Zaraki vs Unohana – Ichigo faces Asauchi – Bleach 523

faces_of_insanity_by_hyugasosby-d5s0vg2 yachiru_unohana___bleach_523_by_alnaba-d5rp7u7 yachiru_unohana_by_pinkrose3101-d5rp244 bleach_523___zaraki_vs_unohana_by_tremblax-d5rrv2g the_first_kenpachi_by_nanfe-d5rsjnv unohana_yachiru___bleach_ch523_by_aconst-d5ro3r2Zaraki vs Unohana Yachiru Unohana unbraids hair Ichigo and Renji face the Asauchi Yachiru Kenapchi Unohana The AsauchiBleach 523 shows us the most powerful captains against each other. Zaraki Kenpachi vs Yachiru “Kenpachi” Unohana! The first ever Kenpachi goes up against the latest Kenpachi in order to find out who’s more powerful. Even Shunsui believes that one of them will die! While Ichigo and Renji go up against the Asauchi in which interact with many Zanpakutou’s, they are angry at both of them for using them in a wrong way!

Bleach 523 begins in the hole in which Ichigo and Renji both fell in. Nimaiya Ouetsu tells them that they don’t have to be scared as they should know them well. They have described as being the strongest Zanpakutou as they can become anything. He calls them the Asauchi, after this, both Renji and Ichigo are shocked at this as all of them start to jump and seem to be going to attack them!

The Asauchi are described to help people gain and construct their own Zanpakutou. Members who’ve graduated and enter a division all gain nameless Zanpakutou’s. The Shinigami’s live day and night with their Zanpakutou, and whilst they train, they project their essence of their soul onto the Asauchi which in other words constructs their own Zanpakutou.

The Asauchi are all made by one person and that one person is Nimaiya Ouetsu. Ichigo asks why they have to fight them, Nimaiya tells them that it’s no point to concentrate on that as they’re currently angry at them because of the way they use their Zanpakutou. Nimaiya describes that their fighting style is all messed up, they categorize their Zanpakutou as being something different from them, and thus putting themselves at a higher form then the Zanpakutou’s, Nimaiya tells them to stop fooling around.

The faces of the Asauchi seems as though they’re crying, they ask if the Zanpakutou or the Shinigami is on top, both Renji and Ichigo are unable to answer. We move to Soul Society, Central Underground Great Prison, bottom floor “Muken”. A door opens and it seems like Zaraki has arrived!

Zaraki realizes that he’s arrived in a great stage in which no one will be able to hear, Unohana tells Zaraki that it was Shunsui’s orders. Unohana tells him, the word Muken means that it’s completely closed off, and it’s endlessly broad therefore it was decided that there could be no other place better for Zaraki to swing his sword! If not, neither a criminal nor them would be allowed to set foot on that ground.

Zaraki tells Unohana that if it wasn’t for their strength, they would anything more than criminal! Unohana turns around to look at Zaraki. Surprisingly she’s finally seen with her hair and braids un-braided and flowing! She agree’s with Zaraki’s comment. She also tells him that he’s got no strength, that’s why she thinks that this place is best for him.

Win and become a captain or lose and become a criminal says Zaraki. He mentions that if he dies by fighting her or if she kills him, it’s no different from eternal hell. Unohana mentions that he’s talking a lot today. Unohana fully turns around and finally shows her hair flowing through the wind, we also notice that expression on her wicked face. She also seems to have a injury sustained to her chest in which she describes as throbbing. Zaraki tells her that she’s not the only one who’s wounds won’t stop throbbing!

They finally go up against each other! Both take their swords out and swing! A brief description of Yachiru Kenpachi Unohana is described here. Among the first 13 Division was Unohana who laid the foundations for the current 11th Division. Before Yamamoto bought his strength and she became a captain. She was a unprecedented horrible villain of Soul Society.

She was said to know all of the swordsmanship as well as the swords. She named herself Yachiru for this matter. Shunsui is seen reading this, he mentions that if both Unohana and Zaraki clash their swords, even he knows that one of them will have to die! We now see both Zaraki and Unohana clash their great swords with each other! Bleach 523 ends here!

What a fantastic chapter! It was awesome to finally see Zaraki and Unohana finally clash, and it was a definite surprise to see that Zaraki knew that Unohana was the first Kenpachi! So let the greatest onslaught begin!! Can’t wait next week’s Bleach 524, when they may continue this great battle! It’ll be terrible to see any of them to go!

There are 58 comments

  1. deucee9s2wylde

    This is both awesome and messed up. Hopefully neither of them have to die… but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

    On the other hand, I think I know what Oetsu is getting at. They treat their zanpakuto as something separate from them, but they’re not. Their zanpakuto is a manifestation of who they are. Therefore neither supersedes the other. They are one and the same. Treating them as something set apart from them, that’s probably what angered the zanpakuto…. Of course, I could be wrong ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    1. Sunite

      Wow, Mind = Blow lol, I had the same though you’ve just read my mind lol, I personally think that Nimaiya wants to teach them a lesson… I wonder how they’ll attack Ichigo and Renji…

  2. Steve

    During this battle i feel like Zaraki might not ba able to do anything against her sword skills. That’s why he’ll learn the name of his Zanpakuto. Maybe even go bankai bacause one of them will not return! So then they both should show their bankai’s if pushed to their limits.

    1. Sunite

      Hmm maybe, Unohana might want to push Zaraki to the edge of life and death so he can do the same as what Ichigo did with Zangetsu in Ichigo vs Zaraki for the first time…

      1. deucee9s2wylde

        If Vice-captain Yachiru K. shows up, then we’ll know for sure whether that’s been the manifestation of his zanpakuto all along or not. Personally, I think she is.

          1. deucee9s2wylde

            Well, as far as we know she’s never used her zanpakuto. So, there’s really not that much to explain. We know that she’s strong, but the only thing she’s ever done is kick people in the face. She exhibits the same attitude towards others as Zaraki does and like someone pointed out earlier, they both have a terrible sense of direction.

              1. superpunt

                nope i dont think so it was a tradition for a captain of squad 11 to be beaten by the person who wishes to take his/her place so unohona got the scar from the 2nd kenpach …….. and i knew kubo would make sense of Nimaiya being the creater of Zans woot and dont say it ichigos sword formed for itself no rukia”s zan just went back into the (shallow hilt form) and zangetsu formed itself onto it…..

                1. Sunite

                  Yup the Asaushi, I want to see their fighting power, hopefully it’s not just about talking. Plus the fact that Kubo went from Asauchi to Zaraki and Unohana (which is currently awesome) would mean that the Asauchi must be really interesting and probably something unbelievably awesome!

              2. Deeya

                Quite possibly. They could have fought each other, where she may have likely won, but gave each other ever-lasting scars. He doesn’t bother remembering the weak, and the only name he remembers when he met Yachiru was the name Yachiru.

                1. its me

                  Well Zaraki named Yachiru after the only person he ever admired which we now know is Captain Unohana… Zaraki may have encountered Unohana before when the original 13 Court Guards banded.. theres also some irony with the asauchi saying they dont know the names of their Zanpakto either and Zaraki never knowing his… but I dont know I like the theory that Unohana will help in revealing Zarkaki’s zanpakto… Im hoping Shunsei’s doubt one would survive is more of a tactic to keep us invested and not an actual shoreshadow of somehing … I thinl Unohana will reveal her Bankai in a battles coming up but I just think it would be premature for Unohana or Zaraki to die at the result of the most anticipated battle ever!

    2. deucee9s2wylde

      Even more than her sword skills is her mastery of kido techniques as displayed in her battle against her reigai. I doubt if Zaraki can perform any kido techniques, but even if he did, he doesn’t seem like the type who even consider using it. He prefers brute force over anything else to subdue his opponent, but be wary because he’s been known to surprise us every once in a while.


    i don’t think that k.yachiru is kenpachi zanpakto because she has an imense spiritual pressure herself shown in the battle between zaraki8 and ichigo…….also i dont want neither unonhana or zaraki to die….

    does this thing about unohana being a horrible villain of soul society sound a bit to off….except her scary part he is the most caring and polite person in gotei 13…howw can it be……

    1. Sunite

      Agree, I think Yachiru couldn’t be his Zanpakutou, also Unohana could have been an awesome villian, but the fact that she’s sooooo good at hiding it means it’s awesome!!

  4. rise

    wow even zaraki is taking on unohana even though he knows that he’s not a captain class anymore, and i think for zaraki to be a captain again, he has to somehow beat unohana just like he said, “win and become captain, or lose and become a criminal.” i also dont think unohana or zaraki will die, i think zaraki will be at a point where unohana is about to kill him and zaraki will unlock his true powers and surprise unohana and will survive. zaraki is probably going to unlock his shikai, unless it’s already in its shikai form and if it is, then he’ll know the power of his shikai and possible unlock bankai.

    1. Sunite

      What do you mean by Zaraki not being captain-class? Are you refereeing to how Zaraki and Byakuya were said to never return to their old powers a while ago?? I think Zaraki’s still powerful, he just got beat up, that’s it.
      Hmm I think when they mentioned that, it may have been referring back to when Zaraki met his Lt Yachiru and gave her that name… possibly before they met, they fought and Zaraki lost and was the criminal…

      Hmm I hope they don’t kill each other, I just hope what you said is correct, I really want to know Zaraki’s Zanpakutou name because it’s probably going to be something epic!!

  5. Deeya

    The shear epicness! The self-proclaimed Kenpachi Vs The First Kenpachi!

    She looks practically psychotic! I love that! So most likely they gave each other ever lasting scars during a fight they had way back when. She most likely won. Gonna theorize that as captain, she went ballistic somewhere in Rukongai and he stepped in and stopped her. Getting wounded severely, caused her to have an epiphany, and reevaluate her position as SS badass. Then turned to the healing arts. I’m also all for Zaraki’s VC being his zanpaktou’s manifestation, to those saying that it can’t be because she has her own powers and zanpaktou, Zangetsu has been shown playing with himself while training with ichigo.


      it was yamamoto whp stopped unohana shunshui said so ,also an other question… old is zaraki i mean did this happened 1000 years ago at the beginning(i always thought he was young for shinigami standard possibly around 200-300 years old maybe) or did unohana continue being captain of the 11 division for quite some time before she turned to healling…also i don’t think she changed because of kenpachi something else happened………..

      1. Deeya

        It was never stated how old he is. Quite possible that he’s as old as Unohana, she doesn’t exactly have the over-the-hill look herself. Actually Yamamoto just created the Gotei, they were still bloodthirsty as all Hell after that. She was a villain that Yamaji recruited as 1st Captain of the 11th squad. She didn’t immediately become a flower child, she powned some serious ass as captain, and I suspect Zaraki’s was one of them. Since they received wounds from each other, and the only name he remembers when he met his VC was hers, very likely she met him in her Kenpachi days.

        1. deucee9s2wylde

          There is no evidence to support the notion that they received these wounds from each other. Unohana could’ve gotten it from Yamamoto or even Juha Bach, both of whom are far more powerful than Zaraki. If they did meet back then, I seriously doubt that Zaraki would’ve even been a challenge. And as ruthless as the Gotei was, he would’ve been killed. I don’t think they met prior to him joining the Gotei. I think he only heard of her and made it his goal in life to surpass her… And this is the moment he’s been waiting for.

          1. Deeya

            Then explain the very obvious contempt they hold for each other. And not the regular sort of contempt one would have while working alongside Zaraki like Byakuya and Tousen have. But contempt that seems to be tied to their wounds, they made specific references to them, as if they’ve been waiting to settle an age old grudge.

            1. FlyingGizmodo

              um on the mangastream version unohana clearly says to kenpachi. the only wound youv ever inflicted on me screams your name. to kenpachi, why the fuck would it be anyone else anyway?

              1. deucee9s2wylde

                If that is an accurate translation, then I am clearly mistaken, but it’s very difficult to find an adequate and most accurate English translation.

    2. Sunite

      Fully agree most of what you said, but your theory you explained about Unohana going ballistic, I believe that the fight between them could have been when she was in Seireitei or something just looking around and Zaraki approaches her and challenger her… Zaraki looses and next time, a Kenpachi is trained and picked by Unohana, Zaraki kills the Kenpachi and is the new one..

  6. Rahmat

    i think when Captain Unohana is still a 11th Captain, something has happen that make she try to change her nature (bloodthirsty) to became gentle, warm and save people life’s by using healing techniques…because of this, she leave the position as 11th Division Captain and change her name to original name (birth name) “Retsu” and became the 4th Division Captain (after Captain Kirinji promoted to Royal Guard)…by keep her true nature to came out again Captain Yamamoto always try to not let her in the “front line”..the prove is she was sent to Hueco Mundo to heal people there instead sent her to main fight location (karakura town) and fight 3 Espada..
    i’m so curious why Aizen and Ichimaru didn’t try to fight her after Aizen defeat Captain Hitsugaya in Central 46 instead run away..then i know, that Aizen must know she was the first kenpachi and couldn’t defeat her by using only his shinigami power…even that Aizen acknowledge that Yamamoto was too powerfull to fight with his own (while Unohana isn’t to far in strength since both of them(Unohana & Yamamoto) was the first generation of 13 Gotei Squad)….

    note: i guess Captain Osho is 1st captain of 7th Division (at the back of Yamamoto in the picture of Juhabach memory) and Captain Kirinji is 1st captain of 4th Division (at left after Yamamoto in the picture of Juhabach memory)

  7. melvin

    i want to see isshin bankai or unohana bankai or urahara bankai or yourichi zanpaktou or kyoraku bankai or maybe urahara something doing in hueco mundo trying to recuit the arrancar

  8. Superpunt

    Retsu got the scar from a kenpachi thats all we know and zarakiri got te scar from a kenpachi also… Zarakiri got it from the previous captain of squad 11 . remember zarakiri’s sword is not a zan … He had it before he went into the gotei . Also therw is evidence that his vc could be his zan spirit or just a girl ….. (Nt gonna put much cus im updating from my mobile)

  9. Rahmat

    i don’t think Unohana get that scar on her chest by Zaraki…you all know why Kyoraku tell Unohana to teach Zaraki “Art of Killing”, because Zaraki is weak, not even in Kyoraku, Ukitake, and Unohana level, since these 3 are most powerful captain in soul society…and we all know why Zaraki looks more strong than these 3 because Zaraki always fight at full power from the start, while Ukitake and Kyoraku didn’t have attention to fight at full power since Ukitake is peaceful man and Kyoraku is lazy man and these two always joke around..while Yamamoto always didn’t let Unohana to be in battle field…since he worried Unohana true nature come out again…in the fact Kegero Inoba (7th Seat 12th Division) use Ukitake reigai and Kyoraku reigai to fight Yamamoto and not use Zaraki reigai to fight Yamamoto, because the all know these two are more powerful than Zaraki…

  10. Rahmat

    i’m so curious to see what kind and looks Kyoraku, Ukitake and Unohana bankai…since Ukitake and Kyoraku always put least effort to fight someone while Unohana never seen in the battle field..i’m also so curious about Hirako and Rose bankai too..but i don’t think the author will show up their bankai since Quincy can steal their bankai power so easy and make enemy more powerful and make it even worse condition for SS… and top of that, Juhabach got the Yamamoto bankai power..and Soifon, Kuchiki, Komamura and Hitsugaya bankai has been steal already…


      they might have all the bankai’s from yamamoto and the others but i don’t think their power is what it was when the shinigami handles them…i think meybe 20-40% less powerful than the originals……because yamamoto said that choujiro’s bankai was not this weak and his bankai left a scar in yamamoto’s forehead more than 250 years ago and he train it for almost that time to make it even more powerful…….what do you think???????

      1. truthdoexist92

        and also kubo said in an interview that kurotsuchi’s tech will be a key point in this arc…so i think he will find a way to block the device becaause kyoraku said they are not enemy’s that can be deafeted without bankai!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Rahmat

        maybe you’re right..but it still make quincy more powerful and make shinigami captain class to defeat the quincy..that’s why their try to increase their swordsmanship skill instead rely on their zanpakuto power…

      3. Rahmat

        maybe you’re right..but it still make quincy more powerful and make shinigami captain class hard to defeat the quincy..that’s why their try to increase their swordsmanship skill instead rely on their zanpakuto power…

  11. truthdoexist92

    also an other think about what you guys say tha yachiru k. is zaraki’s zanpakto that can’t be because in his fight against noitora he refered to his zanpakto as “this guy”…….i just saw the episode again and i noticed it……

    1. Rahmat

      i don’t think so..Kusajishi Yachiru is the baby that Zaraki meet at Rukongai District #79 named “Kusajishi” then name her with that name plus the name that Zaraki ever admired “Yachiru”…Zaraki also originally didn’t have name also but call himself Zaraki because he was from Rukongai District #80 named “Zaraki”…

    2. Sunite

      Hmm, how does he know that his zanpakutou is a guy or girl? It’s impossible, you may have been watching the episode, but there may have been translated issues or something…

  12. Pharaoh Lopez

    i don’t get the logic why they have to teach zaraki the art of killing if unohana might actually die in the process. they can always send out unohana to the battlefield and let isane manage the 4th division. =/ i hope none of them will die and in the end of their fight, zaraki already a thing or to from the art of killing. >,<

    1. Sunite

      Zaraki is powerful! Only another Kenpachi is able to fight a Kenpachi and live… I think that Zaraki will not kill Unohana, he will actually realize and learn about his Zanapakutou and he will be quick at it before killing Unohana..

      1. Rahmat

        i don’t think Unohana will let herself get kill by Zaraki since her are strong herself and she being called SS baddass and the first kenpachi for nothing…
        and Zaraki also didn’t have intention to kill Unohana
        he already said that he maybe die before he defeat Unohana… his goal is only to defeat Unohana and not kill her..
        and we all know that Zaraki will leave his opponent when his opponent can’t defeat him anymore…
        if Unohana die…it make even worst for SS, since their Top Healer is dead…

  13. Rahmat

    do you all noticed how strong Unohana is in chapter 524???
    she even not serious to fight Zaraki…
    only use her swordsmanship skill to make Zaraki take serious damages, not even use her shikai while Zaraki already take off his eyepatch and his zanpakuto already in shikai state and fight at full power but didn’t make it to scratch Unohana…

    by this i can say Unohana and Yamamoto skill in swordsmanship in the same level maybe Unoahana surpass Yamamoto since her the 1st generation of Gotei 13 and also the “first kenpachi”…since Yamamota dead, Unohana is the strongest shinigami in all society…

    1. Sunite

      Yup, she’s truly amazing! She’s going to go amazingly far to try and kill Zaraki.. but it’s unlikely to happen… because she tried killing him but he just keeps on coming stronger…

  14. Shivermanx

    There’s been talk about Zaraki Kenpachi or the Young Yoruichi being a Zankpokto of one another. I am thinking though now that Zaraki Kenpachi is actually the discarded Zanpokto of the original Kenpachi (Unohana). If you think about it sort of makes sense if they are talking about how Zanpokto are crafted by the one zero division member the phoenix king. Maybe he came to life after she discarded him for a new zanpokto while she was only training for healing so the new zanpokto would have healing skills instead of deadly combat skills. It could also explain why Zaraki is the way he is today.. a bloodthirsty fighter since that’s what the original zaraki kenpachi was and perhaps the sword grew to be to much like her and thus became devastating on its own… so much so she grew frightened of it. This could also explain how he remembers nothing too.

    1. Sunite

      Hmm It somewhat makes sense but I don’t agree, I think Zaraki’s not a zanpakutou, and the fight between Zaraki and Unohana is just epic that it has to real, plus I hope the Zanpakutou coming alive again don’t happen to Zaraki…

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