“What? That can’t be! Ichigo wouldn’t…” Rukia? – Bleach 349

In today’s episode, we saw a little bit of a inside into the future of The Lost Shinigami Arc. This post is mainly for people who don’t read Bleach manga.

Okay so, the Combat Pass/Shinigami Badge suspectingly started to make some kind of noise. What came through were a few words. They were “What? That can’t be! Ichigo wouldn’t…”. Ichigo identified these few words to be from Rukia.

The fact that the message came from Rukia just tells me that something is going on at the Soul Society. Since I’m a avid Bleach Manga reader, I can guess and get what’s going to happen here and get it right.

Since I hate people spoiling things like this, I wont spoil it for you guys also. However I do want you guys to guess by commenting below what’s going to happen here! I’ll start it off for you guys, Rukia’s talking, what kind of message do you think that gives?

The kind of thing that Rukia said, gives me a clear idea of what kind of people the Xcution are, if they’re the good or bad guys ;). But to you guys, you can tell me what you guys think!

Keep reading, watching and loving Daily Anime Art! Bleach 350 airs next week!

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