Bleach back on the 22nd of March 2013?!

mask_2_by_touya101-d5pnmmyHas there already been news of Bleach’s come back? Well yes and no, Bleach Anime was cancelled after 366 episodes when Ichigo told Rukia they’ll meet again. At that point, many of the fans stated that due to the manga being too close to the anime it had to either play fillers or stop. Well, Bleach stopped but only after a few months, there’s already news that Bleach will be coming back on the 22nd of March 2013!bleach return 22 march 2013

There has been no confirmation of Bleach airing on the 22nd March 2013, except for a special tweet from Kubo Tite’s twitter account. As the image on the right shows, it’s been translated from Japanese to English, asking Bleach fans how excited they are for Bleach anime’s return on the 22nd of March. The translation or tweet has not been confirmed to be true or false, although it seems like a lot of fans are believing this. The TV-Tokyo schedules also doesn’t seem to go far enough to show this date, therefore it’s still unconfirmed if it is actually going to be back on this date.

So what do you guys think of this? Will Bleach 367 actually be back on the 22nd of March (22/03/2013) or is this just a hoax? Also this air date is the Friday, which isn’t the usual Tuesday weekly date for Bleach anime.

UPDATE (22/03/2013): There is no new Bleach Anime Episodes (yet), Tite Kubo confirmed the above tweet being fake. It was in fact a hoax!

The awesome artwork above was drawn by the one and only Touya101. She has a ton of other artwork which you should definitely check out relating to a lot of Bleach fan art.

There are 119 comments

    1. Sunite

      Completely agree, hopefully it doesn’t spoil the whole of the final arc by adding more filler episodes. I’d wait longer but if Kubo feels as it’s going to be fine at till the end, then i’ll be more than happy to wait to see what happens…

        1. Sunite

          Many fans have deduced that the anime and manga were very very close, and the decline in viewers for Bleach could have meant the end of Bleach if they carried on the way it did.
          Filler episodes weren’t really amazing so Kubo decided to temporarily cancel it until the manga was far enough so they could just begin with the final arc… They didn’t want to make another filler arc as it could have killed Bleach.

            1. Bleach Rox

              The manga is way far ahead of the show now! It was neck and neck when it stopped airing but the manga is pretty far ahead in the new arc now,

          1. saors

            You know, a lot of people hated the fillers and don’t get me wrong, I didn’t like them as much as the main arcs, but I did appreciate that I got to watch something, i.e. the Bount arc was pretty good, and in my opinion I’d rather watch a filler episode than no episode at all. They tend to make the fillers rather interesting (unlike DBZ where Goku stands holding the spirit bomb for 10 episodes ;P )

            1. bleach fan

              wow I didnt like it when they added another story to the main bit i wanted then to get on with it but i want bleach back i even cried when it finished i crave it i want it back now

            2. Robert McDowell

              I agree the filler ones were better then none! and I for one will miss bleach as if it was my sister that died…. so don’t tare my heart out unless its with a bleach sword lol!
              I.E:Bring bleach back already we need it bad lmao!

    2. curtis

      i dont know why people dont like the filler i man i am a huge bleach fan and i loved the fillers now the fillers in naruto are another story they made me quit watching in shippuden

    3. Kamird

      Absolutely agree, but as long there is Bleach Kubo will do something unpleasant with it. BUT!!!! No matter will it be fucked up or it won’t (hopefully) I hope that bleach will be back cuz I fkin miss it. And I wanna see Ichigo vs Zaraki rematch. Though next saga in manga is 100% pure ”filler” saga. Lets pray for Bleach’s Ressurecion!

  1. dreager1

    I think it’s definitely a hoax. The manga has barely progressed so if the anime came back, they’d still be caught up rather quickly. I think it’s best to not bring the anime back for at least several more months. Plus, I’m still pretty positive that it won’t be the same anime, but a sequel with a fresh episode count and all. Still, if this isn’t a hoax, then that’s pretty cool. It’ll be good to have Bleach again

      1. dreager1

        Yeah, I think that would be a good way to revitalize the anime and maybe even bring in some new viewers to help ratings. After all, when they see the whole Ep 1 thing, they may decide to give it a chance even if they’ve never seen Bleach before. If handled right, it could work

  2. Nakim St Jules

    i know it would be a pain to have a filler arcs in bleach but nauto did have more filler arcs than bleach and they blend well with the main story. and besides i did love bleach’s filler arcs.

    1. Sunite

      They were great, but a lot of fans wanted the story for the Kubo, the main including Ichigo and nothing but ichigo… I guess they loved the fights…

  3. geo92

    for me fillers are better from nothing its not that i like them but at least there is a sign of life for the show.. with no episodes its like there is no hope for it to air anytime soon..

    1. Amaterasu

      Totally agree…I would better have a long filler arc instead of waiting one year or more for bleach to come back with the last arc.

    2. Sunite

      If Kubo did really get a contract, it would be awesome, but at the same time it would be more fillers, I’d rather wait since the manga is going great and I don’t him to end it, I want it to keep on going after Bleach, possibly a brand new story or side story from Bleach… possible future based or past based..

    3. bleach fan

      Has anyone got any good action anime for me to watch because im bored i need somthing before bleach comes back!!! nothing is the same bleach is better then all of the action animes ive seen

  4. Eruanion Nolaquen

    Honestly, the “filler” episodes didn’t bother me. I wait longer for some books than I did for Bleach to go through a filler arc. Honestly, if you are a fan of something, be a fan, not a whiny little brat because they want to save a big reveal. Had they not had filler, how long ago would Bleach have ended? Or would we have wound up with something like FMA, where the anime went off on a tangent from the Manga, and had to be completely redone to correct it? As someone who waited 22 years for the Wheel of Time, and 10 Years for the Sword of Truth to finish, waiting a couple weeks for them to go back to the main story is easy. No wonder the Mangaka was upset with the fan base. They need to learn patience.

    1. Sunite

      Completely agree, honestly I feel the same, a lot of fans are kids and they can’t handle the wait so they result in whining, Bleach is mostly for an older audience but children pop out of nowhere, if you ask me.

    2. Orange hair hero

      I totally agree with you. Some fans can be a pain in the ass and whine about fillers or the time. That’s what I call to be ungrateful.

      Well, I hope Bleach is coming back the 22th of this month either if the arc is from the manga or if it is a filler arc. It doesn’t matter to me, as long as the series is running and not stopping for a whole year on.

  5. James

    I really liked some of the fillers so it would be a shame if they got rid of them completely. I really hope Bleach does come back, there’s already a lot I want to see animated!

  6. 101nemesis

    Fake. There is no such tweet on his twitter account.
    It got me excited for like an entire minute though. :P
    Plus, I don’t want the anime to come back this soon. It should comeback 2014 March. By then, the manga would have had a good lead of about 100 chapters. Right now it is ahead by hardly 50 chapters. If it comes now, then we will definitely have another filler arc. Bleach cannot take filler arcs. The ratings dipped to as low as 1 when it had filler arcs.

    1. Tony Ascenção

      Seems legit.
      And sure I can’t find that tweet on any of the many tite kubo named accounts on twitter. Got me excited for 5mins, damn it!
      Disagree with the fillers coz they weren’t all that bad, can compare with fillers from all the main Anime out there, weird it went so far down on ratings (not sure about your one tho). Naruto has had some bad fillers and is still up there, even One Piece seriously pissed me off last week when I came across 4 hideous episodes put right inbetween the best episodes up to that point.
      But hey love Bleach, hope some day they come back as good as ever.

    2. Sunite

      Thats true, I’d also wait till since it’s showing great progress with the manga, hopefully they’re already creating the anime’s at this point so that it can be at it’s highest quality by spending more time on the drawings and affects..

  7. Alonzo

    I don’t care if its filler or not i just want it to come better then nothing.oh and if you don’t like the fillers then don’t look you guys can only judge but the fillers were great in my opinion i wish they would even make more so we can have something to watch

  8. MrReaper

    best not get are hopes up in case its not the case, im just gonna forget about it if it comes back be great not like im not gonna ear about the bleach return just dont wanna get my hopes up incase of a hoax

    1. Sunite

      Lol, I think it’s a possible hoax, it’s yet been confirmed, until it’s properly confirmed by Kubo or any anime news network website, and even the TV Tokyo schedule, then I’m going to believe it…

    1. Sunite

      Don’t take everything you see seriously, as it’s not yet been confirmed, all we’ve got is the tweet, and a lot of people can’t seem to find the tweet on Kubo’s profile, so it could be an hoax…

  9. Kenpii

    wow I really hope that Bleach is coming back as an Anime.. I was so disapointed when they stopped it at 366… man :( I really hope it will come back.. so well let’s wait what will happen on 22th of march (:

    1. Sunite

      Lool, Kira’s not dead yet lol
      Although a lot of fans are supporting this date, it could disappoint a lot of fans if it doesn’t show up on TV Tokyo schedule…

  10. shizko

    That are bullshits :D. The anime will be back when the manga finish, but the live – action Bleach movie by Warner Bros will come next year ^^

  11. kuchiki

    i think its good to make a filter arc in final arc just like in naruto shippuden it make a filter arc in war i think its best than to cancelled its a year in bleach just like a fight of 3 stern ritter vs kenpachi or other captain fight in quincy

  12. vali

    i’d like to see some bleach fresh episodes but… if you think about how slowly the manga progresses i would be better for the anime to start after 3-4 years . i can’t how could anyone make fillers that could fit with this arc …

    1. andrew

      3-4 years are u high? if its cancelled for 3 to 4 years nobody will care about bleach when it comes back except for a few hardcore fans. they should just make a filler arc. its better then no bleach at all at least it would give us something to chew on while we wait for the manga to get further ahead. personally i hope it does come out on the 22 and i also hope its a filler last thing we need is for bleach to get cancelled a second time

  13. Orange hair hero

    I will pray until March 22 for the Bleach comeback. Filler or not filler is better than nothing. I hope this is true, but as it said above it haven’t been confirmed and therefore we cannot be sure. To those who want the series back: Let’s hope the news is true and not a rumors or a face news. :)

  14. Haschwald

    So finally its false-
    they deleted the part when saying it will return 22 march-so its bullshit but i hope it will come back.If it was me i will wait 6 months and bring it back

  15. echii for life

    people keep going on about how there are going to be fillers if it starts, man id just be happy if it starts i mean considering how far ahead the manga is right now there arent going to be any for a while if the rumors are true.

  16. Haschwald

    i dont understand why bleach anime cant comtinue.Detective conan is far worst than bleach anime so Bleach must have a comeback

  17. dragonclaw91

    yes this is true, although we had fillers in bleach.. iam watching alot of other anime’s and the fillers are not that bad if you compare it how a Real boring/ no sence filler can be. I just hope Kubo decides for himself when Bleach will make a comeback and maybe make a good intro for the new people. That can also fill the Anime so it does not race to where the manga is at this moment. If they do they can take some of the good (Important) parts and a little explanation maybe. I Would not mind watching 20 episodes that are being remade in the anime to make clear of What bleach is towards the new people. (also alot of Fighting scenes can be improved.. although i don’t think they have to).. but Ulquiorra fight would be nice. For example.

  18. martin

    I’m hopping they so come out tomorrow I’ve missed it so much I’ve had nothing to do on a Tuesday now and I wanna see if the hollow with in ichigo had changed

  19. Tha_spear

    Its the 22nd of march 2013… Any one know if episode 367 is out yet ?? Please send me links.. I need to see it…# bitting nails

  20. Gana9_AlKaabi

    It’s 22 march! and i don’t see nothing i searched and found nothing about bleach 367, so was this just a hoax? :(

  21. navid

    i just thought, since its written in japanese, maybe its been aired in japan not england and it might air in England or whatever country your in a few days later… Maybe its just a theory. I Hope IT DOES.

    1. navid93

      if u think about it, it was written in japanese, which means that THAT date is about airing it in japan not england or whatever country ur in. english subbed or dubbed might come a few days later… Maybe, its just a theory. I HOPE IT DOES.

  22. navid93

    if u think about, it was written in japanese which means its about airing it in Japan not england or whatever country ur in. english subbed or dubbed might come a few days later… maybe, its just a theory. I FUCKING HOPE IT DOES.

    1. dreager1

      I get what you’re saying, but even if it just aired in japan, we would have known about it. There are various sites that keep track of such things. As of now it hasn’t aired anywhere so it was a hoax sadly. It still will come back at some point, but probably not for another year or more to give the manga time to catch up

  23. Haschwald

    Yeah,it was a hoax,but guys don’t worry.Bleach will come back even if i don’t know when.Just look at Detective Conan crappy animation and it already have 690 episodes.Bleach has the best animation so far,specially the beginning of Fullbringer arc.It is just not fair,because the fullbring arc had the best animation.It will come back.I have no doubts about it!

  24. IchiBanSan

    Had a feeling it was a hoax but still got my hopes up anyway(no idea why). Although I’d like it back soon even with the fillers, at least with bleaches fillers most of them tied in somewhere and showed a lot of character development. Ritually watch naruto every week too but I’ll point out that if any show was gonna be cancelled because of fillers then it should have been naruto cause uhm……..those fillers just plain suck most of the time >.>.
    Anyway really hope bleach returns with it’s filler & all ^_^

  25. navid93

    If its a hoax, we will have to be super patient as maybe it will continue in 2014 or in october tht is coming up. now im seriously bored, got nothin to watch tht is actually exciting.

  26. Haschwald

    Yeah,i’m in the same situation as you.Bleach is really great.Kubo gave us an indication that the anime will come back.Look at the final episode when Ichigo said ‘See You’.

  27. Adi

    This arc is the important Arc because this arc reveals the real part of kurosaki ichigo….and the grudge between quincies n shinigami. i personally think this arc should be continued in anime because there are lakhs of fan are requesting as in manga its seems quite dull n we loved to listen in music…..i hope kubo tite returns his best anime in motion

  28. foookaahh

    i said the samething about dragonball gt, yu yu hakusho returning, till this day nothing. So what makes bleach so special.

  29. 101nemesis

    People should be patient. Right now the manga is just 54 chapters ahead. The anime might comeback in a year. I’m sure they’d prefer having Bleach run than Rock Lee. At least Bleach got higher ratings due to the following.
    The anime had about 140 filler episodes off the 366 total number of episodes. That is about 40% of the total episodes which is A LOT. If they bring it back now, the anime will catch up with the manga in no more than 30-40 episodes. My guess is that by mid 2014 or lil later than that, we’ll see the anime return as by then the manga would be ahead by more than 120 chapters. So in that case, the anime would get about 80 episodes before it almost catches up to the manga. That is almost 2 years worth of actual episodes.
    By the end of the year, we’ll probably hear announcements stating that the anime will return in 2014.

  30. komlit

    hopefully sooner then that love the show and everything about it even the filers it made it stand out regardless of what yall think wining about the filers shows that yall weren’t into bleach as much as you say as you are

  31. bankai

    I’m already happy Bleach will continue… just wait you guys… in the world of Anime you can’t have it all, need to be patient…. It takes a lot of work to make these episodes, give them some respect, I’ll be back when the new episodes are aired :)

  32. Raksha

    It Was Fake god dammit But really I hate all these stupid fans saying bleach had its downfall after SS the only reason they say that is because they like Rukia better than Orihime Really But Sometimes be Weary of the anime because they edit things Like the NNoitra VS Nel fight Really Now everyone thinks NOI was GETING owned by NEL it sucks for the Nnoitra fans Cuz they have to Explain everything to Nel fanboys NEL IS JUST S USE TO NNOITRAS DEVELOPMENT WHY CAN ANYONE SEE THAT?Oh I know Neliel is pretty so NNoitra MUST Be the Bad guy -_-

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