Thunder Slash and Lightning Chain – Naruto 568

During the latest Naruto manga, which was the 568th chapter. Both Kakashi and Guy are having a tough  time defending off the tailed beasts.Kakashi and Guy both running out of chakra quickly due to previous battles with other people.

One unique new Jutsu I haven’t seen before is the Lightning Chain. How it works is Kakashi first creates a Shadow Clone which assists in making the chain longer. As both of them spread out, the Justu, being a little like the Thunder Slash, grows larger which means that both the clone and the real will be attached.

This ability has a very high frequency allowing it to cut almost anything. In this case is has cut arms of the tailed beats. The limit to the length of this Jutsu is yet unknown but we can surely say it doesn’t span very far. Here we see it spanning around 10 meters.

Another fascinating chapter. I can’t wait for the next Naruto 569 chapter to release!

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