The Kid in Black & Orange – Naruto Uzumaki

Yeah, I was talking about Naruto. Naruto from his cheeky monkey days, around 10 years ago, when the anime had just started were possibly… the worst episodes ever. I gotta be joking right? No, they weren’t that good. Naruto had courage be he was always misunderstood. He was made into this annoying character who had to be further developed.

After a few episodes at the Ninja School, we started to understand that Naruto was somewhat special in some way, everyone else might have thought that he was a straight up idiot, but there had to be a reason why he was perceived in such a way!

Naruto fought and fought and finally gained his first friend, Sasuke. He then gained acknowledgement by his peers including Sakura, Rock Lee, Gaara, Neji and many others! Naruto was finally gaining some hero points after saving them in tough situations. He was now being seen by some as a friend and a comrade who they can depend on.

Naruto grew up and had a large number of solid friends who would do anything for him. But one thing was missing, his challenge, given by Sakura that one night, was for Naruto to bring Sasuke back. His first and main friend, comrade, rival and brother was missing!

He fought Pain, and was acknowledged from all of his friends and villagers of Konoha. But one person wasn’t there. He might have made everyone else happy, but was Naruto himself happy? I’m guessing No. Naruto, the not so bad kid continues his journey to find his best friend!

Thanks for reading! Hope it brought a few old memories from Naruto’s past which you loved! Art belongs to Renny08. Don’t forget to comment, like and share this post to your friends!

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