Is Naruto a descendant of Sage of Six Paths?

There has been a lot of speculation if Naruto is somehow connected to the Sage of Six Paths after Naruto had gained he’s Chakra and Bijuu Mode. I’m here to make a few things clear to you guys so you have a deeper understand of it all, then using the comment box, tell me what you think!

Firstly, the Sage of Six Paths had said in Chapter 572 that each and every one of them had a different form and are different from when they were inside of the Sage of Six Paths. He goes on to mention that there will be a time where they will all find their strength. Kurama (Nine Tails) mentions that the time has come when he finds he’s real strength which is presumably beside Naruto.

Furthermore, Son Goku(Four Tail) had also mentioned that at the end of the life of the Sage of Six Past, he had mentioned something important. Son Goku mentions that, what Sage of Six Paths said could relate or be Naruto. Son Goku had felt that it had something to do with Naruto.

Finally, within Chapter 572, Sage of Six Paths looks somewhat similar to what Naruto currently looks like. Naruto’s hair also has a similar to Sage of Six Paths spiky hair. I also presume that when the Sage of Six Paths releases he’s chakra he will also have a golden color to he’s chakra. The marking within Naruto’s Bijuu Form also relates to the marking on the Sage of Six Paths back which could show something.

So what do you think? Do you presume that Naruto is a descendant of the Sage of Six Paths? or is just a coincidence?

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  1. dreager1

    It would be cool if it was coincidence, but I doubt it. I’ll go with the first. Though if the Sage created everyone, then everyone’s his descendant right?

    1. Sunite

      He’s past isn’t described as creating everyone… It’s just that he’s son were the Uchiha and Senju clan…
      But what if somehow he created the Uzumaki clan too, but hasn’t been revealed yet… And Naruto is somehow the closest resemblance to him?

    2. brodie

      Naruto has the will of fire and is said to be the descendant of sage of six paths younger son which has the sages body, also known as the will of fire. all of which told by tobi

      1. Sunite

        Isn’t a Will of Fire just a type of lifestyle or something:
        “It is an ideal rooting from the belief of the Senju clan ancestor that love is the key to peace. It would eventually become the life philosophy Hashirama Senju lived by, which has since been passed on to many ninja from Konohagakure as a part of their spiritual heritage. It states that every true Konoha shinobi must love, believe, cherish and fight for the village’s sake, as previous generations had done before them.”

        Naruto has the Will Of Fire because he believe in it. And yes, I think by Younger Son, I think you mean the Senju Clan? Because the Senju Clan were the younger son of the Sage Of Six Paths…

        1. Byron

          Was naruto mother from another clan the senji,and naruto father was from the hidden in the leaf which made him uzumaki, their you have the body and heart in naruto

          1. Sunite

            Naruto’s mother, Kushina was from the Uzumaki clan, as seen by her red hair, just like Nagato, who was also from the Uzumaki clan. Minato was from the Namikaze clan, we don’t seem to have a lot of info on that clan yet

  2. AJ

    naruto is a descendant of the sage of six paths. the first hokage, who is of the senju, married a member of the uzumaki which was the first jinnchuuriki for the nine tails. naruto’s family line on the uzumaki side where the ones who held the nine tails inside them. thats why the first’s necklace works on naruto and why he is a direct decendant of the sage of six paths

    1. Sunite

      I’m not sure if he’s a direct descendant because Naruto came from Minato and Kushina. Kushina is the second Jinchuuriki and Naruto being the third. Presumably, since Kurama is the strongest out of the beats, it seems that Kurama had the closest resemblance to the Sage of Six Paths…

      1. brodie

        He is a descendant it is directly stated that Naruto possesses the will of fire also known as the “body” of the sage of six paths which he passes down to one of his sons as the other possesses his ocular powers also known as the uchiha and sasuke is his ocular descendant

        1. Sunite

          Yes, that’s true but every member of the Senju Clan posses this Will of Fire. You may be correct but it’s still a long shot because Minato and Kushina are not from the Senju clan…

  3. SpaZI

    (FIRST:- Great Artwork!!!! Was hoping to see the Coloured version of those Mini tailed Beast’s!!! :D AWESOME!!! …. Not to mention the Naruto’s cloak melding within the picture PURE GENIUS!!! :D)

    Well ofcourse Naruto is a desecndant of the Sage of 6 paths!!! But so is every one else even Sasuke (Uchiha Clan from the elder Son’s liniage),.. and every other great ninja that has walked the naruto verse…….. A right statement here would be that Naruto is the reincarnation of the Younger Son of the SO6P. Whereas Sasuke is the reincarnation of the Older Son of the SO6P. By reincarnation i imply, Naruto is the decendant who is closest in terms of power an skill to the younger Son of SO6P(By Manga standards,he’s still a bit off the mark there as compared to Hashirama but he’s catching up fast!!! :D). Also with regards to Sasuke, the same as before…. Just that he is the decendant who is closest in form of power & skill to the Elder Son of the SO6P. (Although according to the Manga standards Madara Uchiha fits that description better, compared to whom Sasuke looks like a NOOB….. but still we havent seen Sasuke’s true potential with the Eternal Mangekyo sharingan, Plus Sasuke is uber smart and ultra devious to say the least…. Hell fit the “Elder Son of SO6P Prodigy” role, in due time….. :P)

    1. Sunite

      I know, the image is awesome! I found the image first, then had to think of a article to write about, because I wanted to get the fan art out there!
      Are you saying that Naruto was a direct descendant from the Senju Clan and Sasuke from the Uchiha? Naruto is from the Uzumaki clan, he can’t be directly to the Senju, can he?

      And yeah, Naruto is possibly a reincarnation of the Sage of Six Paths himself, to bring peace once more. I’m not purely sure if Sasuke takes any part in being reincarnated as one of the Older Uchiha Clan, even if he’s a Uchiha. I just think that Sasuke is just partaking in Naruto’s faith, he’s suppose to be Hokage (or even more) and Sasuke’s just messing that up for him.

  4. Linus135

    Yea I think that if they make Naruto a descendant then it’s a little too predictable and feels very fabricated/cheap. I like to believe that the Sage of Six Paths knew that somebody would come along one day with the right values/morals etc. to unite the tailed beats/world. Naruto just happens to be that person. The fact that Naruto resembles the Sage of Six Paths I like to think it’s the metaphoric link between the 2 and their ideals created by the writers. Also, I think Naruto’s yellow/golden chakra form has to do with Kurama only having Yang chakra since the Yin chakra was sealed with Minato.

    1. Sunite

      Good Point, it’s true that it’s going to be too predictable because i’m predicting it here xD. Also yeah, SO6P knew when he had told all the Beasts when they were much younger.
      I had forgotten Kurama’s Yin was taken away. Could be possible that the color would be because of that but it seems to me that it somehow came directly from him being a direct reincarnation of the Sage of Six Path…

  5. Yondaime Minato

    Did they say who Minato’s Father was? Knowing the look alike with the spiky hair. Minato could possibly be the SO6P Son as well but, never mentioned in that form of matter.

    1. Sunite

      It’s a good theory but the timing is off, Kushina and Minato were both very young at the time at school and stuff. And SO6P had disappeared a very long time ago, so it’s somewhat unlikely.

  6. Abdirashid Hassan

    the uzumaki clan are distant relatives of the senju clan which probably means that naruto is adesendant of so6p on both sides.i think the physical apperance of naruto is similar to the sage because of the nine tail in side him. naruto is probably desendent of the sage because he ha dgiant chakra reserve to such an extent that he can use chibiki tensie on his death bed to create the moon.

    1. Sunite

      Yeah seems likely. because the Uzumaki clan are relative to the Senju. Plus we don’t even know about Minato’s side because he could be a closely related to another clan which was a relative to the SO6P. Naruto possibly has a similar look to the Sage of Six Paths because of Kurama. He has the largest amount of chakra and is most closely related to SO6P…

  7. angelic

    i do have think the possibility that naruto is maybe the reincarnation of the sage of six path..but it’s just wild guess..a descendent? hmm..i think so..

    1. Sunite

      :P It’s only a possibility that could come true if he was somehow refereed to as the reincarnation, but we’ve still got a long way to go till we actually find out…

  8. arif

    first of all i want to know than minato belongs to which clan….because the naruto have uzumaki after his name because 3rd hokage want to keep secret that naruto is the son of 4th hokage..”p

    1. Sunite

      Hmm it’s hard to say which clan except that he’s from the Nimikaze Clan, if they exist, yeah Naruto took Uzumaki’s side because 3RD hokage didn’t want to point out that he was Minato’s son to everyone… only a few selected people know…

  9. Disu

    U dont need to argue to much,because son gooku and kurama said almost the samething that naruto reminds me of someone and the person is rikodou saani{sage of the six path}

  10. Disu

    You dont need to argue to much,because son gooku and kurama said almost the samething that naruto reminds me of someone and the person is rikodou saani{sage of the six path}

  11. Rollie Jones

    actually, it is nagato- the reincarnation of sage of the six path. it was revealed by Madara Uchiha to Obito when he saved him. Naruto comes in the different way. he is the savior of the shinobi world as prophesied by Jiraiya.

  12. Psychedelic CrOw77

    The Uzumaki clan, Senju clan, Hyuuga clan and Uchiha clan are all Descendants of Hagoromo ootsutsuki. Uzumaki and Senju clan have the body of a god physical energy, the Hyuuga and Uchiha clan have the power of a god spiritual energy. Naruto’s super healing and strong chakra reserve is a result of him being the second son descendant. Sasuke using sharingan shows his love for power just like the elder son. Those wills of there’s is what making them clash all the time. Oh and another thing, Hagoromo wasn’t the father of every shinobi, he had followers because he was teaching ninshu to the people.

  13. Kaile Sponaugle

    I feel like, yes all of the circumstances match up. The Uzumaki clan and the Senju clan are related, making them the descendants to the younger son of the sage. I also feel like Naruto wasn’t just the reincarnation of him. Not having the rinnegan also makes me think this. However, the sage was the jinchurriki to all 9 beasts, aka the jyuubi. From where the standpoint is, Naruto, recieving chakra from all the 9 beasts and from taking most of the beasts out of Obito (minus the 1 tail and 8 tail) makes him more of the reincarnation. I think that the possibility of Naruto playing house with 7 biju is a high possibility, therefor making him the sage. We can’t count out the possibility of Minato and Naruto also re-sealing the Yin Kurama in to Naruto either. In that case Naruto just might get the Rinnegan (Because remember Nagato was also and Uzumaki)….
    So yeah, thats what I think.

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