Archive - December 29, 2011


No Fillers Next Week – Naruto Shippuden 242

It’s been a long wait for us fans, but during next week’s Naruto Shippuden 243, the official story will start! We’ve all been waiting a long time till the fillers end. Naruto Shippuden land on an island for a last stop till they head out to the Land of Lightning. For all you manga readers, I’m sure you’ve all know the juicy parts of whats going to happen! During the episode, named Naruto’s Vows. Akatsuchi and Kurotsuchi are attacked by other ninjas. Naruto comes in the way and helps them out. The shinobi’s who attacked them were opposed the alliance. The leader is a Jonin named Ganryu. During this filler episode, Naruto nearly dies, Ganryu realizes that he can put his trust on to Naruto, and pays for all that he has done. Although the episode is quite interesting, the story is wasn’t too well thought of. I’m just really happy that within 2012, Naruto will finally start to use the power of his Tailed-Beast Kurama. Naruto Shippuden 243, can’t wait!