Ichigo’s New Bankai Look! – Bleach 475

After a weeks wait, we finally see Ichigo’s New Bankai Look! Bleach 375 features he’s New Bankai Look during he’s fight with Kugo Ginjo.

Ichigo’s New Bankai form has some similar aspects to he’s old Bankai since he’s now evolved to this new state of Bankai. He’s older Bankai sword was a bit shorter than the current one since this looks a little longer. This new one has a curved tip on Ichigo’s Bankai looks very like his new look when he gained his Soul Reaper powers again here.

Ichigo’s cloths also look very similar to his normal Soul Reaper cloths, with the black and white scheme, plus some features from his Fullbring look, such as the black and white crosses on Ichigo’s chest and arms. Most of the changes to Ichigo’s Bankai Form can be found here.

Considering how powerful Ichigo’s old Bankai was, this new Bankai form will definitely be even more powerful! Maybe as powerful as he’s Final Getsuga Tensho form. Now that would be amazing!

In Bleach 375, Ichigo reveals to Kugo Ginjo that he knew that there was something very suspicious about what Ukitake said. Ichigo knew very well that Ukitake was trying to trick him, “I just didn’t want to believe. I didn’t want to be suspicious of him. So i left it in the corner of my mind, all the time.”. Ichigo realised that the way Ukitake was trying to dupe Ichigo into believing him wasn’t well done, since “He should have been able to fool me in a way I’d never notice.”.

Ukitake made sure that Ichigo realized that there was a purpose to what Ichigo was given, and not just for surveillance of Ichigo. He gave it to Ichigo so he could “Choose” a path way. “Choose the path to protect people with my own hands.”. Ichigo ends the conversation with Kugo Ginjo by saying “I’m going to protect them all, by Fighting You!”.

After a few moments, we see a surprising act by Kugo Ginjo. Ginjo open’s his Bankai! I’d never have thought of two Bankai’s opening in one chapter! Bleach 475 is an epic Chapter! Don’t forget to comment below on how you guys think his powers have changed!

Bleach 475 was one of the best Bleach Manga Chapters iv read! FACT! And I’m willing to change that by reading next weeks Bleach 476 Manga Chapter!

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  1. Caio Motta

    Aah ,aposto que a espada dele ainda e o “velho zangetsu” so quero ver o reencontro do ( Ichigo com o “tensa” zangetsu ! o anime ficara fodastico !

    Google Translator: Aah, I bet even his sword and “old Zangetsu” just want to see the reunion (with Ichigo “tense” Zangetsu! Stood-ass anime!

    1. Sunite

      Yes, it would be amazing to see the very first zangetsu meet with ichigo during one of those dreams. It’s been a long time since i saw him, plus this time Ichigo could learn a few things from him and start out properly!

      1. Caio Motta

        Eu sou fã de bleach pacas ! Sera que a espada ainda e o Zangetsu ? ou sera outro ? Por que agora a origem do poder do ichigo ta mais forte ! Acho que quando ele entra na forma “não bankai” vai esta o tensa Zangetsu ,Por que a espada normal esta com a correntinha da bankai velha !

        Google Translator: I’ma fan of bleach pacas! Sera that the sword is still the Zangetsu? or will be another? Why now the source of the power of the strongest ichigo ta! I think when he comes in the form “not bankai” This will tense the Zangetsu, Why is this normal sword with the chain of old bankai!

        1. Sunite

          I think that it will be the same Zangetsu. I also think that this new Bankai will be even more powerful! It will be amazing! :D He’s new normal sword will have the chain of the old bankai becuase his new normal form has gotten very powerful, it can match his old bankai.

          Google Portuguese Translator: Eu acho que ele será o mesmo Zangetsu. Eu também acho que este Bankai novo será ainda mais poderoso! Vai ser incrível! : D Ele é espada normal novo terá a cadeia da bankai de idade porque sua nova forma normal, ficou muito poderoso, pode igualar a sua bankai de idade.

  2. cmcwiki

    i will list the new differences.

    The Bankai Jacket makes a comeback but with some changes.

    1. The “greaves” we saw in “neo-shikai” make a return but are larger and appear whitewhite.

    2. The Jacket is now open with three “cross bands” that we also saw in “neo-shikai”

    3. as does the collar although slightly altered

    4. Aside from the bands, Ichigo is wearing a white open shirt under the Jacket

    5. The Sleeves from v1 come back and end just short of his wrists

    6. Ichigo now has black gloves on both of his hands.

    These are the last changes i can see in his bankai outfit

    Now regarding Tensa Zangetsu’s blade

    1. Tensa is now much longer

    2. There are three jagged points starting at the middle of the sword pointing towards its now slightly curved end.

    3. The guard is now much more jagged as well

    1. Linus135

      I would say that the new Tensa Zangetsu resembles that of a Kilij which is a Turkic blade. It was the sword they had Vlad the Impaler use on deadliest warrior if you want to see what it looks like to compare.

  3. Linus135

    I would just like to say that I also believe Ichigo has the same zanpakuto opposed to a new one since he uses Getsuga Tenshou and because Isshin talks about the Final Getsuga and mentions how his was the same way. It would appear he has the same zanpakuto after getting his powers back so why wouldn’t Ichigo? Plus Old Man Zangetsu is too cool and he and Ichigo have gone through too much together to just throw in a new sword, especially when they’re talking about the strength of bonds etc.

      1. Nirnimes singh

        actually old man zangetsu is the manifestation of ichigo’s quincy powers (masaki kurosaki was a quincy and isshin a soul reaper )and that hollow ichigo is manifestation of his hollow powers (as ginjo said “all our mothers were attacked by hollow” then isshin saved her and they got married and soul reaper quincy hybrid ichigo was born we can call him soul quincy ) so ichigo does not really have a zanpaktou

        1. cmcwiki

          Actually, Ichigo’s Hollow was zangetsu, dunno what he’d looked like before but it was because of the encroachment (that the old man caused) that he was made into Hollow Ichigo. Ichigo’s hollow manifestation was his fullbring, not Hollow Ichigo, fullbring’s don’t have “spirits”.

    1. Sunite

      Personally, I think it will since Ichigo’s Shikai has changed, as well as his Bankai.. so hopefully it’ll be the same Zangetsu but with a different appearance…

      1. Nirnimes singh

        actually old man zangetsu is the manifestation of ichigo’s quincy powers (masaki kurosaki was a quincy and isshin a soul reaper )and that hollow ichigo is manifestation of his hollow powers (as ginjo said “all our mothers were attacked by hollow” then isshin saved her and they got married and soul reaper quincy hybrid ichigo was born we can call him soul quincy ) so ichigo does not really have a zanpaktou

  4. Dominic Henry

    Ichgo NEW BANKAI MADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And more powerful i think too than his old bankai. I really hope he gets back his hollow powers too. But over alll i like the new ichgo

    1. david pearson

      as we have seen that is not true he has already gotten his powers back now the question is. will long will he be able to keep them? because all rukia and everyone else did was supercharge him with reishi that can easily seep out of his body like his old shinigami powers

      1. Sunite

        But even if his got his powers back. Doesn’t that mean he’s going to be making his own powers now? For example he needed a kick starter large enough to kick start he’s own internal power collecting thing lol

    1. Sunite

      Ichigo’s new Hollow mask hasn’t been confirmed yet, even Kubo hasn’t said anything about it in the manga or anything… don’t know if Ichigo still has a mask…

      1. nick dunn

        I dont think he does. Zangestu said cause he died from Ulquiorra’s Segundo Etapa Cero Oscuros. And Hollow Ichigo to over again completely and has a new form, he said Ichigo cannot control Hollow Ichigo with his Vizard Mask. Plus if he did have if, dont you think he would use it against Kirge? Or to break his Reishi Cage technique. But if he does die again, him sure Hollow Ichigo will take over and with a new form too.

        1. Sunite

          Hmm I’m not sure he died during Ulquiorra’s Segunda Etapa because when Ichigo wanted to gain the Final Getsuga Tenshou, Zangetsu pulled out Hollow Ichigo from Ichigo and he appeared with the mask… I’m not sure if Hollow Ichigo is still with Ichigo because he was pulled out…. but you never know he could still be there… Well against Kirge, Bankai would have been enough, plus Ichigo still hasn’t gone through the challenge of defeating Hollow Ichigo like he did with the Vizards.
          Yeah Hollow Ichigo may come back if he’s dead like with the Ulquiorra and Orihime incident…

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