[SPOILER] The Thousand-Year Blood War – Final Arc

Final Arc The Thousand-Year Blood War

The latest Bleach Arc has started! The Thousand-Year Blood War is the last arc of Bleach, therefore Bleach as a series, manga and anime is coming to a end. I, as well as other dedicated fans, are all unhappy due to this disappointing news.

Although this is the last Arc, Tite Kubo would had to make this the best Arc, bringing all the loose ends to and end. Most dedicated fans have been guessing what could happen during this Final Arc. Here’s a list of what could happen as well as information about the new arc you should know:

  • Aizen is going to reappear in the next arc, he will be in restraints. – Confirmed
  • Grimmjow is alive and will return to be Ichigo’s friend. – Confirmed
  • Isshin and Ryuken’s past will be revealed. – Confirmed
  • Urahara’s shady nature will unfold.
  • Yoruichi’s past will be told.
  • New characters are going to be introduced. – Confirmed
  • Nel is also likely to return. – Confirmed
  • Soul King, Royal Guard and Royal Families information will get revealed. – Confirmed
  • The Royal Guard’s (Zero Division) will be forced out due to the threat being too large of a factor to deal with. – Confirmed
  • Quincy’s maybe re-introduced. – Confirmed
  • Vandenreich’s Quincy Powers will have evolved from Uryu’s Quincy Powers. – Confirmed 
  • The Vandenreich’s Palace is located at the tip of a large ice cliff. It is located underground below somewhere and unexpectedly close. – Confirmed
  • Tier Harribel is likely to come back. – Confirmed
  • Mayuri’s research will be the key to this arc. – Confirmed
  • Specially Mayuri’s research on bodies will be key in this arc.
  • Mayuri has different “faces”, which he can change at any time. – Confirmed
  • Shunsui will use his Bankai in this arc.
  • The history of Shunsui and the pink Haori will be told.
  • Hitsugaya has perfected his Bankai. The chain on his Zanpakuto have changed.
  • Toshiro has not grown taller over the 17 Months. – Confirmed
  • Rangiku’s past will be the key to the arc.
  • Renji’s Bankai has changed. – Confirmed
  • The true form of Unohana’s Zanpakuto will be shown. – Confirmed
  • The secret behind Ichigo’s birth will be revealed. – Confirmed
  • Masaki Kurosaki was thought to be killed by the Grand Fisher, but Ichigo and Isshin do not believe this. The truth will be revealed. – Confirmed
  • Masaki Kurosaki to be revealed as a Quincy. – Confirmed
  • Unknown “0 Division” information revealed. – Confirmed
  • What occurred in the 17th Months after Ichigo lost his Shinigami powers will be told.
  • What became of the other Visored/Vizored will be revealed.
  • Hiyori’s fate will be revealed.
  • Unohana will fight in this arc, the form of her Zanpakuto will be revealed, her braids unravel when she fights. – Confirmed
  • Unohana’s past will be important to other Captains. – Confirmed
  • A large number of Shinigami’s including Vice Captains and Captains will die. – Confirmed
  • The new arc will take place in an Ice palace beneath somewhere. – Confirmed
  • The number of villains in this arc will start out small but increase gradually. – Confirmed
  • New villains have the ability to remove Hollows from existence as well as kill them in mass. – Confirmed
  • Ichigo is “a true blood”, Grand Fisher said, this will be revealed. – Confirmed
  • Kubo says the Soul Society Arc was about Rukia, Arrancar arc was about Orihime and Lost Substitute Arc was about Sado. Based on this, the new arc will likely be about Uryu. – Confirmed
Updated: 19:12 13/01/2014

As I discovered and dig up more information about the new Arc I will keep adding more and more information, keep up and watch this space. I do hope that this final arc will be extremely long to compensate for all these loose ends, so all the secrets behind all the characters could be told. If you have any other extra information, please comment below.

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  1. Linus135

    Wow lot of info there lol. Umm this is just an idea..but I think Yamamoto will die/announce his successor whom I personally believe will be Hitsugaya since his powers are over 9000 for his age with Unohana, Kyoraku and Ukitake will be like advisors or something. :P I hope this is a long arc and honestly the whole Aizen thing was long if you consider it starting from when Rukia was saved to when Aizen died.

    1. james

      i like that you made guesses on alot of diffrent ideas but 95% of the ideas that were confirmed were all things that you either knew about iin advance or could look up those facts. and linus aizen isnt dead urahara just sealed him away with kido pretty much how head captain and Ginrei did to Koga. and about Reitsu Unohana they showed the true form of her Zanpaktou back when ichigo saved rukia from the execution. she used minazuki to transport and start healing the vice captains ichigo hurt right before his fight with byakuya kuchiki.

      1. Sunite

        The info above have not yet been showed anywhere, not the anime, not the manga. But in fact during one of Kubo’s interviews, he was asked about what’s likely to happen within the Final Arc. So basically, I’ll yeah, it’s likely to happen. A lot of it has already been showed within the Final Arc, but things like Aizen returning or Grimmjow coming back is likely to happen in the near future.

      1. Sunite

        Oh yeahh It’s awesome how we still haven’t seen it… We’ve seen her shikai but not her Bankai… I think now that she has the vice-captain thing, she would be able to open and release it :D it’ll be awesome to see it

        1. Ne3X7

          Heard in some episode, that Byakuya is saving her from the fights, so she isn’t a vice. Now she’s got experience in fighting serious arrancars. Now she’s a vice captain. This may mean some new techniques of her, but I doubt it is a Bankai. Perhaps a little bit later, not this year. Undoubtly it will be awesome, I think her Bankai will be like Ichigo’s and Hitsugaya’s – involving changes in outlook of master of a sword. Something white, you know :D

          1. Sunite

            Yeah that would be fantastic, hmm have to agree, hopefully she gets a new look like you said, but nothing like hitsugaya’s because he’s doesn’t looks as awesome. Possibly if she somehow turns into ice itself as he bankai, freezing anything around her and if she blows up she can somehow put herself together lol but i think im thinking too much about it

            1. nick dunn

              That would be cool! I really want to see her Bankai. They cant show it now cause they dont have anything to counter the Vandenreich from stealing it. Her Bankai will be something awesome and might look like her Zanpakuto Spirit, Sodeo Shigyushi. A ice kimono. I bet her Stern Ritter opponent is female.

              1. Ne3X7

                Sode no Shiroyuki, loool :) yeah , hope it will involve some great power up for her :)

                Unfortunately, Kubo can’t snow any Bankai now, because it will be stolen :(

                1. Sunite

                  Lol I searched up the spirit of the sword and I was like what this? lol didn’t find it at all, but your Sode no Shirayuki was right :P

                  Yeah if they do show it they’ll get stolen, we’ll have to wait for Mayuri or Urahara to somehow come up with a solution. Im hoping the hype in bleach just climbs and climbs…

    2. Sunite

      Im sure it will be a long arc as the anime has a lot of explaining to do… Hopefully, it’ll be 150/200 more episodes..

      I don’t understand how Hitsugaya’s power is over 9000 years old? I’ve never heard this before lol…
      If someone did replace Yamamoto, it would be someone from the Royal Families e.g. Byakuya…

      Also keep in mind that Tite Kubo has drawn all the characters from the Royal Families, Royal Guards and I think Soul King too..

          1. nick dunn

            Dont worry, Bleach will last a good 6 years in the Manga. And 9 years for the Anime. Cause they always put Arc’s in there that not part of the story line. Like Anime-excusive. Put it all together and its 9 years. Maybe 10 right when it ends. 20th aniversury baby!! :-D

            1. Sunite

              you mean fillers which go in between the actual manga related animes. Yeah they are nice and hopefully do last a very long time. haha yeah 20 years is going to be awesome

        1. Sunite

          What I said was my opinion, I didn’t mean to offend who I THINK could replace Yamamoto, and if it does come true, or if someone from another noble family replaces Yamamoto then it would be correct wouldn’t it?

      1. Linus135

        LOL the “over 9000” was a joke haha…it’s a saying that originated from Dragonball Z…I just meant that his powers are really incredible for his age :P

  2. KB

    Pretty good info. I’m hoping they tell Kenpachi’s story and give him a bankai. If Grimmjow returns it would be with Yami preferably since he’s still alive too. I recall reading somewhere that some Espada may return as shinigami. The Thousand Year Blood War sounds like something epic but the story at this point could go in any direction. Aizen returning seems likely but it’s more a matter of how they bring him back in my opinion. If this is the final arc they should definitely be answering those plot holes and use that as a means to introduce their new characters. If they start off with new people as a focus it could sour the entire story. Bleach writers always seem to build a great overall story with many characters, which is also one of my favorite points of the series. What if its like Ichigo is Yammato’s grandson or something haha.

    1. james

      my prediction with zaraki kenpachi is this. i think just like with ichigo having multiple souls residing inside him ex zangetsu and his hollow. i believe zaraki will also have a hollow inside of him. if you recall his and ichigos first fight at the end when zangetsi said he would have to decide the outcome of the fight with a single blow and when they both started running to give the final blow a hollow mask appeared out of ichigos rieatsu and the same happened with kenpachi. or this is a long shot but i think its possible since no one really know much about kenpachis 2nd seat and he doesnt even know the name of his zanpaktou i think it could possibly be the lil girl hes always with his vice captain………

      1. Sunite

        Hmm I’m pretty sure that Zaraki didn’t show a mask, only Ichigo had his mask shown as it helped him. Yeah, 2nd Seat Yachiru is a mystery, she never fights and it’ll be awesome to see her Shikai or Bankai in these fights…

        1. Ne3X7

          I’m sure Zaraki has some unknown power (because this great spiritual pressure/reiatsu(/Reishi you call it) must have some original source), but I doubt it is hollowification.

          Yeah, there was some animation behind his back, the same was in his fight with Nnoitora, but it’s not a hollow mask, it is a skull.

    2. Deondre

      Yammato: ………Ichigo, I am your Grand Father *breathes loudly* Ichigo: Oh, then it’s a good thing I didn’t kill you and take over soul society Yammato: 0.0 o.o 0.o

    3. Sunite

      I also wanted Tite Kubo to come up with a story for Kenpachi… Fortunately, Tite Kubo wanted to add Kenpachi’s background story of how he become a Captain… But he thought it would make this final arc irrelevant…

      Hmm, im pretty sure that Grimmjow will return to be Ichigo’s ally, but not really sure about Espada’s becoming shinigami’s since they are hybrids of Hollows and Humans (I think)

      Ahah Yamamoto and Ichigo don’t really have any resemblance… Other fans are saying that Ichigo’s family was actually one of the Noble Families e.g. Byakuya Clans who were deeply respected until something happened… This could be explaining during Isshin’s Past…

      1. james

        something epic had to have happend to ichigos father isshin inthe past in order for him to have had to use the final getsuga tenshou form. because if you remember when isszhin brought ichigo into the precipice world he told ichigo that he would have to be carefull because zangetsu wouldnt willingly give the info on the final G.T and that it was the same for his “engetsu”…………

        1. Sunite

          Yes very true! It’s still unknown how Isshin knows so much about Ichigo’s power or even knows so much about the past of Soul Society. Both Isshin and Urahara are so intertwined that they seem to know a lot of info. Plus Ginjo had a picture of Isshin, not sure what he meant by it, he never revealed what Isshin truly did. It’s a serious mystery that has to be told in this Final Arc!

        2. Ne3X7

          Well, he doesn’t seem to have used Final Getsuga Tenshou, because he’s still got his sr powers.

          I think he learnt this technique just to be sure he has something for a verrrry bad situation. Ace in the hole, in English, yeah?

          About serious cases Isshin survived in, I think one is his SS story. He was a captain, he has a zanpakuto. Now he’s in the human world and still has a zanpakuto. Just like Urahara! And Ginjo said, that they both have some deal Ichigo doesnot know about. We know, that Urahara’s story is connected with vizards, and we know, that Isshin was not a captain already, when Urahara came to SS Gotei 13. And we know, that Ginjo’s story happened after Urahara’s one. So, something must have happened in the real world with Urahara and Isshin, and Ginjo was somehow involved in it or heard about it.

          I doubt Ichigo has any connection to anyone in Gotei 13. Maybe the Royal Family or Noble Clans of the past.

          Yeah, about Royal family, it doesn’t exist. The King of Souls is a THING. Urahara and Aizen confirmed that in 309. I’m eager to see its outlook, it must be tentaklous XD

          1. nick dunn

            Well Urahara said Isshin regined his powers back. If he was a Captain of the Gotei 13 ( i believe was squad 10 ) then he must have been framed for something very bad like Urahara and Teesai. The Central 46 took his powers away and sent to the world of the living. And Jushiro was the one that gave Ginjo his Shinigami powers. But he strongly resembles the 7th Kenpachi, Kuruyashiki Kenpachi. He was squad 11 Captain about 250 years ago. I think Kuruyashiki and Ginjo are the same person. Cause the Gotei 13 said Ginjo killed so many Shinigami to strengthen his own powers. Kuruyashiki had a Bankai that has the power to absorb the soul of his opponents. The Royal Guard ask Kuruyashiki to become a member, but he said no. His Vice-Captain and the 8th Kenpachi, Azashiro Kenpachi defeated him and killed him. But i think he survived and became a human, aka Ginjo. Azashiro had a Zanpakuto was a element type and could form into nearly any type. His power was so dangerous, that the Royal Guard was ordered to defeated and capture him. None of there powers or abilities worked on him. But he was only defeated by Kendo. The Royal Guard member who defeated him is currently unknown. He was sentenced to the Muken, the 8th and final level of the maggots nest. In The Spirits Are Forever With You, 17 months after Aizens defeat, he was reported missing and escape from the Muken. Aizen said himself his Kyoka Suigestu has no effect against his powers.

            1. Ne3X7

              You’re telling me a story completely different from the one in Bleach, it is a novel by some author, not Tito Kubo. So I wouldn’t recommend you to rely on it very much.

              But hell yeah, it looks so pretty logical and twisted! Like it very much. Damn, if Kubo tells this story somehow in manga, it’ll be awesome.

            2. Rodel Hammond Richardson

              I’ve watched the entire bleach series right up to 366 and also read the manga and haven’t heard or seen anything related to what you’re saying. There’s no mention of the previous Kenpachi except in Maki Ichinose’s flashback and still they never revealed his name or face.

      2. Skyline

        Kubo talked about Ichigo’s bloodline in that interview, so I wonder if Ichigo is in family with the spirit king or so. It could be the Kurosakis is a royal family too though…

        1. Sunite

          But a lot of people at SS haven’t heard of the Kurosaki surname.. Which suggests that a lot people haven’t heard of Isshin even if he has shinigami powers

              1. Jordan

                also when ichigo went to the soul society the first time lots of people said that ichigo locks like someone else but rukia kept saying that i wasn’t him

  3. dreager1

    Yeah, I’d say a lot of those things will happen, though here are 2 more that I think will happen.

    1. Ichigo will get some sort of new Super Form with unimaginable power
    2. Zaraki will get a bankai

    I don’t see those not happening. Though this arc will be great, I’m not sure if it could beat Arc 2. That arc had everything

    1. Sunite

      Personally I think the anime doesnt have room for more super forms… I think if he’s able to control his Final Hollow Form then that would be a massive accomplishment by Ichigo.. as well as using Mugetsu multiple times would be better, in stead of losing his powers afterwards…

      I think Kubo has mentioned that Zaraki may not get a Bankai since he doesnt even learn his swords name… But you never know it could pop out of somewhere…

      1. dreager1

        I don’t know about he super forms. What big manga has a final arc without a new super form? In DBZ the final arc had SSJ3. In Naruto the (possibly) final arc has Naruto’s Bijuu form. In Shaman King Yoh got an all powerful super form. And so on. I doubt Bleach would be the one left out

        As for Zaraki I sure hope he gets one.

          1. Skyline

            Personally I’m really hoping for his mask to continually grow stronger as last time. Or get horns. Horns would be epic!

              1. Hassan0297

                I really want ichigo and hichigo to team up and fight.i hope ichigo learns how to bring him out.or is that impossible?

                1. Sunite

                  He’s been able to use Hollow Ichigo’s powers using the mask, so yeah it’s possible, hopefully during the transformation it’s hopefully more then a mask… a full body or his bankai or shikai changes would also be awesome!

                2. Jordan Partridge

                  i think that it would be awesome if ichigo’s bankia were to have bothe holow powers and fullbring powers as well as shinigami powers

          2. Sunite

            Hopefully there is! Since Ichigo’s current Hollow Form is awesome, but i’d like him to become even more better as there might be some other things which Ichigo’s Hollow can change! Can’t Wait! And Sorry I dont know if there is, but i hope soo..

        1. Sunite

          Yes that true….. Hopefully Tite Kubo has one more ultimate form, which this times is easy to control for Ichigo… and probably make the plot really amazing!
          Yeh i think everyone wants zaraki to get one, but with Zaraki, if Tite Kubo messes up, then he will ruin the whole thing about Zaraki being strong…. Thats why he has to create one impressive form for his bankai and shikai and awesome name for the sword too….

  4. csdsd

    I think ít’s the best not to give zaraki a bankai because we all think he’s great because he doesn’t have one. It’s like batman having superpowers. Let zaraki just stay like he is because that’s zaraki kenpachi, the shinigami without bankai.

    And Grimmjow has to return, if not, the arc is a failure!!!!!!

    1. Sunite

      Well yeh, since its the last arc, everything would have had to happen like showing his bankai… but i think he’s too powerful for most enemies so there might be a low chance of him showing his bankai

      1. Ne3X7

        Yeah, Keoraku’s verry powerful, but the Quincy fighting him OS also a powerful man. On the other hand, he can steal Keoraku’s Bankai. So I think his Bankai will be shown and will be very powerful, but not now. It willmbemshown right the time, when shinegami learn how to protect their bankais or to fight Quincy somehow.

        Aizen’s Bankai was never shown, even it’s existence never confirmed. The absolute (perfect) hypnosis is his shikai, true power of the sword and is reveled with the special command, like shikai.

        Yoruichi (Yorouchi) said that all the captains except Zaraki have bankais. Later, 4 squad vice said Aizen sad shown his shikai and bankai to everyone in the SS, but we know, it was hypnosis and we know, that hypnosis is his shikai. So, we don’t know if Aizen has a Bankai.

        1. nick dunn

          He does have a Bankai. Every Shinigami that became a Captain of the Gotei 13 has achieved Bankai. Execpt Zaraki. They have to release it infront of at least four Captains. For Urahara, it was Yamamoto, Restu, Yoruichi, and Ginrei. Aizen does have a Bankai, he just never needed to release it. We’ll all see it soon. We’ll see everyone’s Bankai. And Yoruichi’s and Teresa’s Shikai & Bankai. Kirio Hikifune too.

        1. Sunite

          I don’t seem to recollect but I think he only used the power of the Key (the circular ball he had)…
          But I think Aizen’s power was that he was able to trap people in a type of dream, and he could change everything about that world.. And the way to get people in his trap but just by looking at his sword…

  5. Ajam

    I think this arc will be about the returning Quincy waging war against yamato. In the first manga chapter we see Ivan Adzigaro (who is a quincy) visit Ichigo and wage battle against him. We also hear about people who could destroy hollows from existance and remove them in mass…and i think i recall sumwer that the quincys could do this…this was why they wer exterminated, or rather we thought they wer exterminated. Basically, I think its about revenge. All these things of Aizen and vizards returning is just speculation, I hope they dont return.

    1. Sunite

      Yup, as its written in the articles, this arc is based around Uryu and Quincies… since it was Rukia during her Soul Society Arc, Orihime during the Arrancar Arc and Chad during the Fullbring Arc.

      Also as you mentioned that you don’t want any of the Vizards to return… Well i don’t agree because characters like Grimmjoww need a more screen time!! After like 18 months! it’s going to be amazing!

  6. Kori Tieho

    This is going to be epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m only two chapters in and I’m already sucked in!!!! I just wish that Bleach wouldn’t end so soon, there is still so much left to be told!!!!

  7. dmpe13

    i hope to see unohana fight n use her bankai! n also hope to see halibel back since orihime healed her like it said on the bleach official character book 3!!!

      1. Shin Bleach

        Unohanas bankai hasn’t been showed up and this willl be about Quincysand declaring war to Soul Society and Aizen will be returned in this arc and he will help ichigo i just dont know how but he will!(Aizen its still not dead he is sealed or something like that)

        1. Sunite

          instead of Aizen, i’d prefer Grimmjow returning since he has a better past with Ichigo.. so they could have a stronger friendship or something between them…

          1. Sunite

            He’s awesome, but it’s likely that he wont be making a come back because he did die within his Final Form… It was sad, I think Orihime liked him a little

  8. Tefho Tobias Wyatt Gabonthone

    Well it’s actually quite obvious that ichigo is tied to the soul king somehow and might even succes him yadayadayada, but hey i’m seriously waiting for it i live in Gaborone, Botswana in Africa and i can’t stress how hopelessly hooked i am to bleach(if only life after death you choose an anime you wan’t to potray i’d choose bleach

    1. Sunite

      I think if you download it or watch it online… then you could watch it :P
      Or you could start watching the Manga from where the Anime itself drops off… so you’ve got lots to get through lol

  9. Caleb

    I cant wait. I am glad that they are bringing back Nel. I think that one of the key story lines that should follow this being the last entry would be who his mother really is. When Eizen tried to tell Ichigo his father interupted him before he could say anything.. All he got out was that Ichigo was part human.. Im kind of hoping that maybe his mother was a member of the Royal family.. I think that would be a good way to finish off the story. Im going to be having withdrawls untill the season starts up again. Its to bad it has to end. I truly believe that this story could go on forever. I would never stop watching it.. In fact now im going to start from the begining again.

    1. Sunite

      haha The old episodes are amazing! Also some people have been saying that Ichigo’s family belongs to one of the branches from the royal family… Hopefully Tite will tell what’ll happen!

  10. dreamingofthepast

    All I can say is that I’m EXTREMELY excited for the final arc after hearing so much about it and reading the first few chapters. Although I have a lot of high hopes for it, I’m just going to go ahead and watch how it goes instead of trying to predict everything. (Because I’m excited for everything. haha.)
    But I’ve always seriously wanted to see Yachiru’s zanpakutou. ^^

    1. Sunite

      A lot of stuff is going to be revealed in the final arc! Hopefully the anime will be picked up by another network and so it will be shown there… (did you hear the anime’s been cancelled?)
      There’s a lot of stuff I want to see in the new upcoming chapters! Can’t wait!

  11. Awesome

    Nels coming back….
    Grimmjows coming back back…
    Truth revealed about the pasts….
    AIZEN RE-APPEARS…(My favourite).

    –This arc is gonna be the the God of Epicness.

  12. matthew

    wow much data to proccess but many good storylines to look forward to… like Ichigo being human and … maby part of the royal line .. and what does that mean –or how his life will be different with the bloodline revealed.– and to see how the soul king has its role in the soul society and the human world will be neat to see etc. etc. neat show and will keep my eye out for the series to start. Ichigos sword has changes its look from the slim desighn to a a large one.. plus he supposedly gained the powers of the captains when he received there spirit powers thats interesting.

    1. Sunite

      Theres certainly lots of things to take in! Hopefully the Final Arc will be longer then the arrancar arc as well as other arcs so we can see alll the spoilers above be revealed and make sence!! It’s all connected!

  13. Czan

    On the topic of Grimmjow, I personally think that Ichigo is going to save him from quincies. After that Grimmjow would probably either dissappear again for a while or stay as a side (not allied with Ichigo but disliking him more for saving him), and then saving Ichigo at some point during one of his moments of sadness. Though I think Grimmjow will be staying in Hueco Mundo and never officially ally himself with any shinigami/visored/ect. Harribel on the other hand seems a little more likely, at least to the extent of wanting to hold piece between Hueco Mundo and Soul Society.

    As for Aizen, if he returns I think it will be brief, almost definately restrained. Possibly visited by Hinamori. For Kennys bankai, I’d say no. It would be great if he found out his zanpaktous name, but not achieve bankai, and seems a little more likely to me.

    Now to Ichigo, I’m sure Kubo will give him another huge buff form. They seem to really enjoy it, and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised. I’m hoping to see hollow ichigo in his spirit world again, and possibly turning the tables for Ichigo in a time of despair (possibly the same one Grimmjow saves him during, if that happens). And for his mom, I don’t think it would be to great of a stretch to assume she was a shinigami, or atleast had a relevant amount of spiritual power to where she could be effective against hollows to a degree.

    Side notes, I would love to see the Bankai’s that haven’t been reveal yet, and hope they make them worth having been hidden. Nel getting her older form back permanently and being aligned with Ichigo and his group seems likely to me. If something were to happen to Yamamoto, I’m sure Toshiro will get the place as head captain after some time passed, though I’m sure if Yamamoto ‘died’, he would come back later in the arc, just due to how strong he is. And to stumble back to the Aizen part, if the Soul King’s apperance is revealed, I think it might be in the presence of Aizen as well as Ichigo and any others.

    1. Ne3X7

      Не русский, нет? Your English is very good :)

      Your thoughts are very close to mine And also to the truth I think, because your idea about Grimmjow is very original and Kubo-like.

      However, I can’t agree with your point on Hallibel, she’s tainted in the Vandenreich Jail and can’t team up with Ichigo immediately. Moreover, she seems to me the last one to join SS side in the war with Vandenreich. She hated shinegami, I think.

      I also doubt Aizen’s appearance will be short and not epic. I want him to come back in his full power. He might team up Ichigo. But he won’t be accepted by SS I think and will have to show his good side.

      For Ichigo, what do you think, can he gain quincy-power? From Uryuu’s father, for e.g. About hollowification, it must return, because Ichigo’s alter-ego was one of the bleach’s best attractions. @ Sunite, Hichigo never said so, he said that somewhen all Ichigo’s power will be his. But the idea is superb! It’s now my dream of Hichigo teaching Ichigo his techniques.

      Again straight to Czan, side notes are even better, than the whole idea. But I don’t understand, why everyone believes Hitsugaya will be the next Captain Commander. I think it will be Keoraku if he is alive to the moment :D

      1. nick dunn

        Good point. I dont get it either. Toshiro is powerful but he’s the weakest Captain and i do believe Shunsui will the the Captain-General. But about Halibel, she will join Ichigo when they save her, he saved her Fracciones from Kirge, and she carries about them so much that she would pay gratitude to Ichigo and join him, not the Gotei 13. She doesn’t like them, like the Vizards. Only fighting with them. Grimmjow too, he and Ichigo will be good friends. And no i dont think Ichigo will learn Quincy powers. But his Hollow Mask yes. And Aizen will never team up with Ichigo. He’s strong enough to be on his own.

      2. Czan

        For Hallibel I think you may be right, now that I think of it. She did have some big dislike for them, with Grimmjow being the bloodlust sort (not the best way to put it, but I’m half asleep haha…)

        I don’t doubt it will be epic when Aizen reappears, but I still believe it will be short. Perhaps SS will go to him for help, but thats a minor speculation I haven’t put much thought into either. I think they’ll try to avoid giving him a large role in this arc, even towards the end.

        I don’t think he has a chance of getting quincy powers, that seems just silly to me. But I could be wrong, maybe they’ll make him some middle ground of humans, shinigami, quincies and hollows. I haven’t been paying quite as much attention lately so I may have missed some signs suggesting otherwise.

        And for the whole Hitsugaya thing, that’s the main reason why I think he would be next. He’s not known for being the most powerful, so maybe he won’t appear as much as other captains throughout the arc, and come out alot stronger at the end. he has alot of potential, which is the main reason I think he’d be the Commander. I don’t think Keiraku (I have no idea how to spell his name) would take the position, even if it was offered. He seems to laid back, and like Starkk, probably wouldn’t want to be the top guy, even if power wise he was (not saying Starkk was, the attitude is were the comparison ended).

    2. Sunite

      Most of what you had mentioned I agree with. Personally I also think that Grimmjow had somehow been captured by the Quincy and in a jail somewhere, because he may not want to be used as a pawn for the King. It would be awesome for Ichigo and Grimmjow to get a relationship going, possible like bros.
      It’s somewhat likely that he will be saved by Ichigo, and he’s going to hate Ichigo for a while, until he reaches a point where he saves Ichigo from a moment and helps him defeat some Quincy’s.
      Also I’d really like to see Ichigo’s awesome new Hollow Form because that would just be epic! It would blow my mind!!
      Possibly, now Hollow Ichigo has replaced Zangetsu, because Hichigo had told Zangetsu to teach him well or something during their first encounter… So hopefully now, Ichigo will dig from Hollow Powers!!
      Yamamoto dying is possible, but this would be best placed during the few last episode, because it would just make it so that there’s going to be another captain commander which may take over, basically making everyone think about it.
      Soul King is currently by top priority for Bleach, really want to have a peak of who or what they are. It’s possible somewhat related to the king of Vandenreich… We’ll just have to hope and see until it’s all ready to be released!

  14. kill_the_brat

    i hope i does not end , it will be like a wound which was not fully healed and will bleed , in my opinion villains should be more powerful and flashy , and at least we should know who going out with whom

  15. King Hichigo

    My prediction are these:

    Quincies are going to invade soul society (which happened recently) and they’ll be killing the Shinigami as well as the captain commander, and on the run of fighting the Quincies, Captain Yamamoto will call all of the captain to fight with all of their powers, most of them will show their bankai and some will still hold back, but I wish Ukitate and Kyoraku to release their bankai, and how I wish I see Yoruichi’s zanpaktou, because of all this time she didn’t use any sword but in shinigami world it is required to have a zanpaktou, and another thing for Arrancar, maybe Aizen will appear with all f the other Espadas that’s all revived by him, like Yammy, Starkk, Barragan, Ulqiorra, Nnoitra and Zommari, I didn’t call the 8th and 9th because they died in the 4th movie of Bleach and on anime (little promo) as well, and with Aizen and espada they’re gonna take over Hueco Mundo once more but in the end Aizen is still in pain of being sealed so his power is cut off so the other Espada will go all out while Aizen finds the remaining parts of his plan, the creation of King’s key, and he’ll find he way to the leader of Vandreich and they’ll fight for it

    For Ichigo I think his new form would be likely Shinigami+Vizard+Fullbring+*new power and for Uryuu I find him being shocked of what’s happening in Hueco Mundo the invasion and the revival of whole Quincy clan and he’ll immediately call for his dad and his dad will tell him that the leader of Vandreich the King of the previous Quincy that has a connection with the Captain Commander of Soul Society, their once a partner in exterminating the hollows, but in knowing that Quincy’s way of killing hollow harms the balance of nature, Shinigami tries to exterminate the whole clan of Quincy and he’s now back for revenge for Captaiin Commander

    That’s how I see things, I don’t have the idea for Grimjjow that much but I want to see that Ichigo will see him sneaking in Vandreich headqurters and looking for some thing, somehow like that

    1. Sunite

      Your theory seems to be somewhat legit, but I presume that Aizen will not go back to controlling Hueco Mundo because he will be shown in restrains, because he’s got a 12,000 years jail sentence.
      The part about Uryu knowing the name from he’s dad seems correct because at this point, he will realize that Ichigo and the others are fighting a great enemy. Thus he will need to go back to Hueco Mundo or the Vandenreich’s HQ to help them out.

      Hopefully most of the Arrancar’s will come back. Specially Grimmjow!! Possibly, His Majesty had Grimmjow captured from before, and when Ichigo goes to capture Harribel, he notices Grimmjow also captured, so he helps him out. Grimmjow asks him why and they some intimate moment of them being friends and their fight being repeated a few times… lol

      As for Ichigo’s new power! Hopefully it’ll be something amazing! As you said, Shinigami+Vizard+Fullbring+New Power! Maybe, plus he’s Skull Clad form from the Hell Chapter! Hopefully, Ichigo will find a couple of amazing enemies such as Grimmjow and Ulquiorra which makes Ichigo train himself even more so he can beat them! FINAL ARC IS GOING TO BE AMAZING!

      1. King Hichigo

        well for Aizen I must say his power is yet to be revealed, so my theory has a great support, Aizen’s shikai alone can fake any thing so what if his bankai can do a lot more than just illusion, and Aizen sentenced doesn’t mean that he’s going to be there forever it’s way too unrealistic for me, maybe Soul Society will find a way to end his life rendering his escape because of some still faithful comrades around him.

        So for the espadas I must say there’s maybe a way to revived them or recreate them with Aizen’s hogyoku materialization is not impossible, so there’s a high possibility that he will revive them because they put up a decent fight with captains, or maybe he’ll create a new specie of hollow, way beyond the first batch of espadas.

        For Ichigo, I’m must say I’m more curious on what extension of power he can have, maybe Hichigo will make a big move now on taking over Ichigo’s body,
        and Ichigo maybe can do a power combining Tensan and Hichigo.

        1. Sunite

          It’ll be hard for Aizen to use he’s bankai to get out, personally I feel using his stature of being in prison and coming back with retrains Is a lot more realistic.

          I don’t a lot of Espadas to show up because it would remind me of The Arrancar Arc. Possibly of Grimmjow gets back, I’ll be happy!

          Plus it’ll be hard for Ichigo to gain more power… Unless he actually just upgrades and controls he’s power Hollow Powers full form!!

          1. King Hichigo

            Yeah, but it would be good seeing him going all out, like releasing bankai, maybe he’ll be more or less like Mukuro Rokudo of Katekyo Hitman Reborn, he’s the bad guy before but helping the main character now, but the difference is Aizen is only using them to finally create the king’s key.

            For Espadas I think it’s a very good idea if they all appear (I hope it happens)
            because if Kubo is planning to go all out of this last arc it might be good to see some familiar faces like them, Grimjjow is a cool guy but it’s also good to see some of them and looking out more for their past which was not made clearly, so maybe this is a big opportunity to create a big reminisce within the Espadas.

            I’m thinking that maybe Ichigo will also try to learn how to use Kido which I think is one of the essence of a shinigami, then further than that he can create a Kido like Urahara did which is cool to add with his power now, it’s good to see that he can explore more than just getsuga tenshou

            1. Sunite

              It’ll be awesome for most of the arrancars to come back. When you talked about how Aizen was the bad guy, and he coming back to help Ichigo and the others… Possibly, Grimmjow is that person, because, he’s now likely to help Ichigo out get Hueco Mundo back.

              I think that Ichigo is not trying to be a Shinigami, he’s just trying to protect he’s friends and family, that’s why him learning Kido is unlikely because it would take too long for him to learn…

              1. King Hichigo

                Grimjjow I think will play a big role not in bringing back the Hueco Mundo to arrancar but in more related to Ichigo, I can’t vision Grimjjow is the one helping Ichigo get Hueco Mundo back, impossible.

                Yeah he’s not but Kido doesn’t give you the title of a shinigami it’s only giving you a powers not title it never been base on Kido on what shinigami are you, so givinh Ichigo a chance of having kido is a great thought for me.

                1. Sunite

                  Yeah, very true.. But possibly since this is the Final Arc, It would be better if Ichigo spent his time training for his final fight with Zangetsu or his father Isshin. So he could get a very! powerful type of new form which he could fully use to kick the Vandenreich’s ass!

  16. cHILLINbONboN

    I think some crazy crap is going to go down with Yamato dying, Histugaya becoming the successor, and Ichigo becoming the King of Hueco Mundo to keep the delicate balance between hollows, souls, and humans. I also think one or two of his friends are going to die before he gets the resolve to sacrifice himself to end all conflict.

    1. Sunite

      Could happen, but it would be better for Yamamoto to get in a serious fight the king and him. Nearly put to death, the king mentions that because he was left to rot a thousand years ago, the king will leave him to die in he’s own term… Then rescued by the captains…
      None of Ichigo’s friends can’t die because it’s going to be too dramatic for the show… possible nearly dieing is something…

  17. bleach-lover

    Is there going to be a love quarrel between ichigo and rukia? it sorta looks like it,but i hope there is.

  18. Skyline

    Everyone seems to think Aizen will return, but only in restrains. What I think is that the Vanderich will free Aizen and possibly try and set him up with the shinigamis. And another thing is he won’t be able to use neither his Shikai nor his Bankai, as his sword faded away by the will of the Hogyokou (< wich I also hope will return somehow).

    1. Jordan

      the will of the hogyokou never disapeared it was only trapped with aizen but as soon as aizen gets out of his restraints he will have that power back

    2. Sunite

      It’s impossible for the Vandenreich to setup Aizen because Yamamoto and a lot of other people know about who the Vandenreich Leader is because of their fight etc.. So he’s unlikely to be setup..

  19. Jenna Wastson

    I heard somewhere on the web that there was also a possibility that Gin and Ulquiorra may return too. When I told my friend Sherlock that Grimmjow was coming back she screamed (in excitement) so loud the campus supervisor sprinted over and asked if he needed to call 911.

    1. Sunite

      HAHAH XD, I’m pretty sure that both Gin and Ulquiorra have both died. Gin during his battle with Aizen and Ulquiorra when he was with Hollow Ichigo. But I’m pretty sure that Grimmjow is likely to come back because he’s still alive. And your friends is jokes!! lool

      1. JGC

        NO! two of my favorite characters!!! well….i guess Ulquiorra really died though… But for Gin,i hope he is NOT DEAD! I hope he just disappeared like Rangiku said. I really wanted him to be back! Cmon guys… anyone knows if Gin will be back at this arc?

  20. Possum

    Grimmjow DOES come back!!!! And with a NEW LOOK!!!!
    (P.S. I have seen his new look and I was frozen in awe by how SEXY he looks!!!!!!!!)
    Don’t know which episode and I’m not sure if he joins Ichigo and the others, BUT he appears in the World of the Living during another arc called “The Ice Palace Arc”(:

    1. Sunite

      Yeah it seems like this is true. “The Ice Palace Arc” is the name for the final arc on the dubbed side of things. “The Thousand-Year Blood War” is probably the main name for the final arc. This Ice Palace is the place where the Vandenreich are living at.
      Also if you can, could you send me the image of Grimmjows new look? Would really like to see it :P

        1. Sunite

          Lol I haven’t seem them lol I just think that he’s probably got it mixed up a little with a fan art or something. It would be unlikely for Kubo to reveal Grimmjows look this early…

          1. Ne3X7

            Yeah, maybe he has :)

            Hm, take a look at arrancarfighter’s profile on DA, there are some suggestions about Grimmjow’s new look.

                1. Sunite

                  Waw that does look awesome but I think it wouldn’t be Tite Kubo’s style, Kubo keeps to his old drawing boards and only improves on small number of things, even with Final Getsuga Tenshou, and Ichigo’s Mugetsu, the form itself wasn’t all that changed. But still you may never know, something similar to that form could be drawn :D

                2. nick dunn

                  I agree. If Grimmjow comes back with a Resureccion: Segundo Etapa, he would look more like a Panther. Like Ulquiorra looked more like a Bat, and Szyal Aporro loos more like a Butterfly now. But this only increases there instinct to kill even more the they already could. Like Ulquiorra beat up Ichigo even more in this form. His standard Powers & Abilities are the same.

  21. Bleachboiboi

    So I’ve heard everything you wrote but I have also heard rumors of a time skip or alternate Bleach reality? They claim it to be 20 years in the future and Ichigo is the captain of SS…how true is this?

    1. Sunite

      The time skip has already happened, it happened when Ichigo had lost his powers after fighting Aizen. He then waited for around 17 months with no powers to meet Ginjo. It’s unlikely that there will be an alternate Bleach Reality because personally I feel that it will ruin the story Bleach currently has.

      I don’t think Ichigo wants to be captain of SS, and even 20 years in the future is quite the thing to say about Bleach. It’s possible that Tite may want to explain the future or Ichigo and everyone else, but it’s somewhat unrealistic as he may just want to stay and run with the Final Arc, which is currently amazing!

  22. Thiago Ferreira

    I’m so excited for this last arc! But about Grimmjow i think that he will come back with a Ressureccion Segunda etapa becoming extremelly powerful a Being the King of Hueco Mundo.

    1. Sunite

      Grimmjow never died in the first place. He was cut down by Ichigo and the Number 5 Espada but he was left alone from then on so Tite never showed his death meaning that he’s probably all healed up and back to normal… hopefully he’s somewhere in Hueco Mundo fighting off one of the Quincy regiments and once Ichigo defeats Kirge he’ll probably be there to meet him. Or while Ichigo is getting beaten up, Grimmjow will come and save him

  23. Bas

    Pretty sure Kenpachi is gonna be awesome in this arc.
    The Vandenreich would be like:
    “You can’t use your bankai on me, Captain Shinigami!”

    Kenpachi would respond like:
    “Fool. I don’t have a bankai” *Slices the quincy’s head off*

  24. Bas


    Urahara’s gonna show his Bankai and reveal his real self
    Yoruichi’s zanpaktou revealed
    Ichigo’s related to the soul king or something like that
    Ichigo is going to have a final battle with his inner Hollow
    Bankai of other shinigami’s will be shown
    Ichigo dies.(Hopefully)

    1. Sunite

      Urahara’s Bankai, not really sure if he’s going to show his bankai, but I’m sure that he’s true intentions and who he really is and such will be shown.
      Yoruichi’s Zanpakutou, not sure because she never fights with one.
      Ichigo’s Relation with the Soul King is likely to be something interesting.

      Lol, Ichigo could get very close to death but at the end he can’t die. It would be too shocking…

      1. Yuki Shirohana

        I think it’s quite likely that in order to save the Soul Society (and ultimately the universe) Kisuke will use his Bankai. Maybe Yoruichi will use her bankai as well (she would have one since she was a captain). I agree that maybe Ichigo could be related to the Spirit King.
        I know this is gonna sound harsh but my friends and I have been waiting for Ichigo to die for a very, very, long time. We thought it would’ve been fine if he died when Ulquiorra first punctured him in the chest, although I see how it would be problimaic for the storyline.

        1. Sunite

          It’s likely that it will be in that order, plus yeah agree, Urahara will have to show his bankai to us for the reason that if he doesn’t he’s going to loose big time against the Stern Ritter.
          Yeah agree, although Ichigo is one of the main characters so he can’t die without them dying, plus he couldn’t have died there because Aizen was still alive…

  25. JGC

    Will Ichimaru Gin be back in this arc?? Really want to see those snake-kind of smiles..
    Wanna see him fight against the new enemies…

      1. Yuki Shirohana

        Actually it was not said that he died. He thought that since ichigo had gotten stronger he could die and leave things in ichigo’s hands. In the manga it was only said that he disapered, not that he died. Rangiku was thinking about how he would always dissapear and leave her alone. I’ve read the most recent chapter and judging by the shown length of the sword it seems quite short, just like his zanpaukuto Shinso.

  26. Wannabe

    I think that the thinkers of thoughts are so deepfully prepared to exterminate the vandenreich that the most powerful muscle will destroy the fifth wall of the ice palace once yamamoto gets killed and suffers the ultimate gruesome death he deserves

    1. Sunite

      Personally, I also think that there needs to a even more gruesome death, more then Kira. Even though i personally think that he’s still not dead. Since this is the final arc, there needs to be something shocking which the fans can take away like a even unbelievable explainable story that has to shock a lot of fans.

      1. Yuki Shirohana

        My friends don’t think he’s dead either. It could be the death of Yamamoto, or some other important character like Kisuke Urahara or Jushiro Ukitake. It could have something to do with the identity of Uryuu’s mother, or the relationship/backstory of Kisuke, Isshin, and Ryuuken since they obviously know each other

        1. Sunite

          Agree, Yamamoto did not kill the Vandenreich Leader in the last fight a thousand years ago, so thing time the vandenreich will have to kill Yamamoto in such a WOW way that it will make a lot of the fans think like WTF, because then it will show that ichigo is also a very powerful dude because it will be all placed on his arms to kill him and get all the Quincy’s out of SS

  27. dika

    in my imagination, ichigo go to the soul society, only to found out that the leader of this quincy group know him so well, like a family. then that leader will have a great fight with yamamoto and of course the more serious damage will be suffered by yamamoto, after that, thah leader will tell ichigo, if you want to know more about your own self, come to my place. after give a hint how to get to that ice place. that quincy group vanished from SS. give an absolute defeat to gotei 13 (i don’t see kyoraku or ukitake will use their bankai since they still don’t have any method to overcome that bankai seal)
    after that, ichigo will be still in confusion. then he will go to that place alone. only to find out that ishida also in the same way with him. then his company (like usual, rukia renji chad orihime) follow them after, after get help from other prisoner (like grinjow) and meet prisoner that quincy took from SS (if you know who i mean) ichigo realize that his mother is quincy. moreover, his mther is sister of uryuu’s father (make them as the cousin), and after his power of quincy unlocked, he will become the balancer of worlds (shinigami power, quincy power, hollow power, fullbringger power, human power) make him the only capable person to access royal world and power, which will lead him to the true enemy, that control aizen and the other conpiracy things to happen
    well, my imagination is like that, what do you guys think?

    1. Sunite

      WOW that’s actually brilliant! Iv always had my straight forward way of thinking that Ichigo will fight the quincy and somehow go to the palace and defeat by destroying it. But the story you’ve mentioned seems to be able to combine a lot. Even the Royal Families also. Personally I think that Ichigo will fight and kill a few Sternritter, but however too much damage will have been made to Soul Society therefore the Royal Guards and Royal Families will have to show themselves and fight to help the Shinigami’s.

      Ichigo’s mother being a Quincy makes sense, although I’m not sure about it, maybe she lost her Quincy powers after fighting someone, just like Uryu did. Ichigo obtained dormant genes for the Quincy power which he needs to awaken which could be done when he goes to the Vandenreich HQ.

      It’s likely that Ichigo could posses all powers because he’s said to be the person who is unique from Aizen and someone else. So Ichigo could be this person. I personally think that Kubo’s story may somewhat follow your imagination but add a lot more worse parts because this Arc itself seems to be very VERY dark!! A lot of shinigami’s dying is just what this war is about! So I like the way you think! Very imaginative and out of the box!

    2. Yuki Shirohana

      1: U R A FREAKING GENIUS!!!!!
      2: It is also a possibility that Gin will show up in this new arc
      3: How would it work? Seeing as quincy’s use the power from without and soul reapers use the power from within, wouldn’t they just cancel each other out?

  28. Hassan0297

    Let’s Predict what would Grimmjow be like in his ressurecion form.
    Personally i think he’s gonna be like sphinx type or something.what do u say?

    1. Sunite

      Hmm, I’m not sure Grimmjow has a ressurecion form, because If I remember correctly only Ulquiorra has this form as he’s the unique of out them. Although It could be so that they do have a ressurecion form but haven’t yet showed it, like some captains hiding their bankais. And yeah, Sphinx style would looks nice on Grimmjow, but I think he would look better if his full form was enhanced into something even more epic, don’t really have anything in mind of what it could look like but Tite Kubo will surprise us with it!

      1. Hassan0297

        Definitely,Tite is one of the greatest anime maker.And absolutely its gonna be surprising.I really miss how grimmjow would close in his enemy,grab his head and prepare a cero at point blank range and laughing.I really was shocked how it scared rukia when he did that to her even though she used her sword’s second dance on him.She was like”ha…ha…ha..ha..ha”(Breathing hard).

        1. Sunite

          Loool, I remember that episode! Rukia’s still somewhat weak and needs to get a lot more powerful and quickly…. Specially within this Thousand-Year Blood War Arc…

            1. Sunite

              Ohh yeah I forgot she didn’t have a Bankai, yeah its possible that she’s obtained her bankai and become a vice-captain… Haha Axe shape for a Ice User Shinigami… hmm good idea :P

  29. keLee

    Just read the latest 500 chapter. What a cliff hanger! So many possibilities on whose katana it could be. Personally, I was vouching for it to be Aizen’s, but I know that possibility is quite small. It’ll most likely be a Zero Division member, judging by the expression on Urahara’s face. Or even Grimmjow ;)

    I’m also highly anticipating Unohana in action. There’s a fair degree of mystery that shrouds her character. I can imagine her being wickedly strong, seeing as she is one of the oldest Captain’s in SS.

    1. Sunite

      Agree!! It could be anyone! But someone from this conversation here: http://dailyanimeart.com/2012/07/10/ichigo-save-us-kirges-mystery-killer-bleach-500/ could be it.
      Hopefully we finely get to see a member of the Zero Division, hopefully it’s someone really amazing powerful seeing as they sliced Kirge up into 2! I’d like to see Grimmjow later on in the story, possibly 5 to 10 chapters later…

      She is the second oldest behind Yamamoto, she’s been by his side from the start, he’s structured everything and he’s awesome! Hopefully during this chapter, Yamamoto will die in front of Unahana, possibly reveal some shocking information like she’s the daughter of Yamamoto or something…

  30. Dmitri

    I dont know why all you people want everyone to be gaining bankai’s. I mean I loved DBZ but hated all they just gave out SSJ when it was supposed to be the most prestigious thing for a saiyan to achieve. Also Zaraki should not gain a bankai. He’s powerful enough as it is and if he were to gain a bankai the series would end the same chapter because no one would be able to beat him(assuming he doesn’t see using bankai as cheating and it would take away all the fun of fighting for him)

    1. Sunite

      Im hoping that Zaraki doesn’t gain his Bankai, i believe that if he does, his Bankai will be as powerful as his current state right now, so his Shikai will be a lot weaker… But if there is an incidence when the Quincy’s aren’t able to steal bankai, and Zaraki is in real trouble of being kicked in the ass, then hopefully he is able to upgrade directly to his awesome epic ass bankai….

      1. Hassan0297

        I think Zaraki’s not gonna have a bankai or shikai.Heck he said it himself he doesnt NEED one.The guy’s already Badass.Plus Zaraki doesnt trust his Zanpaktou(This was stated by Zangetsu when Zaraki and Ichigo fought).hehehe but Zanpaktous r made depending on the soul of the shinigami right?All i can say Zaraki is a Demon.So if he gets bankai or shikai i think its gonna be like some Creepy looking(Scythes,Chains etc.).hehehe and His zanpaktous appearance maybe similar to that of barragan(king of hueco mundo).

        1. Sunite

          Agree, yeah Zaraki is a real badass and his going to kick some ass when Kubo shows his fight! Theres a reason why Kubo isn’t showing his fight now, may be because his going to kill the Quincy he faces in one strike…

          1. Hassan0297

            “Theres a reason why Kubo isn’t showing his fight now, may be because his going to kill the Quincy he faces in one strike…” LOOL U R saying it like that Zaraki Wasnt created by Kubo Rather he signed a contract to Be in bleach.I doubt Zaraki will find a opponent weak enough so that he could slice him in one strike.Zaraki always gets a strong one if he doesnt he’s gonna Hunt for one,no doubt.

            1. Sunite

              Loool I meant it in a way that Zaraki’s a very powerful dude that deserves someone strong to come, plus he’s fights are usually epic so he needs someone who doesn’t bore him. Zaraki’s bored, he’s always getting all the weak ones, only challenge for him was Ichigo. Hopefully we see Zaraki go up against someone reallllly powerful who can make Zaraki unleash his most powerful form, plus since he got a eye patch, it may be that it suppresses even more reiatsu than before.

    2. Yuki Shirohana

      I agree with you. It’s not that he shouldn’t HAVE bakai, its that he doesn’t NEED bankai. I read a quote about him it’s:” When you’re this badass, you don’t need bankai”

  31. nick dunn

    I doubt that. He killed that Fullbringer in one strike was because they are still human. But the Quincys are not human anymore, there spiritual beings. And i know theres a Stern Ritter who looks just as powerful and big and strong. He was confronted by Shuuhei. Even Shunsui and Joshiro are already fighting thier Stern Ritter opponents. And there was a female Stern Ritter with her hood on. And i think she’s going to fight Restu. And Buzzbee looks like he would fight Kensei. As Nodt is fighting Byakuya and Renji, Bambietta is fighting Sajin and Iba, Nanana is fighting Rose. Toshiro and Rangiku are fighting a male Stern Ritter with his hood on and a scar on his face. Soifon and Omeida are fighting a Stern Ritter who looks like a mid evil knight. I wonder who that blond Stern Ritter is going to fight. I think he might be ichigos Stern Ritter rival. Or maybe Uryus. I really want to see the Royal Guard. The only Captain that got premoted was Kirio Hikifune. I want to see her. And does anyone else think As Nodt is a girl? Cause i think she is.

    1. Sunite

      The blond Stern Ritter seems like the Leaders right hand man. As though he knows everything and anything. Just like Gin to Aizen. The blond dude isn’t fighting anyone except simple low level shinigami’s….

      Also yeah Hikifune was promoted and yeah hopefully we get to see who she really is because there is no evidence of it anywhere…
      And lol, As Nodt seems like a guy, with all the spikey bits and stuff lol

    1. Sunite

      No no, not necessarily… It could mean that he’s neutral, he’s been helping Ichigo for Ichigo’s sake but also get his own sake of knowledge or something. It’s not yet known why Urahara is soo helpful to Ichigo and the others… Plus is he always tapping into Ichigo’s conversation or something or what? Still unknown…

  32. Ichigo is my "friend"

    I hope ichigo dies and the Manga becomes about Kon. Good times.. Good times… But srsly he should die a long and painful death. *crosses fingers*

    1. Sunite

      Loool, Ichigo is the main character, it’s unlikely that he’ll die any time soon.. and he still has a lot to discover, specially who he is because Isshin basically needs to explain a lot too him… Plus we’ve seen Ichigo die multiple times… he always comes back to life…. so it’s hard to guess that he’ll die because he always comes back to life..

  33. nick dunn

    I think As Nodt is a girl. Thats just what i think. Were probably gonna see the other Captains fight the Stern Ritter. Like Sajin and Iba fighting Bambietta. Im still wondering what her “E” stands for. And Rose fighting Nanana. I have no idea what his “U” stands for. I still cant believe As Nodt used Byakuyas Senbonzakura Kageyoshi against him!!?? There medallions can use the power of the Bankai they stole! The only Captains i think that can hold a fight against the Stern Ritter without there Bankai is Yamamoto, Shunsui, Joshiro, Retsu, Zaraki, Shinji, Kensei and Rose. Cause of there masks. And maybe Mayuri cause he doesn’t completely relie on his Zanpakuto but his other uniquely current abilities. And Soifon cause she can use her Shunko and her current Onmitsukido abilities. She only uses her Zanpakuto to really kill someone. But that midevel knight looking Stern Ritter might use her Jakuho Raikoen against her. I do think Bambietta will use Sajins Kokujo Tenken Myo o against them. And Toshiro relis completely on his Zanpakuto so that hot looking Stern Ritter might use Daigurn Hyarimaru. I just hope there medallions can only steal one Bankai. Cause if they dont, there all fucked!!! :O

    1. Sunite

      Hmm, It could be anything, I think it could be Electricity. Doing a random quick google search, it could be a type of weapon that they do lighting shots or something similar.
      Hmm U could be anything. Just being random, words such as Under, come up… possibly controlling gravity or something? lol I’m just making these up.

      Yeah it was pretty epic, I think he hasn’t used it yet, he’s just circulating it above him, then once he hits Byakuya, he will use Senbonzakura. It’s probably confirmed that they can use their Bankai however they want :P

      Yeah agree with the list. Yama hasn’t even shown his Bankai so it’s likely to be awesome! Zaraki has no Bankai, the Ex-Vizard could use their masks, not confirmed if they still have it tho. Yeah agree with the Mayuri and Soi Fon, they are all powerful, but are too scared to face the Quincy because they know nothing about them…

      Personally I think the Stern Ritter’s will have to use their stolen bankai in order to defeat the Captains. The captains aren’t weak, they are strong and should be feared, so it’s likely that the only way to defeat them is to get their bankai’s by breaking the medallion …

      Haha yeah it seems that it can only hold 1 bankai, but im pretty sure that they have more then one with them..

  34. nick dunn

    I think they can get there Bankais back by breaking there medallions. But that doesn’t mean once they have them back there going to win hands down. The Stern Ritter still have there Quincy: Vollstandig. From what we’v seen Kirge do in this form. Its equivalent to s Shinigamis Bankai and a Espadas resurecsion. I think there only stealing there Bankais so they can either kill them with there own power, or kill them with there Quincy: Vollstandig. And Shinji, Kensei and Rose do still have there masks. Cause there Vizards. Shinigami with mask. I dont think the soul society would have a cure for them. If Urahara couldn’t make one, then no one can. Plus i think they have a seal or something for using there masks. Plus Soifon fought against Barragon, who can age and rot people away! He was fucking scary! I dont think she would be scared of that midevel knight Stern Ritter. Whatever his power is. As Nodt was different cause she is “The Fear” who can manipulate fear of whoever is struked by her Spirit Weapon. And Mayuri was the first Captain we have seen that was almost killed by Uryus Quincy: Letez Stil. Nearly have his body was destroyed! You cant scare him easily. I think hes going to fight the Stern Ritter who’s controling Jidambo and others.

    1. Sunite

      Yeah they can, If i’m correct they can just reabsorb their stolen bankais and becomes theirs when the medallion has been broken. I think when Ichigo mentioned that the Quincy’s were afriad of Bankai, Kirge got really angry, so possibly the Stern Ritters are unable to defeat the Captains in their Bankai form because they are afraid of it’s great power… so their Vollstandig won’t do much against their Bankai’s.

      Yeah they may still have the mask, so maybe this will be an advantage to them. Haha yeah Barragan was awesome! She’s usually never scared, only in front of Yoruichi shes been scared.

      But with Mayuri, he has his different types of fighting, he can remake himself so he took chance of Uryu using his weapon. Plus Mayuri should have known about the Quincy’s and may have backed off a little.

      Personally, Mayuri may just be the background guy researching on how to stop them and how to get the control for the Bankai once more. It may be tough but its unlikely that he will fight a lot…

  35. nick dunn

    Sorry i disagree. I personally think ichigo is stupid cause he doesnt even know Orihime loves him. Took him awhile to figure out Kirge was a Quincy. So when he said they fear Bankai, he was just being his stupid cocky self when he has a little advantage. I think the steal thier Bankai so they can kill them quicker. Quincy: Vollstandig is there back up if that doesnt work. Plus ichigo didnt even defeat Kirge. He cant even get out of the Reishi cage. Thses Quincys gave up humanity for power to face the Shinigami. Thats why were going to see everyones Bankai in this Final Arc. And Shikais that we havent seen. Plus there 26 Captain-level Quincys. Everyone is going to fight. The Vizards and the Espada that are left. Neliel, Grimmjow and Halibel.

    1. Sunite

      Thats true, Ichigo has a brilliant advantage but isn’t able to defeat them. No one except Urahara and possibly Mayuri knows the most about the Quincy’s. About their Medallions, their blut abilities and Vollstandig. Ichigo’s always been stupid lol He just needs to get his powers in check and work them to the best of his abilities….

      Yeah this is going to be one heck of a final arc! It’s going to be long and possibly explain everything.. Hopefully Yama shows his demon like bankai!! :D It’s going to be crazy!! Yeah hopefully Hueco Mundo arrancars join forces with the Shinigami…

  36. nick dunn

    Speed scale!! First: Shinigami’s Shunpo: Shunpo Masters: Aizen, Soifon, Shinji, Byakuya, Koga, Shunsui, Genrei, Yoruichi, Joshiro, Gin, Kisuke, and Genryusai. Shunpo Experts: Renji, Love, Shuskue, Shuuhei, Toshiro, Hiyori, Kageroza, Nanao, Ashido, Makota, Rukia, Mashiro, Ichigo, Isshin, Tessai, Mayuri, Kensei, Rangiku, Omaeda, Rose, Lisa, Maki, Oko, Chojiro, Hollow Ichigo, Senna, Sorijio, Seigin. Shunpo Practitioners: Yumichika, Momo, Iba, Ryusei, Izuru, Nemu, Isane, Ikkaku, Sajin, Hachi, Fujimaru, Matsuri.
    Second: Arrancar’s Sonido: Sonido Masters: Stark, Barragon, Halibel, Neliel, Ulquiorra, Grimmjow, Zommari, Hollofied Tousen, Arturo, Kokuto, Shuren. Sonido Experts: Wonderweiss, Nnoritra, Szayel, Aaroniero, Dordoni, Cirucci, Gantebianne, Appaci, Sung- Sun, Mila, Ggio, Findorr, Rudborrn, Yylfordt, Shawlong, Yin & Yang, Asguiao, Luders, Unamed Female Arrancar. Sonido Practitioners: Yammy, Nakeem, Patros, Aldegor, Menis, Loly, Meloly, Aisslinger, unamed hammerhead Arrancar.
    Third: Quincy’s Hirenkyaku: Hirenkyaku Masters: Ryuken, Unamed male Stern Ritter, Unamed female hooded Stern Ritter, As Nodt, Joshiro’s Stern Ritter opponent, Midevel Knight looking Stern Ritter. Hirenkyaku Experts: Uryu, Kirge, Buzzbee, Bambietta, Nanana, Mind controling Stern Ritter. Hirenkyaku Practitioners: Large bearded Stern Ritter, Large masked Stern Ritter. Im still bored :]

  37. nick dunn

    Now its time for Zanjutsu! Zanjutsu Masters: Love, Aizen, Shuskue, Soifon, Shinji, Yoruichi, Toshiro, Gin, Sajin, Byakuya, Shunsui, Kensei, Rose, Kaname, Joshiro, Restu, Kisuke, Yamamoto, Zaraki, Ichigo, Isshin, Ikkaku, Renji, Koga, Genrei, Kirio, Kiganjo, Ginjo, Kuruyashiki ( aka 7th Kenpachi who looks just like Ginjo, Azashiro whos the 8th Kenpachi and formor vice-captain of Kuruyashiki and is currently in prison for his dangerous powers, 9th Kenpachi, Stark, Barragon, Halibel, Neilel, Ulquiorra, Nnoritra, Zommari, Yammy, Seigen, Arturo, Dordoni, Kokuto, Shuren, Shukuro, Kirge. Zanjutsu Experts: Yumichika, Shuuhei, Momo, Kageroza, Rangiku, Izuru, Fujimari, Matsuri, Grimmjow, Szayel, Aaroniero, Cirucci, Gantenbainne, Isane, Maki, Ryusei, Makoto, Ashido, Rukia, Senna, Hiyori, Lisa, Mashiro, Mayuri, Omaeda, Kaien, Miyako, Ekichiro, Oko, Appaci, Sung-Sun, Mila, Findor, Shawlong, Yin & Yang, Loly, Meloy, Charllete, Ggio, Rudbornn, Unamed female Arrancar, Uryu, Asguiaro, Luders, Nemu, Nanao, Akon, Zennosuke, Masayoshi. Zanjutsu Practitioners: Yachiru, Hachi, Hanaturo, Nozomi, Shiniobu, Todo, Heizo, Rin, Hidetomo, Shinso, Ryunosuke, Kiyone, Sentaro, Riku, Taketsuna, Asuke. Just felt like listing this :]

  38. nick dunn

    Go to Google and type in Shunpo or Sonido or Hirenkyaku. The first link will be from Bleach Wiki. Has all the info bleach. For some of them i guess based on what i’v seen in the Manga/Anime. I know Kokuto and Shuren dont use Sonido but they are sinners, which are Arrancars. Plus Kokuto and Shuren can fight on even grounds with Ichigo’s Tensa Zangestu’s speed. And Zaraki has no skill in Shunpo. But i’v seen him use lots of tells in the Anime. And Gin fought Ichigo useing Tensa Zanjutsu in even speed. So did Ulquiorra. Grimmjow did to but i think hes slower then Ulquiorra, Neliel, and Halibel. Personally i think Stark is the Fastest Espada, not Zommari. It looks like he teleports when using Sonido. And the Captain with the Fastest Shunpo is Soifon. She and Urahara can keep up with Yuroichi only when shes holding back. Yuroichi is the Fastest Shinigami in all history. Thats why i can’t wait to see her fight her Quincy opponent. She/He will have the Fastest Hirenkyaku out of all the Quincys. Hope the Quincys a woman. Cause full female fights are rare in bleach so i can’t wait! Shinji is the Fastest Vizard. He was the first to arive to save Hiyori from Hollowfied Kensei then the other who left at the same time. Plus he easily out menuvored Grimmjow. Barragon was able to douged all of Soifon’s Hakura moves. But couldn’t land a hit on her without useing his aging powers. Kirge’s Hirenkyaku is even with Ichigo’s Shunpo. But not his Tensa Zangestu’s. He could only counter most of his Speedy attacks. But not all. I only think As Nodt is a Hirenkyaku Master cause she was fighting Byakuya. Shunsuis’s Stern Ritter was able to douge a Shikai attack in mid air and appear right behind him. Im sure his speed is equal to Shunsuis’s. I only made Restu a Shunpo Master cause she’s bein around so long that she’s skilled with it like Shunsui & Joshiro. I bet the Vandenreich Leader is a Hirenkyaku Master.

  39. nick dunn

    Im also guessing the Vandenreich Leaders powers. He can manipulate reishi so well is crazy. He killed Luders & Asguiaro with just pointing at them. Maybe control blood or the reishi in other spiritual beings like blowing them up from the inside. He can probably only do that to opponents way weaker then him. Not like Halibel. But he did defeat her with much trouble. And Halibel is strong, not even Toshiros most powerful attack Hyoten Hyakkaso was able to kill or even injure her. She was also able to fight off Toshiro using his Bankai Daiguren Hyorimaru, Hiyori using her mask and Shikai Kubikiri Orochi, and Lisa using her mask and her Shikai Haguro Tonbo at the same time. I hope ichigo and the others go save her sometime later. And i wonder what Neliel’s aspect of death is. And her resurresion Gameuza. The only attack she used was Lanzador Verde.

    1. Sunite

      Could you please start using the reply feature which allows for your reply to be set in a formal way like everyone else please. It’s confusing to myself and everyone if you keep posting the way you currently are. It’s easy, just click on “reply” on any message you wish to reply too instead of going directly to the comment box below…

      1. nick dunn

        Oh, im sorry. I didn’t know. Im dont really comment stuff, i just reed. That last last comment i said was before reading your reply. Again so sorry, feel like a dick :[

        1. Sunite

          Haha no no, no need to say sorry, It’s just that it gets confusing when a lot of people are talking so its better to click on reply on the message you want to reply to :) and nahhh don’t worry about it, not that big of a deal anyways lol

  40. nick dunn

    If any is interested. They can look up on Google images for Kuruyashiki Kenpachi & Azashiro Kenpachi. Kuruyashiki was the 7th Kenpachi about 250 years ago. His Bankai has the ability to suck the soul out of his opponents. He was invited to be a member of the Royal Guards but he turned it down. And Ginjo is the first Substitute Shinigami. So im thinking either Joshiro, Shunsui or Restu have him his Shinigami powers. He was a good friend to both Shunsui & Joshiro. Even Got along with Restu. But when he died, it was when Shunsui started drinking cause nearly all his friends died. Only Joshiro, Restu, and Genryusai are left. Azashiro Kenpachi was the 8th Kenpachi 200 years ago, and he one who killed Kuruyashiki, but i think he almost did but he probably become human and then a Fullbringer. His Zanpakuto Uro Shauro, a water & rock materialized Zanpakuto with a fusion Bankai. He was so powerful, that the Royal Guards were ordered to take him down. None other techniques worked on him, he was defeated by only kendo. The opponent who defeated him is currently unkown. He was sent to the deepest part of the Maggots Nets called Muken.

    1. Sunite

      Waw! You sure do know alot about the past of Bleach! I’m like wow that you know this lol. Although I’m not fully sure what your replying too so can’t give a honest reply to your message lol, but its cool you’ve certainly got a thing about Bleach if you know this much…

      1. nick dunn

        Thanks! Your so understanding! :-) I love your blogs. Everytime i need to about bleach i just say ” lets visit Sunite and other bleach lovers! :3″ i love you man, or chick, i dont know but i love you, fellow bloggers and your amazing blogs ! XD

          1. nick dunn

            Your welcome dude! :-) if you ever starting reading the new graphic novels Bleach Spirits are forever with you Vol. 1 & 2. Or just the spoilers. I think on one of your blogs i talked about the 7th & 8th Kenpachi, Kuruyashiki Kenpachi and Azashiro Kenpachi. :-P

            1. Sunite

              Ohhh yeah I’ve heard of them but I haven’t had a chance to read them. I don’t even know where to get mine from, plus they’re in Japanese, so I think I won’t be able to read them anyways lol

              1. nick dunn

                I got info on those to from spoilers from other people about spirits are forever with you. I dont have them but i will tell you Azashiro is still alive in the current bleach time. During volume 1 spoiler takes place 17 months after aizens defeat. The Captains are all in a meeting and Soifon is reporting saying that Azashiro Kenpachi has disappeared from the Muken with a woman in a white kimono. Shunsui, Joshiro and Restu remember him as the 8th Kenpachi. Shinji, Kensei and rose remember him to cause they were seated officers at the time. (aka so was Urahara, Yoruichi and Teesai). And volume 2 spoiler is when Aizen gets the high level Bakuro Kido removed from his face, not the rest of his body. Azashiro came to Aizen with the woman in a white kimono. He wants to talk about his gain from the hokyoku gave him, the Arrancars he created, and how he found the First and last Espada. But mostly Azashiro wants to know how Aizen to lost his battle with Ichigo. Before Azashiro even asks, Aizen already knows who he his and saids His Kyoka Suigestu would have no effect against him. Dont really know why but thats all for spoilers. Just found out so i thought i could tell you and others who love Bleach like me. :-D

                1. Ne3X7

                  Hmm, I have electronic equivalent of “Spirits Are Forever With You” Vol. 1 & 2 in Russian, maybe there is one in English?

                  Haven’t read these myself, but I doubt all this info has connection to the original Bleach story and the story we currently see in manga, “SAFWI” is like a filler. Even though it was desighned under control of Tito (not Tite, btw) Kubo.

                  But if there is a connection, than… OMG I have no words to describe the awesomeness :D

                2. Sunite

                  WOOOOOWW Seriously!!! Damn I need to get my hands on those books lool, that story would seriously turn out to be awesome! Specially the second volume with Aizen!! hah yeah keep me up to date :D

      1. nick dunn

        I hope he’s not. He was the first Captain of the Gotei 13 to appear before all of us. He needs a better death then that. At least his opponent died with him.

          1. nick dunn

            Oh no sorry Sunite i was just saying if Byakuya was really for reals dying, he would kill his opponent to. Didn’t really happened, but im just saying thats how i would see it. Thats why i know hes not dead. Even if his Wiki page said so. :/

            1. Sunite

              Lol, Wiki’s are also run by normal people, they sometimes don’t have access to Kubo Tite’s brain lol… Until we find out next week, it’ll be hard for us to say if he has a heart beat or not..

              1. nick dunn

                Thats true. Thats were i get most of my info on bleach characters powers. Those lists i posted before was from Bleach Wiki. Some were my opinion though. :-)

      1. nick dunn

        No its time to show all of you Bleach lovers my scale of strongest to weakest characters of Bleach! :-D
        First: Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto, Vandenreich Leader.

        Second: Sosuke Aizen.

        Third: Shunsui Kyoraku, Joshiro Ukitake, Restu Unohana, Ginrui Kuchiki, Stark Coyote, Wonderweiss Margela, Unamed Mustache Stern Ritter, Unamed hooded female Stern Ritter.

        Fourth: Zaraki Kenpachi, Kiganjo Kenpachi, Azashiro Kenpachi, Kuruyashiki Kenpachi, Yammy Liargo, Hollowfied Kaname Tosen, Large bearded Stern Ritter, Kugo Ginjo.

        Fifth: Kisuke Urahara, Yoruichi Shihoin, Tessai Tsukabishi, Kirio Hikifune, Shinji Hirako, Kensei Muguruma, Rojuro Otoribashi, Love Akiawa, Barragon Lo uisenbarin, Halibel Tier, Neliel Tu Odelschwanck, Arturo Plateado, Kokuto, NaNaNa Najakoop, Buzzbee, Shukuro Tsukishima, Seigen Suzunami, Chojiro Sasakibe.

        Sixth: Sajin Komamura, Sui-Feng, Mayuri Kurotsuchi , Kaname Tosen, Isshin Kurosaki, Koga Kuchiki, Kageroza Inda, Hachigen Ushoda, Ulquiorra Schiffer, Nnoritra Gilga, Shuren, Ryuken Ishida, As Nodt, large masked Stern Ritter, Mind Controlling Stern Ritter, Midevil Knight Stern Ritter, Jin Kariya, Yoshi.

        Seventh: Ichigo Kurosaki, Hollow Ichigo, Byakuya Kuchiki, Gin Ichimaru, Ikkaku Madarame, Rangiku Mastumoto, Shusuke Amagai, Kaien Shiba, Maki Ichinose, Riza Yadomaru, Mashiro Kuna, Oko Yushima, Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, Zommari Rureaux, Szayel Aporro Granz, Aaroniero Arruruerie, Blond Stern Ritter, Kirge Opie, Sexy hooded Stern Ritter, Rukia’s Stern Ritter, Giriko Kutsuzama, Moe Shishigawara, Nozomi Kujo.

        Eighth: Uryu Ishida, Orihime Inoue, Yasutora Sado, Rukia Kuchiki, Renji Abarai,ro Histugaya, Seena, Fujimaru Kudo, Matsuri Kudo, Hiyori Sarugaki, Sojiro Kusakni Alessandro Del Socaccio, Cirucci Sanderwicci, Gantenbainne Mosqueda, Rudbornn Chelute, Yin & Yang, Riruka Dokugamine, Bambietta Basterbine, Yukio Hans Vorarlberna.

        Ninth: Yumichika Ayasegawa, Momo Hinamori, Shuuhei Hisagi, Tetsuzaemon Iba,Izuru Kira, Ashido Kano, Makoto Kibune, Ryusei Kenzaki, Marchiyo Omeada, Miyako Shiba, Isane Kotestu, Yachiru Kusajishi, Yasochika Lemura, Riku Togakushi, Taketsuna Gori, Asuka Katakura, Nanao Ise, Tatsufusa Enjoji, Shinobu Eishima, Todo Gizaeimon, Heizo Kasaki, Nemu Kurotsuchi, Akon, Hiyosu, Kiyone Kotestu, Sentrao Kotsubaki, Hidetomo Kajomaru, Shino, Zennosuke Kurumadani.
        Emilou Apachi, Franceska Mila Rose, Cyan Sung-Sun, Pesche Guatiche, Dondochakka Birstanne, Tesra Lindocruz, Loly Arivrrne, Meloy Mallia, Abirama Redder, Charlotte Chuhlhourne, Findor Calius, Ggio Vega, Choe Neng Poww, Nirgge Parduoc, Shawlong Kufang, Edrad Liones, Yylfordt Granz, Di Roy Rinker.

        Tenth: Hanataro Yamada, Rikichi, Makizo Aramaki, Rin Tsubokura, Lilynette Gingerbuck, Ryunosuke Yuki.

        Well here it is. Just got got bored again. So tell me what ya’ll think.:-D

          1. nick dunn

            Just wanted to show ya’ll what i think about strength is bleach. I forgot to put Joshiro’s Stern Ritter Opponent for Third. And Asguiaro Ebern and Luders Friegen for the Seventh.

                1. Sunite

                  That’s Fantastic! My memory with all these Japanese names are terrible lol, that’s why I have to always use Bleach Wiki for the specific spellings lol

                2. nick dunn

                  Well i only remember the main characters. And the new ones now lol. Thanks for the comment. :-D I used Bleach Wiki to spell check too. :-)

    1. Sunite

      Personally I think it’s a good thing that he doesn’t it means that his powers won’t be stolen using the medallion which the Quincy’s and Stern Ritters have. Although It would be nice to see him in action using his own Bankai, but it would just take too long for him… Although now he can keep on fighting without loosing his bankai :)

      1. nick dunn

        True. Thats why those three Stern Ritter underestimated him cause he was just useing his Shikai. I dont want him to have a Bankai. Just want to know the name of his Shikai. It would be cool to see him have a Bankai. :-)

        1. Sunite

          I’m sure Zaraki doesn’t even have a shikai, it’s just his sword. He has no Shikai or Bankai because he doesn’t even know his swords name. I think if he finds out the name of his bankai and shikai he’ll become a lot restricted to his shikai and bankai instead of just exploding out with his power!

            1. Ne3X7

              You’re wrong, his zanpakuto is always sealed, not released, it’s in katana form.

              My suggestion is two swords for his shikai, that’d be awesome enough to make the quincyes quickly escape to their Ice Palace :D

        1. Sunite

          To get a Bankai it takes years of training, which is possibly for Zaraki but it would take very long time for this to happen, the only thing I think that will happen now is for Zaraki to learn the name of his sword as well as a few moves he could use against the Quincies.. Although it would be a damn good surprise to see Zaraki’s Bankai :D

  41. Joel Wong

    If aizen returns to be the main villain it would suck..
    Hope kubo tells of isshin and the soul king. soul society is being invaded and captains defeated and we barely know anything of the soul king.

    1. Sunite

      Well we already know who the villain is in this final arc! I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t watched it. But it’s literally fantastic! And yeah the soul king/royal guards will come but I think some time later. This arc is suppose to be a little longer than a normal arc, possibly a few hundred episodes or so would be awesome lol. There’s so much to reveal

  42. Ne3X7

    Hey guys, new suggestion by me (maybe it would be better to put it here, because noone answers at chapter 502 conversation):

    Things even worse about Byakuya. My suggestion is that, when the new quincy kill (or nearly kill) someone, they take control over him (at least at his body). Proof is strange behaviour of Jidanbou and his eyes expression (they were empty).

    So, I think Byakuya Kuchiki was killed, but he’s now alive and under control of the Vandenreich! How do you like the idea? Is it better than him dead or worse?

    P.S. I’m finally here, reading all those comments, so many of them

    1. nick dunn

      I like it better if he’s dead then being controlled. But i dont think they can manipulated the Shinigami. Only that Stern Ritter thats Controlling Jidanbou. And about NaNaNa, i think i figured out his codename. “U” stands for ” The Undead” He can bring back the dead of anyone that is hit by his Spirit Weapon. He’ll probably bring back the high ranking 3rd Division members and get them to attack Rojuro. Maybe even controlling anyone thats close to death like Izuru or Byakuya. That would suck ass! He kinda looks like a WitchDoctor, so his Spirit Weapon might be like a Vodu looking item or staff.

      1. Ne3X7

        Hmm, I want him alive, so can’t agree he’s dead. Great idea about NaNaNa, look likely to happen in that order, but sounds quite strange :)

        1. nick dunn

          I dont think there dead ether. Like shit like this always happens in Bleach. Thats why i think Gin is still alive. People thought Grimmjow and Halibel were dead, and Kudo said there not so yeah there alive.

  43. Dau Mabil

    Hey when are you going to update this? More and more of these predictions are becoming true but you hadnt put confirm besides them yet

  44. Jason Paul Gaylord

    About Issin… wasnt his captain’s uniform that of Squad 0’s? The royal Guard?
    I mean he showed up, didnt use bankai, and picked aizen apart with just his finger until Aizen changed forms. I cant remember exactly where i read it but i could have sworn his uniform was Squad zero’s, and a captain’s uniform nonetheless.

    My opinion? Issin was Captain of the Royal guard, and in a fierce battle was forced to use his Final G.T. In an effort to win, hence he lost his powers and went to the world of the living. And only recently his powers came back, which probably took a LONG time because uarahara wasnt surprised his powers came back.

    1. Sunite

      That could be correct for all we know, I remember Isshin fighting and busting his middle finger out at Aizen, but don’t remember his outfit.
      It could be true that he was previously a captain, if what you mentioned about him using Final Getsuga Tenshou being real then it could mean that Isshin himself has been absorbing Ichigo’s reiatsu little by little, at each point they have a fight, which seems stupid, but actually he absorbs it.
      This helps Isshin to activate his powers… could this be something??

    2. Jordan

      interesting theory and that would explain why the soul king had such an interest in him but i think that it is more likely related to the soul king somehow by blood

  45. Jessica

    So many new developments recently, such as in the chapter 528.
    Masaki was a quincy, so that’s finally been confirmed, but she also introduced herself as ‘Masaki Kurosaki’ even before she was married to Isshin. So Isshin wasn’t a Kurosaki to begin with?
    That leaves room for doubt, could he be part of the Shiba clan? The uncanny resemblance Ichigo’ has with Kaein could be explained, but it’s rather incredible.
    I’m not sure what to expect now. Isshin told Ichigo that he(Ichigo) wasn’t a shinigami nor a human. I’m getting rather tired of all this, what is Ichigo exactly? Some super-shini-quincy-human-like-person? Also, what about his sisters, they should have something special about them too.
    And Masaki was known to have ‘healed’ Isshin, though this has nothing to do with anything. She must have just used a bandage and not something uber-fancy, but I momentarily remembered Orihime for a while. Fangirl moment, nothing serious :)
    I really don’t want Ichigo and Uryu to be related, their strong friends but, cousins? That’s just… weird.

    1. Sunite

      I think Isshin changed his last name to Kurosaki, he was thrown out and possible changed his last name, could he have been a part of a noble family?
      Yeah that could be explained there, if this is true, it would explain a lot actually!
      Haha xD He could be described as a True Blood, as mentioned by the Grand Fisher…

      Lol, what if Orihime’s powers were a side project for the Quincy? and Masaki was testing it out, and thats how she could have helped him? Maybe lol
      Xd hahah

      1. Jessica

        Yay! I was right, Isshin was a Shiba! Now I am smug with contentment *smirk* And it’s rather cool how he was part of the tenth division, with Rangiku and Toshiro, it’s a good thing he isn’t a Royal Guard or nothing. That’s just too hypothetical, Isshin is a good ol’ captain like any other.

        And Aizen is back! *squeals* Honestly, the guy is the most admired villain of them all!

        lol your theory about Orihime’s power is quite intriguing, we’ll wait for Kubo-san to spill the beans soon.

        I am so happy Ichigo is actually related to Kaein. When you think about it, Kaein and Isshin aren’t so different, are they?

          1. M.K.

            I get that juha Bach is ichigo’s true blood father but the resemblance between kaien and ichigo would be explained by the manga.

            1. Jordan

              what do you mean juha bach is ichigo’s true blood farther ishin is his dad juha bach only said that because ichigo is part quincy and juha bach is farther to all quincys

              1. M.K.

                No bro, because since a lot of quinces are still alive and the existence of one Quincy shouldn’t have mattered right and(if what u said is true) ichigo is also already part soul reaper so Juha Bach should hate him right so then why did Juha Bach say he should taken ichigo at a young age and trained him.

                1. Jordan

                  because misaki is also his true mother and she was a quincy wich means he was born quincy as well and juha bach wants all quincys on his side.

    2. Jessica

      I just had this strange epiphany that I just HAD to let out. I’m thinking into this too much, but isn’t it strange how Ichigo’s hair colour doesn’t match anybody else’s in his family? His sisters’s hair colours match his parents… :/
      I do not want to think of Ichigo as somebody else’s son, he just HAS to be Isshin’s and Masaki’s. Tell me I’m wrong, I’d appreciate it!

      1. Sunite

        Lol, doesn’t Masaki have the orange/blond type hair???
        Or could it be that Ichigo’s special, we’ve seen his hair be related to a lot of things, like when he turned into a Hollow against Ulquiorra, it grew a lot, and his orange colour could explain a lot if it was revealed at least a bit by Isshin…

        1. Jessica

          I always thought Masaki’s hair matched Yuzu’s, and Isshin’s matched Karin’s. Ichigo is just… I mean it’s just so orange. It isn’t very expected or common. Come to think of it, I’ve always wanted to know why the series is named ‘BLEACH’ in the first place.

          That has to be one of the most underrated questions of the fandom.

  46. M.K.

    Dudes you realize that reading the latest manga volumes will answer all questions but I haven’t and I don’t advise you to do so because it would spoil everything probably.

    1. M.K.

      Dude zangetsu is still there, he just changed in looks(check out episode 366) P.S. spoiler if u haven’t read all new manga chapters yet, zangetsu breaks. And he is unrepairable.

  47. Jordan

    if you haven’t read the newest chapter, number 539 then be warned spoilers
    but ichigo is going to loos zangestue what’s going on

    1. Sunite

      Lol, agreed :P Ichigo did loose it and get it back again. I suggest you post on the blog posts which are on the home page :P they are a lot more recent and on topic to the latest chapters of bleach :)

    1. Nick Dunn

      Info About What Exactly? I don’t remember sense it was 3 years ago. And my opinion about all those characters I posted here have changed drastically.

  48. Logan Germano

    Also, Ganju becomes a Fullbringer and the Fullbringers help Ichigo fight the Wandenreich. Also, I think Ichigo’s form of Mugetsu makes an appearence.

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