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Sasuke and Itachi’s Relationship – Naruto Shippuden 248

As you can see in the images above, Sasuke is being taken care of Itachi at this very young age. This scene was during the invasion of Tobi into Konoha, when the Nine-Tails (Kurama)  was released the first time, during Naruto’s birth. As the image states, as well as the story itself. We can clearly see that Itachi cares for Sasuke, as he is taking care of him. As the chill in the air increases due to Kurama being released as Kushina’s seal has broken. Sasuke cry’s has he also senses the frightening feeling around him. Of all times Itachi’s Mother and Father have gone out so Itachi has to make Sasuke stop crying. Itachi promises, “No matter what happens, your big brother will definitely protect you”. After Itachi murdered his own clan as he was commanded by the heads of Konoha, Itachi could not harm his own little brother, since he really loved him, and he knew he had to make Sasuke strong so one day he could fight him. Itachi’s intentions were not to make Sasuke go the wrong path, but to make Sasuke strong so one day so he would surpass his Itachi, as well as defeating him one day, which has already happened. Sasuke found out that Itachi was doing everything for everyone’s best intentions, specially Sasuke, that’s why Sasuke received the Amaterasu as well as other hidden techniques, which Itachi’s eyes posses. Tell me what you think about Sasuke and Itachi’s Relationship, here and in other places.