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Vandenreich’s Invasion Begins – Bleach 493

The war continues with Bleach 493. Bleach 493 has a whole lot of amazing fights and the story gets even better as the Vandenreich Leader arrives in Soul Society to destroy everything in his path. Kirge’s technique is released and literally absorbs everything in his pathway like Ayon himself and every one else because they are also made up of Reishi. Bleach 493 continues from last week. Kirge Opie opens his technique, everyone realizes that the amount of energy he has not has grown exponentially. Ayon faces him head on but after trying to reach him, Ayon’s skin and bones start to degrade and everything is turned into Reishi. It starts to be absorbed by Kirge. Everyone notices that Kirge is not joking here because he just absorbed one of the most powerful monsters. Everything is mixed together with Ayon and Kirge. He calls it Sklaverei (Literally meaning Holy Slave). He explains that Quincy’s basic ability is to enslave Reishi to become more powerful. He tells them that he didn’t want to use that technique because it’s so powerful that he was forced to. His Holy Wings turned into something wicked and dirty. Mila Rose grabs Apacci and runs for it with Sung-Sun. They get close to Orihime and Chad for Sung-Sun to call out Muda. A large circular ball is made which allows them to hide from Kirge. Kirge says that even beasts are able to sense danger. Rose goes ahead to tell Chad and Orihime that they don’t know them because they also have powerful Reiatsu. She looks at Orihime and notices that she’s the Princesa (Princess) which Aizen had taken. She asks what she’s doing in Hueco Mundo. Sung-Sun shouts at her because they have time for that later. Sung-Sun explains that the ability Kirge has is terrible because he’s able to absorb anything in Hueco Mundo and soul Society, since everything is made of Reiatsu, even bodies. Therefore they are no match for him. She explains that the Muda she used is an optical disguise and a barrier of reiatsu to which completely blocks out the opponents sensing skills, she explains that they’ll be able to hide in there. As she goes to end that sentence. Kirge’s voice is heard saying that it’s a good idea, however she had failed to notice that Kirge is way more powerful the Sung-Sun there the barrier itself is pointless. He absorbs the Muda and it all disappears. Everything starts to also be sucked in. Their bodies, Orihime, Chad, Nel, Sung-Sun, Apacci and Rose. Kirge sees how they are struggling, and realizes that the sight of death is weak. He cannot bear it so he tells them to just die. Out of nowhere. Ichigo strikes his sword on top of the circular thing of Kirge’s head. Ichigo releases his Bankai, Kirge says damn because he may not be able to go against him in this state.Ichigo tells Kirge, if he crushes his head, he wont be able to absorb anymore of the Reishi. Kirge tells Ichigo that he’s really annoying because he doesn’t seem to go down. In Soul Society, Yuki is still uneven because he heard about what had happened to the Quincies. Kajoumaru Hidetomo explains that last time the Kokuryou got most of the damage after the last invasion. Therefore the enemies are likely to come from a gate. A person in the back says “oh”, The Vandenreich King appears above them telling them that it makes sense. Kajoumaru Hidetomo Tells them that he’s still outside the Shakonmaku, but Yuki starts to sweat and slowly tells Kajoumaru that he’s already inside the Shakonmaku. At this point, there is a sudden attack from the King and everything explodes. He tells everyone that wars are really tough. Bleach 493 ends here. That was an epic episode! The invasion has begun with the Vandenreich Leader attacking everything he can see. Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 494 where the fight between Ichigo and Kirge continues and the King will continues his rage over Soul Society.


Stop Edo Tensei – How Izanami Works – Naruto 587

Naruto’s 587 Manga Chapter explains the background of how both Izanami and Izanagi work. Kabuto still fights to escape the looping illusion which was caused by Itachi. As a consequence Itachi had gone blind on one of his eyes. Kabuto’s brother Urushi wonders when Kabuto will be back as he still waits for him even after such a long time. Naruto 587 continues from last week’s chapter. Sasuke asks Itachi when he had used it because even Sasuke had not noticed when he used it. Izanami was first initiated during the point when Kabuto had first stabbed with his sword. Sasuke asks how an eye technique can do something like this without using the eyes. Itachi responds by saying that Izanami works using your opponents senses. The instant you voluntarily decide to act, your memorize the bodily sensation of that instant like an image, but using his eyes. You replicate the same bodily sensation intentionally and memorize that as well like before which creates the same point again. Izanami overlaps the first point and the second point which connects them. By doing this it connects the time that passed between them. In other words, it creates an infinite loop. In exchange for Itachi’s eyesight. Itachi explains that the Izanami was originally created as a methods to punish and save the users of Izanagi. Izanagi was rumored to be the most perfect Uchiha eye technique, allowing them to change destiny. If what you do is not correct of successful, you can just delete and go back, just like what Danzo did. Its a way to only keep the results that are useful to you. During an important fight, where Uchiha were not allowed to fail, Izanagi was extremely helpful as it allowed them to correct any mistakes they had made. The risk that was implied about losing their eyesight was just the understatement. The users became arrogant and used it too much for themselves. If one person does it, it’s okay. But if more than one person does it, they ended up fighting over which results were better. Izanami was created to stop this conflict. It’s a technique invented to save other Uchiha comrades from Arrogance and Procrastination. It stopped people that tried to use the easy way to run away from the results they had created. When the person acknowledge their results and stop trying to run away the jutsu is cancelled. It’s a Jutsu to teach people not to rely on Jutsu but to accept their own destiny. Therefore the Izanami Jutsu became a Kinjutsu. Itachi explains to Sasuke that he had to use his technique because he had blindly believed that he was able to obtain everything and nothing was impossible for him. Thus he’s afraid of failing and tries to convince himself that he could not possibly fail. Kabuto has deceived himself that other people’s power is his own, he needs to realize that he will have use for them. Itachi states that he needs to realize this before he dies, unlike Itachi did. Sasuke screams out by saying that he’s doing such a thing for someone like him and that Itachi is perfect. Itachi calms Sasuke down to tell him that he had to go as far as to use an eye technique called Kotoamatsukami to control Sasuke. He treated him like a child, which he wanted to protect, and didn’t realize that Sasuke had the power to protect himself. He tells Sasuke that there is no such thing as perfection and that comparing with other things they can move along nicely. Just like Izanagi and Izanami. Itachi tells Sasuke that he should find what he didn’t have. Plus he shouldn’t call him perfect because as he explained before, he isn’t. Kabuto inside the loop keeps on fighting and tells himself that he’s perfect. Kabuto starts to remember that all he wants is someone to notice him. He wanted to be acknowledged. Why would that be a mistake. Itachi carries to tell Sasuke that he should always acknowledge his real self. This way he would not have to tell any lies, not even to himself. There is no trust in lies, you wont get any comrades to rely on Sasuke if that happens. In the Izanami loop, Kabuto keeps on attacking even if his chances seems bleak. A friends of Kabuto speaks out the words “Already 9″, the time when Kabuto and his friends went to bed. Urushi is helping a friend out as he is being healed. He tells him that he should come to his house to wait for Kabuto to come back and help him heal him. His house is still the orphanage. Itachi now speaks that he will stop the Edo Tensei! Naruto 587 ends here. What a fantastic chapter! Hopefully Kabuto will realize himself and hopefully stop the Edo Tensei. Or the war will continues on. I hope next week’s Naruto 588 will have some exciting fights and hopefully Kabuto stopping the Izanami somehow and keep on fighting!