Is Gray Fullbuster Dead? – Fairy Tail 334

fairy_tail_334___coloring___gray_s_death__scene_by_deohvi-d686ax8Fairy Tail 334 saw a great and unfortunate event pass, Gray Fullbuster died right in front of our eyes. Gray was shot multiple times from smaller dragon offspring from Mothergrea, after pushing and saving Juvia’s life, his life quickly disappeared and Juvia’s shout of his name showed that it was more than his life was lost. It was love and as well as friendship from both sides.

A large number of people are thinking otherwise, because many like Gray as a character, they know that he’s not dead. Well, he might not be dead yet, but it’s most likely that he will die. There are a number of different timelines within the manga at this point, and any number of them could happen, if Levy’s does become true, which is most likely, each and every Fairy Member will die horrendously! What do you think about this, will more Fairies die? And is Gray Fullbuster really dead? Tell me using the comment section. [Image: DEOHVI]

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26 thoughts on “Is Gray Fullbuster Dead? – Fairy Tail 334”

  1. Gonna go with either ice clone, Ultear’s time magic or project eclipse deus ex machina style. Gray is simply too central to the series to be written off like that. Most likely this is a plot device to get Juvia to display the full extent of her powers in blind rage.

    1. Ultear’s magic doesn’t work on humans… an ice clone maybe, but I found his death scene a bit too dramatic to just simply be a facade. Anyways I really hope he doesn’t die.

      1. I wish Yes… if it’s Fairy Tail what i was reading and watching .. and made by Japan and by Hiro Mashima He will come back … I can’t keep reading or wathing it without Gray he’s my Favorite he’s the best he’s an amazing Character he can’t die specily right now God come back soon Gray Fullbuster T_T …!!


  3. Of course not,they actually can’t let him die.Gray is one of the most important characters in fairy tail, you can even open fairy tail wiki and check gray fullbuster’s status (Active).

    1. That’s simply because it hasn’t been confirmed he’s dead yet. They changed Lector’s status to deceased on the wiki too after he “died” but it turned out he was alive later…so they probably don’t want to jump the gun just yet.

  4. Author said something surprising or unexpected was coming next chapter. But we all know it takes more than a few fatal injuries to kill an anime character. Remember whitebeard from One Piece? A gigantic heart stabbing and a few hundred bullets, and he was still making dramatic speeches.

  5. Everybody has to remember… It is possibly nearing the end of Fairy Tail, just like Bleach is ending, just like Naruto seems to be ending… I hope he’s not truly dead though :’(

    1. I think Fairy Tail has a lot more left, e.g. there’s like 4 more powerful people left, especially the first from the list who doesn’t seem to be human..

  6. I hope Gray isn’t dead. You can’t just say ”Gray died cause of small weak dragons.” IF he should die, he should die with a bigger impact.. My opinion.

  7. I don’t want Gray to die just as much as anyone else…but Mashima’s going to have to do something REALLY convincing if he’s going to bring back Gray from that headshot and not pull a cop out.

    While I don’t want Gray to die, I’d really like to see Juvia use her rage filled full power and to see how she’ll cope without Gray. It would make for some really good character development.

  8. I don’t think Gray will be dead. He is one of the main characters in Fairy Tail. Even if he is really dead, Natsu and Lucy can go back in time and alter the outcome. There are still so many mysteries left to be unravel such as Obra’s Creature, Lumen Historie, Future Lucy diary. Maybe inside the diary, Future Lucy left behind some important hint on how to prevent all of this from happening. So let’s wait for today surprise and excitement!!!

      1. Oops, I meant that I’m glad he’s alive. Honest mistake. But yeah, I’m disappointed too, but not surprised either. It’s Mashima after all.

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