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An Unyielding Crash! Now The Battle Begins! – Naruto 563

During todays Naruto 563 Manga Chapter we saw the Kage’s pull every technique they had, they were totally obliterating Madara Uchiha. This however wasn’t the end of the story. I hoped Naruto Manga 563 would be a chapter for the Kage’s only, although that wasn’t right, Naruto butted in to ask Tsunade for her help but was denied because this situation has grown bigger than him. Either a clone or the real Naruto which was with Killer B, have come to a great conclusion during the end of the chapter! Naruto found Tobi! As quoted above in the image, “An Unyielding Crash! and now The Battle Begins”. Such a great fight awaits for us in the next chapter, Naruto vs Tobi. Unfortunately, Naruto 564 will not be coming out next week, but in fact a week later 23rd November 2011.


Gathering of the Five Kages! – Naruto 563

Naruto 563, Gathering of the Five Kages, features a great number of impressive techniques. One after the other, the Kage’s pull out an early attack on Madara while he just sits back and takes it. In this manga chapter, The Ultimate Team, are all working together to kill Madara Uchiha. Tsunade quickly heals Gaara and Onoki while the Raikage and Mei Terumi fight Madara Uchiha. We quickly see Mei deliver a Lava Release Melting Apparition Technique which is spit out from Mei’s mouth to the target, this would release a large amount of steam due to the properties of lava. The result of this is that Madara accidentally falls in the lava as the Raikage, A, punches him and falls. At this moment, we see that Madara’s Susanoo activate saving him from the boiling hot lava. Raikage receives an incredible opportunity, and quick thinking he’s able to use his Lightning Oppression Horizontal Chop. Although this technique was unsuccessful, he now knows its stronger than his Lightning Oppression Horizontal Chop. The techniques used above has certainly impressed Madara Uchiha as he’s been knocked down. A yet unknown technique has been revealed today, this special technique, which has no name, appears to be related specifically to Madara Uchiha’s Susanoo. This technique uses his Susanoo to release a 13 comma (,) looking objects into the air, and release them at high-speed. This technique could relate to the one that Sasuke Uchiha uses, his would be the Susanoo Bow. This technique was counter attacked by Gaara and Onoki’s Shields. “On top of the Stone Golem… A Shield of Sand!”. After this technique was used, Onoki and the Raikage quickly came with a plan to bash Madara’s Susanoo into pieces. And guess what? it worked! Raikage bashed Muu, who was in the way, into the sky. Then released one very powerful technique which was able to break open a whole in the impervious Susanoo. This technique was the Super Aggravated Rock Technique. Keep watching as well as reading the manga. Unfortunately Naruto Mange will be taking a break next week. Maybe to cook up a great meeting up for Naruto and Tobi. So Naruto 564, will be releasing around the 23rd November 2011. Subscribe to get the latest manga news!