My Samurai Saviour – Naruto and Sakura

naruto_x_sakura_samurai_style_by_eternajehuty-d6b2x5sNaruto Uzumaki has always had feelings for Sakura Haruno, from the moment he saw her in class to the very moment he’s fought and saved her life multiple times. The image above tells the same tale, Sakura has somehow been defeated or is just too tired to fight that Naruto has taken care of the problem and quickly saved her, the same situation in which Minato saved Kushina. No matter what, I think he’ll always have feelings for her.

I’m not a fan of Naruto and Sakura, I’d rather have Naruto end up with Hinata because it would make such an awesome couple. However since the image above looks pretty well done and there are fans of Naruto and Sakura ending up together, I won’t argue it. The image above was done by EternaJehuty. What do you think of the image, you like?

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  • I’m all for NaruHina since I think they simply make a better couple than Naruto and Sakura (NaruSaku fans will argue this since Sakura is eerily similar to Kushina) but this image is amazing. I especially like Naruto’s expression, you can really tell how much he cares for Sakura and that he’d do anything for her.

    Just as Naruto will always have feelings for Sakura, Sakura will always have feelings for Sasuke.

    • Agreed Naruto and Hinata are better, however Naruto still likes Sakura. His expression and the style is pretty awesome 😛 Team 7 for the win. It’s a vicious circle, however Sasuke doesn’t have any feelings for Naruto.

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