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beLIEve, Who are the Real Bad Guys? – Bleach 474

After this weeks Bleach 474 chapter, you might have noticed that your views on who the bad guy would have changed! Like myself, you would have now had a few hints that all of this was just a setup. From Episode 1, when Ichigo met Rukia, was it just a coincidence or was carefully planned from somewhere inside the Soul Society. In these few new manga chapter, I noticed that Isshin’s face seemed to be under the weather, it’s although as he knows something that could be really crucial to the story. It’s me guessing here, but I think that he’s thinking that all of this has gone too far. For example, Soul Society could have known internally that Aizen was going to do such a thing, therefore the only person with enough power would be Ichigo. Since Ichigo was too weak at the time, Isshin had to teach him a technique which would imprison Aizen as well as loosing he’s powers, this technique was the Final Getsuga Tensho and Mugetsu. All of this could have been really carefully planned by the most peaceful man in Gotei 13, Ukitake Jushirou. It’s pretty hard to actually think that he’s the bad guy since he hasn’t got much screen time, maybe that was the plan all along? Leave him in the back and surprise us with such a statement. Moreover, I think that all these twists and turns within Bleach Manga and Episodes are making Bleach even better than Aizen’s Arc. Compared to that story, this is the BOUSS! (Urban Dictionary: Doing something amazingly / ‘like a boss’). People who left should really get back to Bleach! Its amazing! There are lots of points I could talk about here, but I want you guys to comment below and tell me what you guys think about the secret Ichigo has never known until now. Don’t forget to read next weeks Bleach 475 in addition to watching the episodes!