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“What? That can’t be! Ichigo wouldn’t…” Rukia? – Bleach 349

In today’s episode, we saw a little bit of a inside into the future of The Lost Shinigami Arc. This post is mainly for people who don’t read Bleach manga. Okay so, the Combat Pass/Shinigami Badge suspectingly started to make some kind of noise. What came through were a few words. They were “What? That can’t be! Ichigo wouldn’t…”. Ichigo identified these few words to be from Rukia. The fact that the message came from Rukia just tells me that something is going on at the Soul Society. Since I’m a avid Bleach Manga reader, I can guess and get what’s going to happen here and get it right. Since I hate people spoiling things like this, I wont spoil it for you guys also. However I do want you guys to guess by commenting below what’s going to happen here! I’ll start it off for you guys, Rukia’s talking, what kind of message do you think that gives? The kind of thing that Rukia said, gives me a clear idea of what kind of people the Xcution are, if they’re the good or bad guys ;). But to you guys, you can tell me what you guys think! Keep reading, watching and loving Daily Anime Art! Bleach 350 airs next week!


Orihime meets Tsukishima, “The one who attacked Ishida was me” – Bleach 349

Tsukishima introduced himself to Orihime as the bad guy. Moe Shishigawara finds out how beautiful Orihime is. Today’s episode, we see Orihime being told that Tsukishima, this mysterious skillful ex Xcution leader, to be person who tried to fataly injure Uryu Ishida. Moe, the guy with the mo-hock, finds Orihime very attractive, which results him in not being able to fight Orhime, only until he mentions Uryu’s name, Orihime gets serious enough for both to fight. Only until to find out that Tsukishima, silently and swiftly pop by to pay Orihime a visit. “Tsukishima introduces himself to Orihime, but Shishigawara interrupts their conversation, insisting that he will be able to take care of Orihime for him and tries to fight her. Tsukishima tells him to go home, but Shishigawara refuses. Tsukishima closes his book and reminds Shishigawara that he told him that he didn’t need to do anything, and asks why he is still there. Shishigawara tells him that he wants to be useful to him. Tsukishima then casually remarks that he lost his page and takes out his bookmark, turning it into a sword. He asks Shishigawara if he minds taking responsibility for his lost page. Upon seeing the sword, Orihime asks him if it is a Zanpakutō. Tsukishima replies that it is not; it is actually his Fullbring, Book of the End.” source: What a great episode that was! Cannot wait for the next Bleach 350! Keep reading in addition watching episodes.


Ichigo learns his Fullbring and defeats Crazy Beast Mode Doll – Bleach 349

After a long week waiting, Ichigo finally learns a little about how he could protect he’s friends and family. He also defeats the pink plush even when its during crazy beast mode. As we saw last week, Ichigo was fighting a large plush which had a man inside of it, this man was put into the doll by Riruka. They are all fighting inside a dollhouse which Riruka’s powers work in. Read about Bleach 348 here. Okay so, Bleach 349 is a pretty interesting episode, we find out a little about Ichigo’s fullbring, for example, he’s Fullbring can only work when Ichigo has the Combat Pass in his hand and that he’s Fullbring can be used for shielding Ichigo as well as sending a round dark red object into the opponents body. “Just as every battle you’ve fought is etched into your soul, it is etched into the sould of the tool in your hand. Each time you hold the Combat Pass after a battle, the Combat Pass etches the memory of that battle into its soul.” is what Kugo Ginjo explains how Ichigo gained a little bit of he’s power. The guard-shaped Spiritual Pressure only comes out when Ichigo is holding the Combat Pass. Since this is a shield type weapon, Ichigo isn’t able to defeat the plush. So what he does is he holds the Combat Pass with two hands and in a split second he feels a sensation. This sensation was of the Getsuga Tensho! This allows him to produce a circular object which spins and hits the plush doll therefore paralyzing or killing him. “He did it!” Riruka states! So this was just some of the full Bleach 349 episode, keep watching, continue reading and keep Bleach 350 in your mind for next week!