning in April 2014! The Weekly Shonen Magazine will be announcing on the 8th of January that the anime adaption of the Fairy Tail manga will be returning in April on Tokyo TV and related channels with all new episodes and continuation of where it left off. The director, Shinji Ishihira, expressed his joy at being able to bring back the anime to all the fans in spring. There is also a change in some staff members in the restart of the anime in April. Furthermore it’s promised that they are increasing the quality of the show as a whole!

Mashima has asked his fans on twitter to wait until he can announce some good news when the Fairy Tail anime had ended. The series has actually ended with a “To Be Continued” sign proving that it could have never ended so abruptly. I’d like to add that the cast stay the same however Shinji Takeuchi has replaced Aoi Yamamoto as character design while Bridge replacing Satelight as one of the studies animating the series.

We know there is going to be a massive difference from what we saw before to what we’re going to see, hopefully it’ll be impressive! So what are your thoughts, the news has finally come in that Fairy Tail anime will be returning in April, I personally can’t wait to see even more awesomeness from Fairy Tail animated. Tell me your thoughts using the comment sections!

Source: ANN

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