Archive - November 29, 2011


Urahara and Isshin’s Secret Meetings – Bleach 350

In today’s informative Bleach 350 episode. We saw at the ending, Isshin and Urahara met up talk about something really secretive. A little before this moment, Ichigo was walking up the street and saw his father, Isshin Kurosaki. He may have been noticed by Urahara and Isshin hence the change in the meeting place. The fact that Isshin and Urahara are meeting up would usually mean that something big is going down. The last time that Urahara and Isshin were seen together were during the fight between Soul Society and Aizen. This secret meetings are a part of something bigger, and even in the manga it’s not been properly explained, so this will have to be done properly maybe in the future. Okay, so this introduction of these two characters, is a treat. Just knowing that there is something bigger going on in the back is fantastic. Watch next week’s Bleach 351.


The Truth about Shukuro Tsukishima – Bleach 350

In today’s Bleach 350, quite a lot of information had been told by Kugo Ginjo, for instant, he told that Tsukishima was the leader of the Xcution at the beginning. Xcution came together for a shared purpose and worked together to erase their Fullbring powers. Tsukishima discovered a way to transfer their Fullbring powers to a Substitute Soul Reaper. After the Substitute Shinigami Soul Reaper accepted the powers of several of our group members. Tsukishima suddenly had a change of heart. He killed both the Substitute Soul Reaper and the members of our group who gave him their powers, and disappeared from the Xcution. He’s aim is to prevent the current Xcution Leader Kugo Ginjo and all other members. His aim would be to make contact with Ichigo Kurosaki, a Substitute Soul Reaper. He attacked Uryu Ishida and made contact with Orihime Inoue, and tried to attract your attention by using a different, and more violent means than the current Xcution did. Spoiler: What had been explained above was from Bleach 350, after a few episodes, you’ll find out that this technically wasn’t correct and there’s a larger story to all this. Don’t forget to watch next week’s Bleach 351 episode! It’s going to be amazing!


Orihime attacked by Tsukishima – Bleach 350

In today’s Bleach 350,Tsukishima meets and attacks Orihime. He plants something within Orihime to which the Anime only viewers still don’t know. As from last week, we saw that Tsukishima went to see Orihime and was told that he is not there to harm her, yet. Read about last weeks episode here. Today’s episode, from the images above, we can see that Orihime is stabbed by Tsukishima’s Fullbring sword. Although she was not cut or stabbed or even bleed. She was mentally in shock when Ichigo and Sado arrived. For an instant she wondered how she could be cut while not  being injured. Another hint at what Tsukishima’s power is when Orihime mentions to Ichigo and Sado, that Tsukishima was a ‘friend’ even when she got stabbed by him. Orihime could have said anything, but to mention ‘friend’ was a little weird. When Orihime was on the phone with Sado after the incident, she mentions to Sado, “I’m positive I was cut, but when I came to, there was no wound”. She also says, “When you and Kurosaki came, for a split second, I thought that person as a ‘friend’.”. Tsukishima’s Fullbring is yet unknown to the only anime watchers, but we can get a sense of the type of Fullbring he posses. “It felt like I thought about the past and suddenly I remembered who he was.”. I think that quote above said by Orihime, could be the biggest clue to Tsukishima Fullbring. Also forgot to mention he’s fullbring name is ‘Book of the End’. So today’s episode revealed a lot of information about Tsukishima’s Character. Don’t forget to read tomorrow’s Bleach 475 with Ichigo’s New Bankai Look, as well as watching next week’s Bleach 351.