Four Hokage’s Return! – Orochimaru’s Edo Tensei Enabled! – Naruto 618

naruto_618_by_i_azu-d5tg7ey naruto_618___hokages_by_tremblax-d5tg0wj naruto_618___sasuke_returns_to_konoha_by_lideralianzashinobi-d5tasra naruto_618_by_ksop-d5teqig naruto_618__sasuke_come_cack_to_konoha_by_sasuhina94-d5tf110Four Hokages Return! Orochimaru gets his hands back! Sasuke in Konoha Orochimaru performs Edo Tensei Sasuke and Orochimaru at Uzumaki's Shrine MaskNaruto 618, the great wait pays of as Orochimaru brings back the first Four Hokage’s! Hashirama, Tobirama, Hiruzen and Minato all return via Orochimaru’s Edo Tensei, after he finally gains controls of his hands using the Uzumaki’s Shinigami Masks! The Hokage’s who know everything have finally returned and what could Sasuke ever want with them? Will they also go and join the war?!

Naruto 618 begins as Sasuke and the others reach a place resembling where the Uzumaki’s place was, it seems to be crumbling down after many years. They enter the house to notice a large number of masks hanging down, Orochimaru stares at them for a while when he picks a mysterious looking mask from the wall, mentioning that he’s found it.

Suigetsu mentions that he wants to get out of there quickly, Orochimaru agrees and mentions that they should now go to the place where all the secrets slumber. They walk throughout the town when Sasuke goes above a tank to look at the whole of Konoha! He mentions that Konoha has changed quite a bit! Suigetsu asks what Sasuke’s deal is.

Orochimaru answers by telling him that he’s chosen to diverge from the path of the village, however he’ll always have some sentimental value, he’s soaking all that in and coming to term with the consequences of his future actions and reaffirming his resolve. Suigetsu asks Orochimaru if he’s gone through the same thing. Orochimaru is confused.

Suigetsu mentions that it’s now the best time for them to accomplish their plan as all the heavy weights are out fighting, Orochimaru tells him that may be true but he’s missing one thing, he’s no longer his snake! Sasuke and the others approach Uchiha’s Nakano Shrine and enter it! They enter it when the flames ignite.

Orochimaru begins with his plan, he tells everyone to stand back and places the mask on himself! A large Shinigami appears behind him, we go to the past when Orochimaru tells Sasuke and the others, according to the information on the scroll, they need to retrieve the Shinigami’s Mask first, it was found at the Uzumaki’s Clan Mask Temple on the outskirts of Konoha.

You must allow the Shinigami to possess you in order to release it, they would need to slice its belly, therefore he needs to become a sacrifice, from this point onward  he’ll be able to fully regain control of his arms, at the same time he does this! A large scar appears within Orochimaru, he also fully retains control of his arm! He then mentions that at this point, he’ll be able to fully cast the Edo Tensei!

Orochimaru also brings forth four lights, to summon those four they will need to donate something. Orochimaru tells Juugo to touch Sasuke with his Jutsu, this pulls out 6 different White Zetsu’s which were put into Sasuke’s body in order to monitor him! They all exit his body. White Zetsu asks how, Orochimaru tells him that he knew everything about their experiments on Hashirama’s experiments which includes sensing their presence!

When Orochimaru recovered his chakra from Kabuto, he also gained intel that he already acquired, he was also aware of the six Zetsu clones hiding inside Sasuke! Suigetsu and Juugo are told to take care of the remaining two when four of the Zetsu’s clone are used for this process! Juugo kills one of them and Suigetsu opens the other’s mouth!

Orochimaru enables the Edo Tensei No Jutsu! They all start to form themselves into four different people when Orochimaru transfers himself from his body to one of the Zetsu’s which Suigetsu was holding! He enter it and takes it over! And Finally the Four Hokage’s Finally Appear!! Looking all bad ass! They are described as the ones who know everything! Naruto 618 ends here!

What a fantastic chapter! Who could have guessed the ones who knew everything were the First Four Hokage’s! Hashirama Senju, Tobirama Senju, Hiruzen Sarutobi and Minato Namikaze, hopefully Sasuke gets the answers he’s looking for, it would also be awesome to see them join the battle! Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 619 chapter, when we’re likely to see Sasuke ask the questions he’s been waiting a long time for!

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  1. dreager1

    This could be just what the Leaf needs! If Sasuke and the 4 Hokages come, then they finally stand a chance against Madara and Tobi. Otherwise they were basically doomed

    1. Sunite

      If the 4 Hokage’s go, they would also need Orochimaru there too… and he mentioned that he didn’t want to get involved.
      Plus it’ll be awesome to see Minata finally meet Naruto! Hopefully the Minato in Naruto’s conscious is different from Edo Minato. Hopefully they fight toghether, father and son fight the ultimate evil! Until Orochimaru is killed by Madara or something stupid like that happens..
      edit: to add more, the 2nd Hokage will be pissed off to see other’s using his jutsu!

      1. dreager1

        Well Edo Tensei is pretty long range so Orochimaru wouldn’t have to actually go there. He can stay safe in the village while the Hokages go and wreck chaos. I think Minato will definitely want to go and help Naruto right away..unless he’s one of those guys who says that he’ll just believe in Naruto and not help. If he does I’ll probably lose respect!

        A Naruto and Minato team up would be awesome so I’m hoping that it happens. I think the 4 Hokages will have to team up to take Madara down while Naruto and Kakashi finally beat Tobi

        1. Sunite

          I guess, considering the last time he did it, he was really close, but with Kabuto’s knowledge, he’s probably not evolved and learned from Kabuto’s knowledge.
          Hmm I guess there is a 50/50 chance because I want to see him fight with his son, it would be an amazing thing for his father to see his son surpass him, just like Gaara and the Kazekage…

          I’m hoping for the author not to repeat the past between Madara and Hashirama but to actually have a second fight!! Edo Madara vs Edo Hashirama! Now that would be EPIC!!!!

          Plus it would be nice for Minato to finally see Obito being the person who nearly killed Naruto at birth, as well as the person who make Kushina and Minato lose those lives at the start… A lot of stuff is about to go down! Hopefully it’ll be something AWESOME!!!!

          Plus Hiruzen would have to be controlled by Orochimaru, as he would want to smack the F out of Orochimaru for bringing all of them back!!
          This is just WAYYYYY to epic!!

    1. Sunite

      I agree, I was pretty awesome, a lot of stuff happened. I didn’t even know that there was a Uzumaki Temple of Masks, plus what Suigetsu asked Orochimaru, about if Orochimaru had done something similar to what Sasuke is doing looking at Konoha… It was something could be explored..

  2. deucee9s2wylde

    There is actually no evidence indicating that the first four hokage were resurrected to help the leaf, or to fight against Madara/Tobi. As far as this part of the plot is concerned, they know something that Sasuke is willing to go to great lengths to find out. They haven’t mentioned anything about fighting in the war. I don’t think they want to interfere anyway. In order for the future to be it must be built by the living not the living dead. Are they gonna keep bringing these guys back from the dead to fight battles/wars for them? The living must know how to fight for their futures and their homes, protect all that they hold dear to them. That is the life of one who has the Will of Fire and lives it.

    1. Sunite

      It probably something about the alliance between Uchiha and Leaf. But the current way it’s going seems like A LOT of fans want to see the four hokage’s go up against the enemy! It seems like it’s going to be epic! This is if Orochimaru is willing to give them control of their bodies..
      I agree your point about fighting with the undead, but it would be awesome to see Minato and Naruto fight toghether, Hashirama fight Madara etc… Although I think Madara will wipe all the Edo’s off the planet…

    2. AlexanderFangUchiha

      Actually I think because its the past hokages fault for the madara issue they should have to clean up their mess.

  3. just another meow

    i’m not really excited bout the war untill the author let me knw wht are sasuke’s decision. I dun think orochimaru will want to get involved in the war but is awesome to knw tht he actaully brought all four of them back. wonder how orochimaru got minato and the fourth hokage’s body cuz during his fight with the third hokage he didn’t bring minato out … or i dun knw. someone explain pls … thanks.

    1. deucee9s2wylde

      When Minato protected the village from Kurama he used the Death Reaper Seal. That sealed away his soul with half of Kurama’s chakra. Since his soul was sealed away Orochimaru couldn’t resurrect him with the edo tensei. And after his attack on the Hidden Leaf Village the other three Hokage were sealed away as well. That’s why Kabito couldn’t resurrect any of them to use in the war.

    2. Sunite

      Fully agree that it’s going to be awesome :D He clearly said that he doesn’t want to because it’s likely that Naruto will also come after him.
      I also agree that it was hard to know when Minato’s dna was obtained, possibly from Kabuto;s research of somekind? It’s still hard to know, we’ll maybe find out when Minato asks for an explanation.

    3. electro

      If u remember the fight well, orochimaru started by extracting the 3 coffins of the dead bodies he needed for the jutsu. But sarutobi stopped the third coffin from coming up. That means orochimaru was gonna summon minato as well, but after sarutobi prevented it from happening, orochimaru had to settle for the 2 senju brothers.

      1. deucee9s2wylde

        If I’m not mistaken, the reason the third coffin retreated was because, at his death, Minato had sealed himself with the death reaper seal in order to stop the kyubi attack. Since his spirit was sealed away Orochimaru couldn’t summon him. That’s why he just performed this ritual, to release the spirits of the four hokage from the death reaper seal, which enabled him to summon them with the edo tensei.

          1. deucee9s2wylde

            I believe Sarutobi learned the death reaper seal jutsu from Minato. So, in essence, they were using the same seal. Since that is the case, Orochimaru only needed to use one mask to unseal his arms and all four hokage. It’s like locking all their stuff away in a single safe. They only need a single key to open it up and release them all.

      1. deucee9s2wylde

        That’s right. Now that he has his arms back there’s no telling what he’s capable of. That’s a pretty scary thought. What is he going to do with Sasuke now? Where does Orochimaru’s story go from here? My how the plot thickens.

        1. Sunite

          If you compare to when Orochimaru had his arm to now, he’s probably got a billion things on his mind that he may want to test out and do with his knowledge… possibly even ascend to a better body… who knows what!! He must really be screaming inside to use his hands more…


    Wouldn’t that also mean that Kurama gets all his Yin chakra back? Since he and Naruto have the same chakra now, they just got a HUGE upgrade. Remember, Kurama has been running at half strength for the entire story…

    1. deucee9s2wylde

      That’s a very good point. I’m interested to see whether they going incorporate that into the storyline. That would be of great help to Naruto and Kurama at this point of the battle, especially since they’re sharing chakra with the rest of the ASFs.

  5. Alex Bowman

    Don’t forget that a huge amount of the nine tails chakra was in the shiginami because when Minato was storing the nine tails in Naruto he had to make the chakra smaller, so he used the shiginami. This means Naruto is gonna get a big chakra boost the battlefield, and will FSU!! Just came to me lol

  6. itachi7

    i dont get it! How could Oro resurrect the hokages without their dna, plus their souls have been sealed away….kabuto cudnt resurrect them for the same reason….whts going on??

  7. malik lujjy

    i gotta say all i realy wanna know is sasukez decision after knowing wat he soully longs for also,,, i still think the ultimate battle will be between naruto vs sasuke or first hokage vs madara all in all i wish sasuke goes back to konoha nd bring back the legendary uchihas clan name back……. alongside a master chakra medical contoller sakura…..

    oww and the movie road to ninja is awesome

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