Yamamoto’s Bankai Zanka No Tachi Release – Bleach 506

Bleach 506 is an exceptional chapter with huge load of epicness! Yamamoto has finally released his Bankai, named Zanka No Tachi (Literally Meaning Long Sword of the Remaining Flame). We also see Juha Bach also carry a sword which could mean that he could also be a Shinigami.

Bleach 506 starts out as both Shunsui and his opponent try to get their morale up to keep on fighting. Shunsui’s opponent tells Shunsui that it’s admirable that he can also raise his morale, but he’s also got one thing wrong.

Yamamoto tells Juha Bach that it’s been over 1000 years and that he’s there to annihilate him. Shunsui’s opponent tells Shunsui that their boss, Juha Bach will defeat their boss Yamamoto. This is because he’s not the only ones who morale gets raised by their boss’ fight!

Within a few moments NaNaNa Najahkoop, As Nodt and a third member who’s not yet been named all face Yamamoto all at once! As Yamamoto looks up at them, he raises hell itself as his fire engulfs everything around Yamamoto which burns the hell out of the three members!

Shunsui tells his opponent that they’re correct, they’ve got something wrong. But regarding Yamamoto, it’s best to leave it be with him because the damage he does is out of this world! So it’s better not to get in his way! The opponent looks at the flames as though he’s Boss is already dead!

Shunsui tells him that the logic they had is not going to work! Juha Bach calls his own Quincy Stern Ritter’s Foolish People because they couldn’t measure the intense power Yamamoto had. He blames it on them for meddling in his fight with Yamamoto.

Yamamoto looks up and then looks Juha Bach with such dangerous eyes. Juha notices them as to him it seems as though he wants to say something. Yamamoto quickly attacks but it’s defended using Juha Bach’s Blut Vene. Yamamoto tells Juha Bach that he’s not yet changed.

Yamamoto tells Juha that the wicked way he looks down on his men will also end here. Juha Bach tells Yamamoto that he’s gotten old, quoting his older name, Shigekuni Yamamoto. The way Yamamoto always let anger get the best of his reminds of when he was younger.

Yamamoto disagrees and quickly attacks, which misses Juha Bach by just a short distance. Juha uses one of the Quincy medallions and pulls out something. We finally see that he’s finally taken out his sword! The sword is a little similar to that of Ichigo’s but a little smaller.

Juha tells Yamamoto that he talks as if he was waiting for him to take his sword out, Yamamoto agrees and wanted for him to take out his sword, so that he can smash his Flesh, Blood, Sword and Soul into many tiny pieces!

The flames quickly vanish and Juha Bach is surprised to see that they’re not around. Within that moment, we see the word which has not been spoken by Yamamoto in such a long time! Bankai! Yamamoto finally reveals his Bankai! Zanka No Tachi (Literally Meaning Long Sword of the Remaining Flame) is released! Bleach 506 ends here!

Yamamoto is finally going to reveal his Bankai and it’s going to be epic! It’s going to do such a large amount of damage on anyone it faces! As powerful as his Shikai is, his Bankai could be a thousand times more powerful! I really want to see Juha Bach’s face in defeat after Yamamoto burns him! Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 507, hopefully we see the ending to this fight soon!

There are 65 comments

  1. As nodt

    Amazing chapter.yamamoto is very angry.he beat 3 stern ritter is so easy.bankai ? yamamoto use his bankai to fight juha.i think juha is so powerfull strongers quincy.

    1. Sunite

      Yamamoto is such a bad ass! He’s going to kick so much Quincy Ass! Now it’s a mystery because As Nodt has Byakuya’s Bankai and the medallion so would it have broken… and or would Byakuya (if alive) get his bankai back?

    1. Sunite

      OMG I completely forgot about the fact that they can do that! I was just hooked that Yamamoto is going to finally show us his Bankai! Hopefully Juha Bach or the blondie doesn’t be a dick and do such a thing…

        1. Linus135

          Yea I have to agree…especially since we heard Yamamoto say the stolen bankai was weaker. This is probably something similar to Ichigo having his soul reaper/hollow powers taken, but only being a fraction of his power.

  2. Heavenslaw

    Yamamotos Bankai is probably too op to control it. Even if its stolen it will go berserk and kill everyone. However, even if it doesn´t work w know that Yamamoto ist pretty skilled in Martial Arts. Afterall his flames were sealed in the fight against Aizen.

    1. Sunite

      Yeah that true, even Juha Bach won’t be able to control it because of it’s own rage…. As we saw within the Zanpakutou Arc, the fire cage trapped all of them in the cage and Ichigo barely got out…

  3. zla92

    Very interesting thing that unlike most bankais his isnt releasing to the outside but instead compresing the reiatsu into the katana just what is the case by a shingami daiko we all know. :P
    Since they couldnt steal Ichigos i doubt they can Yama-jis. I mean would he really release it without a plan? Of course no coz he knows what they are capable of.

    The pawning of Sternritters with shikai was just awesome. This battle will truly decide the outcome of the invasion. As stated above by you guys i wonder what will happen with the medallion and Byaks bankai since As got his ass handed to him. Hopefully he isnt dead and Kenpachi as well.

    Bachs blut vene is pretty strong to only get a minor injury with Ryujin Jakkas attack. This shows that Kenpachi never had a chance to scratch him in the first place.

    Lastly does Nananas appearance mean Rose lost? Gotta be interesting to see.

    PS I hope we switch next chapter to Ichigo. This is a pretty good cliffhanger for Kubo to not use it to the fullest.

    1. geo8

      omg this oldman is a beast and he only has one arm!!!!wtf!!cant wait for his bankai he know his enemies well he wouldnt use bankai if it wasnt nesesary..but dont u guys think that the chapters are going a little fast??i mean it look like its almost on the midle of this arc… :/

      1. zla92

        Middle? We are not even near. Remember that this invasion is closing chapter part one and almost nothing from the stuff Kubo mentioned before the start of the arc has been revealed. This arc will take at least another 8 years full of epicness.

        1. Deucee S. Wylde

          Another thing that we need to keep in mind is that although Genryusai Yamamoto is one of the most powerful beings in all of Soul Society, he’s not the main character, Ichigo is. So, there’s no way Kubo would ever allow the arc to carry on without having Ichigo play a significant part in the war.

          Speaking of what Kubo mentioned before the arc, I’m also excited to see Captain Unohana’s bankai and watch her actually take part in the fight.

          As for Byakuya and Kenpachi, I don’t think they’re dead. Kenpachi looked like he still had a firm grip on his sword. And I highly doubt if Renji would allow his captain to fall… not while he still stands.

          1. Sunite

            Agree, Ichigo must also have his go with Juha Bach, maybe lose but still have a fight to see who’s stronger…
            Yeah we’ve seen her angry and pissed but never so angry that she would actually break lose and start killing people…

            Yeah Zaraki is just unconscious, like Juha mentioned that he should go sleep while Soul Society is in chaos.. Yeah I think Renji’s Bankai has been renewed and it’s going to be awesome to see his new Bankai..

          2. zla92

            Ichigo will be important but not right now. If Bach is the final villian, there is no way Ichigo wont be the one whos gonna take him down.

        2. Sunite

          I get what geo8 is saying, the biggest fight you could have expected has arrived just after 26 chapters into the arc… it’s sped up quite a bit but the fact that it’s sped up means that Kubo wants to get the Anime back as soon as possible… Yeah hopefully it’s spread out into such a long time :D

          1. Deucee S. Wylde

            It’s true that the storyline has progressed rather quickly, especially in bringing the 2 head honchos face to face, but I think that means that there’s more to this battle and to the Sternritters that Kubo is yet to reveal. The royal guards to the Soul King are supposedly gonna make their entrance. And the way things are looking, it may be very soon. One possibility is that they appear due to the death of the Captain Commander. As mentioned also by Kubo, one of the main characters is going to die, but we’re gonna have to wait and see who it is.

            1. Sunite

              Agree, if the Royal Guards/ Soul King only come out when the Captain Commander dies, then its possible that Yamamoto could die, even if his Bankai is released… It could be stolen even if some other people say that Yamamoto’s sword is too dense to be stolen…

          2. zla92

            Cant wait to have this animated. Bleach was known to have the best animations form the big three. If we jump too early into the anime there wont ne enough chaps to do the animations right so its better to wait another year or two. In the end noone wants Bleach to become like One Piece anime. lol

            1. Sunite

              Hopefully the animation is stepped up a little… the Fullbring chapter had some awesome animation specially the fight between Ginjo and Ichigo.. it’s going to be awesome to see the new animation specially with the Bankai’s and going to be awesome to hear the characters talks, specially shout like Yamamoto is doing now..

    2. bobrob39

      I was thinking Yama’s Bankai might be doubled edged and drains his own life in order to be used, such that he’d assume the sternritters would either a) use it and lose or b) not want to capture it. I thought this based on the “remaining flame” part of the name and the fact that this would explain why he hadn’t used it before as the cost would be too great.

      1. Sunite

        Hmm as I think zla92 mentioned, it’s kind of based on Ichigo’s Bankai, its turned from a large Shikai to such a small Bankai, compressing his Bankai into a little object would create such a force.. hmm the double edged maybe not… plus I think they won’t be able to capture Yamamoto’s Bankai because it will be the same as Ichigo, it’s just too dense to absorb..

    3. Sunite

      Very interesting indeed. Yamamoto has certainly been a badass! But one thing I picked up was that Juha Bach also has a sword which he hid within his Medallion, this could mean that Juha could be part Shinigami because he could have also been a student like chojiro… or something similar
      It was interesting to see his sword dissolve and turn into the flames itself, could mean that he could change the shape of the sword as quickly as he wants…
      The last page mentioned “strongest flame-type” sword, could give a hint that Juha Bach could have the strongest ice-type sword? Since the palace of the Quincy’s is based on Ice, he could have created it?

      Agree, Zaraki had no chance at all. Nanana could have defeated Rose, we’ve never really seen Rose angry, possibly Nanana could have ticked him off with all the business about caring for comrades, or what ever they were previously talking about…

      1. zla92

        The medallion is a bit confusing. It doesnt seem to be the classic quincy cross and it also questionable if it transformed into the sword or it just was released from it. The level of this fight is just insane! As for the ice type, i think Hyorinmaru is the strongest so far but you never know what Kubo is planning. Some chaps ago we dunno that Sasakibe has the strongest lightning type.

        I now think Nanana just left when he sensed Yama-ji. We saw Rose in 505 and he was injured but alive.

        1. Sunite

          Hyorinmaru and Sasakibe’s are ice and lightning type, but they’ve never been mentioned if they’re the strongest ice type or strongest lightning type.. I think…

          Yeah he was injured, hmm if only Rose had this mask on.. then he’d be able to do some real damage!!

          1. deucee9s2wylde

            Actually, Toshiro mentions during their second battle with the Arrancar that Hyorinmaru is the most powerful of all ice type zanpakuto. But there is no mention of whether or not Sasakibe’s is the most powerful lightning type.

            1. Sunite

              Ohh right, well thanks for the correction I don’t remember that :)
              Hmm if only Sasakibe was still alive, we’d see him fight with the full power of his Bankai :D

  4. Deucee S. Wylde

    I can’t wait to see this entire arc animated. Seeing the Captain Commander’s Bankai in color would be so epic. #excited

  5. tyler1996

    I think their fight well end with Juha Bach defeating Old Man Yama, but being to injured to carry on so the quincies retreat with their leader. This would give Ichigo time to get strong, because let’s face it Bach would completely trash Ichigo currently. Then the real fight will start once everyone recovered.

    1. Sunite

      It’s possible that this could happen, but don’t sell Yamamoto short, he’s one hell of a powerful dude…. and his Bankai is suppose to be the the best and strongest fire type zanpakutou…

      1. Alex

        In chapter 507 you hear what the powers of Yamamoto’s bankai after hearing those think Juha Bach is at the very least going to retreat.

      1. SpaZI

        Captain Unohana has already released her bankai…. I think it was a flying whale type thingy….. She used it to transport her injured comrades within its mouth where they healed aswell……. im not sure about the arc….. im guessing it was the hueco mondo invasion arc…..

        1. deucee9s2wylde

          Pops is right, that was only her zanpakuto’s shikai release. That was back when Ichigo and the crew invaded Soul Society to save Rukia from execution. Those were the injured lieutenants that were transported back to squad 4 barracks by Captain Unohana. Another thing that was mentioned about Unohana is that her hair is always in a braid, but when she engages in battle the braid comes out. That’s one thing to look for as an indicator to whether she’s joined the fight yet.

          1. Sunite

            Yeah that’s an indicator ..Hopefully if Yamamoto is defeated, Unohana gets angry and tries to fight Bach but then he backs off because he also received lots of damage.. lool

      1. deucee9s2wylde

        Bach and Yamamoto both mention that it’s been over a thousand yrs since their last encounter in which Bach was defeated, but old man Yama let him live. And seeing how surprised Bach was when Yama released his Bankai, he’s probably never seen it before. So, it’s safe to say that the last time Yama’s bankai was released dates back before Bach, well over a thousand yrs.

        1. Sunite

          Yeah that’s probably right… if there wasn’t someone else as powerful as Bach within the 1000 years then Yamamoto’s bankai would have last been released well over 1000 years ago.. :) you’re right yeah..

  6. Mark Jeric Reyes

    Crap! it is still a mystery who killed Kirge Opie! i want to see that guy if it is Grimmjow i would be very happy! =)

    but they say that Mayuri will play a big role to end this war right? and also Matsumoto’s past will be the key for this arc? and i want to see how Hikifune is so fight what she looks (Former 12th Division Captain) and now the Captain of the Squad Zero. and the past of Ryuken and Isshin how they met each other and that Grand Fisher said that Ichigo is a true blood what? this is just the beginning of this epic final arc there is still many unanswered question it is too stupid if kubo will finish this arc so fast.

    Zanta No Tachi For The Win!

    1. Sunite

      Yeah Mayuri is the one who we think will come with a plan on how to get their bankai back or to keep their bankai…
      Yeah Hikifune is going to be a surprise.. She’s in Squad Zero.. its going to be awesome to see the Squad Zero…

      Yeah I think you’ve seen the spoiler page on one of the other blog posts.. :D It’s hopefully all going to come true since it was from the interview from Kubo himself :D

      1. Sunite

        I think Kubo is trying to build more mysteries so we forgot on the old ones, lol but still, he’s creating a large number of really tense story line which is likely to turn out really great if he can pull off them off with the story..

  7. nick dunn

    From what i’v seen, Yamamoto scares the shit out of me!! XD Bach too. And i so saw that coming, defeating As Nodt, NaNaNa and Buzzbee in one hit. There not dead though, just defeated and close to death like Byakuya and Zaraki. You see As Not fall, but none of her skin was burned off completely of bones appear, so there still alive. Driscoll was taunting and using his Vice-Captain’s Bankai and killed him to. Yama-je got pissed, and turned him into ashes. Yeah NaNaNa was there uninjured so he might have defeated Rose or knocked him out. I love how Shunsui double-slashed mustache/glasses Stern Ritter. Now there even! XD. And peopl, BLEACH IS NOT ENDING THIS FAST! I mean Ichigo IS the main character and none of the other stuff happened yet. And this fina arc will last like 7-8 years combining Manga with Anime. Cause we’re going so see everyone’s true power! Including Quincys! Thats why As Nodt, NaNaNa and Buzzbee are still alive. And four Quincys will replace letters Y, Q, R, and 0

    1. nick dunn

      And just because Bach has a Sword, doesn’t mean he’s a Shinigami. I might have been in the past. If he was his Spirit Weapon will have the same look and Abilities as his Zanpakuto.

    2. Sunite

      I also had the feeling that Bleach was heading towards such a quick ending… but yeah it’s not ending any time soon… it’s still going to keep going…. just the battle between Bach vs Yamamoto seemed to people to be one of the end fights.. and hmm I personally think that Nanana, As Nodt and Buzzbee are dead… we saw that As Nodt was burning but then it was all just fire.. i think they all turned into ash..

  8. yash

    may be thats the case but still dont forget as stated by tite kubo on his last interview that he is going to introduce few more charechters i.e zero squad ,royal guards and the spirit king and what ichigo relly is

      1. spy777

        I want to see shinouin’s zanpakto, and the getsuga zanpakto realton between isjin and Ichigo and if masomuto IS maskie/Ichigo’s mom, we’ve seen stuff like this before so not impossible

        1. deucee9s2wylde

          Ummmm… Matsumoto being Ichigo’s mother? I highly doubt that. There would’ve been a hint of some kind of relationship between her and Isshin when he revealed his shinigami powers or during the final battle with the espada in which Isshin took part in.

      2. SpaZI

        Im gonna give a wild guess here……. Maybe Ichigo’s mother is the daughter of the Soul king making Ichigo the effective grandson a.k.a the crown Soul prince!! :P

        1. Sunite

          Hmm, so Isshin adopted Ichigo when he was small? could be possible since no one in his family has ginger hair, only blond and dark… so maybe :) it would be interesting to see Ichigo’s face at this point…

  9. Ne3X7

    I’m late this week :D

    Loved the chapter and Yamamoto being badass, though have some questions for you :)

    As Nodt defeated so easily? Shame on you, Kubo, now Renji can’t avenge Byakuya straightforward.

    Yamamoto’s Bankai makes me wonder, if it can be stolen. I saw a medallion in Jaha’s hands (or where was it) and then it transformed (?) into a sword. Perhaps that means Juha cannot steal Bankai now? Moreover, I think the medallion is not suitable for holding such power, as Yamaji’s. Perhaps someone has a big one to steal Yama’s Bankai. Or perhaps all the quincies come and form kind of a medallion with their reiatsu. Anyway, I quit guessing, because it’s not always reliable :)

    Bankai itself. I’m not sure, zla92, if instead compresses the reiatsu into the katana, how did you come up with such an idea? I myself only saw shikai disappear and a sword being swung with flame traces. The name of the Bankai gave me an idea, that it might be a distant attacking weapon, like Kamishini-no-Yari. And that idea made me think, that the speed might also be quite high and the medallion, if used, will be broken from distance.

    1. Sunite

      Well Renji wanted to fight As Nodt so badly, but now he can’t it’s going to eat him up so badly…

      I personally think that medallion he had was like a storage device, he can store things in it as well as take things out… like a inventory for him… If Yamamoto’s power was to be controlled it would burn through the medallion itself… and I think the medallion’s don’t work on sword because they can’t such up swords like Ichigo’s and Yamamoto’s….

      After he said bankai, thought that within the next chapter we’ll see the bankai, because currently it just seems like an ordinary sword… but looked at the smoke and saw how special it was, hopefully it can cut through anything…

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