Who is Tobi? – Tobi’s Sharingan and Rinnegan – Naruto 560

As seen in the latest Naruto 560 Chapter! Tobi’s face has both the Sharingan (Left) and the Rinnegan (Right)! Both of them! Which makes him very powerful!

Now the real question begins! Who is Tobi? That’s the question that’s been circulating forums and blog all around the Internet! Most of them have suggested is could be either Izuna Uchiha or Obito Uchiha! Both very powerful!

Obito Uchiha died during the mission with Kakashi and Rin. “When Obito pushed Kakashi out of the way of a falling rock, his right side was crushed. Unable to free himself, Obito asked Rin to give Kakashi his remaining Sharingan, to make up for not giving him a gift earlier.” source: naruto.wikia.com. In many chats and images, people have mentioned that Tobi’s face is quite damaged. This could mean that the rock could have caused this mishap on Tobi’s face. Others mention that Tobi’s Hair matches Obito’s Hair Color!

Izuna Uchiha died during a fight with enemies while blind! “Izuna later died honourably in battle, fighting to the death even in his blind state.” source: naruto.wikia.com. Izuna was left blinded by his own brother Madara Uchiha for the sake of the Uchiha Clan and its growing number of enemies. Madara used his Mangekyou Sharingan to take over the clan. Over time Madara became blind and therefore couldn’t help anyone at this state. This meant that he had to replace his own eyes somehow, Itachi Uchiha said that Madara forcefully took Izuna’s eyes, while Tobi says Izuna offered him the eyes to keep the Uchiha’s Clan pride!

There is a pile of proof that could prove any of these two characters as being Tobi! Either way, Tobi’s search for the power of the Gods or Sage of Six Paths (Rikudou Sennin) is unbelievable! So I’ll leave the chatter to you guys!

Comment below on who you guys think the real Tobi is!


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  1. Marcos Polo

    It can’t obito. ’cause tobi can use space time jutsus, healing jutsus, fuin jutsus, and in only 3 years
    he won’t be able to reach minato’s strengh. And learn all that jutsus.

    1. Sunite

      But this Tobi character has been around for quite a long time now!
      When he fought Minato like 17 years ago etc…
      So Obito could be a possibility with Izuna and a Zetsu Clone

      1. Uchiha

        I bet 1 million dollars that tobi is the elder son of the sage. WHY? Proof that tobi has knowledge about the sage and the fight between the two brothers, also the underground tablets. He learnt that if his brothers chakra was combined with his own, he would be able to use the sage’s original jutsu. I wonder why people would consist that its obito and all these other random people. LOLL

        1. Sunite

          There are two sons of the Sage of the Six Paths, one was the Senju and the other Uchiha…. both of these are clans…

          So technically… you need to rethink who it is… Some people think its Obito, some Izuna and others Kami, Madara’s son…

          1. Tobi anonymous

            Heres my theory…. Madara uchiha died at the valley of end, but “someone” with a motive to destroy konoha gathered the first hokages cells, and brought a different madara back to life, therefore kabuto being able to ressurect the original madara, this is why tobi can use the sage of six paths jutsu

            1. Sunite

              So are you saying that Tobi has cells from the First Hokage and thus have the ability to use the powers from the Sage of Six Paths… We’ll seem legit but this someone would have had to be revealed by now because it’s a bit late to reveal a new evil character…

    2. David Perez III

      no i think its obito because he can use a black hole jutsu just like kakashi’s eye and o-bi-to can be close to to-bi’s name right and i think he knows the secret of the uchiha’s stone…..

  2. akrum

    Yeah it cant be obito due t the fact when he initially attacked the leaf kakashi was still a kid and they were the same age, my theory is either this madara is a clone of the original using cells from hashirama to prolong his life, or I have a theory, didn’t madara have a younger brother? Personally he seems like the only one who can hate the leaf more than madara, after all he sacrificed his eyes in order that the orginal madara get the eternal mangekyo? plus apparently he is profficient at transplanting eyes and jas quite a collection who is to say that the eyes collected until now arent being ut to use in his body after all he gave the rinnegan to nagato. All speculation though, for all we know the character could be someone completely new

    1. Sunite

      Yeh the person your talking about is Izuna, Madara’s brother, he somehow died during a blind fight due to the fact of not having his eyes… since he gave them to madara who lost eyes since he was using his eyes way too much…

      I was just thinking that it could be someone new, someone whos intensions of proposing as madara were actually to do something even worse then anyones imagined…
      revealing Tobi’s identity will reveal a whole new story line!

    1. masashi kishimoto

      pinche estupido
      solo es una creacion de madara que hiso antes de morir
      juntando partes de los mejores ninjas para que despues lo reviviera y hiciera la 3 guerra ninja

      **Google Translate**
      fucking stupid
      only a creation of madara before he died hiso
      joining parts of the best ninja to revive after the war and made ​​the 3 ninja

    2. Sunite

      Yeh the real Madara would know that. But when he was talking about this with Kabuto, i think he was reffering to Orochimaru.

      Obito may have some kind of grudge against Konoha and Kakashi or something…

      Its hard to guess who it is without knowing his story first, im sure it will be revealed very sooooon! :D

      1. Tobi Detective

        Madara does know obito, madara took obito in after he was hit by the rock, and after he got healed, he went back and saw rin run kakashi through with his chidori

  3. Sick.Note

    its kagami, cant be obito because he is too young and has no reason to destroy konoha, cant be izuna because he is died and without the sharingan’s. In my opinion is kagami, madara’s son, when tobi shows kisame who he is, kisame says he was once the mizukage, the person controlled mizukage used a mind control jutso only known by madara, that before attacking konoha told this jutso to his son, and besides, kagami is the same age has danzou, tobi when is going to show his face to sasuke you can see that he is old, other, when konoha is attacked by madara and the nine tails the only person that isnt there is….kagami

          1. Tobi Detective

            obito doesnt have something against Konoha, he just wants peace in the world, therefore the tsuki no me plan, to create peace, so After kakashi killed tobi’s love, Rin, Obito realized that the world will never be peaceful, and realized madara was right, so he supported the Tsuki no me

    1. Sunite

      Yes he said this, but who believes him? No one infact… Tobi has never been too trustable, and since he has a massive plan for Sasuke specially, he wants Sasuke to believe him…. So he will obviously tell him lies! like his name!

    1. Ben

      Dumass he controlled the mizukage with his eye his EYE!!!!! Dam u probably forgot the one thing sharingan is good at genjutsu who says kisame isnt being controlled was he’s dead now

      1. Sunite

        Kisame is dead now, but Tobi wasn’t controlling him or any of the akatsuki although he was directly the Akatsuki in a direction which he could gain all 9 Tailed Beasts…

  4. Fritz Eagleton

    Okay I’ve seen this topic on many websites and just want to get my opinion out there

    1. It’s NOT Madara Uchiha It can’t be Madara because if youve been following the story at ALL then you will know that he has recently been resurrected from the dead so he’s out.

    2. It’s NOT Obito Uchiha Now this one makes no sense what so ever for one it showd him getting die from being crushed by rocks and two why would he even want to destroy hidden leaf if there was a village he even wanted to destroy it’d be the hidden rock.

    3 it’s possiblely Izuna Uchiha and here’s why the books said he was his equal so he would be just as strong and would know his past but here’s where it gets fuzzy and this is what I think happened I think Izuna survived went into hiding after Madara took his eyes but then when Madara died he took his eyes back from him and re transplanted them back into himself, the reason Madara has his eyes back once he’s ressurected is because kabuto said he fixed him into a state past his prime which would give him his eyes but (although there fake) but Izuna has the real eyes.

    1. Ben

      It’s obito it’s the only one that makes sense and will see who it is when it ends and will know which ever one is right Ive watched and read all of naruto since it came out I was 13 at the time I’m 18 now and Im not wrong to guess a scenerio I don’t need to prove it In order from 1,2,3 diferent points ..it’s not fair to the other people say its a certain person and you rule them out with some stupid fact

          1. Ken Garcia

            ……………………are you fucking kidding me ?? Obito is what you guys actually came up with ? Kagami i can see , Izuna i can see . WHY obito ??? thats fucking stupid , just because he has short hair doesn’t mean shit , How the hell could you come out alive after a shit load of big boulder rocks fall on you … and on top of that he has absolutely no reason to even destroy the hidden leaf .. sooo yeah the Obito theory is just down right fucking retarded . IN EVERY WAY.

            1. Sunite

              As you saw during one of the latest chapters, Tobi said that he knew Kakashi and that he had bad memory. This could mean that it could be someone from Kakashi’s past which could include Obito. As you may know, Tobi has a large collection of eyes meaning that the one which was crushed and the one which was given to Kakashi could have been replaced. I know its hard to believe how he could have gotten from there blindly but still.. someone could have helped him. Im not saying that it could be him 100% but there’s always a small chance of being him

    2. Fritz Eagleton

      And when he gave the rinnegan to Nagato it was madaras so when he took madaras eyes he also got the rinnegan but gave it to Nagato.

  5. nico joseph arpon

    Tobi could be Kagami , …why? because when he slightly take off his mask to sasuke…Left part of his face is quite wrinkled..so tobi could be old…It could be kagami…the hair is quite similar to tobi’s…and kagami is a teammate of hiruzen(third HOkage) in second shinobi world war with danzo and two other’s which are Present Konoha Elders..In the time the when Naruto series started hiruzen was already old and his faced are wrinkled….Kagami and Hiruzen are of the same ages ..in the second shinobi war Kagami,as it was depicted he died in the battle…But he could fake his death and later he could learn the hatred of the Uchiha’s..Their teacher was the 2nd hokage who knows how to use space time ninjutsu…my 2nd theory is Madara’s DNA who could be tested to other person…I will recall Yamato..Yamato had a DNA of the 1st hokage which enables him to use wood release…Yamato was tested along with 60 babies who was tested..He survived in the test and the 1st hokage’s DNA fits to him..So it could be the as the same as Yamato’s..Madara’s dead body could be stealed by unknown person….he got Madara’s DNA and tested it to himself or tested it to others..My problem with my second theory is the sharingan..It could be possible that one of the Uchiha’s in Madara’s time stole his body shortly after his death…Tobi cant be izuna or obito…One of the episodes depicted Izuna’s dead body inside the coffin.. Tobi cant be obito because he died and the left part of his face was crashed by a boulder and his right eye was transplanted to kakashi and why he would hate konoha ..Obito’s personality is somewhat similar to Naruto ….I think as the story goes on it becomes unpredictable ..THIS IS my own THEORY..

    1. Sunite

      Somewhat agree with you since they do look very alike when he’s mask for smashed during the fight… Also yeh Kagami has the dark blue hair which Tobi has too…
      Yeh Obito seems very similar to Naruto as he saved kakashi and rin too

    1. Sunite

      1 – Before he took Obito’s body, who was he?
      2 – How could he be one of the Uzumaki without the red hair?
      3 – Sage of Six Paths only had 2 sons? Uchiha and Senju?

  6. Travis

    It can’t be obito. from the time obito dies to the time the village is attacked by the masked man is to insufficient for obito to age X amount of years and learn all those jutsus. I also thought it was obito for the longest time until I figured out the math.

        1. Sunite

          Thats what makes it amazing, when they’ll tell the story they will reveal the story as well as tell how he hated everyone and wanted ultimate power…

  7. Akosi Teachmihawtoodougie

    Ok guys Im also confused with tobi… And i ended up with 1 thing in my mind… I think Tobi is also a wood person like yamato Since madara has 1st hokage DNA and such… Then Madara implanted those sharingans that he have collected on the lab that’s why he still got a normal sharingan But since He was created by madara… He may have inherited his sharingan skills

    1. Sunite

      Personally I feel that Madara and Tobi are connected because Madara had noticed that it was the fault of Tobi because of the war… Your theory could be correct but until it’s confirmed it’s hard to say…

  8. Fritz Eagleton

    Actually it could be Obito’s body because when Obito died his left half was crushed and when he fought Danzo when torune got his left arm with the nano bugs he just snapped it off and it was some weird white goo.

      1. Sunite

        Ohh like when Tobi and Minato were fighting, Tobi was able to take he’s hand off when it was injured. Hmm, that doesn’t seem to me that Obito was able to posses such an ability. He was still young at that time…

  9. leaf42

    tobi should be someone who belongs to the Senju clan, because the account that Konan was he who gave the rinegan Nagato. On the other hand, may be the reincarnation of something that is not human, because it also has created the akatsuki when we know that was Nagato and Yahiko who created it. Tobi can be assumed as the fate or something. The truth is that there is some mystery behind the rinegan. Madara has the rinegan through developing the sharingan. Nagato was born with rinegan. And the new transformation Naruto has similarities to the sage of six paths, such as hair-shaped horns, a string with symbols identical to the sharingan and a cover etc.

    1. Sunite

      Yup, Tobi seems to be someone who is literally a mystery! Tobi has referred himself as Madara, when the real Madara are currently fighting the Five Kages. It’s literally impossible to guess at the current time who we think he is. But personally I think its Kagami Uchiha becuase he has the most similaarities to Tobi’s features such as hair and face structure, plus he was part of the team where he was with Hashirama and everyone else within the First Shinobi War…

      1. Laramie

        I wouldn’t go there, by the similarities. Many ears have passed and we’ve seen some characters taking severe damage and changing their looks completely. Hair can be cut. As for the face structure, many members of the same branch of the Uchiha house shared it. Even with all this said, I still think it’s Kagami but for different reasons.. There is the story that he died during the FSWW. His thirst of power and revenge might come from there… That he was abandoned to die by those he considered comrads, betrayed again by those who considered themselves superior (the Senju, A.K.A. Tobirama). And through time, he learned about the story of his clan, probably through means that won’t be touched upon in the manga or anime, but that were key to what he became as Tobi. If all, Kagami shares that with Madara and that’s why he calls himself “Madara” as well, because he shared and felt the same pain Madara did when he saw his “power” be ripped off his own hands and left there to die. —> Bottom line of Naruto and its enemies; it’s always about revenge of some sort.

        1. Sunite

          Yeah you’ve got some good points and somewhat agree that it could be Kagami but he was alive some time ago from the current point. Either he’s done something similar to what Orochimaru has done or he’s some kind of pure genius. Personally I think it’s someone who knows Kakashi really well. Like an old friend of something..

    1. taktak

      Its zetsu!he took the for of obito after he ate him(zestu is a man eatr lol) zestu is the sage of six paths ultimate creation because he made him with both yin and yang.The yin side can control spritiul chakra(in the fight with the third hukage orochimaru summons three coffins but we don’tt get to see who is in the third coffin my theory is that it was madara but seens it was half opend zestu took the spiritual chakra(madar’s)which explains how he knows every thing madara does and the justu.and for the yang side of zestu it aet obito’s body and took his body form obito.zestu is strenthend by hashiramas gens exp.in one of the episodes yamato is taken too make zestu stronger that wa the whole point of that mission. And I rest my cais lolz O:)

      1. Sunite

        That could be a good theory actually. It seems likely, but to me, Tobi seems to command Zetsu, not the other way around. Plus it seems to me that Zatsu was engineered by Tobi… thats why Zetsu listens to Tobi. Although it could be that Zetsu is Tobi.

  10. rabin

    While hashirama and madara fought, madara son saw the fight from far. When madara was about to die, he developed rinnegan. Madara’s son went to see madara in death bed, and madara gave his rinnegan to his son and asked his son to get the revenge and to bring him back later to show his success. Magara’s son developed his skills and prepared hiself and gedo mazdo and formed akatsuki and that preparation has been finished recently. So tobi is madara’s son avenging his father’s death and fulfilling his promise.

    1. Sunite

      Hmmm, seems like a solid idea, but who is the son of Madara?
      Also, Tobi wasn’t the one who bought Madara back, it was Kabuto who brought him back as he obtained some dna from him and used it on a invaluable body.
      Unless we get a few more hints, it’ll be hard to guess who it is…

  11. azure

    haha!!! what is the main goal of Tobi? that’s what we must first know.

    I think Tobi is a cloned ninja having genes of Madara.

    1. azure

      Isn’t it the makers of naruto wants us to be frustrutated when madara was reanimated by Kabuto, and the mere fact is that Madara’s goal is still alive hiding in the mask of Tobi.

              1. taktak

                Wow. Calm down who said sasuke had no intensions of destoring. Konoha and wat if sasuke from the future obtains power to go back in time than covers. His. Profile. As. Tobi,anyways. That’s not my point I. Think its orochimaru now from he. Clues. I got from the new. Manga’sasuke:I need to to to him” than looks at curse mark whick is. Weird coz it got. Sealed away by itachi

                1. Sunite

                  Hmmm, Well Sasuke does have some intention to killing the heads of the Konoha… Plus it’s likely but I’d say that it’s someone else because Tobi doesn’t seem to have anything in commen with Sasuke. But it’s somewhat likely because Tobi does want to also protect him just like Itachi

  12. Kekkei Tōta

    I think Tobi is Uchiha Obito, why?
    My guess is that when Obito got crushed by the boulder Orochimaru found him, and Orochimaru took him.
    Orochimaru already had DNA from the first hokage since he was already experimenting on Yamato. As we all know the DNA from the first hokage has the ability of regeneration, and it shows from the white zetsu’s who are also produced from the Senju DNA.
    So Orochimaru implantend the Senju DNA into Obito, which made Obito regenerate his crushed side and Sharingan. It’s also seen in the Manga where Tobi fights Konan his left side get’s blown to pieces and afterwards it’s regenerated, and he is able to use Izanagi which requires Senju DNA.

    Also it’s possible Obito learned quite allot techniques from Orochimaru, and developed new ones on his own. Probably he took an example of the Fourth who was his sensei and tried to perfect the technique in order to use Space/Time jutsu. This might make it possible for Obito to time travel and go back to release the nine tails and plant the rinnegan inside Nagato.
    He probably didn’t want to take the chance to re do the time travel, because every jutsu brings great risks.

    As for the grudge Obito should have against Konoha. I think he might be greatly influenced by Orochimaru and holds his grudges against Kakashi and maybe also against Minato. Though this part is still pretty hard since we never ever saw into Obito’s mind to watch his feelings about Konoha.

    Also Orochimaru states that he used to work with Tobi together quite allot.

    And for my last argument in this discussion.
    Tobi says in chapter 594: Kakashi you always open your mouth so easily. It’s no wonder you lived a life of regret. You don’t remember faces so what’s the point in telling you…

    1. Sunite

      You’ve got some awesome arguments there, one thing that makes me think that your theory of Orochimaru helping is wrong because Tobi once said that he didn’t know how much Orochimaru knew about all of this, so it’s pretty like that Orochimaru and Tobi were never close, so it’s somewhat unlikely.

      But the arguments are pretty cool though, they may even be true if there was more of a connection between Tobi and Orochimaru…

  13. narutofan101

    I really think it’s Obito! Since Obito got crushed by the rock, it’s possible somebody saved him! Then, Tobi has Sharingan in his right while Kakashi has it in left! It’s a possibility Obito got the Rinnegan in his left!

    1. Sunite

      Yeah its possible, but how would have Obito gotten stronger on his own? Do you think someone else helped him to get stronger? I think Tobi has had to change his eyes all the time because both of his eyes were ruined, one which was given to Kakashi and the other possibly crushed..

  14. jacob

    Tobi has to be obito. I know that there are reasonable arguments against it but in the latest chapter (not sure which number), you find out that both Kakashi’s and Tobi’s space-time ninjutsus use the same dimension. The only reason why this would be is if there eyes had the same DNA therefore it has to be Obito.

    I haven’t finish reading the chapter so I don’t know if this has already been established at the end but I will bet anything that this will be revealed soon.

    1. Sunite

      well it doesn’t depend on the DNA of the actual person, we’ve seen Tobi do wonders with any technique he possess. He could have transplanted Obito’s right eye, which is not confirmed if crushed or not, and then just used his Space-Time Technique, allowing both Kakashi and Tobi to enter a same dimension.

      1. xxxpinoyxxx

        Ok, guys. I think it’s time I voice out my opinion. I strongly agree with those people who are saying that tobi is OBITO, and here’s why…

        1. Tobi is able to send parts of his body into another dimension, right? If that’s the case then Obito could not have died from that rock which appeared to have crashed half of his body. If he was able to use that jutsu even when he was a child, then I would say he is very much alive at present. This also explains why he was still able to talk to Kakashi even if half of his face (with half of his brain) appears to have been smashed.

        2. People are saying that it couldn’t be Obito because he battled Yondaime-sama (4th) before and Kakashi was still young then. This is a very wrong notion. Remember that during the battle, Naruto had just been born. The age difference between Naruto and Kakashi maybe 15-20 years. The story of Naruto started when he was about 8 or 10 when he was trying so hard to graduate from the ninja academy. During then, his teachers were all grown men including Kakashi and Iruka. They were adults. By saying so, Tobi could have been 20 years old when he fought the 4th. So, if we try to imagine when Naruto started as a series, the age relationship between masters and students could have been like these: Naruto – 8; Kakashi – 28; Yondaime (if alive) – 40’s; Jiraiya – 60+.

        3. As you can see, Tobi’s mangekyo power is the same as that of Kakashi’s and that is being able to absorb objects and send it to another dimension. With this, I am very sure that both of them have Obito’s eyes. Now, you might say how in the world did Obito master this jutsu at a very young age for him to be able to survive the “rock” incident. Simple, I think the author would be disclosing Obito as one very powerful Uchiha when the time comes. Sort of like what Broly is to Son Goku, who is able to transform into a super saiyan even if he was still an infant. Something to this effect.

        4. Another common mistake is to think that Toby only has grudge against Konoha. Remember, he summoned the 9 tails not just to destroy the village but to use it to revive the 10 tails. So, Tobi is a very sinister fellow who doesn’t care who he takes down as long as he gets his way, and that is the MoonEye Plan. And as we all know, the plan is to get everybody under genjutsu to achieve some kind of false peace. But, if you think about it, he will be the only one free from this illusion, therefore he becomes master of the whole world where everyone becomes his slaves/puppets. So you see, it’s not about Konoha, but about becoming a god.

        5. As for his influence, I doubt it was Orochimaru. I believe he idolizes the real Madara just as Itachi idolized Shishui, and Sasuke idolized his older brother. And I believe, this is the reason why he claimed to be Madara before.

        6. Now, if he really is Obito, how and when did he come up with his evil plan? Tobi is a mad genius. And proof of this was when he was able to control the Akatsuki members who were insanely strong and powerful shinobis. We all know one of them is Itachi, a known genius during his Konoha days. But you see, even he was dominated by Tobi’s overwhelming intelligence. Tobi was so cunning that he’s members believed that it was Pain who stands as the true leader of the group for so long, while he pretended to be the weak new recruit replacing Sasori as Deidera’s new partner and subordinate. In the same manner, I think Obito appeared to be a good guy before Kakashi when they were young. Now, if he can act and pretend unnoticeably during then, I dare say the ultimate plan was hatched even before Obito appeared to die. For it was part of the plan that he must secretly live his life and continue on improving his skills and gather all the resources that he would need. I believe he had his hands on some secret scroll about the Sage of the 6 path, like the one in that hidden underground site.

        Ahh, I have more to say but I think this is long enough. This is the first time I commented on something on the internet that’s why I must’ve gotten a little carried away. Anyway, in just a few more issues everything will be revealed. My opinions are not facts, but I hope I’m close.

  15. Fritz Eagleton

    It can’t be Obito because one of his eyes was obliterated by the rock and in his fight it showed him with both eyes only to lose one using Izinagi

    1. Fritz Eagleton

      My guess is that Tobi is just like Pain a “human puppet” someone is controlling him from a distance and is MUCH more skilled than Nagato was at it as he is able to control 7 at a time, it would also explain his skills and durability as the Tensei Pain was able to take heaps of damage from Nine Tails mode to be later destroyed. I believe one of the only ways to defeat him due to his high prowess of ocular jutsu is to use Izanami then find the one controlling him.

      1. Sunite

        Hmm I think Kishi wouldn’t use the same idea twice, he wouldn’t use it like that, plus if it was a puppet then the back story of the controller would have been revealed some time ago like when Jiraiya helped the 3 orphans..

        1. Fritz Eagleton

          Not exactly because no one has a clue who it is Jiraya though that pain looked like Yahiko and he was right there’s no back story to him because who is he plus Obito wouldn’t have a motive he “died” happily as a kid but even if he didn’t why would he want to enslave humanity you guys are all just basing your ideas on his looks which can easily be changed completely like orochimarus switching jutsu that granted him a kind of immortality

          1. Sunite

            The looks give us an idea of who it could be… the color of his hair mainly is a dark blue, which looks similar to that off Sasuke… but it’s not entirely based on looks because we just found out that Tobi and Kakashi are related somehow, plus we also know that Tobi had obtained the eye where Obito was crushed by the rock, so… he either stole it from Obito or he is Obito…

      2. Fritz Eagleton

        Plus Obito couldn’t use the time space migration yet because he only just obtained his sharingan how could he have gotten his Mangenkyo Sharingn that quickly after?

  16. Alex

    I think it could definitely be Obito because half of his body was crushed by a rock and Tobi appears to be at least half zetsu or hashirama’s cells. Orochimaru was kidnapping people around this time to inject them with the first’s cells like Yamato. Who better to kidnap than someone who was believed to be dead. He would have regenerated half of his side including the remaining eye because like Izanagi and Shisui’s eye in Danzo, the uchiha and senju dna have a unique relationship and seem compatible in mysterious ways. Orochimaru has a talent for manipulating people in to doing what he wants. Obito could have been manipulated like Kabuto or Sasuke especially if he sustained brain injury or amnesia from the rock. orochimaru hated Konoha too so there’s some motive. Eventually tobi could’ve gone AWOL and started his own plan and Orochimaru desperately chased after his greatest creation and joined the Akatsuki. Maybe later Orochimaru gave up on Tobi and wanted to do the same experiment to himself with Sasuke’s body. Who knows? Also Madara was a pretty famous guy. There were stories of him everywhere he went so getting a ‘biography’ of who he was and what he did wouldn’t be too hard for Obito who was an Uchiha and had access to family stories and secret scrolls also. Tricking people into thinking he was Madara could be a scare tactic to frighten or put himself in an authority position over the Akatsuki.

      1. Fritz Eagleton

        Alright nice one my only problem was I couldn’t see his motive so I’ll be really happy to see what his motives are!! Good job Sunite.

  17. Edwin palomares

    It can’t be obito cuz he wouldn’t have rinckls he’d be the same as kakashi’s age but I think tht it’s danzo because during the fight tobi didn’t arrive until the end of it and he still had one more chance to use izanagi if it’s not him it is going to be a random old character that we all forgot about

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