The End of Bleach Anime? Bleach TV Series Cancelled!?

The rumors have been going around for a while now, and it was recently officially stated around a month ago. You may have watched the latest Bleach 366 episode and wondered why it ended the way it did. Well it seems as though the Bleach TV Series has been Cancelled.

None of us know what’ll happen after this since it’s not yet been confirmed what will happen next. It’s been confirmed in many blogs and even the Japanese TV Listings that Bleach is going to be replaced by Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seichun Full-Power Ninden. Bleach usually airs on TV Tokyo at 6:00 PM, but after Bleach is cancelled, this new show will replace it.

Keep in mind that Tite Kubo has tried his best to keep Bleach Anime going and will be going until the Final Arc (The Thousand-Year Blood War) is over. The manga side of Bleach is already being written but the anime has not yet reached the Final Arc. Bleach 366 was the last episode for The Lost Substitute Shinigami Arc and Bleach 367 is suppose to be the start for the Final Arc.

Although the Final Arc is being written in the Manga, I’m sure Tite Kubo will get some good luck and get the Anime back on the main stream. Tell me what you think about this using the comments below.

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  1. T-BO

    I have not been keeping up with the news and just found out today that this may be the last episode of Bleach. I am very disappointed cause this is out of nowhere. I’m very picky about the anime that I watch and just recently started to branch out and watch something besides action/shounen (Another). I’ve had my gripes about Bleach but no matter what it remained one of my favorites. I can only hope that maybe after the manga is done that they give us some OVA’s to help fill this void.

    1. Sunite

      They’ll have to get a anime going! Hopefully there’s going to be a episode next week but in a different channel… I cant wait for the anime to start ASAP really dont want it to finish :/

      1. dreager1

        Well on the bright side, if the anime’s gone for good there’s always an OVA. Plus OVA’s get higher budgets so the fights will even be better than the anime (Though that would be extremely difficult)

          1. J Carter

            im sorry but im a 40 yr old man that has had his favorite show PERIOD pulled !!!
            for naruto(which sucks ass and nuts)
            i mean really villages full of ninjas. and we cant even write a congressman.
            one piece if your 5 maybe. come on we need kick someone in the ass.
            well guess ill use my bleach time to write email rants starting with tv tokyo,cant hurt

            1. Simon

              you’ve evidently never watched one piece beyond episode 1, admittedly the humour in it is aimed at younger kids, but the fights become more ‘kick-ass’ than bleach the further in you go. Arguably, the fights in the current one piece episodes are more epic than the fights in bleach. I would say they were.

              1. Aj Entity

                I do not know man… the Bleach fights are always bad ass. This is a subjective matter, so there can really be no true argument at all. But I find the Bleach fights to be much better, because they give me a rush. No matter who fights, it is exhilarating. In One Piece, the only fights I like are the ones that involve solely Luffy, solely Zoro, or the ones that had Ace or White Beard.

                  1. budinny veesa

                    agreed …..fights and climaxing scenes are always best in bleach………better than anyother anime…..i do like naruto ,one piece and fullmetal alche,mist brotherhood,……but they have there own way of story……but BLEACH IS AWESOME……quite better than them

                    On Fri, May 24, 2013 at 9:36 PM, Daily Anime Art wrote:

                    > ** > Marquise commented: “I totaly agree although bleach was catching up > until it was pulled”

                    1. M.K.

                      I agree on everything except what u said about naruto, because for me, on the anime the battles drag on and on but on bleach most battles are eventful and quick, to the point

                1. Michelle

                  Agree, the fights in bleach are exhilarating! I thought that One Piece was alright, but Bleach is way better, please bring it back!!!!

              2. Sunite

                The fights in One Piece aren’t perfect, they have jokey moments and some serious moments. The fights may be amazing, but the overall anime seems to be aimed at kids, and is a lot more appealing to them because of that. Personally I feel that Bleach has some boundaries, it has jokes but they are nothing like what OP has, Bleach stays behind that boundary making sure it doesn’t make its own show for kids but teens. However with OP it goes over that boundary. OP may have some epic fights but so does Bleach. Just that Bleach has a more serious tone thus appealing to teens and adults…

                1. Hassan0297

                  Well its a good thing to have a good laugh for a change.One Piece is also one of my favorite.Naruto is good too but Now they r just exaggerating it a lot.(Kekkai Touta?Why the hell didnt they tell at the first place),(Ten Tails?Oh really!When was he invented?Right after madara told em),(Izanami?Will Sharingan Technique’s Never end)etc.

                  1. Sunite

                    Hmm agree, i think the author is somewhat cheating by inventing techniques out of the blue. I agree that Ten Tails is a good thing because its basically Tobi’s plan, but Izanami was a bit of a cheat.

                2. Rayban87

                  I like Bleach and One Piece, they both bring different things to the table. You can’t have one anime be “epic” the same way another anime is, that is totally pointless. I do like Naruto but I agree with Hassan0297 it is dragged out wayyyyy to much.
                  Now this is just my personal view but I HATE the story of Naruto trying to save Sasuke this whole entire time. Honestly I get it, he was your friend “WAS” being if someone doesn’t want to be your friend it doesn’t mean “but I still SEE them as a friend so they are still my friend” hello people friendship is a 2 way street, not that I’m saying hate them either just leave them be they made their choice it’s stupid to enforce a friendship on someone who doesn’t want to be friends. Besides, Sasuke did try to kill the all-time pathetic Sakura and Naruto is still trying to save his “friend”? Dude he tried to kill your girl WTF?!?!?! Sometimes people do stupid things and because of that there are consequences so stop trying to save him and just kill his stupid a55 he brought it on himself. I’m sure all serial killers have their own sob story, still doesn’t make it right to murder.

                  1. Sunite

                    Lol I like how you went from loving Bleach and One Piece but then just give a hard time to the Naruto anime. I somewhat agree that Naruto used to drag a lot, but currently it’s going at a good pace, although now its like 1.5 manga chapters an episodes… but yeah agree that Naruto can be somewhat stupid at times..

                3. Alejandro

                  The author is cheating? I love both Bleach and Naruto but let´s see… Ichigo defeated Kenpachi Zaraki (a captain known for having a vast amount of spiritual power) with only his Shikai and without even learning Getsuga Tensho then with his Bankai he is defeated by a newcomer (Grimmjow) barehanded. I honestly love Bleach but the series made the same mistake as Beyblade wich was messing up with the power levels of the characters so you can´t really talk about Kishimoto like that. Kekkei Touta is only possessed currently by one ninja so obviously only a few would know about it, ten-tails is from ancient history and only the ones who could read the message of the Sage of the Six Paths (wich requires the extremely rare dojutsu rinnegan to read it completely) would know about it, Izanami was stated as a forbidden jutsu so probably only the Uchiha clan itself would know about that. So as you can see those arent techniques and stories invented “right of the bat” they were just kept a secret so only a really few people of all the 5 ninja countries would have the knowledge of it wich is realistic and makes sense.

                4. Chongustos

                  If you have not read the manga it says that kenpachi locks his power up to keep.up with the fun in fighting and so he doesn’t beat everyone’s ass easily so don’t put out comments you don’t know yet.

                  1. Sunite

                    I’ve had to actually ask a few friends on what they think a grown-up anime is equivalent to Bleach. They gave me a list of Death Note, Black Lagoon, Hellsing, Kill La Kill, Ghost in a Shell, Full Metal Alchemist, Samurai Champloo.
                    I agree with most of these. Bleach is a great anime and there are some anime’s that match it. Although all anime’s are different I could recommend you these:
                    Noragami – it’s personally very similar to Bleach as it’s also based on spirits and ghosts and some shinigami’s. Very recent and new anime too, it should catch you in the intensity and adventure really quickly.
                    Death Note most have heard before, it’s about a student who finds a book, of which any names he writes in the book with instructions they will die in that manner.
                    Kill La Kill is also very recent anime, it’s about a girl who’s father has died, she goes on an adventure to find out who. It has a lot of action, you won’t get bored with this series.
                    Valvrave the Liberator is pretty good too, about a few odd children who find themselves controlling robots and have to fight against the enemy. Futuristic anime.
                    Sword Art Online is also pretty good, it’s about a few thousand people got stuck in a game to which they have to complete the game to get released again, similar to another great anime of Log Horizon.
                    Hope this brief list helps :)

              3. KNOWLEDGE BONE

                I agree With You There Bleach Is A Amazing Anime…But On The Other hand Naruto Is Epic!…When It Comes To Naruto You Have To Be Patient In The Beginning But Shippuden Is EPIC!!..BRING BLEACH BACK!!!…EVEN THOUGH RUMOR IS THE FINAL ARC IS NOT ALL THAT GREAT.I WANNA SEE IT FOR MYSELF

                1. Sunite

                  Yeah Naruto does drag a lot while Bleach is always to the point and doesn’t tease as much as Naruto. However when Bleach gets good there’s a lot of teasing from Kubo about the secrets etc..

                2. aymem

                  I just want to know what happened so that bleach gets canceled. Naruto is awesome but they have too much fillers, one piece is great but they don’t have bad stuff happened like the 2 year separation. bleach is great but they have too much fighting and killing. Naruto team is making the last fight too much episodes, they should end it soon. Bleach should make more movies. One piece needs more action.

              4. knjas

                baka fight in bleach are more epic :)) just watch carefull .. specially when it comes to Fight scene then. compare it to onepiece or naruto ? BAKA

                1. aymem

                  One piece fights are epic only when luffy uses second gear, bleach fights are sick when urahara, yurouichi joins the fight, naruto fights are awesome when naruto turns into the nine tails, fairy tail is awesome when two masters fight.

              5. 101nemesis

                I’ve seen all the episodes of one Piece up until what’s released. The latest is the Punk Hazard thing and fights in One Piece are quite good. But they cannot be compared to Bleach. They are better than Naruto for sure though. Bleach is more famous than one piece when it comes to fights.

                1. budinny veesa

                  yeah now one piece is becoming interesting in new style fights but we cant compare it with bleach …cuz fights in bleach r on a whole new different level…

                  On Fri, Mar 29, 2013 at 9:45 PM, Daily Anime Art wrote:

                  > ** > 101nemesis commented: “I’ve seen all the episodes of one Piece up until > what’s released. The latest is the Punk Hazard thing and fights in One > Piece are quite good. But they cannot be compared to Bleach. They are > better than Naruto for sure though. Bleach is more famous than on” >

                  1. M.K.

                    I was a one piece addict when I was like 4 and 5 and right now I am twelve and honestly feel like I am too old for it. I like Farie tail and feel like its just about as good as bleach but better than naruto and one piece. No offense meant to those who like one piece, naruto, or both.

                    1. budinny veesa

                      yeah i am not blaming one piece cuz i like one piece too…..may be more than naruto and more than half of naruto……….when it comes to fights naruyuki abe bleach director and tite kubo combo is awesome……………

                      On Tue, Apr 9, 2013 at 3:32 AM, Daily Anime Art wrote:

                      > ** > M.K. commented: “I was a one piece addict when I was like 4 and 5 and > right now I am twelve and honestly feel like I am too old for it. I like > Farie tail and feel like its just about as good as bleach but better than > naruto and one piece. No offense meant to those who lik” Respond to > this comment by replying above this line > New comment on *Daily Anime Art * > > > *M.K.* commentedon The > End of Bleach Anime? Bleach TV Series Cancelled!?. > > > in response to *budinny veesa*: > > yeah now one piece is becoming interesting in new style fights but we cant > compare it with bleach …cuz fights in bleach r on a whole new different > level…

                    2. M.K.

                      I guess one piece deserves a chance
                      P.S. for those who haven’t seen it yet try out faerie tail oh an if any one knows any good animes plz tell me because I wanna try out a lot of anime.

            2. Sunite

              Agree, I’m also a big fan of Bleach and really want Bleach to come back! Really disappointed with this, but hopefully it’ll be back because of it’s awesome Final Arc! Hopefully when that’s written and near end Tite Kubo would most likely start with the anime!

              1. Sunite

                Ill have to agree, Naruto is currently number one, in what ever ranking you want to put, and Bleach is possible second or third due to One Piece, they are all great shows but just depends on the taste’s of different people.

                1. Hassan0297

                  Naruto:Going Gud,Possibly gonna come to an end
                  Bleach:F******* CANCELLED…!HELL WHY?,Final Arc Being Mastered and eventually anime will continue
                  One Piece:Going Smoothly,Damn Long!
                  I Love em all.

                1. Budinny Veesa

                  no, that would be a mistake!both are awesome but still bleach rocks

                  On Thu, Nov 6, 2014 at 4:36 AM, Daily Anime Art wrote:

                  > FuckNarutoLOL commented: “Lol Naruto is not #1. Bleach is, naruto is > for babies”

            3. steph

              one piece for kids? seriously people if you want to watch one piece watch the japanese versions because that one is actually aimed at adults, the americans totally changed the script and made it shit

              1. Sunite

                Your talking about the Dubbed and Subbed version, true all Dubbed versions remove all the good parts and make it shit, but I gotta agree, some parts in OP do have childish parts, personally I haven’t seen it so i’m not a good example of this but i believe that it’s more aimed at a audience who loves to laugh with the jokes in the show.. it may not be aimed a kids tho..

            4. AnimeKing

              please write them i cant stand this its been year since they cancelled and since i find out that they cancelled i been upset i dont feel like reading i want to watch email many time for all the bleach fans :(

        1. jazzy1

          I don’t think the anime is gone for good. I think the anime is gonna be postponed for a long time because the anime caught up too quickly with the manga.At this time the anime is way too close to the manga.I think the new show will air until the manga has a good amount chapters and then bleach will continue.

          1. HaVoK182

            Good point, thats what ive been thinking, becasue of the new Naruto series is just something about Lee then i dont think its going to take up very much time. Either way i dont believe that Kubo would just let the anime end just as the new arc was supposed to start, without knowing or being somewhat sure that it would be aired again.

            1. Costly

              The sad part is that the show is hilarious and stands alone from both the tv show and manga in fact this show has it’s own manga as well albeit its geared towards kids instead of teens.
              Rock Lee Ten-Ten and Neji are pretty minor characters so their misadventures in the chibi narutoverse don’t distract from the main show in fact I think it will build the fanbase. This show proves that the character and world of Naruto is whole enough that you can remove the main element aka the fighting and just go with gags and fanservice and still have a successful product. It’s exactly what DC whats to do with the upcoming show Teen Titans Go!
              Frankly Bleach fillers tend to drag and the characters would get old quick without something to hit with their swords and spells. One Piece even more so and I cringe at the thought of that art style chibified
              This was a wise investment by the Naruto Team to build on their franchise before the author retires for a while to spend more time with his family. I think One Piece maybe the number one manga (I really really tried and couldn’t get into it) but Naruto brings in the most money from all his games and other goods. Everything a business. I think it was wise for them to basically make their own comedy only version of the show.

            1. chino

              I 2nd demotion that….. Dang men, every single thing a guy can want from an anime is here , well almost (girls(from busty lemons, to loli girls), action pack battle scenes, comedy and humor. Not to mention all the personality and characters that u can choose from.. I just hope bleach will really come back

              1. Sunite

                Looool, yeah agree lol, although Bleach’s final arc is going really well, we’ll have to wait a little longer until the final arc is made into the anime…

                1. nick dunn

                  Well my friend Riza who lived in Nagasaki for her whole life till moving to Houston were i am said that hes thinking of some arc that he will show between the final arc that are not part of the Manga story line. And the Fullbring arc was short so it caught up with the Manga. And they need to keep it separate like always. So it will come back, just believe! :-D

                2. Sunite

                  that could be true, but i wouldn’t want to watch a filler arc, unless its really interesting and has a lot of fights…. I’m prepared to wait some time until the final arc comes back as the anime..

              2. kurosaki

                yeaH..some commented bleach sucks…because zaraki was defeated by ichigo shaki and grimijow making jam of ichigo,s bankai!!!!but IF U KNOW EVERY SCENE IN BLEACH””you will know that ZARAKi defeated by masked ichigo……..and when grimijjow is fighting against ichigo’s bankai….we can guess ichigo is “quite holding back(he is afraid of his hollow form)”……i love bleach and i like naruto…..

          2. david

            i agree i think it caught up to the manga too quickly and are now trying to get at least 20 or so chapters ahead of the anime then continue most everything does that to be honest like drgonballz,one piece, and even bleach has done this once if i remember correctly

            1. Sunite

              No, 20 Chapters is a very small number for Bleach. It would be better if it had around like 2 years or so for Bleach to get forward creating around 100 odd chapters in those 2 years. Then maybe the anime can continue because this Final chapter is suppose to be one of the longest due to the fact that there’s many plot holes and loads of answers to be answered.

          3. jay z

            I heard the manga artist made a public announcement somewhere saying he was not satisfied with the work of Bleach and will be taking a long break until he can save it. I start to not like Bleach when that Epada #4 killed Ichigo and Ichigo came back to life as some wired hallow. The show really went down hill after that. Captains holding out their Bankai’s was very annoying in a life or death battle with Aizen. Aizen as a villian was great until he started to do all those freaky transformation and of course Ichigo gets some random random stupid OP power to save the day. WTF is soul society even for.

            1. Sunite

              Kubo is currently working on the Final Bleach Arc! here’s some likely things which may occur:

              Personally, that was one of the highlights of Bleach. He went from fighting Grimmjow to fighting Ulquiorra and came back to life when Orihime was in trouble!
              It was quite the fight! It was a epic fight actually. Captains value the secretive nature of their Bankai, they want to hide it because it’s their most powerful form, and a lot of the Bankai’s will be revealed during their fight with the Quincy’s and Sternritter. The Transformation was expected, he had to transform to cope with Ichigo’s Final Getsuga Tensho form…. Ichigo has to do all the work here because he was said to be special by Aizen and someone else(forgot who it was) and yeah it important that Ichigo is because it’s all going to be explained with in the Final Arc!

              1. Invisible

                Actually unfortunately Bankais are being used for literally EVERYTHING. They even made a joke bout that in one of the episode´s omakes…

            2. Deliverance253

              I don’t understandhow you thnk Ichigo’s Mugetsu was a totally random occurence in the show? Pls. help me understand.

      1. Landon

        Seen Claymore, it was pretty good but still; Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, and Fairy Tail are my favorite anime, it pains me to see this one stopped even if just temporarily! I always looked forward to Tuesday for the sole fact I could watch a new Bleach episode :'(

          1. Gadorach

            I think the point was that Claymore ended with it’s first season and, although it was a great show, was never granted it’s MUCH needed second season, thus leaving viewers completely in the dark unless they read the manga.
            A much better example would have been Zombie Loan though, as that was dropped in the middle of it’s first season without even finishing the first arc. It was extremely disappointing in my eyes, but not much could be done there so no reason to complain really. I do hope they get back on Bleach soon though, as I miss it now, but at least [Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? OTD] is helping me through these troubled times ;)

              1. Spencer

                Yes, berserk’s ending in my opinion was really out of no where and seemed like an extremely abrupt way to end a magnificent show. i mean sure it was a little sketchy in the beginning, but it became excellent as it moved forward.

          2. anime finatic

            Naruto, Bleach, One piece, and then fairty tale. thats my top 4. wish there was another anime close to them.

            1. TensaNatsu

              Samurai Champloo is a anime with alot of action too. Then there is Soul Eater. Another funny/action anime. D.Gray-man seems to be the best bet being close to Bleach.

                1. Hassan0297

                  You should start watching one piece.Although the animation might be a little crappy but the stories r well plotted and amazing.

            2. salih

              Naruto, Bleach, One piece, and then fairty tale. thats my top 4. wish there was another anime close to them.i know right SD sucks so much I dont need messed up comedy I want action

      2. Kitty

        If you’ve watched Bleach and Claymore; you should watch Katekyo Hitman Reborn and 07-Ghost; they’re both pretty good. :)

    2. Kenny

      Honestly i think this is complete bullshit i mean i love Naruto But Bleach is just That Anime i cnt stand wen things like this happen bcuz Its on eps 366 n now they cancell it like wtf!! I really think they needa get this shit back up n running after whatchin it from ep 1 till now is just very fustrationg!! Ya feel meee

      1. Dunavan

        While I am upset to find this out, I feel it is only called for. The anime kept catching up with the Manga and we kept having to crawl through filler. What I find to be completely uncalled for is your horrible grasp on english, or at least typing in it…

    3. Zaine

      what the h*** is this? why in the world would they take the best anime out there off the air? that makes no sense. somebody needs to tell them they’re screwing up!

    4. Dat

      they replaced bleach for naruto SD!!! what kind of witchcraft is that. Don’t get me wrong, I love naruto + shippuden, however, naruto SD is like the gay diaries of rock lee. They might as well replace all the cool animes with teletubbies. Anyways, replacing Bleach for naruto SD is ludacrise. They only called it naruto SD instead of Rock Lee SD because they just want to trick us.

      1. Sunite

        Agree! I haven’t even seen a episode of that Naruto SD crap, and don’t want to see it… even if a friend says its good or what ever! I’m pretty confident that Bleach will be back! Hopefully it will be so we can see the final chapter!

    5. Lorraine

      Well if it’s finished what should these people do is make a movie of the final war so everybody could be at peace

      1. Sunite

        No No No! Movie would ruin it! There is soooo much to explain is such a small amount of time! I don’t want a movie! Plus a movie is one time thing while episodes cover everything! Currently Kubo, the author and maker of Bleach, is making and writing the Manga for Bleach! It’s currently fantastic! You should check it out! It’s going amazingly well with the new Quincy enemies!

    6. jeremy

      really naruto SD-rock lee that peice of crap why not pokemon -_- it just ended right there bOOM for no reason what so ever .. ever think there fanz that like bleach …,?.?!!!

      1. Sunite

        Everyone likes Bleach and it’s the best anime out there, personally. The manga is still steaming a head with no problems! You should read it if you want! The new enemies are awesome! Bleach 480 onwards!

    7. kubuto

      it not fair that they are cancelling bleach after all the hard work that Tite Kubo put. and just so u people know im not watching Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seichun Full-Power Ninden so u might as well not air it im very angry

      1. Sunite

        Everyone here is also very angry about this. But Tite Kubo’s work hasn’t gone to waste! Kubo is currently doing the Final Arc! It’s currently fantastic, you should start reading the manga from Bleach 480 onwards! :D I’m sure you’ll love it!

    8. ajwilso4

      I completely agree with T-BO. I just found out today and I am disheartened about it’s cancellation. I only watch BLEACH and Naruto Shippuden because its very difficult to find good quality anime (not the graphics but the actual material.) It’s also difficult to start from the beginning of an anime that already has 300 + episodes…

      1. Sunite

        Agree! Bleach started around 11 years ago with some fantastic graphics and just kept growing. Their fights and the style of drawing is just fantastic! Kubo has done great to make 366 episodes! But he has to carry on because it’s not yet finished!

    9. raju

      i really wish they do bring back episode because it so much better than reading and colourful. Also when you watch the fights or something going down you get that shiver of excitement down your spine. eventhough, i love reading it the anime is much better of the sound effects, fights and whats hapeening

    10. natturner

      I hope they start up another season of bleach the they left so much out what happen to the Vastlords that was suppose to be stronger then the captain commander n we still havent seen the two fighter with the twin blades use there banki or the captain commander use his either they left to much out n that last battle was nothing compared to the azien battle n Azien still alive with the jewel in his chest so u know hes coming back plz start up another season

      1. 101nemesis

        You could try reading the manga. The new arc is amazing. Huge twists have already taken place. Waiting for them to animate the manga can take another year or two. So I’d advice you to try the manga.

      2. Sunite

        You seem like a person who still hasn’t heard of Manga, you should check out the Bleach Manga, chapter 480 onward, I’m not trying to hype the manga but whats’ currently happening in Bleach is literally blowing my mind! The manga is having so many fights and loads of spoilers which I could tell you right now!!

      1. M.K.

        That’s actually a pretty solid theory bro cuz, there are many who don’t want to read subtitles so dubbing all the episodes that exist now will actually bring in and keep more viewers, but that’s actually bad news for us because we still have a few more months to wait cuz, on toonami the dubbed episodes haven’t gotten far

  2. dreager1

    OVA’s aren’t bad. What about Tsubasa? When the anime stopped they continued with OVA’s, that had pretty impressive fights. Also don’t forget that Bleach had two already. Well Bleach’s replacement will probably be Toriko as the number 3 spot. Not really a fan

  3. Crazymaster04

    I thinks who ever thought of cancelling bleach for a stupid anime series called Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seichun Full-Power Ninden, Is really stupid if you ask me

    im really disappointed

      1. HopeMoreArcs

        Ya… n y episode 367 final arc??
        how about The Lost Substitute Shinigami arc??
        i watch naruto, one piece, fairytail before.. but i still tink bleach is the most awesome!! y so fast end??

    1. Aaron Marts

      If you wiki the show its already a manga with only 10 chapters with a few specials….so im pretty sure that the shows just the filler for bleach until the manga gets ahead a bit. unless they add more to what the manga was were probably only looking at a couple months.

        1. Basem

          i thought warner bros. was who was involved with all this because of the new movie being adapted. CANCELLED?? double yoo tee eff man, fav show ever.

      1. bobmcgee

        i know they should at least kill off all the characters in some insane Battle before they cancel it that way. At least give us an appropriate ending.

  4. Page Ewell

    Im so pissed off I started watching naruto about a year ago and expanded my horizon i am currently am watching 10 animes and this by far my fav they have got to get it back on track the fights are just to good to stop plus the story line isn’t bad either GO BLEACH

    1. Sunite

      I’ve been watching both Naruto and Bleach for a few years now and think the same. Bleach is getting better and better each episode… Especially as the Final Arc comes… It’s going to be explosive! Really want it back!

      1. IchigoNut

        I agree, BLEACH is by far the best anime and has gone from strength to strength.
        When Ichigo got his powers back and saw what they had done with his Zangetsu I was like YES this is so frickin cool and now to find it’s being replaced by Naruto just sucks ass. I never followed Naruto but watched a few fights and think it’s to kiddie like for me……. That’s maybe the audience that they want tho!!!!!

        1. T-BO

          Everyone has a right to their own opinion and everyone has their own taste but describing Naruto as kiddie is just wrong to me. I say that because Naruto has had way more deaths (even major characters) in it than Bleach. That has always been my major gripe with Bleach is that everyone always survives and after all these years too many questions are still left unanswered. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Bleach but I don’t see how they can wrap up everything in this final manga arc but I’ll still read it anyway.

          1. IchigoNut

            You mis-understand (I should have explained better) I just mean the animation, and the characters to me seem like Naruto are targeting a much younger audience than Bleach. I agree they could do with killing people off in Bleach such as ANY arrancar or Aizen but they never do. Ah by chance do you mean his full hollow transformation? I thought that they would cover this in this last arc…… I could be wrong…..

            1. T-BO

              Ok, sorry, I totally agree. Naruto is def drawn in a “childish” manner. As for bleach not explaining much i’m talking about Ichigo’s mother and how she passed on the hollow powers to him, his father and how or why he became a shinigami (sp), the King’s Realm that has been mentioned a time or two and the bankai’s of the captains that we haven’t seen used as of yet. I feel that this last arc will last a while but it still won’t tell me everything that I have been craving these last couple of years. With all that being said I still love Bleach and i’ll read the manga til the end!!

              1. IchigoNut

                The hollow powers you mention from Ichigo’s mother I believe it was mentioned that she was attacked by a hollow whilst she was pregnant with Ichigo ( don’t quote me on that ) just going by memory. I’m sure this last arc is something to do with the Soul King and we may see the Kings Realm. Tite Kubo also stated that he would like to bring Aizen back in some way for this arc….. Hence more questions lol Did you notice in the last few Manga’s that those Vandenreich have the Quincy bracelet, Arrancar masks and can also do Bankai??

                1. T-BO

                  I definitely noticed all of those things and that’s why I’m so excited about this arc. They also seem to be able to absorb Bankai’s or turn them against the user. That’s why the Captain Commander’s Lieutenant was defeated so easily and why the guy who Ichigo defeated was shocked when nothing happened after Ichigo went bankai. So many questions and these new enemies seem very powerful and i’m sure they’d look badass in anime form. That’s why i’m hoping they will eventually do some OVA’s.

                  1. IchigoNut

                    I think the Captain Commanders Leuitenant was soft anyway as Ichigo beat him with one punch when he rescued Rukia. Yes it seems they have the ability to seal away the bankai but that won’t work on Ichigo because of his hollow powers….. which will be why Ichigo can fight these new enemies. I will read the manga also but I like the series as it is nice to see it all come together….. Also I agree that we need to learn why Urahara and Isshin are no longer Captains,

          2. Sunite

            The last Chapter is going to be very long! At least a year or 2 to cover it fully! Hopefully it’ll cover all the question that people ask as well as background on Urahara and Isshin as well as other characters!

              1. Sunite

                Are you talking about when they went back 100 years to explore what happened to the Shinji and the others (Visoreds) and Urahara was kicked out from Soul Society for helping them?

                1. T-BO

                  Yes, they explained how he became a captain, was head of the detention center and developed the research and development institute where he made Kurotsuchi vice president.

                  1. Sunite

                    Yeah that’s true, back then it seemed as though he didn’t have a care in the world. He seemed really weak as well as happy. Over the 100 years, he’s really gotten mysterious as well as smart. In the current manga (Bleach 487), Ichigo asked how Urahara had perfect timing on coming to the window… It seemed as though he’s been keeping tab on Ichigo, as though he’s been watching what’s been happening to everyone in Soul Society as well as Karakura Town.

                    Personally, I think Urahara already knows who’s behind the attack.

                    In that 100 years, Urahara literally had his time cut out on looking things up about everything, even the Kings Key and the Royal Families etc.. He’s one smart guy, and even stronger and smarter then anyone in Karakura and Soul Society, and even smarter than Aizen.
                    If Aizen and Urahara were switched, Urahara would have definitely won. It’s unbelievably how mysterious he is!
                    He’s been helping Ichigo and he’s friends lately to get to Hueco Mundo, but what will he gain from such a thing? There’s just too many unanswered questions on the 100 years gap for Urahara.

                    As well as Isshin Kurosaki and Yoruichi!

                    1. IchigoNut

                      I’m kind of guessing that Old Man Yamamoto is gonna be pissed aswel so we may actually get to see him fight more often in this final arc……. But they must bring the anime back for us to get the full effect…… I really want to learn more about Isshin as he seems like he was one of the highest captains hence why Ichigo has gotten to exceptional levels recently….. And one more thing, they really need to give us more info on his vasto lorde transformation as I guess he will be needing that strength in the final arc ( keeps fingers crossed )

        2. NoHeelAchilles

          The early naruto is kiddy but the shippuden version changed it in a good way….but this rock lee one is complete crap i dont understand how they could put something so bad in its place.

  5. Redd

    It can’t end! Not when we are so close to wrapping it up. I don’t want this to be another inuyasha, whee they ended the anime, but the manga still kept going. And when the anime came back, it wasn’t the same. The voices all sounded different and it did not have the same vibe like it did before.

    I love bleach. I look forward to watching these episodes in Japanese as well as English.

    Please, finish the anime, don’t let the series go, when it has not been completed.

    1. Sunite

      I understand exactly what you said. Bleach is a fantastic anime and it shouldnt deserve to be put down since it’s just getting amazing! I haven’t seen any Inuyasha episodes but i understand that after some time of it coming back, it will kinda suck because you’r adding so much to it that it’s going to be amazing.. and it just flops.. I dont want this to happen to Bleach as well…

  6. kevin S

    This bites the big one. I love bleach. I can not believe they cancelled it and are replacing it with Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seichun Full-Power Ninden. Rock Lee is a stupid character on Naruto. How could they insult all of us fans by replacing Bleach with that garbage. Its been five days and I am still pissed off about this cancellation. There is still so many avenues they could have explored. Was it just greed that prompted those jerks to cancel the show thinking they would have another blockbuster with that butt hole Rock Lee in his own show? The writers for sure had a lot more ideas for more Arcs so its not as if they would run out of material.

    1. Sunite

      Rock Lee isn’t even one of the better characters….
      Its the bleach day and im seriously disappointed with the cancellation :/

      Bleach is still a large canvas to be written… The manga is going to be awesome! but the TV Tokyo are being bitches for cancelling!

  7. Ryan Ward

    I consider Bleach and Death Note to be perfect examples of anime when people ask what anime is. People that don’t even watch anime have usually heard of Bleach from at least one of their friends before. I honestly don’t know how to react if the anime never continued once manga is finished. Bleach needs to be finished in its entirety. Sure OVA’s are nice, but I am not going to give up that easily on letting the anime die.

  8. Sal

    Bleach is a great anime, but there is to much filler. It’s not fair to compare an anime like naruto to bleach its like comparing dragon ball z to bebop. Bleach is more developed than naruto; a protagonist like naruto makes the series fit for younger viewers and is filled with redundancies so naruto understands, quid pro quo, so you understand kinda like goku’s character. Kubo should focus on dialogs that are a ambiguous and cryptic that leaves the viewer wondering and cut out fights that last for multiple episodes. The character development is golden though kenpachi, kiske, and even ichigos dad are just a few of the supporting characters that leave you thinking and wanting to know more. Bleachs characters are like a cast of a whole bunch of spike spiegals, jet blacks, and eddies, but since bleach is a series that dosnt intend to end it, it dosnt have a whole storyline with a resolution at the end of each episode like bebop to keep it fresh. Bleach couldn’t have done that and made it to 366 episodes, but then bleach has story arcs that last longer than bebops entire run and draw out the story to much and causes people to get bored with it. I’m assuming most of you watch bleach online and skip the filler arcs and those parts in the story were nothing happens, but in Japan this is their versions of like the Simpsons and if the shows boring you can’t skip three episodes till it picks up, so ratings drop, they lose viewers, and eventually get the boot. So if Kubo gets his second chance he should defiantly cut baisicly anything that dosnt help progress the plot.

    1. Sunite

      The one thing about Bleach is that it stretches too much at times… But on the other hand, it has some of the best fights… The fillers are somewhat good but don’t really matter because they are usually one episode each….

      Kubo has to get a chance at an anime or something….

      1. Basem

        i really thought all that way drawn out stuff was cut out with these newer writers for this last arc. the writing was WAY better.

  9. whatfan

    Ugh, i figured one day they will show the stupid captains bankai that was so badass they couldn’t use it in front of people and now this. Lame way to end it; if it is the end. The series did lose a lot of appeal after Aizen arc and the fact they kept Orihime alive too. Rock Lee is annoying trash in Naruto, to make a series out of him is blasphemous.

    1. Sunite

      Lol, Rock Lee isn’t really one of the best characters in Naruto but somehow they made a shitty anime for him…

      And yeah, a lot of people did leave after Aizen’s capture… but the last arc will have a lot more action then most of the arc in the anime,..

  10. Chin

    I just hope it is not canceled but merely suspended. I would rather wait a few month and start right into the final story arc than have another crap of filler punched into the anime. Bleach suffered enough from filler episodes. So yes I’m sad it is suspended for now, but I would be just right out mad and pissed if the next episodes just come up with another meaningless what-so-ever crap that doesn’t help the main story one bit, is boring, not in alignment with the shounen style, silly funny or hantai touched. You can leave out a got 50 to 100 episodes of Bleach and it would make the anime better and closer to the manga, tough I don’t care for mangas. So hopefully they have just learned from past errors and are now waiting until they can continue in a way worthy of the anime. A boy can hope … and ask nicely … and bag on my knees if it comes to that, but lets not go there right out.


    1. Sunite

      I also agree, it would be awesome to start with Final Arc as soon as possible!
      Bleach has to come up with the best anime from this point since it’s lost a lot of traction from Aizen’s arc. Also a lot of it is just fillers…. But the manga is getting amazing! So it’s going to be awesome!! :D

      1. Wise isn't being smart

        Sunite, Final Arc isn’t going to be awesome… it’s going to be EPIC!
        Bleach is third anime what I watched(1. was Soul Eater and 2. Fairy Tail) but it is my favourite anime of all time even now when I have watched quite many animes for example Naruto,FMA,FMAB,Death Note etc. They all have been great but there is no anime in this world what would reach epicness of Bleach. Bleach is not perfect, actualy it is far from perfect but still I liked it most of all.
        And every time I watch and/or listen any of Bleach themes,openings or endings it bring back memories(it’s so nostalgic :3) and I almost cry(every time)

        P.S Come think that when I was finished Fairy Tail and I was thinking what to watch and deciced to watch Bleach(even I was thinking Bleach can’t be good anime back then for some reason o,o) cuz it is one of ‘Big 3’ and I don’t regret any of over 300 hours what I spent at Bleach anime,manga and listening Bleach soundtracks etc.
        I really hope anime is coming back soon but all I can do is wait and be mentally helping Kubo. And I think Bleach is coming at this year or next :3 So cheer up everyone! You’re life is going to get back its purpose x3 And I say this thing too everything good ends always. Nothing can last forever. For instance 1 million Bleach episodes wouldn’t be good idea even you think so :P
        I was writing when I was bored so… Thats why this is so damn long post. But anyway I hope no one stupid comminted suicide because Bleach episodes canceled Dx I think that can be possible for those who was truly pissed of end and was so stuborn and did it :P And there have been less sensible reasons for suicide…..
        And sorry for this really loong post but as I said I was bored and contiuned write this post like I’m doing right now x3
        Thank really much Kubo Tite for your hard work and I hope you have space at heaven even though there is no heaven nor hell or if there is I hope you can decice where are you going but you have space at my ‘most awesome people of all time list’ in my mind and you’re never going to die in people memories as Bleach awesome creator, I hope and you have save me from many bored moments and you have show me your amazing world of Bleach.
        And sorry fir this long post again :P (I don’t really regret this but still)

        1. IchigoNut

          They’d better bring it back or I’m storming Tokyo Tv’s building and kidnapping their CEO lol that’s how strongly I feel about them cancelling Bleach!!!!!!

            1. IchigoNut

              Yes fingers crossed ( and toes ) I’m of the opinion that they want the manga to get so far ahead then restart the anime, as it will be cost effective over having to pay staff to come up with and execute fillers all the time….. Because this arc could be 100-200 episodes hopefully.

              1. Sunite

                Ahh yeh i never thought about the money and paying staff, but thats a good thing.. they save money to develop the anime and manga even more so they can literally make it all awesome!!
                Hopefully it’s long enough so it lasts a few more years!

  11. abbierose

    I heard that it was cancelled due to the anime catching up so closely to the manga and they didn’t want to do more filler arcs to wait until the manga has finished due to the possibility of low ratings. Regardless, although I had some doubts about it at first, after watching other animes, Bleach will clearly always be my favourite. I feel like it ended a bit too quickly. I sincerely hope they bring the anime back and finish it properly with the last arc.

    1. Sunite

      Ahh i never thought of it in that way. Hopefully when the manga is a little further ahead it will hopefully it’ll be back in a few weeks… The Final Arc, is going to be amazing!

  12. kjd212

    i do not know why they would cancel one of the best manga’s ever watched ive been a fan since i watched the first episode now its being cancelled something needs to be done for the cheek that they replaced it with a stupid waste of time manga which doesnt look 1 bit appealing at all………..GET BLEACH BACK ON AIR PLEASE

  13. P95IPod

    I am disappointed Bleach is taking a break. It reminds me of Dragon Ball GT and its final episode. But if there is still Manga comics with more to come, then I can’t wait until they start it back up!

    1. Sunite

      They say they are being cancelled… Hopefully they are taking a break for the manga to go on a head and then they restart the anime again! Want it back !!

    2. P95IPod

      I guess it’s time to catch up on Fairy Tail. Even though this manga is a little childish, it is still quite interesting. I’ll even watch Mobile Suit Gundam to change up the format of anime I watch.

  14. Ziko

    THEY MUST PUT BLEACH BACK ON!!!!!! i like bleach its an awsome series they need to put it back its way stupid to replace it with some gay naruto SD stuff. bleach must continue!!

  15. Gunkiller

    I just watched the last episode and im pissed to see thst the anime is over. I hope they make the final arc because i read the manga and the final arc is awesome and i really like it.

      1. T-BO

        I have a lot of favorites but here are a few to check out, all are worth watching:
        Soul Eater
        Code Gaess
        Deadman Wonderland
        Brave 10
        Ao No Exorcist
        FullMetal Alchemist-Brotherhood
        Hellsing Ultimate
        Black Lagoon

  16. DrachJator

    at least Bleach will not suffer the fate of Rurouni Kenshin, the year long filler that ended the series….
    I’d rather have it go on a cancelled hiatus than have a year (or more) of filler, as I usually skip it unless the first few episodes are at least GOOD.

    1. DrachJator

      PLUS the manga is only 6 chapters ahead. This is as good time as any to start getting into other shows while Bleach is gone.

  17. Zendog367

    Some other tv network needs to pick up the Bleach series! I need more Bleach! I want to see Ichigo being a badass with the power he gained from the 13 Court Squad!
    More Bleach! More Bleach! More Bleach! I’m using exclamation marks everywhere cause this shyt is SERIOUS!!!

  18. ian

    he could sum it up in a movie….not saying that’s good, but…it happens, and it would be better than nothing…but yeah…hopefully bleach gets put back on tv.

    1. Sunite

      A movie for the last arc would be terrible! The final arc has to be the best it’s ever been, it has to end on a high point! and a movie is not the way a head!

      Hopefully there will be a final movie for Bleach before the arc finishes!

  19. Drago1274

    Whoever thought that by replacing Bleach with some show with Rock Lee in it was the most stupidest guy in the world, who would watch a show about Rock Lee being a dumbass over Bleach

    1. Aaron Marts

      I just checked out the wiki for the new Naruto SD show and its only like 10 chapters long….with a few specials…..if it is a manga adaptation its a pretty good dead give away that the new show is the filler until Bleach its ready to go back on the air once the manga gets further on.

  20. Grant

    I seriously hope it is a temporary thing, in order to allow the manga to get ahead further and decrease the filler. I seriously hate fox, i wont even watch their stupid shows over here in the U.S, they’re trash. Bleach is by far the best anime imo that i’ve watched. And Naruto SD, are you kiddnig me. What an awful idea to make it about rock lee, seriously..

    1. Sunite

      Completely agree with your comment since the show is actually quite childish and is just pure random. It also goes for a even more young audience which literally doesn’t serve a purpose for us Bleach Fans..

  21. Darren

    bleach getting cancelled for Naruto what kinda bull shit is that i rather watch the entire series of bleach 100 times in a row before i watch one season of that crappy ass Naruto bull shit bleach is the only anime i watch and read i will be super disappointed if it doesn’t show the final arc on TV or online i might seriously be upset again best anime ever who is more bad ass than Itchigo no one and defiantly not that fucking queer Naruto :( sad day ladies and gentlemen sad day for all

  22. zach

    omfg i just found out wtf u have got to be kidding me bleach is awesome just when he got his powers back they pull this crap

    1. Sunite

      Personally i feel as though they are taking a break until the manga gets further away from the start of the final arc anime on tv. Hopefully they will come back to tv and bring some awesome battles :D

  23. Hallowichigo23

    Bleach is a Great Show i love bleach and even if they cancelling bleach im gonna rewatch everey single episode from beginning to end bleach is one of my fav shows to but i really think this rock lee show is gonna be a mockery to naruto why whould you take out the best characters for him he aint all that sweet.

        1. laschoolz

          agreed first D.grayman the reborn now this… i almost cried when reborn ended but now i cant take it… Bleach is my childhood moment of nostalgia everytime i hear the openings

          1. Sunite

            I started watching Bleach like 4 years ago and it was awesome back then! and since they are in their last arc, im ecstatic as well as unhappy since its going to end so soon, while the final arc is going to be damn awesome!!

  24. D simmons

    Man dat fuck up this is the best anime show since dragon ball. I’m mad bc I a big fan of bleach for 3 years now and it can’t go out this way. Got to come back on the air

    1. Sunite

      I’m also a massive and im disgusted by the news! can’t believe this!!! I hope it does when the manga is somewhat finished or done most of it! Cmon Tite!

      1. Shaun

        If thy stop bleach I’m going to kill them. It is the best anime in the world and it musn’t end. I’LL rather cancel Naruto or One Piece or every other anime in the world but not Bleach. I will do anything so that Bleach doesn’t stop ever. It musn’t stop no matter what. Bleach is what I live for. If Bleach stops I stop, I won’t have anything to live for. Pleace Tite don’t let them stop Bleach I’LL even help you no matter what.

        1. Sunite

          Completely agree! Bleach is a fantastic anime that should not get cancelled. However Bleach the manga is still going strong and it’s going epically! If you miss Bleach you can always read the manga from Bleach 480 onwards! I’m assuming that after Bleach manga has gone far enough they will start the anime again…

  25. G Loco

    iHonestly dont like to read manga, but iLove watching the tv series. iFirst learned about Bleach on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network and iHave been hooked since. If they are suspending the series to prevent from fillers then bravo, iFind the fillers boring as hell @ times. iStill have the joy of watching Naruto in the great ninja war soon so hopefully this will keep myself occupied during the void in my anime life smh.

    1. Sunite

      Yeah agree, the fillers are okay when theres lots of fights but if it’s one of the jokey episodes then i dont like it! Bleach is awesome and it deserves to come back!

  26. Esty

    Well guys look at it from a good point kubo said that he’ll continue the manga for at lieast 3 to 10 years saying it’s half way there. So think guys if kubo focuses on the manga, one’s it get long way from where the anime was left-at they’ll bring it back plus it will be intense cause kubo now was full time to complete focus on bleach so do the math.

    Anime stops = kubo concentrates on the manga (few years, at least till he gets great and long manga material ) = really better continuation (Directors Impress) = Continue Airing the Anime (With better plot).

    1. Sunite

      Agree with you completely! but i dont want to wait a year for Bleach to restart again, i want to wait at least 3 or so months before it restarts again!!

    1. Sunite

      No one knows when its going to air since its been temporarily cancelled. Hopefully, when the manga is far enough, the anime will start to be shown on TV.
      Hopefully it’ll be very soon.

  27. ITCH_E_GO

    PISSED PISSED PISSED! I just pissed my pants I’m so angry!!!!!

    I hope it comes back. Bleach is what got me into Anime! I want to know… NO! I have to know what happens with Ichigo’s life! And I can’t read so they better get this back up & runnin’!

  28. alex

    I love this anime so much! It gave me a break every Tuesday from the gloom of homework….Now Ichigo has his powers back and looks so redic…. I may have to start reading the comic. Damn

    1. Sunite

      Yeah, every Wednesdays the Manga is released :) because the anime may take it’s time getting back on the air… it would be better to just read the manga… and ITS JUST GETTING AMAZING!

    1. Sunite

      Yeah i feel that Ichigo will be alot more powerful now because he’s gotten his powers back with the Captains so he’ll be a lot more stronger!!

  29. ihatecsl

    I kind of think this a way to create a gap between the two arcs without having to make fillers lets just hope it comes back soon

    1. Sunite

      That is probably the reason why Tite didn’t want to put fillers on. They wanted to leave the story with Ichigo having he’s powers and make people think of how Ichigo’s new power would be awesome!

    2. kogarasamaru

      I still think that fillers are better than waiting four months for the anime to come back. However, they could’ve made their fillers more enjoyable like Fairy Tail does

  30. Roried

    I’m so pissed at the ending! But look at what Ichigo said!!!! “See ya soon,” And, “This isn’t the last time I’ll see you,” So hell yes, Tite put some hope in there! Stay faithful, it’ll come back!!!! And wtf, Naruto is aimed at kids younger than 10! Bleach is too good to end, and COME ON, there needs to be some HitsuXHina news, they didn’t say ANYTHING after Toshiro stabbed her, not one conversation! (Regai don’t count!)

    1. Sunite

      Yeah, he’s creating a Reboot with even more powerful Ichigo and an even better Final Arc! This is going to be EPIC! haha yeh i think the final arc will cover a lot of it!

  31. kogarasamaru

    All I’m hoping for is a spin off series of bleach. I understand bleach having to end, mostly because the series has gotten to the point that ichigo can pretty much walk through any enemy. What I’m hoping is that Kubo writes something like ten/twenty years down the road following ichigo’s kids or something. That way we can still have one of our favorite anime

    1. Sunite

      Bleach’s Final Chapter has started to be written as a manga.. and it’s a few days/weeks after the Ginjo story… And it’s freaking awesome!! The build up to this story is amazing!! I can’t wait for it to get the animators going..!

  32. jake

    is there anyway to start a form to send to tokyo TV to get them to put it back? if there were enough of us to sing are names and complain to them telling them to run out the last seiries i would belive that they would have to, i mean i like naruto and all but there is way to much filler in it bleach was the only anime i’ve ever seen that even the filler seasons were fun to watch and the fact that there temp cancelling bleach pisses me off this is one of the shows that only come once a decade that actually captivates the viewers that are pass there puberty years

    if there is a way to make the form or any other way to try and make tokyo TV put it back on the air please post so that we may get this ball rolling and watch the final ARC

    1. Sunite

      There isn’t enough manga chapters to fill the episodes since the episodes are like 2/3 chapters so it would catch up very quickly and since the manga chapters arent written quickly it will piss every one with no episodes when they want to watch. Tite Kubo himself probably said that he doesn’t want to show Fillers since it pisses everyone off and it’s better this way since Tite can take all the time he needs to make the Final Chapter damn amazing so all the fans enjoy it when it’s near finish.

  33. Romeo

    WTF??!!!! This is a great anime!! why would you cancel it!!..BLEACH AND NARUTO are on my top 2 list!! I watch faithfully!! Im so pissed right now!

  34. Shup

    They can’t cancel it! They still have a few loose ends to tie up. I still don’t know why Ichigo’s dad has soul reaper powers and why the fuck were him and Urahara acting all sneaky in the shadows and shit in that last arc!! WTF!!!

  35. Pure Evil Reborn

    This i unimaginably stupid of whoever is the person or corporation that decided to end Bleach the greatest Anime series in my opinion, right before its final story line, seriously who does that! Its like almost saving a man from falling only to let him slip from your hands before almost pulling him up. If Bleach should end it should end on its own terms not because of some suit who thinks he knows whats best, sometimes people just do stupid, ignorant things

    1. Sunite

      Absolutely agree, but Bleach is likely to be back because the Manga and Anime episodes were too close together, and I presume that Tite Kubo didn’t want to show Fillers because it might have pissed off every fan… So it’s better for Bleach to stop for a while until there’s a large enough gap from the start of Bleach 367 and the end of the latest Bleach Manga chapter (currently Bleach 489).

  36. hai lo

    i’m glad people realized that this show needed to be canceled. Bleach is garbage, it should have ended after saving Rukia. The whole Espada went well but after Grimmjow and Ichigo’s fight….GARBAGE

    1. Sunite

      Somewhat disrespectful to such committed Bleach fans… Don’t agree with what you said…. The fact that you actually came here and shared info about what you know just makes you look like you’ve seen the show, usually meaning that you like Bleach… etc BLEACH IS HERE TO STAY!

      1. hai lo

        don’t get the idea that i didn’t like bleach…I’m still reading it to see how Kubo would recover itself, but i don’t see that happening since it’s the last arc….It’s hard to let down since I’ve already started. Being hopeful, i keep on reading to see if it’ll get better but just went it does, disappointment is right after it. It’s garbage because it has so much potential to be a great anime but failed. I can point out so many reasons why bleach failed. The two things that I would give bleach is the art style and the cast.

        1. Sunite

          The Art and Style is fantastic for a weekly anime! Agree that everyone has their own opinions but the final arc is getting more and more fantastic every week when the chapters are released. Hopefully you’ll see that the final is getting to an intense point where everything is connected together!

    2. Inohorse

      Please, if you just post this comment to say you don´t like Bleach, it´s really silly. I don´t know if you like even SOME of the anime, but i would like to know how would you respond if your favourite anime has to be cancelled… I WANT BLEACH BACK

      1. hai lo

        No disrespecting but it’s not only for fans to comment. If my favorite anime were to be cancelled then yes, I’d be pissed off too. I say that i don’t like it, you say that you do, there’s nothing silly about that. Just because it’s anime i’m gonna be tuned in, so yes, I don’t like a lot of anime. Many anime sucks and bleach is one of them in my opinion. Why people enjoy the show? If it’s for the power blasting, flying, swords, character design, and for being anime then don’t give me that. The only anime that would pass that for reasoning is DBZ

        1. Sunite

          Lool, personally DBZ had even more power blasting, flying, character designs for it’s time… It was an amazing anime but some of the fights span out too long which i hate.. Overall the anime is fantastic!

    1. Sunite

      I hope it does too! Want it back, but need to wait for the manga to make some space between the starting of the arc and the ending of the latest manga… because the episodes are catching up to fast…

  37. B57

    If they cancel bleach I will be so sad it is my favorite anime of all time, there is NO REASON that tite kubo should cancel this show, it is amazingly awesome and I want too know if past 366 does he get his hollow powers back cause whenever he turned hollow were my favorite parts of the anime.

    1. Sunite

      Whats next is the Final Arc! It’s going to be epic! You can read the manga if you want to find out what happens next! It’s also my favorite anime! :D

  38. Chamath Ranasinghe

    Plzzz… dont stop bleach its so awesome… i cant that rock lee thing could even get near what bleah was like …please dont cancel it… and i no its not only mine but lots of peoples favorite anime…

    1. Sunite

      I think they aren’t cancelling it but temporarily not showing so Tite Kubo can work on better and more epic Final Arc so there can be more fights and such!! It’s going to be awesome!

    1. Sunite

      I think it’s not been fully cancelled, since the anime is likely to come back… Some people are saying that the anime is catch up up to the manga too quickly so Tite is written the manga so that it’s as far as possible to create enough space for the arc to last…

  39. Parting2Eyes

    I am very disappointed… I’ve been following this show for over seven years and to think in just seven years they only made 366 episodes and ended it out of no where! Kubo has definetly not made any hints or implications that this would be the end!!! They shouldve just ended it where Rukia & Ichigo shared their supposed “last goodbye”. At least leave it up to the viewers imaginations on whats happened to bleach afterwards. But it’s HOW they ended bleach with new outfits, appearences, and powers and just ending it right then and there!!! It’s personally a slap in a face to us… Kubo, its been a real pleasure, thanks for ending the anime just like that. If all you were after was a bunch of pissed off fans of your work then YOU GOT IT!!!

    1. Sunite

      The anime may seem over but the manga isnt yet! Tite is written the latest episodes as we speaks. If you want to read them, google them because they are easy to find out. Also the reason why he had to cancel it might have been that the anime was catching up to the manga very fast, so he had to either show fillers to cancel it for a while. Showing fillers would have pissed a lot of viewers off, so he had to cancel… That’s what a lot of people are saying… Hopefully it’ll be back in a few months or so! So keep an eye out :D

      1. M.K.

        Dudes, if ur reading this, know that if u have a smart phone, or like a tablet, there are many many apps to read manga, and if u go to there is a like that sends u straight to a website where u can read manga

  40. Jay

    It is an end of an era! Bleach has been the best anime that gripped the viewer right from episode one. It will be a shame not seeing the rest of the story tele. Kubo thank you for the many years of joy that I had while watching it!
    But we can always hope or at least I will that in the not so distant future Bleach will come back and be better than ever! Until that time comes I will wait in anticipation and continue reading an absolutely superb story

    1. Sunite

      Yup, fully agree, keep hope because Bleach hasn’t died out yet! It’s still going and im sure that it’s going to rock the world when it comes back!

  41. Silence

    Most likely the final arc is going to be animated as a movie. Doing another filler arc is too time consuming and expensive. Plus fans will beg for a movie to be released a lot like what happened with Full Metal Alchmist and Hayate the combat butler.

    1. Sunite

      Tite didn’t want to fill the space between the fullbring and final arc because of what you mentioned about time consumption and expensive…

      Also it’s better if its episodes instead of 1hr 30 mins of a movie because that just enough time to explain all the loose ends within Bleach…

  42. Mishel

    Hello , i’ve read all the comments 1 by one , part by part , my english might be not that good , but its good anought to understand the setuation , i really bealive they shouldn’t removed bleach , but shit happens , it will be back probably soon . adleast i hope. you shouldent be angry about the fillers, i bet EACH one of you did watch them , and said it was okay , fine , not that bad , and you can watch a few more for the shake of bleach , dont skip the fillers , watch them , it will support bleach , that way we will have some anime coming in , while they make manga , so it will catch up or so. becouse some of us didnt watch it , they tought its not worth making it anymore becouse its just wasting cash , so there going to wait untill the manga goes farther then probably continue .we could probably donate to bleach maker’s 1$ each one of us . but it wont be helpfull , it wont make them work faster , and if they do work faster , it will just end up being crap .i desided to give my own tought in this ,we should wait a month , if it wont be back , we all RUSH in the tv studio’s and just rape them , untill they deside to get bleach back , ive joined watching bleach 1 or two months ago , i watched all 350 episodes that were out in 1 and a half weeks , then i was waiting each time for a new episode… it was worth it , im 16 , and im proud that i waited , but if they will make us wait to long now. im telling you , it wont end well . for the shake of bleach , make more comments like this , on each forum or site that can effect tv studio to get it back as soon as possible , i wont care if its a filler, its still bleach . filler is just means defrent then the manga , yeah its not as good as the manga , but its still something , we still can watch it , not just sit here beside our computer’s waiting for god to help us and bring bleach back . im saying for the shake of the fans of bleach , WAIT , Post , Comment , for a month . IF it wont be back . Revenge will be ours my friends. it will. thanks mishel poliakov :) a bleach fan

    1. Sunite

      I get exactly where your coming from. Iv been watching Bleach for a long time and i too miss bleach. Every tuesday, I’m like, BLEACH DAY! and then because this had happened, I’m just a little disappointed. Tite Kubo and he’s helpers are working as hard as they can to get Bleach back… and I can’t promise it’ll be back, but hopefully it is…

      There’s no point pressuring them to release the anime because the anime is as important as the manga, because the animation itself has to be up to Bleach standard… Bleach personally has one of the best animation for a weekly show… So its better to let them work on their time because giving them space will make the final Bleach Arc amazing! Hopefully it wont take a year for Bleach to be back because that’s going to be shit and everyone’s going to forget.

        1. Sunite

          Lool, If Tite releases 4 manga chapters for a full year… He would get around 52 manga chapters done, for 6 months he would get around 26. Personally I think 26 isn’t much for a chapter since anime episodes usually have 2 or 3 chapters in one episode… So a year would give him enough time to create more chapters until the manga and anime end at one point where Bleach is going to literally end… But we’ll have to wait… How long do you think you can wait?

  43. jamar

    I think it sucks that bleach is is ending so soon. Where has our generations attention span gone. Yes i myself have endored through filler episodes but I still found my self watching them. I remember DBZ and how that ended so soon. A show that didnt end to well might I add. Bleach was one of those shows where our main character (Ichigo) was growing and becoming more each episode. It was so good my whole family got into the show, including my girlfriend, and they are not big on animes. The show proved a good story and characters will make an excellent story/show for everyone. Waiting with a heavy heart for the end :’-(

    1. Sunite

      Personally, that Bleach is still alive and well, even if the anime has been temp cancelled, I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be back. Most people are saying that when the manga is nearly done, the anime will start because a good amount of space between the anime and manga. This is because the anime is around 2 or 3 chapters so it’s efficient for the manga to run on ahead.

      And awesome that you’ve got your whole family watching, specially your gf, she must really like you to cope with Bleach lool.. and its a bad thing that Bleach is coming to an end.. Realllly pissed when i found out..!

    2. T-BO

      You say Dragon Ball Z ended soon? I’ll let go of the fact that it started with Dragon Ball then went to Dragon Ball Z and then went to Dragon Ball GT. Dragon Ball Z lasted for 7 years (291 episodes) by itself, I think that’s a pretty good run for a series. The ending might not have been to your taste but it was more of a pause until Dragon Ball GT started.

  44. Bleachfan145

    I guess the channel owners only care about numbers after all.Many of my favorite TV shows(not only animes)have been cancelled due to low viewer ratios and its really a shame because they were really brilliant shows.But I have faith in Bleach producers and Tite Kubo and they ‘ve been with us for so many years I am sure they will come back to wrap up our favorite anime.Have faith Bleach fans!

    1. Sunite

      I know exactly what you mean, a lot of amazing shows have been cancelled because of the numbers! Hopefully it will be soon because hopefully it’s going to be amazing. I’m already reading the final arc and I’m already hooked to it!

      1. Anja

        Same!! I started reading the manga to find out what happened after epsiode 366 and it’s off to a great start! Sooo excited to see the anime….they’ve got to get it on TV when they start making it again!

  45. dchanka

    it’s been nearly more than a month, still can’t get over the fact that bleach is gone, i just hope to god kube would get some luck to air the show back up……..i’ve seen naruto and one piece and it’s nothing compared to bleach, BLEACH ROCKS!!!! I need my daily kenpachi meds lol

  46. Jason

    i really wish they would continue bleach anime,,this one of the few animes that i really like and would disappointed if they just end it like this..wish the’ll put it back as soon as possible.. I’m craving to watch Final Arc episode..

  47. k graf

    yo im in jamaica and there is alot of people who watch bleach and its a gr8 anime plz dont end it like this we bleach fans in ja are really upset just finish the final arc.

    1. Sunite

      Kube Tite is working really hard on it, hopefully it will be back as soon as possible!! because the final arc is currently sounding great!! Can’t wait!!

  48. mistressjaskra

    As far as I’m concerned the series ended when Aizen died and Ichigo lost his powers lol. The series sucked after that. Hi I’m Ichigo and I carry a boommerang and harness the souls of the objects around me for power because I’m too lame to have my own now! Yeah…sorry not buying the failed attempt to keep his franchise going. I honestly feel he never thought past the Arranccar arc and this is and the “Final Arc” are just a cover up.

    1. Sunite

      Seems like it, but Tite had done this for a reason. He planned this Final Arc when he was doing the Soul Society Arc… He planned on shutting every loose end here and hopefully it’s going to be some shocking things!

  49. Anja

    I really hope they don’t wait too long to bring back Bleach. This was the first anime I ever watched and I’ve loved it ever since!! I was so sad to one day get on my computer to watch the newest episode and find it temporarily cancelled!

  50. Victor

    I am a little dissapointed.

    I finally finished the Aisan arc, which included all the filler shows and such until Ichigo lost his powers. I was a little devistated to think that it was the end of the Bleach chapter in my life, having fallen for the story and it’s characters. Then, a few weeks ago, I found out that they started again, and watched all the new episodes until 366 with great anticipation. It ended in a way screaming for a new chapter, yet now I discover it’s canceled.

    If they anticipated having this much trouble, why not delay the airing of these new shows until the Final Arc was done? I think we could all have waited rather than being teased the way they did.

    1. Sunite

      That’s what they are currently doing. Tite is writing as many manga chapter right now and then when the time comes, the anime will start to be animated and aired! At this point a lot of the manga will be done! Do better reading the manga…

    1. Sunite

      It stopped because the anime and manga and anime got too close plus Tite, the author, didn’t want to show fillers… Because it would just piss off everyone

  51. rex

    im so f****** pissed bleach was the best anime show i loved it why would they cancell it lots of people also loved the show

  52. Finecode

    in Jamaica the only two animes we do watch is bleach and naruto and its relly F@ck up that bleach ended. I wish these guys would reconsider.

  53. Be2gun

    I wish they can keep Bleach going. It’s not over. Bleach is one of my favorite anime. Bleach is kind of the reasons why I started watching anime. I read the manga too but I also like to see the manga come to life. I do watch Naruto and others but PLEASE bring Bleach back PLEASE!!!!!!

    1. Sunite

      I’m pretty sure it will be back, but not as soon as you think. Hopefully it will be on tv as soon as they can make it come on tv, because I too want it back..

  54. kay

    Bleach was the start of me watching overseas anime. I stayed with bleach since #1epi mainly due to its creativity. Sad to see it go but, I also believe the anime and manga are getting to close and they need to gap it. At the same time Ive seen networks cancel top shows before with no common sense behind it so I wouldnt be surprised either.

    As for Bleach I enjoy it and I look forward to it. But, soon as Aizen was gone the show felt like complete fillers (Me no like fillers). So many I know stopped watching bleach due to its fillers. I cant answer for over-seas but I wouldnt be surprised.
    Anyway thats my opinion on that.
    Otherwise bring back Bleach already and throw the fillers out…..

    1. Sunite

      I started watching Bleach a while ago and had to catch up quickly because it just drove me to keep watching ep after ep. I too have seen many amazing shows get cancelled, but since the Final Arc is just starting to get awesome for Bleach, the TV channel has to see that if they don’t animate it, it will piss a lot of viewers off, that’s why they have to carry it on until its completely finished!

      The fact that a lot of people left after Aizen had been captured is true, a lot of people who I know who watch bleach also left after the Aizen Arc. So it’s somewhat disappointing. But the way the current Final Arc is going seems to me like its going to pick up again because Aizen is likely to return! As explained here:

  55. Dee Dee

    What the f*** are you serious? Bleach is ENDING? And Naruto is replacing it? How in heck is this possible? OMG first Verizon gets rid of Funimation, and now this? Yeah some of you are right….Naruto sucks big time! Wow man what a shocker.

    1. Sunite

      The anime which is temp replacing Bleach is part of Naruto, the Rock Lee bit…
      Also it’s hard for us to guess when Bleach is going to be back, but it will definitely be back.

  56. Organic_Child

    To be honest Bleach is my favorite show ive ever watched…yeah its “anime” and usually people look at cartoons as childish, but this is one of the most intense and genuine filled shows ive ever watched…it amazes me that little things in the beginning of the show can show up and make sense 7 years later on throughout the series…i just think its magnificently done and just a brilliant and intelligent series. Im just glad i was able to growup watching this shit…i know when i have kids one day (hopefully soon) im going to start them on Bleach, Street fighter, and Samurai Champloo…Bleach is the best show i think ill ever watch. Thanks Kubo…this show made me appreciate alot of stuff in my life as ridiculously cheesy as it sounds, i mean that.

    1. Sunite

      I feel your compassion, you love Bleach like I do. I’ve only started watching Bleach around 5 years ago and loved it the moment I started! I get what you mean by, even after 7 years, it makes sense. And yes, Bleach is one of those shows that they add so many things at the beginning which don’t make sense, but there’s a point where it’s all explained and it’s an awesome explanation, not one of those stupid explanations that he can blah blah blah.
      And Yeah, hopefully Bleach will go on for a long time from now, so hopefully it’s going to be an amazing show! and last a veryy long time!

    2. M.K.

      I agree with u completely except bleach might be too intense for young children like 5-6 year olds to under stand and the humor is mainly meant for an older group, I’d probably start young kids off with dbz and one piece P.S. I’m not trying to tell u how to raise ur children , oh and the dbz and one piece thing was only if u get ur children to watch anime at like 5-6 year age

    1. Sunite

      Yup, agree with you, like I said.. Tite Kubo wants to make more manga chapters so that later on he can start making the anime when there is a large enough gap for the anime and manga.

  57. lola

    TIte Kubo Please Please Please dont let Bleach die cuz if you do i think im going to die with it Im 16 and i too young to die! :'(

  58. Etta Boss

    Why would they cancel the SECOND BEST ANIME THERE IS IN THE WORLD OF ANIME !?? THIS SUCKS ! Naruto can just WAIT , although I love both anime , I WANT BLEACH !!

      1. Hassan0297

        I was Listening to One piece opening 14(fandub) and there is this shitty bastard saying bleach is trash and rest r okay.Can u believe it?The bastard’s asking for some beating.

  59. Tabz

    Bleach is what Naruto isn’t .. Bleach is like the 2nd pillar of Anime world… Bleach keeps me going when i am waiting for Naruto’s episode and same with Naruto. What the TV channels want are ratings, but am sure the ratings would be high. Lastly, it is being watched even in a country like Pakistan, where Japanese language / culture hardly exists yet there is a major following of manga/anime, and removing Bleach would really hurt the viewers. I want Bleach back with Inoue, Chado, Renji and all its cast back!! :'( Plz. let us know where to express our concerns and where we can tell the tv channel people to bring Bleach back.. Cheers! …I feel like shouting ICHIGO, the way Inoue does , ICHIGOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  60. bleach fan 1000000000

    everyone should write letters or send emails to the network Fox ,TV tokyo or who ever has the power to get bleach back on the air.I MUST HAVE MY BLEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Sunite

      Haha, i think everyone wants Bleach! Tite Kubo is working as fast as he can to get the episodes back on air because a lot of people are waiting for it! Bleach is possibly one of the best anime with Naruto and One Piece! so hopefully Tite Kubo as well as TV Tokyo will get it back for us! :D

  61. ichigo/zangetsu

    I was realy pissed off bleach is what i look forword to every week now i’am very sad i like naruto some what but now there doing somthing about bushy brow like wtf is up with that.

    1. Sunite

      Yeah they had to replace Bleach temporarily because with the Rock Lee show because Bleach Anime was getting too close to the Bleach Manga. So Tite had to cancel because more fillers would have just pissed a lot of people off because of the unnecessary stupid stories.

  62. Xe

    I want Bleach to go on forever and ever. When good anime comes to an end I feel sad because finding good anime to watch is difficult. Not that I’m trying to say that other anime aren’t good, but it’s just that I have a bias and I’m more attached to things that I like. I would be really sad if Bleach ended because it’s somewhat inspiring to me and well I just love the characters. I also want to see more of my favorite characters and that last form that Ichigo took when he fought Aizon at the end. Sorry to Naruto fans, but I’m not a really huge fan of it. It is good and all, but there are things I look in an anime before I decide for myself if it’s good or not. I’m really sorry. But awe~! Really? The Final Arch already?! That’s too early for me to accept, I’m really attached to Bleach and if there’s in need of support then I would give my support.

    1. Sunite

      I feel the same as you, Bleach anime is greatly supported by the masses and hopefully it will return as quickly as Tite Kubo can speed up manga writing. And yes, Bleach is in it’s final stages. Hopefully the manga itself is very VERY long, this possibly meaning that Bleach itself will go on for a very long time. At least two or three more years would be perfect!

  63. GINJO

    im gonna miss the ” OOOOOHHH oooo oooo oooo……yeah yeah yeah
    If you want to see some action, got to be the center OF ATTRACTION! la la la….. hahah :D

  64. Jennifer

    All I can say is that they need to finish the anime. There are too many fans that would love to see what happens to the very end and they (including myself) would be terribly disappointed if the anime is not finished to it’s completion.

    1. Sunite

      There are probably millions of fans just waiting for Ichigo and his gang to come back to the TV! I and many other fans want it back and im pretty sure it will be back caz i think Tite want to make space between the anime and manga, that could be one of the main reasons the anime got cancelled.

  65. HenceforthDecreed

    Apparently this next arc, if and when it is released, will be the “Final Arc”. I don’t understand communications (ie: tv, radio, etc) politics in Japan, but in much of Europe and America, shows with a fairly dedicated following tend to announce a “final season”. This is, on occasion, bullshit. Which is good news for us if Japan follows this idea. The mentality is that if its the “final” season then everybody will tune in and scrutinize/enjoy the way the writers decide to close the thing up. This means more viewers, more money, and possibly more episodes in the future.
    Now for my point;
    A unified group, and there are plenty of them, calling for extended arcs of Bleach, may result in this “final arc” being a “not-so-final” arc. This is preferable, though difficult to achieve. It could also be true that the author has just run out of steam for the show, which renders this whole thing kind of pointless. BUT, there may be hope yet for more than just a released final arc in anime form. Perhaps there is more to come after this arc, if we (here meaning a unified group of fans), can convince whoever is getting paid the most from this show, to fund further arcs.

    A larger group of fans outside of Japan, could lead to outsourcing time in tv stations across the globe (wherever fans are evident). Leading to higher revenue for the authors/producers as well as new episodes for us. A win/win if a dedicated few are willing to attempt a little work.
    -Fantasy>Reality, this won’t be easy, it might not be possible.
    Is it worth a shot?

    1. Sunite

      Yes, it true, after episode Bleach 366, the arc “The Thousand-Year Blood War” will hopefully begin with a bang. This arc will be Bleach’s Final Arc as mentioned here:

      Since the Author himself, Tite Kubo, has to fill in every plot hole and reveal all secrets, it’ll be better for him to make this arc very long. It’ll be pointless having two arc because they wont make sense. It’s just better for him to have all the time he needs to perfect this final arc, to have everything he needs in this final arc. Plus it’s going to follow his plan, Soul Society Arc for Rukia, Arrancar Arc for Orihime, Fullbring Arc for Chad and this Quincy Arc for Uryu. I would just hate to see Tite divide everything into more arcs because personally that would just piss me off since everything would just be split up into bits and bobs, with stupid fillers between the arcs.

      Your idea of bringing (or rather forcing) Bleach to come back wont work. I bet they’ve already thought or even planned it to come back. They’ve probably even got dates on when it might come back, possibly secretly or something. I’m pretty sure it’ll come back because a lot of people will get angry if it doesn’t come back!

  66. DeadSoul

    heres what i think lol they should just tell us whats up if its done for good or if there just giving the manga room to get farther but hey like that would happen there selfish for doing this to a great anime plus i did not mind the fillers much even tho some where shit but seriously they should tell the public what there doing and lol rock lee …. what a joke i think barney would be more entertainment like CMON who wants to watch chibi naruto characters anyway .

    1. Sunite

      It’s somewhat clear because the pace of the manga itself is moving quite quickly, so it might be because to make some room.. So I think that Bleach is likely to be back. And lool, I havent even seen the Rock lee show and i am like wtf im not watching that lool

  67. boobookittyf****

    Seriously? no one saw this coming? Bleach has been on a downward spiral to suck just after the arrivals of the arrancars, the heuco mundo arc was meh, and the fake karakura town arc was laughably shitty, they introduced too many characters and tried to give everyone their spotlight, the story got gargled up and lost a long time ago, im glad this crap show is done, the manga could of redeemed itself by ending after aizens defeat, perfect would of been ichigo losing his powers and returning to a normal life, but NO, you gave us “fullbring”… really? that desperate eh kubo? jeez if only this manga would end already, it’s been failing to get within the top 5 shonen series for almost 2 years now, its really no wonder it got canceled

    Knowledge colony dropped… Seig Zeon

    1. Sunite

      Everyone has their opinion but i’ll have to disagree. Bleach could have not ended at Aizen because there was too much left. There were too many plot holes left so it had to continue. Tite may have not made the best of decisions, but Ichigo as a character is being developed perfectly as a Substitute Shinigami etc so it’s all kool there.
      Theres a reason why Bleach belongs to the “Big 3”, Bleach itself has been on top and theres a reason for that, there’s a lot of haters out there for the Big 3, but there’s a reason, it’s because Bleach, Naruto and One Piece are awesome to watch due to the fact that they are all different and unique in their own way giving them an edge.

  68. Bleach is awesome

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Wow seriously how does Bleach have low ratings and if their gonna wait until its revived it better be soon. If its perm it is the end of the world as we know it O_o. P.S. if they do revive it its gonna be awesome due to the awesome final arc :)

    1. Sunite

      Yeah, I agree, the reboot to Bleach is going to be awesome because the Final Arc is already awesome!
      Bleach didn’t necessary receive low ratings, it just pissed some people off with the number of fillers and such, plus the manga and anime were getting real close so Tite’s only option was to temp cancel it so he could concentrate on making the Final Arc awesome!

  69. 2gamat8

    No they can’t take bleach away coz I’m from south africa and down here we wish we had bleach playing on our tv set yo they just gotta let bleach air forever!!!!!!!!!!!bleach fan till I die peace

    1. Sunite

      Your a dedicated fan yo! I think everyone here are dedicated fan. All I can say right now is to wait because Bleach is likely to be back, it won’t be too long though.

    1. Sunite

      Tite is possibly doing all he can right now, he’s writing the manga right now, so that manga can be turned into anime when Bleach Anime does come back!

  70. Syrena

    Does anybody have a proof that the anime isn’t ending, cuz i wanna be sure. I have been quite depressed since i heard that the anime was going to stop :( And I’ve watched many animes and none of them are even close to how awesome bleach is, i truly hope that the anime will continue. I still keep going back to the episode where ichigo got his powers back, that was the one of the most epic moments in bleach history, as well as the time when ichigo got his bankai =)

    1. Sunite

      Currently, there is no clear evidence that Bleach is definitely coming back. However there are hints which point to Bleach coming back. One of these is that the Bleach Manga actually continuing, proving that Bleach Anime is likely to come back. When Bleach ended during episode 366, Ichigo had mentioned that he would see Rukia again.
      Ultimately, the reason why Bleach Anime had to be put on halt (or cancelled/temp cancelled) was due to the fact that Bleach Anime was getting too close to Bleach Manga. Plus Tite himself didn’t want to show Fillers because it would just piss a lot of fans off. A lot of this hasn’t been proved correct because Tite Kubo hasn’t said anything about Bleach or when it might come back. There as he carried on writing the Final Arc, we must just wait until the times come back when Bleach comes back to our screen…

  71. Mac

    I feel like all the people whining here have forgotten something major-the MANGA.

    Sure, sure, the anime is cancelled but let’s be honest: the only fights in the anime that ever did the manga fights any justice were Ichigo vs. Grimmjow and Ichigo vs. Kenpachi. The anime went awfully downhill after Grimmjow and I stopped watching it. The manga was so much better

    1. Sunite

      Agree with what you said, the manga is where all the actions at!! No fillers just base fights and amazing secrets! Personally it went up during the Aizen arc and the the final getsuga tensho and the mugetsu was amazing!! And the fullbring arc was pretty good, not as good as the other arcs though.. But overall it was pretty good! :D

  72. RT

    Kubo should hand the job over to someone who’s willing to carry on with the anime… I don’t care if there’s a final arc being created.. Bleach should be around for anyone who’s willing to watch it and support it… I don’t watch much anime however bleach has got me addicted to it… I don’t know what I would do if there wasn’t any bleach to keep me occupied… It even inspires me to work… I’d do anything to keep the anime going even if I had to continue it myself.. There’s too many bleach fans out there for it to just stop.. And its something that’s too meaninful to some of us…

    1. Sunite

      Bleach was created in the image of Tite Kubo, and he should finish it because if someone got involved they may ruin it. The anime is always suppose to be behind the manga, its always been this way. If the anime overruns the manga, how will the anime animators know what to show because the anime comes directly from the manga.
      And completely agree, every fan wants it to come back right now, but currently that dream seems bleak to everyone, so i’d suggest for you to read the manga to keep yourself occupied :)

    1. Sunite

      Completely agree! Bleach is fantastic! The manga is currently continuing and i’m pretty sure that the anime will also continue when there’s enough manga to draw them into episodes…

    1. Sunite

      Haha, there still is! If you check out Bleach’s Manga, You’ll understand how amazing the Final Arc is going and how amazing it currently is! It’s totally amazing right now! Lots of fights and it’s freaking awesome! Start from Bleach 480 if you want to start from where Bleach got cancelled.

    1. Sunite

      Because many fans hate them because Bleach had been getting a lot of fillers arc, so he had to cancel Bleach so it wouldn’t lose any people watching it…

  73. Gretchen Collins

    Bleach appears on Adult Swim at 11. I don’t know if it’s on every night or what but if you can’t watch it then go to animefreak. If you have Adobe Flash Player 2.0 then you can watch it all you want. But it sucks that they’re replacing it with Naruto. I don’t understand what’s so appealing about Naruto anyway. I’ve never found the plot line to be anything worth my time.

    1. Sunite

      Hmm, Naruto is definitely getting better with the war and all! Although Bleach is likely to be back when it can because it’s suppose to be back with the fantastic Final Arc! It’s damn amazing!

  74. jaxx

    i have checked back on bleach every week and will not stop, i am a true devoted fan and will not give my favorite anime up

  75. Julez

    the cancellation of bleach is literally HORRIBLE. I can see if its an anime that no one likes or pays attention to. but according to most major post that i’ve seen its the second most popular anime out right now. topped only by naruto shippuden, and the #s are close. 1st off, the fact that the naruto series isnt done and has a random spin off is redundant, and 2nd the fact that its replacing bleach is atrocious. Im 21 and have watched anime since the original toonami program on Cartoon network and then on to adult swim. but Bleach was the first one that i watched online in japanese. since i started in ’09, my love for anime has grown tramendously, but this feels like im losing a friend and not just a tv show.

    1. Sunite

      I totally agree! I also started Bleach at it’s early ages and to see it go so soon is horrible! However even if the anime is gone, I believe that it will be back! The anime may have been temporarily cancelled because the anime got too close to the latest manga. So once the manga is far enough, I’m sure the anime will be back… Hopefully it a year or two…

  76. David

    Its a shame, one of the best anime in existence. How stupid can these people be? And in themiddle of the full bring ending.

    1. Sunite

      The Fullbring ended when Ichigo gained his powers and went back to Soul Society to get Ginjo’s body back. Ichigo said that he’ll see Rukia back, so it’s likely that Ichigo will be back in the anime!

    1. Sunite

      Personally I think he still does, but it’s not yet confirmed if he’s still has it because there’s been no evidence that he’s had it because he hasn’t yet talked to Hichigo…

      1. Hassan0297

        hmm i think the same way and hey what about grimmjow he is alive right?cuz ichigo didnt finish him off(no finishing blow hit to him).

  77. ricky

    Rock lee is awsome! he would kill Broly and every character on Bleach! Dont talk about Rock lee like that! I’M glad they cancelled this stupid show for and put a awsome show in place of it! yay!!!

    1. Sunite

      Rock Lee isn’t even one of the antagonistic characters of Naruto. Naruto should have just stayed with it’s Shippuden! Not bloody replace Bleach because it’s way better then the current Rock Lee show!

      1. Ravager

        dont get me wrong. i loved bleach but it has dwindled into utter, inconsistent garbage. i looked at it just because. maybe others thought so too and its ratings took a nosedive and eventually the cancel

        1. Sunite

          What about Bleach is so garbage? Could you specify what about Bleach lol… Bleach hasn’t been cancelled. The Anime was cancelled but it’s likely to be back! Plus the manga is still way awesome because it’s getting better and better every chapter! you need to get back to it!

          1. M.K.

            I agree totally, and if they really want some anime then I bet most of them haven’t checked out fairy tail, which is pretty good and by the time they get to where the anime is now, both bleach and fairy tail would’ve moved on. Bleach is awesome and all but fairy tail is good, probably just as good as bleach. P.S. I’m just talkin to the dudes who haven’t checked out fairy tail yet

            1. Hassan0297

              (No reply from ravager) looks like i took care of him.Whoever insults bleach doesn’t know what real anime is.

                1. Hassan0297

                  I only watch anime that r supposed to be more popular.Personally,i like the ones with horror and mystery like death note.but one piece,naruto,bleach and fairytail r awesome in their own way.

    2. henry

      you are probably drunk or super high in the sky because that big eyebrowed looney could never beat ichigo or his friends.

  78. henry

    WTF no god damn naruto show is gona out run bleach naruto sucks big ones compared to bleach seriously what th hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Sunite

      Bleach is a fantastic anime, and I’m proud to say that the mange is still going strong and personally I feel the anime will be back when the manga is near the end so they both finish at the same time…

    1. Sunite

      If you love the anime, and don’t mind reading the latest Bleach content, you should check out Bleach’s Manga. Tite Kubo hasn’t gave up on Bleach, and you shouldn’t too! Keep hoping because the Manga is amazing, it’s most likely that Bleach Anime will return after some time.

  79. XD

    The anime WILL come back! The manga has to progress alot for the anime to return.
    Naruto SD blows. no offense Naruto fans! i for one dont like spinoffs. so

    1. Sunite

      Agree, it may take a year or two. Never seen the SD episodes, hear that it’s crap. Plus I like Bleach more because of it’s better fights and graphics, although some fights in Naruto are worth watching.

  80. bleachfreak

    i think the hollow should come back and rukia and ichigo fight them and get rid of them with more chacters. if the hollow were not gonethen dont dislike i have not finished the seires. at episoide 23 so i would expect they killed all the hollow

    1. Sunite

      The arrancar arc finished when Aizen was captured. It would be boring for everyone if they were to introduce the Arrancar now and have another fight…

  81. anderson

    ja que foi tao longe deveria de ter minar a serie pq sao muitos fas au redor do mundo esperando pela continuaçao

    Google Translate: since it was so long ago would have undercut the series because there are so many fans around the world waiting for the continuation

  82. Bankairelease

    Guys me and a friend of mine were chatting on facebook about this and we came up with some pretty descent ideas. For example we haven’t seen the soul king that was mentioned and so we were thinking that somehow he would oppose the shinigami and declare war, and also see his shikai or even bankai. Also we thought that in this war except from the fact that we may see the bankai of other captains like ukitake and kyoraku, some captains would die in the war and would be replaced from their lieutenants

  83. Courtney

    i cant believe its being cancelled! i have been loyal to bleach since 2004 i it may not really be that long, but in 15 and bleach has been in my life for 8 years thats over half my life and when you have something in your life that long you almost need it. T.V tokyo has some explaining to do.

    ~sincerely a sad teenager

    1. Sunite

      Lool, aww I feel your pain dude. I’ve also been watching it for some time and am saddened to see it go. Although I believe that it will be back to end with the last arc. Hopefully in a year or two.

  84. The Perfect Human

    Bleach should have not ended at all! Whoever got up with Bleach anime ending at a filler should really change his freaking messed up mind. I figured out Bleach a year a ago, and I loved it. BLEACH SHOULD’NT HAVE F*CKING END. It better start back up in a year or two. If not I’m going to start hating the company who animated Bleach for ending it.


    1. Sunite

      Agree, it was a somewhat unexpected ending, I only found out a week or so before the last episode actually aired. I was very disappointed. And completely agree, My self and others discovered it a very long time ago and it’s awesome! Hopefully it will be coming in a few years for the final arc! Hopefully we’ll see some awesome things in the very soon..

  85. Aries

    J Carter is my hero nw!!what he says is the truth..I hope they come to realise that bleach is the best anime series!and this is what I think bwt the guy that cancelld it :
    Ur a w*nker!!
    *edited: inappropriate imagery

  86. a-dogg

    bleach best be coming back iv been checking every time i get to check out if its on again that show had everything from action to funny hopefully it comes back

  87. Aizaz Faheem


    I started my anime craze with Bleach. Ever since i’ve been watching anime, I ONLY WATCH IT. I don’t read manga. Takes the whole fun and gory part out of the scenes. I have been a BLEACH fan for years now. This was a complete shocker!!!!!!!!! I gave it some time thinking, It was all crap and that maybe because the world is in tough times. BUT ITS BEEN TOO LONG.

    Please don’t do this. It’ll destroy the series for not just me but many others. Im sure of it. Plus! WHY DO IT NOW?!?!?! The Final arc is up.. OMGOMGOMG!!!!

    PLEASE BRING BLEACH ANIME BACK. Bleach is just too awesome to even have an ending!

    1. Sunite

      I, like you, started by watching it! Then got myself reading the manga then i was just hooked on it.
      I need to tell you what i’ve told other people, Kubo Tite is awesome and he’s been working on the Final Arc very hard that it got cancelled this week because he’s ill. But it will be back! Also the anime will most likely be back in a year or two. Some say that its going to keep on going for around 6 years for the episodes..

  88. Emma

    How pathetic can people be here! You havent watched Naruto SD and you are sure its shitty?! Grow up haters.
    On the other side, being a Bleach fan since the beginning of time, I’m pissed. I understand the low ratings because of the fillers arc but why finish now when the manga its getting epic?
    At least they should have said its in hiatus so we can hope for more awesomeness.
    And we’re talking about Bleach here, why bring up Naruto and One piece.
    In terms of fights and maturity, Bleach wins.
    In terms of comedy OP wins.
    In terms of storyline Naruto wins.

    1. Sunite

      There’s a reason why we don’t watch Naruto SD. First off I’m not hating on the Rock Lee series, but just looking at the poster for it, it just look too kiddy! We’ve just lost such a magnificent anime and it’s hard not to hate on the anime which replaced it! So yeah!
      And completely agree with you with the Bleach, OP and Naruto.. I don’t watch OP but still agree that it’s comedic..

  89. Sweeperkaas

    Hey everyone,

    I’ve just read all the comments above, and believe me I can understand everyone of you.
    I’m an avid anime watcher and manga reader I live for these two things.
    I can agree with most of you on everything, If I should some up how many Anime or Manga if watched or read it would latterly be more than 5000 of them, I can seriously say that I LOVE Bleach, Naruto, Fairy Tale and One Piece, and a lot of other anime doesn’t matter if they are sort or not, all equally – each for their own reasons of course – since non of them are completely the same, it would probably be a bore if all of them were to be the same.

    My believe is this, that the anime for bleach caught up to fast on manga and that the anime may only be suspended, I strongly believe that Kubo Tite wishes to finish this Final arc in an Epic way – although I do not wish that it ends at all – So by suspending it he makes a lot of viewers mad but each viewer on this point differs from one another. So I’ll look at things from my point of view. I think he doesn’t want to bore us with fillers, so his working hard on creating his best work ever yet on Bleach. Hopefully it won’t be long before the anime continues.

    I sincerely hope they do not intend to end this with OVA’s or Movie’s, Cause their is just to many things that haven’t been answered yet, and besides I believe that they have reached an incredible peak considering that I have read the manga up until the latest episode and it truly would be a nightmare for me if they where to end on episode 366.

    Everyone should just cross their fingers – and toes – and hope they come back real soon with the anime :)

    Please do not quote me on anything, since this is only out of my point of view as a viewer that loves anime and manga dearly.

    So Please Kubo Tite, Continue this anime series till the true end of it, cause I believe only you can create the true ending of this magnificent and fast story line – I mean no insult to other anime or manga writer in this.

    I also wish to comment on something a lot of good anime end with OVA’s – lets take Air Gear for an example of these, I was impressed with the story but truly disappointed to learn that it ended with OVA’s, I read the manga and was surprised how incredibly good it was although that is looking at it from my point of view. IT TRULY WOULD BE SAD IF THEY WERE TO END BLEACH ANIME WITH OVA’s OR MOVIE’s

    Take note: Do not to quote me, since this is all only out of my point of view, who loves anime and manga, and I didn’t intend to insult any one, If I did I apologies for anything I’ve said.

    So lets hope for the best everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I’ve watched anime and read manga since 2010 if anyone wanted to know
    I’m 20

    1. Sunite

      What you’ve said is fantastic! I completely agree with everything you said and I too agree that it ended but will go on, plus Kubo didn’t want to us to watch fillers for a year or two when the manga can run again. Yeah the anime did get too close to it!

      And also Bleach shouldn’t be made into a movie or OVA because they are just too short to cover everything! Plus the Manga is currently running really well and should continue how it is!! Hopefully it will continue awesomely!! There isn’t much I can say more than you because you’ve mentioned everything!! :D

        1. Sunite

          Yeah Kubo Tite has a illness related to his lungs or something, hopefully he gets better. Plus three weeks breaks for Bleach could mean a double chapter for a week in the near future… Hopefully we’ll get it :D

      1. Sunite

        I agree, i too do miss it, that’s why i’ve been watching the older episodes…. also i’ve been getting a friend of mine to watch it caz it’s so damn good..!

  90. Darian Gargos

    I think they should try to find backing in the states for bleach, maybe even get it put on directly in the U.S . there is a extremely large fan base here, plus people would like not having to wait for the dubbed versions. I like the sub version but, that’s me.

    1. Sunite

      I’m sure its not about backing, i think Kubo Tite had to stop it because it was getting too random, the Fullbring Arc was awesome, but he just wouldn’t want to let the fans down because he’s currently concentrating on the manga and the final arc…

  91. Robert

    well, the intensity of the chapters right now, it needs to get animated because, you cant just have that in the manga, its to crazy to not animate it, it will be on, im hoping for no more then a 2 year wait, though i can wait until i die

    1. Sunite

      yeah 2 years would be a while but it would be a good estimate to when it would be likely to come back… Agree it’s getting too good too quick and it’s awesome!

  92. Demóstenes

    There is so much this author can still do..Why end such a prosperous anime so soon? Tito can still write about Zaraki’s bankai, he can still use Aizen to help out the shinigami, and way more things. It won’t be 100% organized like Naruto, but it will still challenge it. This man should just have a long brake to get his ideas together,because i believe with the right motivation and ideas,Bleach can be #1.

    1. Sunite

      I think you don’t read the manga, if you want to start at Bleach 480, it’s when the Final arc starts, its just after the end of Bleach, it’s fantastic! You should definitely check out what going on in Bleach it’s BEAST!

    1. nick dunn

      I so feel ya bro, we wont see them now cause none of them can preform Bankai without the Stern Ritter & Jagdarmee stealing them. But once Kisuke and Mayuri find a way to counter there medallions power, we will.

      1. nick dunn

        I think so to. Maybe not in a few years. Like 2 or 3 years. The 5th movie will comeback to during e same time. This Final Arc will last like 6 to 9 years.

    1. Sunite

      It will take some time for it to come back because Bleach’s author will take some time for the manga to move to a good number, at least two years then Bleach will be likely to be back…

  93. Deanta

    Sooner or later the historie had to stop. Just like in every other anime serie, like hellsing, deathnote.etc. There has to be an end. Otherwise you wont be able to feel the soul, in the work they all have left in it.
    Its a shame that it stopped like that. And i dont feel good about it. For real. But still i dont see the reason to start flame about other anime series, that they aint good enough. Cause there are very many good anime series out there.
    One thing that bleach had tho. Was that from the first episode, youll get hooked to it.
    Ichigo denies Rukias demonic bonds, only for the reason to save his sisters. Agrees to lend the power from her, so he can fight the hollow. Such an epic start for a serie, really.
    Other series got a slow start mostly. Of those ive seen.

    Ichigo alwas had a reason to fight. His resolve, to protect everyone. Even his enemy.
    soo, what is your reason for the Bleach continue?

    1. Sunite

      There are still some very unresolved things like who Urahara is, and the past of his mother and father, because we still don’t know anything about them…. Also there’s loads of things left..

      1. Deanta

        True.. but if if you want a story or a telling for everything that goes on in bleach then youll get the never ending story… Besides they are keeping it in a closery. otherwise there wil be so many informations and the stories would be so long that ppl might got the chance to get bored watching it..

        But yeah i can only agree with you. Just keep in mind thats theres alwas a reason for everything that had comes to happen.

  94. kuroshirodnsea

    i really do want Bleach to continue… I mean if it were cancelled due to low rating in Japan doesn’t mean Bleach doesn’t have any fans in the whole world that support it at all. I really really love Bleach and I want to see the final arc not only in black and white papers but also alive. Even if everyone else disagree or hate Bleach I would still love Bleach till the end. And Grimmjow even said to be showed up back in the final arc I really want to see that!! OMG it’s frustating to wait but I really hope it will continue otherwise I’ll be very very disappointed. If I could I wish to send a letter of ranting to Studio Pierrot saying they should, ought to, and must continue Bleach!!!!

    1. Sunite

      It certainly wasn’t due to ratings, they were always high… it was due to the fact that the anime and manga got too close… I believe it will be back because if the manga gets a head a few hundred chapters, then its possible that the anime will be back on tv… I agree with everything you said and hope it will be back..

  95. david

    bleach was my first anime i stumbled onto an amv of it and found the show the plot was amazing the characters too i watched it for years until other animes came to my attention like naruto and one piece but i hated them naruto and its constant filler granted bleach isin’t totally innocent about that but i enjoyed theirs naruto just went on and on and one piece pandered aswell its characters were so simple and unbelievable stories and now bleach is gone

  96. Chris earle

    I have watched bleach since it started to air in the U.S. It is a shame to see it end the way it is! I have watched every episode that has been released to date English dub and the originals. Why does this amazing anime have to end all of a sudden? I wish that tite kibo could continue this anime, wether it be one season or multiple seasons. It might just be me but I think it’s the best on tv nowadays!

    1. Sunite

      If you’ve watch the Dub and Sub, i suggest now you read the manga! Google Bleach 480, read from that point to the latest chapter! It’s the next arc to Bleach which could be the last…. It’s crazy atm and it’s going to get a lot better in the future…! I suggest if you’re a crazy fan you read it :D

  97. Sabine Nemours

    Well this sucks. I’m positive that at some point Bleach will come back. They do that with shows like that; I mean they can’t leave the show like that. Besides, I love Bleach and I wanna see how it ends. Tite Kubo better fight this tooth and nail! I’m not messing around. I’ll happily go to Tokyo and shove my foot up up those executive producers butts!!!!! Screw Naruto!!! It’s Bleach all the DAMN way.
    Lol, I’m most in love with Bleavh for Toshiro Hitsugaya

    1. Sunite

      HAHA ahh agree :D lool Bleach fans are so dedicated! I think if you don’t read the manga, I think you should read it… He’s currently writing it and has more then 24 chapters since the Anime ended. It’s currently going amazingly well and the fights are just sooo epic! Read them Bleach 480 onwards…

    2. Abigail Lane

      Well, I love Naruto, but I don’t know what they were thinking when they made the (ROCK LEE) series. I do think they were a waste of time to make, because I for one am not going to see them.
      PLEASE HURRY!!! And bring back BLEACH in all its full Glory!!! I love Ichigo and Toshiro!!!

      1. M.K.

        I believe that bleach will come back because ichigo just got his new soul reaper powers and since they did that they must’ve meant to continue the with ichigo and the new powers.

  98. owen

    I am obsessed with bleach and to see it get cancelled it isn’t fair I mean there is so much things we haven’t seen happen e.g. head captain yamamoto’s bankai, orihime and ichigo’s kiss and that crazy bastard kenpachi take off his eye patch one more time.

    1. Sunite

      Ahh yeah those are the awesome things, plus there’s loads of background story that we need to know on all the different characters… so we can understand them more….. plus it’s likely to be back in the near future.. giving it like 2 years or so will be good because it will be back then…!

    1. kay

      you people dont read comments that give you accurate info,
      “Bleach anime is to close to the comic so there gonna wait acouple months before re-putting out bleach anime. just look at it as taken a break and not a cancel”.

      Otherwise complain all ya want theres nothing it will do anyway.

      1. Sunite

        If I was an manga writer and If I wanted to make the Final Arc, I would spend around a year or two making it epic instead of a few months… It would be better for the Manga to run away as far as it can…

        1. kay

          I hope they take their time also. Honestly I wasn’t too happy with the last 50 or so epi’s. They lost their creativity it seems. It’s like they were rushing the last couple months of epi’s. I dislike them stopping the show but I’m hoping they noticed there mistake and working on getting back to why people got into bleach in the first place.

          Same with 1 piece. It was all “save my brother for a horrendous 30 epi’s I thought I would go crazy if I heard him yelled it one more time”.

            1. Abigail

              You have never seen One Piece?!! See it! If your into Action/Comedy animes then that is definately a great series to watch. I loved it as much as Bleach, maybe a bit more… :D

  99. owen

    Does anyone else think that it ain’t fair that so many things just happen to ichigo but he can just come back e.g. dying coming back as some hollow, loosing his powers and then suddenly being able to get them back I know hes the main character and all that, then gin ichimaru got cut once and dies and he was bad ass was just like one piece when luffy’s brother ace was killed so so sad.

    1. Sunite

      It’s not yet confirmed if Gin Ichimaru is dead or not, and yeah if Kubo wants Bleach to become interesting he’ll have to make a lot of things happen to Ichigo.. It’s not fair but then again it’s not fair on us to watch a boring anime..

  100. bleachfan

    a new bleach episode comes on adult swim every saturday at 11:00 pm and you can watch the episodes on if you miss it

  101. Letisha

    Kubo has lost the plot, there hasn’t been much character growth, Huedo Mundo was the most annoying arc ever! The are some great characters like Byakuya, Toshiro and Renji whom Kubo could have played with further, not everything has to be about Ichigo. I started watching bleach recently and it started off great but now its kind of the anime version of Twilight with Orihime staring as Bella the boring…. there still is potential with Bleach unfortunately Kubo who created these brilliant characters lacks the stamina to give them better plots well as long as One Piece and Zoro are around I’m a happy chappy :)

    1. Sunite

      Lol, i’d like to disagree because of the fact that Ichigo is currently not being concentrated on the manga, if you read it, you’d understand the amount of greatness which is being shown! specially that of Yamamoto!

  102. Zach

    Bleach can’t end like this! There are so many things left to answer. It is my favorite anime. I think its better than Naruto and One Piece.

    1. Sunite

      I want to say that what your saying is what I also think, Bleach is a great anime and deserve to stay for as long as possible! I also believe that It will be back as the manga is carrying on, it needs to be made into an anime as soon as the anime gets further away from the starting point.

  103. 101nemesis

    The anime went down in ratings cause of the fillers. Alot of people consider the Hueco Mundo arc better than the SS arc so the plot wasn’t the problem but the stupid fillers were.
    The anime will definitely come back. It’s the just the matter of when. The final arc is going great in the manga and there have already been so many twists in it. And kubo mentioned that he will explain everything in this last arc. I’ll name a few below.

    Ichigo’s resemblence to Kaein dono
    Isshin and Ryuken’s past
    Urahara’s mysteriousness
    More about the soul King
    ichigo’s birth significance. Aizen did say at one point that he had been keeping an eye on Ichigo since birth and that he was special ever since he was born.

    So about tying things up and explaining everything, Kubo has already revealed he will do it. He also told that many more bankai will be revealed and he has stuck to it already. Those who read the manga know what I’m talking about.

  104. Sabine Nemours

    Hey remember Inuyasha? Of course you do!
    Well remember how Inuyasha just stopped suddenly and like 4 years later they made Inuyaha the Final Act? Well, I’m guessing that what’s they’re gonna do with Bleach. I just hope they don’t take 4 years to make it. Inuyasha ended in 2004! And the Final Act was made in 2009! Uncool. But I hope Bleach will come up! It will. I just know. Maybe they’ll make Bleach: the final arc! And I liked te fillers. They were fine. Just be glad they made em cause if they didn’t bleach woulda ended a looooonnnnng Time ago too!

      1. 101nemesis

        I rather wait for a few years than to see the anime get cancelled for certain cause of the fillers. I mean, they just totally ruined the flow of so many arcs !! It got annoying at one point. Fillers, individually, were good. But they put fillers right after the fight with grimmijov. Then they put a huge ass filler arc which went for almost a year before the ulliquiorra fight. People got bugged and the ratings went down like hell. So i prefer the anime coming back without stupid fillers than coming again and getting cancelled for sure this time around.

  105. bleachlover23

    NOOOOOO!! it cant be it cant end this way bleach is the anime that started my passion for anime and to see it end like this

        1. Sunite

          It will take some time but it will come, it could take years if your asking.. nothings confirmed but it wouldn’t just end like this as the final arc gets such a boost like this!!

      1. henry

        I really love watching bleach. I watch it on Yidio and about 2 months ago i got to episode 366 and there was no more. I heard some rumors on how bleach is going onto another tv channel in japan. Is that true at all? I just really love bleach, i believe that it is under rated and that it shouldn’t be replaced by naruto. I am 15, but if it continues i will keep watching it even when i’m 30.

        1. Sunite

          I believe that it’s not going to another TV network, i think it’s still with the current one and that its likely to be back, there is still no hard evidence to it coming back but I believe that it will be back soon, i’d say a few years..

  106. owen

    I’m 19 and really hope they bring bleach back my 3 favourtie animes are bleach one piece and naruto in that order. bleach because they are more serious and because kenpachi who is possibly my favourite anime character is just insane and i find it hilarious when hes fighting and because bleach has romance behind it along with comedy (ichigo and orihime) even though one piece as alot of this aswell it doesn’t come close to the seriousness or epicness in the bleach e.g. one piece luffy does gear second you only see the steam and the glowing purple cuts bleach kenpachi takes off his eye patch and u can just see the madness, the aura and feel the incredible epicness, on to naruto i haven’t fully watched naruto i am only at episode 60 so i am still missing a lot of the story but it is still a great anime partly because its a lot of comedy and again like bleach when a small part of 9 tail fox’s chakara escaped naruto you could see the epicness in the battle and again the firery aura around him….. i am very upset that bleach has temporarily been cancelled because there is still so much to learn story wise and there is still a lot of things we haven’t seen like certain bankai’s (kisuke)

    1. 101nemesis

      They will bring it back. They had to stop it cause I think they just didn’t wanna put another filler arc. They totally ruin the ratings of the anime. So wait for a year or so and you should see bleach up and running again. The final arc is going on right now in the manga and its EPIC. My advice is if you can’t wait for the anime, start reading the manga.

    2. Sunite

      Totally agree, I’ve not watched most of One Piece but do know some characters from the show and yeah they’ve got an epic thing going there too, but I’ll agree with you that Bleach is a great show and deserves to come back, this time for it to stay and yeah Naruto from where you’re at will start to get better and better :P If you read the Bleach Manga, you’d know that it’s gotten amazing!!

  107. Hichigo

    This is bull shit I want bleach back not a shitty new show if they are going to cancel bleach then they should do it when bleach is really over not just make a new show and cancel bleach I want Ichigo and the others back fighting again and see ichigos new powers if they don’t finish bleach then the new show shoud just burn in hell!!

    1. Sunite

      Completely agree, they should finish Bleach off properly and yes Kubo Tite is currently writing the manga for the anime, you could read it online if you want to, plus the Anime is likely to be back but in the future, not in a few months though, it will some years if you ask me..

  108. Hichigo

    This is bull shit bring bleach back I want to finish the season and not watch a new show like naruto sd what Evers the fuck it says( even though I like naruto and haven’t watch for 3-4 years) but still I want bleach back it’s one of my top three shows 1) one piece, 2) fairy tail, 3) bleach I like this three show if they don’t bring bleach back then fuck naruto!!!

  109. owen

    just started reading the manga and I may be jumping to conslusions but it kinda seems like they’re just killing off characters still seems to be a good stroy to it tho

      1. owen

        Oh yeah I never thought of it that way think i was just more pissed that they killed kenpachi he was by far my favourtie :D hopefully he surprises us

  110. John Doe

    wtf do you mean bleach is done? wut kind of shit is this? it’s obviously not done cuz there’s still STORY to go, why does japan cancel everything? like fuck off yo, i just wanna finish watching a fucking proper anime, tenjou tenge, SICK show besides teh fact of the obscene girl fights, and it was also cancelled, japan can suck my fuckin dick, all of japan

    1. Sunite

      Lol, lots and lots of hate, but yeah most fans agree that Japan do cancel a lot of great shows, but it’s not the fault of the Author or the network, with Bleach, the anime and manga got too close, which meant that they could show fillers or cancel it, we know that most Bleach fillers are awesome but can sometimes be really boring and sometimes stupid which has nothing to do with the story, so Kubo could have decided to fully dedicate his time to the manga, which is currently going. I fully suggest that you go a head and read the manga Bleach 480 onward because it’s when the manga stops and the Final Arc starts!!

  111. Maja / :P

    I was realy depressed when i watched the last episode D: and was like searching around like a maniac to find some news , but i totaly agree that it can’t end like that =_= well i never get happy with the endings of an anime but still! (Just read through *almost* every comment and started reading Claymore at the same time ) I’m swedish so i’m srry if my spelling sucks OxO but i just felt like leaving a comment :)

  112. owen

    i started watching bleach again from the start just for the sake of watching it and followed to read manga this is a really great anime to watch again. i’ve come up with some conclusions or theories or watever u want to call them they may or may not be right so feel free to argue or add more. some may be just stupid theories but its fun to think of the so again argue or join in up to u…

    1. soi fon is a lesbian everytime she looks at or sees something that resembles yoruichi she instantly falls in love and hates omaeda in thinking she migt just hate all men
    2. yoruichi and kisuke hooked up in that place where ichigo learned bankai
    3. (spoiler alert for those who haven’t been reading the manga) we all agree that the head captain is dead unless orihime heals him who is to take over for the head captain (shunsui, kenpachi, komamura or maybe even ichigo)
    4. (containes spoiler) this conlusion is completely wrapped around my head we discovered the ichigo is related to the qunicy in someway possibly through is mother that he didn’t no much of and we actually haven’t heard much if uryus mother either now could ichigos and uryus mother be one and the same and is that why uryus dad isnt to fond of ichigos or is uryus dad and ichigos mother, brother and sister. we still havent found out how ichigos dad lost his powers or regained them if u have read this i am sure u will start to think more and more about it.
    5. why havent yuzu and karin developed and kind of soul reaper or quincy powers?
    6. why is ichigo ginger his dad had dark hair and mother had blonde possibly some kind of generation gene thing.
    7. nothing to with bleach but why do most animes always have a smoking hot red hed with big boobs (bleach: rangiku, orihime) (one piece: nami) etc etc
    8. finally every1 is probably tired of reading all these haha however the end of the final arc will be an unreal battle and possibly orihime or ichigo will be on the verge of death and orihime will finally tell ichigo how she really feels about him (hopefully) i think most people would agree that they really want to see ichigo and orihime kiss

    anyway thats my conclusions feel free to argue. hope some of these opened up peoples minds to how it may unfold ;)

    1. Sunite

      Haha some of these are pretty funny, they remind me of many moments in bleach :P

      1. The banter between Soi Fon and Omaeda is just epic lol, he’s a scardy cat and she’s boss! Both of them are completely opposites…
      2. Maybe lol
      3. hmm… I’d say either Ukitake or Shunsui, or Unohana as they are the next in line of oldest, and Orihime is far away, Yamamoto could have turned into dust by now..
      4. hmmmmm interesting, I get the same idea, both Uryu and Ichigo have some kind of bond… Possible brothers?
      5. Karin may have, she’s been going to Urahara’s shop
      6. Masaki had somewhat blond/ginger-ish, possibly her gene’s over powered and showed in Ichigo’s phenotype?
      7. Lol, they need one, fan service? and Rangiku is said to be connected to the overall plot somehow…
      8. Hopefully a IchigoXOrihime moment finally comes!!!

  113. Tina

    I’ve been waiting for Bleach for the longest. I’m always tell people Bleach is my favorite anime of all times loud and proud. I miss Bleach a lot, no lie… I really really hope Bleach will air again.

  114. bipolarsin

    so many long comments ill keep it short and sweet. Bleach ending like this leaves way to many things left unanswered and any fan will know those questions. I hope it comes back but I fear that it wont witch is a sad state for the truly great beyond child driven animes of the world

    1. Sunite

      The anime has been put down for a while, but the manga is going on strong! It’s getting way too intense and it’s just awesomely epic at this point, all I can currently say to all other fans is to read from Bleach 480 onwards, I’m sure you’ll love how it’s currently going…

  115. Syco187


    Bleach is one of the best anime show’s ever made (like Naruto, Death Note, Another etc.)
    And then they cancelled it, they can say bye to there views dumbasses…
    Always f*cking it up for thereself… i hope they die in a painfull way LOL:-P

    1. Sunite

      Bleach hasn’t been completely pt down, their anime may be down but their manga is still going strong! A lot more stronger than you think… lots of new things happening, I suggest you start reading it :D

  116. fredesco

    I just found out tonight that episode 366 is possibly the last episode of Bleach. I’m very sad by this news. Worst part is I haven’t even watched past ep. 312 yet lol. One of my best friends just imformed me. Ugh I’m pissed. I’m 35 and have been watching anime since I was a child and so far Bleach is in the top five of my all time faves. I guess I’ve grown attatched to the characters and the soap operasque continuing story lines. Reminds me of how DBZ kept going on for so long as the characters evolved. Would be great to have seen Ichigo in college and his siblings grow up lol.
    There are some other great anime out there but nothing like Bleach. I honestly get tired of the many anime that are made to target 12 year olds. No offense to the youngsters but I prefer Bleach even when it gets goofball. Although I do like a few of the ones for children they are cute and bring a smile to my face.
    But the action, cursing, passion and blood splillage in Bleach is just great hehe. I also have a thing for multiple character anime as well. Would be great if there was another season or a spin off of Samurai Deeper Kyo. Which reminded me of bleach at times.
    Idk but Bleach gets in and infects you. When it’s off the wall and silly you laugh and when it’s emotional it tugs at you. Even when the villians die it’s gripping and heart breaking. And the action scenes are epic. I do hope for more episodes or spin offs. Not sure if I want more Bleach movies because I don’t care for some but I watch them anyway because I love the characters so deeply. I’m not a manga person at all but idk now maybe I will read Bleach manga if the anime is cancelled indefinitly but the story continues in print…

    1. Sunite

      Completely agree, Bleach is an fantastic anime, much more targeted to older people, and yes It’s possibly my favorite anime of all time and yes, I’ve probably not see as many anime’s as you but still have quite a lot of taste on the topic. Bleach is awesome, one thing I suggest you do after you’ve reached the 366 episode is read the manga, you being an anime fan you should have heard of manga before, and possibly read them too. Bleach’s anime cancellation could have been due to the manga and anime getting to close and that forced Kubo to cancel the manga for a while, fillers would have been bad at the time because of the fact that Bleach has had quite a lot of them, and it could have driven off a lot of fans away…
      Personally I don’t want to see any Bleach OVA’s of movies at this point as it could ruin the whole mood and affect it’s currently got, the manga has gotten so intense that lots of new and awesome things are happening and coming, and it’s all coming together as it should, it’s coming out great :D So I suggest starting at Bleach 480 manga…

  117. Bryce

    Read ALL the comments lol and I have not seen 1 episode of Bleach.
    I watch Naruto and when that ends ill jump on to Bleach until then see you. :)

  118. kurusaki Ichigo

    I was really pissed of when i knew that the ep 366 is the last .
    please Make an OVA i want it too be continue =.=

    One piece is so suck and Naruto is making me sick dahh.

    1. Sunite

      Lol, I’ve not seen all of One Piece and Naruto is getting a little bit long and tiresome… I’d suggest you read the manga’s from Bleach 480 onwards… :D I’m 100% sure you’ll love it :D

  119. Tali

    Admittedly i lost track of Bleach for some months when I started work and only recently caught up now i’ve got more free time, so to find out its now cancelled has come as a shock. Especially given that they’re replacing its slot with yet another Naruto related anime x_x (no offense to fans but I never could develop a liking for Naruto, and though I did watch quite a few episodes it never got better for me, im comparison I’d much prefer to watch Bleach despite some of the boring and pointless filler seasons). I really hope they complete the final arc as anime, whenever that might be. I must admit that cancelling, temporarily anyway, is in my mind better than another pointless filler season… I think those are what really killed Bleach.

    1. Sunite

      agree, the Bleach fans are held in pause after this, plus the final arc is going great seeing as the manga is getting amazing reviews… the fillers weren’t that bad, even though they ran for a little longer than expected they were pretty kool…

  120. Iris

    Hey, I really Like bleach and I hope they continue the Anime…though it looks to me it has been cancelled…i liked the anime and i still do….its gives the full picture if you dont understand the manga…im glad manga hasnt ended too…i didnt read the other comments so I dont know who else agrees with me, but I was watching the episodes and I am pretty late in doing so but still atleast dubbed eps are still on….cant wait to see the latest eps in dubbed and i hope they hurry things up with the dubbing tooooooooo :)

    1. Sunite

      Agree, don’t worry, you’re not the only one here who wants Bleach back, the manga is going awesomely and it’s just been awesome! and we’re all hoping it to come back pretty soon…

  121. allyson

    so.. since the manga is so far up why cant they restart the anime and continue…? i’m not quiet finished with the anime yet.. but if it is continued i dont think i could read the manga.. >< its just not the same.. i hope it comes back! and if it has filler have funny filler at least. :'(

    1. Sunite

      It’s only 41 chapters a head, if Kubo wants to make the final arc long, he needs to have atleast 100 to 200 chapters difference because sometimes, Bleach manga and episode are different as 2 mangas can probably fit into 1 episode… I’d like for Kubo to keep on making because it would be horrible to have a short final arc…


    wtf is this bull shit so bleach is getting replaced for a fucking dora version of naruto that rock lee thing is a waste of time Kishomoto you motherfucker fuck you and your rock lee story shit ( outside of that naruto is a decent anime not great but its okay to watch

  123. pemdas (please excuse my dope ass swag)

    all of you can go fuck yourselfs cause naruto bleach and onepiece are the best shows i have ever watched i watch them every week but i am still waiting for bleach to continue but until then i have watched naruto shippuden the newest version of naruto and one piece is not for 5 year olds cause i am 16 and i like it so all you bitches that have been complaining GO FUCK YOURSELFS YOU GAY ASS MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. Greg

    Please someone, is there anyway to get the Bleach anime keep on going? I mean really it is not a very good moment to stop the Bleach anime, I am sure that Bleach is one of the top watch list in the anime

    1. Sunite

      A lot of people have been saying that it will be back, but I suggest that it will be back in a few years… so that the manga has gone far enough that the episode will quickly catchup..

  125. Sesshomaru7474

    It will be back on. Its an amazing anime, and to me its better then the manga. The fights are amazing. I just know the Grimmjow vs Ichigo fight was not as good in the manga as it was in the anime. I always get into the fight scenes. They are just probably giving themselves more time to focus on the manga, or it could be some money deal or something. Point is the anime wouldn’t be cancelled before its so close to the Final arc. In the words of one of my favorite characters Byakuya (*anyone who would believe such nonsense is foolish beyond comprehension*) lol so PLEASE will everybody relax. Have some faith in the Bleach company here. XD

  126. kennyng86

    although bleach in my 3rd anime in the list,
    coz there were time i sleep sitting on the chair while watching the anime, got bored with the filler arc
    i really hope it wouldn’t end just like that,
    come on, it might take 10 years to continue the arc, maybe like Berserk…
    damn, i’ll be around 40’s that time
    KT, please continue the anime.

  127. kuchiiki

    i think its good to make a filter arc in final arc just like in naruto shippuden it make a filter arc in war i think its best than to cancelled its a year in bleach just like a fight of 3 stern ritter vs kenpachi or other captain fight in quincy

  128. LJRP

    I LOVE BLEACH. Can’t we do anything? ive been waiting for like weeks now, and i really hope it gets back on track. i like bleach better than naruto and one piece. i like the twists of the story better and the characters.
    hope it gets back on the Tv. :(