Ichigo’s Two New Zangetsu’s! Juha Bach and Hollow Ichigo – Bleach 542


Bleach 542 brings forth Ichigo’s new Zangetsu Zanpakuto! From a single sword to ones which are now two handed. We see Ichigo tell himself that both Hollow Ichigo and Juha Bach are his Zangetsu! From this he receives swords, one being larger than the other. He currently looks immense with both his swords! I love the new looks!

Bleach 542 begins with the past, it’s mentioned that there were no lies told, none from Hollow Ichigo, nor Juha Bach. Juha Bach saved Ichigo using the Quincy’s Shadow, he stopped his blood using his Quincy’s Blood. He even lent him his Quincy’s power when he was weak. He considers, both of them as Zangetsu, he doesn’t care who they are, he might even say that it’s not true but both of them are his Zangetsu!

He asks if he’s okay with that, calling Zangetsu one last time. As Nimaiya forges his Zanpakuto, Ichigo steps in, he looks down at whats being made, a large wave of water appears, all of Nimaiya’s helpers look at what’s happening, then mention that he shouldn’t be there as he’s hands will burn. Nimaiya tells her that it’s fine.

Nimaiya mentions that it is as he thought, if he puts his soul in there, it will be perfect. Once he does it, Nimaiya tells him that it’s done, he should take it out. He tells Ichigo that it’s he’s Zanpakuto! Ichigo begins to pull it out, once he does this, the water around him swoosh in large waves, it turns most of the water around him into steam, it begins to evaporate. Nimaiya’s helpers mention that they’ve never seen anything like this.

Nimaiya begins by telling them that the sea dried up because of the heat as well as Ichigo’s immense reiatsu! It was to cool the swords down. Ichigo struts he’s brand new swords, one which is much longer than the other, he holds both of them in pride, calling his swords Zangetsu’s! He looks at the swords and thinks of both Hollow Ichigo and Juha Bach, the combination of them being Zangetsu!

Ichigo talks to himself that from this point on, he’ll never ask for his help again, he will stop asking for him to lend his power, or for him not to be in his way, he also won’t ask for them to fight together. From this point on, he will fight on his own, he thanks Zangetsu! He mentions that he is himself, and that the blade is him! There is no longer a bond since his power is finally his.

We move to the Quincy HQ, where see a large number of people, especially the great number of Stern Ritters! They’re told to hold their Quincy’s crosses high for their leader, Juha Bach! He asks if all the Stern Ritters are there, he mentions that he has some information to tell them! Bleach 542 ends here.

This may have been a short chapter, but it was one which was awesome and great. I like what Kubo has done, especially give Ichigo a brand new look, especially the new Zangetsu sword, the two Zanpakuto will definitely be something new for all of us to see, there doesn’t seem to be any Shinigami I know off with dual handed swords. Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 543, to see what Juha Bach has to tell us!

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    1. Sunite

      I think when I mentioned this, I meant it in Bankai terms, I’ll have to change a few things here and there if I want to get it spot on still :) thanks :D

  1. MarkingInk

    Good review of a great chapter! :) I do have a question regarding the chapter in general, when exactly did Old Man Zangetsu save Ichigo with the Quincy’s Shadow? I can’t remember it

    1. Sunite

      :D I believe it could have been during the fight between Ichigo and Kenpachi, do you remember when Yoruichi found Ichigo? She mentioned that she had also found a mask when he was rescued by her, that could have been Old Man Zangetsu helping Ichigo with “shadow”, which could be referring to Hollow Ichigo, as his shadow, or the shadow power which was being suppressed by Old Man.

    2. Ganesh

      when juha bach stabs him in the throat
      bach hiself acknowledges that ichigo was using whats it called the BLUT or something

  2. criolle johnny

    The hollow-bladed sword would HAVE to be the “HOLLOW” side of Ichigo. The symbolism is perfect.
    I would not be surprised if one blade were white and the other were black. They may even send different color blasts of energy.
    I confess: I DID NOT see the double bladed Zangetsu coming!

  3. Rook

    From what I know ichigo isn’t in bankai, when he grabbed the swords an when he finished that was the shikai form. Hence even his clothes are shikai.

    The one thing that it does bring up is since all his power has been released, will he use a cero now since his hollow katana could use cero against uriquira and against Love…

    I mean ukitake’s can basically spit back a cero sent flying towards it so why couldn’t ichigo use it from get go, since his getsuga is more like quincy in that old man Z would eat his reatsu to produce it, even though its a shinigami power due to his dad.

    With the last couple of chapters bleach became better than naruto for me☺

    1. Sunite

      Very interesting, I actually didn’t notice that until you mentioned it, however I still think that at this point, his cloths don’t matter since he’s reforging the Bankai himself, so it’s not really unleashing it, it’s more just fixing it, therefore the Bankai affects won’t make a difference at this point. Agreed with Bleach better than Naruto :P

      1. Rook

        Your points on it being a bankai re forging is important, its just that Another reason why I thought he isn’t in bankai is juba himself, since when ichigo went in bankai and went inside his world he(old Zangetsu) was the young looking guy with the hoody.

        I honestly think Kubo has outdone himself if we can all sit an argue about if he in bankai or not.

        My question is since ichigo hollow or Zangetsu 1 could use a cero against uriqura or whatever, would ichigo b able to do it as well? Will he hollowfy? If his actual original zangetsu can run around using cero against love, what’s to stop him now? I mean ukitakes friend kuyona or hat guy with pink thingy has blades similar to ichigo because 1 is longer than the other, will 1 b faster or like his or each having their own power? I wish the anime comes back coz can u imagine seeing this scene on the anime?

        1. Sunite

          I fully hope he can hollowfy because it’s one of the awesome things from Ichigo that will just make you giddy about his character. I hope he can do a cero, since most characters have different cero sounds and effect, I hope he can do something awesome! The animated version of this arc will certainly be an spectacular event, I REALLY want to see Kubo see it through!

      2. Zach

        This is absolutely ichigos new shikai, not bankai. It’s agreed that the original plan was to fix ichigos bankai, however, with everything that ichigo learned and the truth being revealed, that’s not what happened. Rather, a brand new true zanpakuto was forged and as a result we see ichigos new shikai.

        With that said, his new bankai will most likely be a reflection of his full hollowfication form, as that was the closest his old ‘bankai’ was to being complete… ANd it makes the most sense. Bankai is where the soul reaper becomes a reflection of their zanpakuto and take on its features..

  4. Bishop

    i think it suits ichigo if you separate Zang and Etsu in German Zang means song and in Japanese Etsu means delightful which if read backwards says Delightful Song it fits the fact that ichigo is finally at peace with both of his zanpakuto spirits and that his power is now his i liked this chapter no matter how short it was

    1. Feonics

      Who is to say that he won’t have two different Bankai? one hollow and one quincy! And maybe they will try to through in a 3rd level of transformation for being a hybrid with monumental power. Uniting both power into something completely new!

    1. Sunite

      Another good question, I think Juha Bach stopped it the first time, and so it could happen a second time since Quincy powers do not work on Quincy folks

    2. Jauxred

      well I’d actually say no. simply because as juha back openly admitted, he cant steal what he doesn;t know the extent of. thats why he could never take yamamoto’s until yamamoto finally released every power his bankai had. currently..NO ONE knows what ichigo’s zanpakuto is capable of. likely getsuga tenshou will not be his only shikai ability, as it was openly stated by old man that that perticular power was simply the one he couldnt suppress. so likely we’re about to see a new side of ichigo that will display powers far beyond and more complex than we’ve seen so far. and as for stealing his bankai? well…even ichigo doesn;t know the full extent or even the powers of his bankai yet. until ichigo masters it and completes the bankai himself, and demonstrates that power in front of the sternritter…it cannot be stolen.

  5. Transcorpio

    Judging by the slit in the big sword … he will probably use it as a handle like a bow + the little sword will be an arrow + put his mask = “the true getsuga tenshou”

    1. Sunite

      Also another possible for Ichigo to use arrows, however I don’t think, wait, I don’t want Ichigo to use swords. He’s so powerful regarding swords, and it awesome at close range, I don’t want him to learn long distance attacks as they’ll ruin it. Also the slip as mentioned can be used as a way to push the person back, if Ichigo ever used two hands on that sword.

      1. Rook

        I agree with u in that ichigo shouldn’t use ranged weapons. The 1 thing about ichigo that makes me angry is he never really launches his getsuga up close, like hollow Zangetsu.

        He has 2 swords bt we have never actually seen him use more than 1 weapon…☹.

        At least he can block with 1 sword an attack with the other, an what would u think if ichigo was attacked with the arrow an his quincy Zangetsu sucked up the reitsu an fire a getsuga…

        An has any1 thought of the fact that byakuga was also taken to this place with rukia.

        Rengi continued with his business so what’s 2 say the other guys haven’t?

  6. roly

    I liked this chapter a lot… I readed your spoilers on the site and I like bleach very much and I think that this arc will last a bit longer than that one with Aizen … After this if Aizen comes back …

    1. roly

      And yeah I also heard a rumour that bleach is returning to tvtokyo in july… Is it true? I saw it in a page that someoane from TvTokyo twitted about it like Shinigami’s back at the end of month July… I think a lot of people would be happy…

  7. roly

    And 1 question: Inoue and Sado will not fight in this arc? and Ishida will be something like a “final boss” with Aizen or Juha? That would be great…

  8. BleachCrazy

    Loved this chapter! Just have one question though. When Ichigo gets his two to swords, is he in bankai form already or is he yet to transform into something much more deadly?

  9. lee

    with the mention of kenpachi – let’s not forget he has spent the better part of his life suppressing his own power as well. now that he finally hears the voice of his zapak – he’s likely to be equal to (if not stronger than) even ichigo. remember that he too was told that he was the strongest of the gottei 13 – him and ichigo fighting side by side will be epic.

    1. Sunite

      Everytime he suppressed it, his power went even lower and lower.. so I guess :P Ichigo is hell of strong, but once Zaraki gets his Bankai, it’s most likely to get even crazier…

  10. Willy Hizzy

    The blades look like a rip-off from final fantasy’s Cloud Strife. And the head captain has dual katanas.

    1. Sunite

      Hmm maybe he didn’t have too, I guess Hollow Ichigo was there to also witness, or that the fake zangetsu was in fact a lot more powerful and Hollow Ichigo had to back down.

      1. kimaryobernard

        if you watch the bleach episode where zaraki fights ichigo,there’s a part when zangetsu uses the hollow to help ichigo accomplish some power and after its over the hollow says that the power will be eventually his

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