Naruto vs Tobi – Bijuu Mode vs Tobi’s Strongest Form

Naruto vs Tobi, possibly the fight that will either make or break Naruto as a series! Naruto’s Bijuu Mode is an overpowered form which was formed during the stage when Naruto and Kurama has successfully molded into each other to become one. Tobi’s Strongest Form hasn’t been revealed yet but it’s likely to be one heck of a jutsu or form which could make Tobi impervious to anything, possible his own Susanoo.

You might have wondered why I’m writing this post, well we haven’t actually seen Naruto and Tobi go on a one to one match have we? No, Tobi has been using the Jinchuuriki’s and their Beasts to defeat Naruto and Killer Bee. In this case, who do you personally think would take the title between these two fantastic ninja, Naruto and his Bijuu Mode or Tobi and his most Strongest Form?

Naruto’s new Bijuu Mode has some impressive power behind it. Naruto isn’t just able to move at the speed of near light, but can also move at a pace where Kakashi mistakenly thought Naruto was Minato! The Yellow Flash is possibly the quickest speed which was developed by Minato, Naruto’s Father. Naruto may be quick, but does he have the fire power? Hell Yeah! Featuring Kurama, Naruto is able to send a large Bijuu Dama, or a Beast Bomb directly at the enemy! Naruto’s Beast Bomb can be compared to that of 5 other Beasts Combined! Naruto’s Bijuu Mode is very similar to his last Chakra Mode. He has a necklace of shadowed magatama around his neck as well as a line that goes all the way to his shoulders. There is also a coat of chakra around him which lights up in yellow, as well as 2 parts of his hair grow out larger looking like horns. The whisker marks become thicker, he also wears a full black jumpsuit with the seal visible in his abdomens.

It’s currently unknown what Tobi’s Strongest Form is, but it’s likely to beat one that absolutely obliterates anything that steps in his pathway. There has to be a reason for why Tobi has gone into battle, possibly because he has an overwhelming amount of chakra which cannot be compared to anyone. He was able to control a Jinchuuriki as well as manipulate many other people which helped him to gained what he desired. During the point of war, Tobi has a completely new form. His mask changed to a light purple one (depicted as white in the anime) that covers the entire upper-half of his head with a design that more resembles the Ten-Tails’ single eye, consisting of a ripple-pattern with three tomoe around the centre, two of which make out the mask’s eye-holes while the third is painted on. He also started wearing Uchiha robes complete with the Uchiha crest on his back, belt sash, gloves and a purple bandanna that tapers off down to his back, as well as wielding a war fan near identical to Madara Uchiha’s, with the exception of being purple instead of orange. (Source:

Who you think would win the match between Naruto and Tobi? Comment using the comment box below to tell me who you think will be the victor of this battle!

Naruto vs Tobi Image by Lord-Nadjib, Naruto’s Bijuu Mode Image by Lariz19 and Tobi’s Image by Mikutashi.

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  1. dreager1

    I think Tobi should win….I doubt he will, but I think he should. With sharingan hax and ultimate Susanoo glory it’d be tough to lose. Of course Naruto may get help in the form of Sasuke. Teaming up I think they’d pwn, but one on one I think Tobi would take the win

    1. Sunite

      Hmm, seems likely because he’s literally an ultimate dude! And yeah, I also think that Sasuke may come and help Naruto in the overall story.
      Tobi is a genius as well as being a very strong dude, but don’t you think Naruto’s speed and strength would do some serious damage to Tobi?

      1. dreager1

        Yeah, I agree that Naruto’s strength and speed would be a great advantage. Maybe, I should rephrase my other point. I don’t think Tobi’s gonna slaughter Naruto or anything. I think it’ll be a really close fight, but I think Tobi’s sharingan will be too much for Naruto to overcome. Susanoo by itself is a pretty big weapon (Especially if he has that new form that Madara used) With Sasuke I think it’s that little push that will help guide Naruto to victory. I definitely can’t wait to see the fight (Which seems like it’s almost here)

        1. Sunite

          Haha, yeah It’s time for the manga to concentrate on Naruto now :P Hopefully Sasuke joins the fight and betrays Tobi and joins Naruto to help him. I’m also sure that everyone else, rock lee, sakura and all Naruto’s friends will also be there to see this Ultimate Fight!

          1. dreager1

            Yeah, Sasuke and Itachi vs Kabuto got a lot of screen time and assuming that Madara was released (Though they made a point not to show him…maybe the Kages are more doomed than we think! If Madara is still around that’d definitely be AWESOME!) then Naruto’s plot should hopefully go straight for a while. We need to see his new powers in action. Naruto’s teammates were all heading his way so maybe they’ll arrive right after the fight or during. I doubt they’ll actually fight themselves, but I wouldn’t mind (Though they may be a little bit out of their league) I do see Sasuke and Naruto teaming up against Tobi. Though since we want Naruto and Sasuke to fight, maybe instead Naruto vs Sasuke while Killer Bee, Kakashi, and Might Guy fight Tobi. Naruto beats Sasuke and Tobi beats his friends. Naruto beats him and we get an epilogue chapter where he’s Hokage. Wow this turned out to be a long comment :) A lot too look forward too in Naruto to be sure!

            1. Sunite

              After reading that, I think you just spoiled it for me lool, :( What you said could literally happen… Well there’s still the secret of who Tobi is… Hopefully the fights are going to keep going for a while because it seems to be that this war lasted 1 Day where everything happened all together. Naruto gained everything and became most powerful in that day, all zetsu’s died in a day and Madara smashed the Kages in 1 day….

              Hopefully if something like, Sasuke fights with Naruto to beat Tobi…. when!!! Sasuke stabs Naruto in the back!! OMG every fan would go berserk after that lol

              1. dreager1

                Yeah, the fans would all hate Sasuke even more! Lately it seems I’m one of his last fans :( If Naruto dies I’ll gain respect for the author for pulling such a risky yet epic move :D

  2. curry

    I kno the name of the show is naruto an so they will give tobi a stupid ridiculous death after he dished out everything he has…an clearly is better in everywhey possible…kishi gonna cheat…like how sasuke kunais were unavoidable by a KAGE lvl guy named danzo.

    1. Sunite

      Agree, Naruto will have to somehow kick Tobi’s ass even if he’s like an ultimate dude… Yeah he may have to cheat a little for Naruto to be the hero… And yeah agree with the Danzou thing…

  3. david

    I think naruto will lose at first but sauske will step in and reunite that special bond and do some serious damage.After that naruto and sauske will shake hands and go there seperate ways.

  4. kabuto

    naruto vs tobi. tobi is gonna have a knack. naruto is an ally to the strongest bijuu. tobi only depends teleporting. with naruto’s new speed, the battle will be as short as minato’s battle with tobi to naruto’s favour. unless with the intimely rescue of madara.

    1. Sunite

      Tobi’s Kamui technique as well as power of the Sharingan/Mangekyou/Rinnegan will be epic! He could defeat Naruto in the second.. just grab him and somehow release Kurama from Naruto… or stop it or push him in his cage…

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