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Quincy Annihilation Plan – Ayon Smashes Kirge!? – Bleach 492

During Bleach Chapter 492, we see the true power of Ayon take effect on Kirge Opie. We also learn a few things about the past when the Soul Reapers tried to stop Quincy’s from destroying the souls which a hollow has. Therefore the Quincy Annihilation Plan was placed. Ayon discovers that his powers is not as powerful as he first though because Kirge’s broken neck is put into place in matter of seconds. We start Bleach 492 with Ayon being called out. Apacci, Rose and Sung-Sun tell Ayon to attack him. I didn’t know that Ayon had feelings, but here he shows some because he looks at them three to see what had happened. He screams as laud as he cans showing his full face. Orihime, Chad and Ichigo wonder what that is because they’ve never seen it before. Apacci explains that Ayon is a monster created by fusing their left arms, he has a lot of power but cannot discriminate between people therefore he attacks anyone and everyone. Apacci tells Ichigo that he’s not an enemy this time, therefore he should stay clear or else he’ll die by the hands of Ayon. Kirge assures himself that there is no his Vollstandig could be beaten by a monster like Ayon. At Ayon’s strike, Kirge is swung to the side and is somewhat bashed, we can see something that looks like blood coming from his body. In Soul Society, Shino and Yuki are told to see the 6th Seat Kajoumaru who will put them into a station for them to work at. They run to find Kajoumaru. Yuki tells Shino that he’s confused about why they are actually fighting the Quincies. Shino shouts at Yuki that it’s because they had declared war on them. Yuki correct’s his question and tells her why they’ve been enemies in the first place. A man appears. Kajoumaru Hidetomo, 6th Seat of Division 13. Kajoumaru answers Yuki’s question. He reveals that the biggest difference between Shinigami and Quincy is that they destroy Hollows. Shinigami purify the hollow and sent it to Soul Society, But Quincies kill the hollow and obliterate the soul. He goes on to tell Yuki and Shino about the Balancers. That name describe the shinigami’s true job. Souls are sent as being from Soul Society to the Material World, and dead souls are indiscriminately led to Soul Society. This way, the overall balance of souls is maintained. While Quincy exist to destroy that balance. Quincy completely destroy hollows souls, meaning that the souls that went to the material world would die as they are unable to return back to Soul Society. If this is permanent, the balance of souls will not be met, thus the material world and Soul Society will both world would collapse. Shinigami’s have tried to tell the Quincies to stop this but they fail, at times they usually wage smaller wars due to this. 200 Years Ago, The Quincy Annihilation Plan was finally put into action. This way they had to fight to win because that imbalance could have caused the worlds to collapse. Yuki asks if the shinigami’s are on the side of justice.  Kajoumaru tells Yukino, that there’s no such thing because they are just defending themselves, because ultimately it’s just war. Back in Hueco Mundo, Kirge is badly getting beaten by Ayon. He smashes him at every potential orientation! Ayon literally goes on the overkill to get rid of Kirge for what he did to Apacci, Rose and Sung-Sun. Orihime and Chad notice the brute force he has. Kirge is left feet up while his head is underneath the sand. Apacci enjoys the quick victory. After a few moments, an arrow from Kirge comes through and right into Apacci’s chest. She falls down why Kirge gets up. He tells himself that this kind of power was never included in the report he got. We see his head smashed to the side while his neck is literally broken. But after a few moments, he pushes his neck back to normal. Sung-Sun and Rose notice that he’s getting back up even after he was smashed by Ayon. Before he goes to report this to his Majesty, he tells them that he will need to quickly kill all of them. His head expands in such a manner as though he’s going to power up. Bleach 492 ends here! What a fantastic chapter! Epic Bleach chapters like these is what makes it all good! The amount of power Kirge, a Quincy, has compared to Uryu is just unbelievable! Next week’s Bleach 493, Kirge may power up a little more and show one of his greatest move!


Izanami Activates – Naruto 586

As predicted, In Naruto 586, titled “Izanami Activates”, Itachi still lives and his impressive Izanami has been successfully activated right on time. Itachi tells Kabuto that because he doesn’t acknowledge himself, he’s going to lose this match. Kabuto keeps attacking Itachi after each point he’s stabbed, but see’s no damage being done. Kabuto notices that everything repeats after Itachi is stabbed. Kabuto has no control of the situation what so ever. We continue with when Itachi was cut in half. But Itachi’s Izanami had successfully activated. As Itachi seems cut, Sasuke throws his sword to stop Kabuto touching Itachi. The snake which Kabuto has holds the sword. Sasuke’s Susanoo arm pushes forward to try to hold Kabuto, but this was unsuccessful and Kabuto escapes and sticks himself above the cave. Sasuke and Kabuto both launch their own Katon Goukayou No Jutsu, at each other. Sasuke’s Fire fails and thus Kabuto’s fight swoosh’s by Sasuke hand. Kabuto notices that everything has started to disappears. A few moments later, Kabuto is seen stabbing Itachi as he comes out from nowhere! Both Sasuke and Kabuto are shocked seeing him. After Kabuto stabs Itachi, a horde of crows space apart from itself. The sword which Kabuto had now belongs to Itachi hand. Itachi strikes but no damage is done. Kabuto tells Itachi that illusions will not take any effect because they both have no chance of victory. Itachi warns Kabuto that he’s Fate is already within his grasp, and thus the fight will be finished by the Forbidden Uchiha Technique. A drop of water come from the top of the cave and hits Kabuto’s left shoulder. Kabuto goes for an attack, he notices that both of them have already attacked themselves using that pose. Itachi blocking Kabuto’s attack with Sasuke’s sword, while Itachi calls out Izanami. They are both pushed back and Sasuke comes to help, Itachi tells Sasuke to get away from there. Kabuto tells them that, the move they just used felt like a Deja Vu, plus he’s sick of prolonging the end of the battle, so he decides that they should both finish the battle. Itachi repeats the words, “Your fate is in my grasp”, but Kabuto is the one that decides what happens of it. Kabuto tells Itachi that he doesn’t have any idea what Itachi is talking about. Kabuto attacks with his Orochimaru Head. Once again, from the mouth, Kabuto comes. Itachi holds the Orochimaru head. As Kabuto comes from it. Sasuke holds the body of Kabuto. Then a second body comes out from Kabuto’s body. Kabuto uses his mouth this time to rip his arm off, then he holds the sword and quickly stabs Sasuke from the back. The crows appear once again. Kabuto wonders what’s happening here. Kabuto let’s go of the sword and Itachi captures it again. This time Itachi repeats the moment where Kabuto’s horn is slashed off. Kabuto wonders why this is happening, even if his eyes have not been opened the illusions should not be working. Sasuke sends a fire-ball at Kabuto, he repels it with his own. The water droplet drops on Kabuto again. He wonders what Itachi did to him. Itachi replies with that he’s been caught in his eyes jutsu even if he says that he’s not opened his eyes. The attack from where happens once more as a repeat, Izanami is shouted again. He tells himself that he’s all-powerful and thus he’s undefeatable. Itachi jumps to the sky and Kabuto stabs him once more, the crows appears. Itachi reappears and cuts the horn, again. Itachi tells him that he’s fate is in Itachi’s hand. Kabuto shouts his name loudly as he feels as though he’s being mocked. Itachi realises that he isn’t able to escape the loop. Outside the Izanami loop, Itachi is seen putting his hand on top of Kabuto’s head as he controls him using the Izanami. Naruto 586 chapter ends here. That was a pretty epic chapter. The power of Izanami has been released, and it holds its name of being an impressive Forbidden Technique. Although, it’ll be good to see how Kabuto is able to break the technique since he calls himself a god. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 586 where Itachi could possibly defeat Kabuto!