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Soul Society’s Annihilation – Bleach 483

Bleach’s latest Bleach 483 is absolutely amazing! Yamamoto is invaded by 7 mysterious men whose intention are to wage war upon the Soul Society and destroying by Vanden Reich. Ichigo explores more into who Ivan really is, he finds out that Ivan has come to steal Ichigo’s New Bankai. We start this crazy chapter in the Soul Society as Yamamoto faces the unknown men who are surprised to see that there is no one guarding Yamamoto, as the Security is a bi too soft. Yamamoto replies with there is no need to worry as there is no better security than this. At this point I wonder why Yamamoto said this, to me it seems as though Yamamoto isn’t the target here, but in fact something else within the same location and thus Yamamoto is the guard to this object. We return to Ivan and Ichigo’s fight where Ichigo is being confused as Ivan has an Arrancar mask while having a Quincy well. From his Quincy weapon, Ivan attacks Ichigo, while Ichigo deflects of dodges them. This is probably the first time I’ve seen Ichigo think before attacking in any match. Ivan obviously seems to want Ichigo to open his Bankai to fight this more powerful form. Ichigo says that he has to play his game since he doesn’t know who he is nor why he’s attacking Ichigo. At this point Ichigo opens Bankai. Ivan, in a hurry goes into one of his packets and takes out a gadget which he says that Ichigo’s Bankai Ends Here. At the end of his Bankai Transformation, Ichigo is surrounded by a number of rods around him. Ivan speaks the word “Melt” followed by an incantation type sentence. This increases the heat and breaks one of Ichigo’s left white arm support. At this point, frustrated Ichigo breaks the rods allowing him to  escape, surprised Ivan looks on as Ichigo sends his Getsuga Tenshou. Ivan, unable to move, is extremely surprised as Ichigo was able to break his technique with nothing more then a smash. The Getsuga Tenshou gets closer and it seems Ivan has been deemed unconscious. We return back to the Yamamoto’s private chamber where Sasakibe is lunged in the air where he was unable to even get close to the 7 mysterious men. On of the men says not to worry as this is a small example to what will happen during the war. In 5 days, Soul Society will be Annihilated by the Vanden Reich, is what is said by the man. The chapter ends here. That was one amazing chapter! During Bleach 484, I’m sure that the Vanden Reich will be will be a supreme being as they are able to cause such harm to Hollows. Also I think that the Vanden Reich or Vandenreich are the group which the 7 men belong too, rather then a weapon which is what I first though.


Itachi and Sasuke’s Talk – Tsunade’s Will of Fire – Naruto 576

Naruto’s latest manga, Naruto 576, is fantastic as the result of last week’s guessing stops. Sasuke spots a figure above who is jumping from branch to branch, he looks very familiar to his brother, Itachi. Furthermore, Madara mocks Tsunade for being a weakling even when she’s from the Senju family. We start this week’s chapter as Sasuke quickly opens his Sharingan to see closer who this person is. He flashes back and sees that both this character and Itachi both look very familiar. Sasuke quickly runs after him and asks Itachi to wait, at this point Itachi has nothing more to say so he just keeps running. Sasuke questions him if he’s Itachi, and again there is no response. Sasuke then opens his Susanoo to get hold of Itachi, but at this quick moment, Itachi himself opens his and quickly dodges Sasuke’s Susanoo. This proves to Sasuke that it is Itachi after all. Impressed Itachi says that he’s impressed by the progress Sasuke has made as he’s been able to master the Susanoo. Sasuke questions Itachi why he’s still alive, Itachi replies with Kabuto’s “Edo Tensei” technique, or Impure World Resurrection. At this point Itachi wont be able to stop since he has “important” things to do, like defeating and stopping the Impure World Resurrection (Edo Tensei), as well as many other things which aren’t clear right now. At this point, Sasuke tells Itachi that he has a ton of questions that he has to ask him. Sasuke shouts at Itachi to ask him if he feels guilty because of his lies to him. Sasuke then reveals that he already knows everything about Itachi as Tobi had already told him this. Itachi tells Sasuke that he’s already told him everything. Sasuke then reveals that he can see through his genjutsu as he has his eyes. Itachi then flashes to Naruto and thinks that Sasuke can only understand Naruto’s Suffering and Determination. Itachi then reveals that Sasuke has changed over the time he was gone, Sasuke replies with that information being wrong, but instead Itachi himself had changed Sasuke’s past and future. Sasuke then thinks of the time where all of his peers had died, and tells himself that he should have also died instead of being kept alive. Tobi now speaks for Itachi’s side as he states that Itachi’s decided to bear the weights of his comrades on his shoulders while killing the Uchiha Clan. It was all because of the discrimination that Uchiha Clan had. Therefore the pupils do not blame him for such a decision. Sasuke questions why he was left alive at this time. Itachi answers with such a caring comment, as Sasuke didn’t know anything about what was happening at the time. He also did not know anything about the Uchiha Clan’s foolish ideas, thus he deserved to live. Itachi also mentions that he needed someone from the Uchiha clan to judge Itachi for his crimes that he had committed, and Sasuke was the perfect person to do so. Itachi had used the hatred within Sasuke to help him judge Itachi, but this plan had failed since Sasuke has now developed the idea that Konoha should be destroyed for their wrong doing, as well as turning Sasuke into a criminal. Itachi had wished Sasuke to take the right path, but unfortunately, Sasuke had taken the wrong path. Itachi hoped that after his death Sasuke would turn into the correct path but the lies and efforts Itachi had placed on Sasuke’s path. At this moment, Itachi smiles and thinks of Naruto, he says that the things he had done guide you to the wrong path, it meant that Naruto had also effected Itachi’s path has he wants to bring him back. We move to where Madara is. He points to Tsunade who is the Medic Ninja within The Ultimate Team. He asks her if she’s the descendant of Hashirama Senju. Madara then threatens Tsunade that she’ll be the first one to die as she is the descendant of Hashirama, as well as not being able to use Mokuton, also that she’s weak and on top of that he says she’s a weak ugly Senju. Tsunade replies that she might not be able to use Mokuton, but what she inherited from Hashirama wasn’t strength but something which continues flowing through the ages. She states that this power is her Will Of Fire!