Sasuke see’s Itachi – Naruto 575

Naruto’s latest Naruto 575 Chapter is literally an incredible start to what could be an amazing moment between Sasuke and Itachi, maybe they’ll fight again or even this time Itachi will tell Sasuke about Tobi really is.

We start this fantastic episode with Madara Uchiha fighting the Five Kages. At this point, the Five Kages are at a disadvantage since they have used a lot of their chakra just to block Madara’s ultimate power.

Mokuton Kourin Kajukai used by Madara which literally elevates the roots from under the ground upwards which covers everything. At this point, The Five Kage’s are trying to get out of there while they are injured. Tsunade notices that the technique used by Madara was actually first used by her Grand Father, who was the First Hokage, Hashirama Senju.

At this point, the Kage’s rise up to see that Madara has created a forest in an instant. At this point, Kabuto mentions that there aren’t ninjas on the same level as Hashirama Senju. He then goes on to say that the people who heard his powers believed it to be a fairy tale, Kabuto’s mission is for him to make this fairy tale into reality.

At this moment, Madara opens his Susanoo which he then uses to attack the Five Kage’s into the ground. Madara then uses his fire technique Katon Kouka Messhitsu which means Magnificent Fire Desctruction. Madara is literally on a roll right now, he doesn’t seem to be stopping as his doing great techniques after techniques.

Here Onoki asks himself if this is the last moment for him. He then has a flash back to when he was talking to one of the Tsuchikage. They talk about how the stone is precious to the Rock Village. The Tsuchikage mentions the the stone itself doesn’t mean anything, what is essential here is the will inside the person. They continue to talk about how Onoki’s will is hiding a strength that can change the world.

At this moment, Onoki flash’s back to where he is currently standing. He uses a technique called the Jinto Genkai Hakuri No Jutsu which allows him to clearly cut around the plants around him in one clean sweep. Madara then comes by to fight, Onoki steps up and starts to fight.

At this point Tsunade then notices that Hashirama Senju’s face has been joined with Madara’s left side. Kabuto explains that Danzou’s prototype is nowhere near Orochimaru’s technique. Kabuto then goes on to reveal that this was their Trump Card as the union between these two are on another level since Hashirama is even more powerful than Madara.

We move onto where Sasuke is located, we see a mysterious person jump from tree branch to branch. We start off when Sasuke had killed all the Zetsu’s. As Sasuke start to run quickly, he notices someone very close to him. His Brother, Itachi Uchiha appears as their fates guides them together one more time.

Itachi has control of himself as he was had placed a jutsu on himself to gain control after someone has used this technique, basically he has neutralized Kabuto’s Summoning: Impure World Resurrection. Sasuke notices his brother Itachi fly by his right side as he jumps from branch to branch. Here the chapter ends.

What an amazing chapter that was! Sasuke’s and Itachi’s second meeting after Itachi was killed is just amazing since this could go two ways. First they could fight since Sasuke may have some hatred for him, or second that Sasuke could be told by Itachi not to destroy the Konoha because of some other stories he may tell. We’ll just have to wait and see whats gonna go down on Naruto 576.

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  1. dreager1

    A fight could be extremely cool, but since Sasuke found out the truth about Itachi he may not want to fight. Instead I could see the second (Though part of me hopes not) Assuming that Itachi convinces Sasuke to stop and they team up to fight Tobi (Saving Naruto in the process) than things may go south. Let’s face it, if anyone beats Tobi it’ll be Naruto. So after Sasuke and Itachi are destroyed Naruto has to avenge them by destroying Tobi. Then the series ends on that high note.

    As for Naruto’s friends who are coming….Tobi will knock them all out.This definitely was a great chapter

    1. Sunite

      Completely agree! Itachi will try to convince Sasuke, but may not work…?
      Naruto has and HAS to fight Sasuke for a last time.. since it’s all what we want!! If it doesn’t happen, a lot of the viewers will be disappointed…

      1. dreager1

        Plus viewers aside….I’d be GREATLY disappointed! I’ve been looking foward to that fight for ages. It’s definitely been years at this point. If Itachi and Sasuke fight I’d say Sasuke would definitely win this round. Though Itachi’s still an S Rank shinobi so he should be able to put up a great fight.

        1. Sunite

          True, but since his died once, his powers have greatly decreased… So Sasuke would win… Sasuke vs Naruto is all the Naruto fans want at this point, the anime is starting to get boring to me, while Manga is starting to get better and better!

  2. dreager1

    Is the anime still in filler? I know before they had started that again. Once this arc is animefied it’ll get good again. Naruto vs Sasuke has the potential to be the best Naruto fight ever!!! I’m actually not sure what my favorite fight is……I’ll have to think on that one. It’s definitely a Sasuke fight

    1. Sunite

      The anime is at the part where Naruto gets his Chakra mode and notices that the blade that Bee has, has something dark within it… Next episode is all about Kisame and his background story… boring!

      I’d say the best fight of Sasuke is against his brother Itachi, unless Naruto vs Sasuke happens, it’s still going to be that one…
      Hopefully it’ll last very long, like most DBZ battles do lol

  3. dreager1

    Yeah, that part wasn’t that good. Of course that means the anime is getting closer to the good stuff.

    Sasuke vs Itachi defniitely was an intense fight and for now that’s mine also. Sasuke vs Naruto just has so much potential. Sasuke vs Raikage may be my second favorite fight. It was short, but cool.

    I hope it’s a long fight. I still remember Goku vs Frieza….good times.

    1. Sunite

      haha yeh Sasuke v Raikage is my second lol That was a good fight… showed how much Sasuke is able to handle… since Raikage is powerful as hell!

      I’v only seen random episodes of DBZ, so not really an expert.. but yeah that fight was really long!

  4. SpaZI

    Certainly a chapter with a WoW effect!!! :D
    Range of possibilities from this chapter… 1. Susano Gundam!! 2. Itachi & Sasuke Confrontation (Most probably Talk no jutsu or fight!! for death-closure for itachi or Co-op vs Kabuto :D) 3. Sauke’s gonna get an upgrade sooner than expected (Rinnigan Probably) 4. Madara is pretty much an armoured juggernaut equiped with riot shield who shoots predator missles out of his highniyyy… :D

    1. Sunite

      Hahah lots and lots of modern warefare lingo…
      Yup agree with all what you said, there are possibilities, but the one i think will happen is that Sasuke and Itachi will talk and Itachi will train/give a power to Sasuke making him even more powers…. Itachi will explain whats going on with the battle as well as the true story behind the killing of the Uchiha Squad…
      And then Sasuke may cry… and he may again feel something and not go kill Naruto but work together with him to defeat Tobi…

      1. SpaZI

        Yeah maybe theyll Talk or Co-op vs Kabuto…. but i doubt there wud be training in such war timing. Maybe a power transfer quickie!! :D but probability is low…. i mean Sasuke already has itachi’s eyes, so im guessing he has all his mangekyo abilities aswell (Still to be confirmed),…. Maybe he already has that Sealing Sword & Defensive shield / All-Jutsu Reflector / absorber from Itachi’s Susanou….. Thing is Sasuke is already among the Uchiha Greats so in my opinion maybe,… just maybe a confrontation with Madara will happen leading to revelations / power upgrading thru fights (bla bla) and then well have a classic overpowered Uchiha bada** out to pawn some Senju highniyyy…. :D

        1. SpaZI

          Or maybe Itachi will just ignore Sasuke an go after Kabuto…. And as they fight Sasuke will stay hidden an listen as both itachi and Kabuto lay out thyr inner most dark secrets while figthing each other…. and just when Itachi is about to be desummoned after defeating / getting another one ripped into him by kabuto Sasuke will jump out …”Niiiiiiii SaaaaaaaaaaaaNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!”….. And then sum gooey moment as itachi vapourises in sasuke’s arms not before convieniantly blurting out a sentence or two or most probably his whole life story to sasuke…….
          An then “WHOOSSSHHHH!!!!!” *Enter* Fully Upgraded Super-Pissed-Emo-Kid With Super Dark Chakra out for revenge against the whole world for his brother’s death….. :P
          *:D* i dont know seems more like kishi’s style … Dark, Tragic, and super melodramatic served with an end course of penultimate climax……

          1. Sunite

            looool great logic, very accurate :D if that comes true, i wont be surpriced caz you’ve just spoiled it for me xDD lool
            But Kabuto has gotten really powerful so it’ll be an amazing match.. so some assistance from Sasuke will be needed!

        2. Sunite

          It’s said that Itachi is going to go and find Kabuto… I think it’ll be better if Sasuke joins him… and thus postponing the Sasuke vs Naruto match… so they can keep making more manga and more episode… But for the viewers it’ll be a little crap since they really want to see the match!

  5. Prince

    I think Itachi already planned for Naruto to stop Sasuke. He has no intention of meeting up with him, plus Sasuke is not even on his radar at the moment. They both have a difference in opinions about war and restoration of their clan. If Sasuke finds out that Itachi was resurrected by Kabuto, he may seek vengeance on Kabuto since he is a self-proclaimed avenger and all, or he’ll just continue to where Naruto is for his revenge on Konoha Village. Itachi’s mission right now is to end Kabuto, which is a key move in stopping Madara, which’ll save the 5 Kage. He’s not gonna even bother w/ Sasuke I believe.

    1. Sunite

      Yup completelly agree with what you said, They both have choices, either move on or chat and explain stuff out…

      Personally it would be better if they talked to get things out of the way, for example asking questions about the real identity of Tobi or even The real purpose for the war, and how Sasuke is connected…

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